My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter IV

Submitted: October 26, 2017

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Submitted: October 26, 2017




Blackness. It was an empty space but a conversation is echoing throughout the void. 


"why did you accept it"


"Because I think they're the right people"


"oh, how's so?"


"They match God's description perfectly. You know, he really hates all of you"


"so be it! If God hates man because of our decision to change the cycle, then we shall hate him too"


The conversation then turns into an argument as the voices get louder and louder. The voice of a young man can then be heard. 






Erick wakes up and turns his head down. The white haired boy that he scolded was below him. He was holding a ball and was shouting "sir" almost non-stop. He finally stopped as he noticed that Erick was now awake and looking at him with a calm smile.


"I'm sorry, Mr. Frost, what were we doing?" he asks


"you were teaching me how to pass!" he yelled out loud.


Erick chuckled and walked a fairly good distance away from the boy.


"Now Mr. Frost, Jackson, give me your best throw" Erick said


Jackson then gave a very strong and fast throw. He smiles as he thinks it might've hit Erick's handsome face. But his smile soon broke as Erick slowly lowered the ball. Jackson was astonished, Erick caught the ball with one hand. 


"Please don't tell me that's your strongest Mr. Frost?" he asks


Jackson thought Erick was mocking him instead of Erick just joking around. He crosses his arm and turns away from him. 


"I'd like to see you throw a ball" he said, pouting his lips.


"That's why I'm here" Erick said, while swaying his eyes sideward. He was looking at a person that was standing by


He then moves his body in a position that was like throwing a baseball even if what he was throwing was a basketball. Jackson turns and gasps as the ball was heading towards him in an incredible speed. He closed his eyes and hope for the best to catch it but someone else caught it. He opens his eyes and a tall, Orange-haired boy was in front of him. "Joseph?" he asks. The boy turns and gives him a smile as a means of saying it's okay. But it wasn't okay, Jackson sees that Joseph's hand is shaking and it tells that he wasn't strong enough to stop the ball. 


"Joseph? are you okay?" he asks


Joseph nods but he was still shaking. Finally he lets go of the ball and he fell in his knees. The ball and his hand had smoke coming out of it. Jackson approached Joseph and he sees his hands red and smoking. 


"Good job, Mr. Divine! You have protected Mr. Frost here" Erick said 


"hey! Why did you do that?!" Jackson said, he was furious at Erick. 


Erick swayed his eyes sidewards. Jackson and Joseph both turned and sees the basketball club adviser. He nodded and walked away. Jackson knew what this was and immediately calmed down. Erick adjusted his tie and sighs. "I'm sorry, by the way, for almost hurting you!" he apologized. Jackson slightly nodded. Over from afar, Luke was watching the entire thing. He completely forgot that he was painting a pilot figure and it leaked on the rest of the figure. 


"oh... shit, shit!" he sweared as the pilot figure was now ruined. 


Katejina and Emerald were watching from afar. They were looking a little bit shady as they were pretty far from the rest of the class. 


"okay, so why are we here?" Katejina asks


"look, call me crazy, but I think Erick might be the rumored grim reaper." she replied


Katejina tried to hold her laughter. Emerald's story seemed preposterous to her. Finally, she couldn't hold her laughter and so she laughed as loud as she could. Emerald pouts as Katejina laughs, she knew no one would believe her but she could not have imagined someone laughing that loud. Katejina turned to the pouting Emerald and immediately calmed down. 


"I'm sorry, but, I have to disagree with you! Sir Erick can't be death. It's too farfetched" Katejina said.

"but look at him! He's great at teaching us what we like"

"yeah but that doesn't make him an amazing teacher just yet. Okay, I’ll believe you if... He can teach me how to write a story that is great" Katejina bargained

Emerald held out her hand for a shake which Katejina gladly shake. Katejina wore a smirk as she shakes Emerald's hand. The two's eyes contacted, both were filled with emotion. Emerald's determination to find out Erick’s identity, and Katejina's determination to prove to Emerald that she's wrong.

They both let go at the same time and Katejina walked towards Erick to prove Emerald of him being wrong.

"I'm sorry, sir. I didn't know" Jackson apologize

"It’s better that way, otherwise the Mr. Roca wouldn't believe of Mr. Divine's skill" Erick said

It didn’t made Jackson smile but he was relieved that what he did helped a fellow classmate. Jospeh finally stood up, his hands still red. He struggled to stand straight and Jackson had to help him stand.

"You did well Mr. Divine. Mr. Roca has seen the potential in you, now you just need to explain to him why are you acting sloppy at the club." Erick said

Joseph turned a frown and so did Jackson. Jackson knew why he was sloppy. "should I tell him?" He asks. Joseph shook his head and walked towards Erick, they both walked away and Luke approaches Jackson.

"hey what's with the commotion earlier?" He asks

Jackson turns around and from the look on his face, Luke knew that it might be bad.

"wait, why did the professor did that in the first place?" Luke ask

They were sitting at the bleachers with Jackson keeping the frown on his face.

"somehow he knew that Joseph was having trouble with the club. Thing is, since he's in a lower section, other club members treat him like shit. He can't fight back because he might get kicked out of the club." Jackson explained

Luke felt pity on Joseph. He was getting angry as well, Jackson sees this because Luke has his fists clenched again and he was being quiet throughout his explanation.

"hey, if you’re thinking about beating them up. Don't. It'll just be harder for Joseph." He said

Luke seemed to understand, he stood up and went back to painting. Jackson was worried that Luke might not understand.

Joseph and Erick were sitting on the ground, with Joseph keeping the frown. "sir, I'm acting sloppy because my club members want me to. I can’t fight back because they have the ability to kick me out. And also, because I'm scared I might get expelled"

Erick sees that Joseph is about to cry and he offered a hug. "I'll make sure you get in to the basketball club and show your skills." He said and Joseph cried silently. Erick just hugged him. "thank you sir" He said. Erick nodded. They both then let go.

"Now, I'll do that after class, you just go and practice with Mr. Frost." He said, Joseph wiped his tears and nods.

Erick leaves and just in time, Katejina was there. "sir! Teach md how to write an amazing story" she said. Erick nodded and showed him to the bleachers. There, Erick taught her really fast and Katejina followed it well. It was something she had never experienced before, the speed of Erick's mouth combined by Katejina's sudden undivided attention was awesome. At this point she has realized that Emerald may have a point.

"Did you understand it?" Erick asks

"yes, sir" she replied as she began typing. After a few minutes, her first chapter was published.

"In a few minutes, people should see it" Erick said.

Katejina nods as Erick leaves him. Katejina then goes back to Emerald with a shocked face. Emerald smirks at the sight.

"still don't believe me?" She asks

"I'll admit, he may be death. He sure has the amazing teacher thing. But how do we get the harvesting souls part? And why are we even doing this?"

"because I'm a fan of mystery! And this one by far is one of the best mysteries I've ever encountered" Emerald lied

Katejina takes a time to think, she puckers her lips as she come up with a sentence.

"okay, I'll help! But we need the entire class as well" she suggests.

Emerald quickly shook her head in disagreement. "we have to keep this to ourselves otherwise Erick would easily notice that we're hiding something from him"

Katejina nodded, agreeing to Emerald's reason. She was more cooperative now since Erick unintentionally exposed himself.

"okay, after class let’s meet up and discuss more about this okay?" Emerald asks

Katejina nods




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