My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 40 (v.1) - One day more

Submitted: February 21, 2018

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Submitted: February 21, 2018



The white smoke soon disappeared and he found himself in front of a woman with long crimson hair and green eyed.  Erick frowned at the woman  as she wore an impatient look. They were located in what seemed like space and the world she's watching below them."What brings you here?" she asked with a frown.


"I want ask you something, Kathrina's not from our world is she?" Erick asked, scratching his head as he walked towards woman. 


The woman scowled at him before looking back down at the world below. "She is from your realm, but it seems like something happened which made you think that way" she replied.


"Yeah something happened, Kathrina. She saw Elijah when he touched someone's arm" he replied, revealing who the woman is. It was Kathrina but her hair was different. She was shocked to hear what Erick had said and looked back at him as he wore the same frown he wore earlier. "Maybe the tournament did this? I don't know and that's why I seek you, for answers" he continued, sighing in anger.


"For once you don't know the answer" she said, smirking as she summoned a white orb that showed the world below them. "This Kathrina, who looks like your Kathrina, has almost the same abilities and feats as your Kathrina except the fact that she's a Valkyrie" she said, pointing to a Kathrina that looks like Erick's Kathrina. "It is possible that due to the tournament, your Kathrina has gained the memories of my Kathrina" she replied, looking back at Erick as he eyed a white haired man with green eyes. 


"Also.." Kathrina called, summoning another white orb which showed Erick's universe and The Celestial City. "They're in real trouble soon and you should probably go to their rescue instead of asking petty questions" she said, a worried tone in her voice.


Erick frowned, "I know they are, which brings me to the other reason why I'm here" he said with a smile, intriguing Kathrina as she raised a brow.





It was morning in The Celestial City and everyone were still asleep, except for Joseph and Ryan. Ryan was out of his room and outside, strolling at the beautiful garden which is at the center of the massive castle. It was almost as large as a park in their world. It had a lot of plants and flowers, a path which led to a small bridge which was built under a small lake. Ryan walked down the cobblestone path, looking in awe at the beauty of the garden. He ended up at the lake and saw the small bridge. But instead of walking to the bridge, he took the time to look at the lake; seeing his reflection. 


He smiled and tilted his head, seeing his eyes are brown. "so that's what happens if I use it too much, neat!" he said, liking his brown eyes. But soon, it reverted to its red and purple color which made him frown.


"I hate these eyes" he said, sighing in disappointment, he looked back at the bridge. Something made him move and cross the bridge. He found that there's another path. Intruiged, he followed it until it led him to pretty small clearing that was covered by a few trees. In the clearing, there was a small white table with two white chairs.


Sitting in one of those chairs was Ariana, a rather bored look on her face. She swayed her eyes at the wandering Ryan. She smirked as Ryan frowned and scowled at her. "ah, the cursed one's here" she said, a rather impressed look on her face.


"Erick told me to not trust you" Ryan growled, backing off a bit. He remained calm, not wanting Ariana to spot any weakness or exploit. 


"that git says a lot of things. I'm positive that you do not even know his true self!" Ariana said, wearing a scowl as Ryan flinched. He glared at her, feeling angry at what Ariana said. But it also made him wonder if Erick's just keeping a facade.


"Erick's... true.... self?" he said, looking back at Ariana as she wore a grin. He flinched, watching as Ariana crossed her legs and stared at Ryan's eyes. 


"yes, Erick's keeping a facade. I'm sure you want to know more?" she said, wearing a devilish smile. Ryan frowned, feeling defeated. He had let Ariana take control of the moment and there was no way he could take control anymore. 


Sighing and knowing defeat he replied, "I'm sure you want something in exchange?" he asked, only getting a small chuckle from Ariana as she looked at Ryan. 


"I want your eyes" she said, suddenly changing tone to a serious one. He flinched and suddenly held his purple eye. He suddenly felt like he didn't want to give his eyes. He hated them and it was a shocked to him that he felt protective over something he hated. "what's wrong? I thought you hated those eyes of yours?" she asked, amused by Ryan's shocked face. 


He wanted to get out of here, he didn't want to play Ariana's games anymore, he regretted going to this garden. "I-no! I won't give you these eyes" he said, holding on to his purple eye tightly. "even if what you say is true, I'll still believe him over you!" he growled, backing off. 


"listen to me! You will give me those eyes or I-"


"or what?" Ryan growled, cutting Ariana off. She frowned and stood up, walking towards Ryan. She looked down at him, wearing a disgusted look. His red eye meant he can use demon magic and it disgusted her. What she was really interested in was his purple eye. 


"or I'll kill all of them" she threatened, making Ryan drop his hand from his eye. "I don't care about the red eye, give me the purple one" she said, holding out her hand at Ryan's purple eye. 


"NO!"  he yelled, his purple eye activating and sending Ariana a few feet away. She grunted in pain as Ryan's purple eye glowed brightly.


Back in the castle, Coco was walking around with Silje when they heard Ryan's scream. They both thought he might be in trouble and headed towards the garden, running at full speed. They crossed the bridge and headed to the clearing, shocked to see Ryan and Ariana bloodied and halfway to dying. 


"what the hell?" Silje said slowly as she approached them, only to find that there's an invisible barrier blocking them from entering. 


Inside, Ryan had his fist clenched and had one knee bent while Ariana was standing straight, only having cuts and scratches on her body. "you have proved yourself an opponent. However, I must kill you" she declared, brandishing her sword at Ryan as he pant heavily.


"no!" Silje yelled, slamming the barrier. Coco frowned and looked away as Ariana raised her sword. Not wanting a fellow classmate to die, Silje activated her elemental abilities, cycling through her powers to see what could destroy that barrier. She tried fire, ice, vines, electricity, all of it! But nothing could destroy nor even crack the barrier, there was no way to rescue him anymore, Ryan's going to die. 


As Ariana swing her sword down and into Ryan's head, something stopped her. She gasped and looked down at her sword, seeing a hand holding on to her wrist. Ryan looked up and saw a familiar pink haired girl in front of her.


"Lydia?" he called, spitting blood afterwards. Lydia scowled at Ariana as she released her hand form Ariana's wrist. She summoned a .44 magnum in her right hand while Ariana threw her sword away, disappearing in thin air. 


"the Nephalem" Ariana said, wearing a smirk. Lydia frowned and aimed her revolver at Ariana's head. She wore a smirk as she looked behind them. Coco had summoned a Valkyrie sword and was ready to fight them.


"we can either end this peacefully or I'll shoot to make this worse" she said, scowling at Ariana as she tightened her grip on her revolver. Ariana looked down at her with an almost amused face, Lydia was sweating and almost like she's afraid which was amusing to Ariana. It still meant that she's in control. 


"let's end this peacefully then. I wouldn't want to see my daughter cry when she sees your lifeless bodies" she said, wearing a vile smirk. Lydia flinched but looked back outside the barrier, seeing Coco putting a valkyrie sword at Silje's neck. 


Ariana smiled, removing the barrier and walking away. Coco releasing Silje and following Ariana. Lydia scowled at them before looking back down at Ryan as he spat more blood. Lydia crouched down and placed her hand on Ryan's back and head, muttering some words. A blinding pink light emitted from Lydia and Silje had to cover her eyes due to the brightness of the pink light. In about ten seconds, Ryan was fully healed and was able to stand up. 


"Ryan! Your eyes are brown" Lydia said, pointing at Ryan's eyes. Ryan smiled and nodded as his eyes slowly converted to its usual red and purple. "and now it's back to it's usual colors" she continued, watching in shock. Ryan gripped his eyes and frowned, he still had no idea why he was so overprotective of his eyes.


"let's go, we don't need to be here anymore" Ryan said, standing up and looking ahead. Lydia stood up as well, following Ryan as he walked back to the bridge. Silje smiled and remained at the garden, admiring its beauty. 


Back at the bedrooms, everyone had woken up and was hanging out outside their rooms. Joseph had his arms folded as he saw Ryan and Lydia walking together. "where have you been?" he asked, a worried tone in his voice as Lydia stood next to him.


"rescued someone" Lydia smiled, looking back at Ryan. He scratched his head and looked away, seeing Ben walk out of their room. He immediately walked towards him, patting his shoulder as he talked to him.


"you rescued him from?" Joseph asked, watching as Ryan walked back to his room. Lydia frowned and looked back to where they came. She saw Coco walking back to them, scowling at her while also telling her to stay silent about it. "Lydia!" Joseph called, raising his voice a little. Lydia flinched and looked back at Joseph.


"nevermind that! Why's everyone outside?" Lydia asked, dodging Joseph's question. Joseph frowned but let it slide, looking at Luke and Emerald's room since they weren't out yet. He began to worry, Luke was in great and traumatizing pain last night. 


"we're waiting for Luke to wake up. We're all worried, Audrey's been there ever since she woke up" Joseph replied, pointing to Audrey who was sitting beside the door. She wore a worried look as she looked at Joseph and Lydia. 


"Kathrina and Richard didn't went to their bedrooms?" Lydia asked Audrey. She shook her slowly and looked down at the ground. Lydia frowned but walked forward, sitting beside Audrey. She looked back at Lydia as she wore a comforting smile.


"last night, they were all in great pain, I wasn't able to sleep because of it. I'm really worried about them, not just Richard, Kathrina too" Audrey explained, looking at he door as it remained shut. Lydia wore a worried look, the thought of Audrey unable to sleep made her worry.


Their worries suddenly disappeared when the door made a click. Audrey and Lydia stood up as the door opened, anticipating who'll come outside. Coming out of the room was none other than Luke, a sleepy look on his face. He looked at all of them as they were eyeing him. He frowned, "the hell? What's with the worried looks?" he asked, wondering why they were all looking at him.


"you don't remember what happened last night?" Darryl asked


"last night?" he asked, suddenly holding his head with one hand. Everyone flinched, thinking that Luke will scream again. But he didn't, all he did was scratch his head as he wore a grin. "gotcha!" he said, standing up straight. Everyone frowned and Joseph scowled at him. 


Suddenly, Kathrina, Richard, and Emerald came out of the room with worried looks on their faces. They all frown, from those faces it was obvious that they're going to say something bad. The three looked at each other before looking at Richard.


"last night, God gave Luke a vision. This vision will happen tomorrow" he said, a slight hesitation in his voice. They all eyed him, waiting for what they saw. "the vision showed us a possibility of dying this coronation night by..." he said, trailing off as he saw Coco in the group. 


"by?" Freya asked, folding her arms and scowling at Richard. Richard hesitated, knowing that Coco might tell Ariana their vision. 


"Coco..." Kathrina called. She immediately turned her head to face her. "whatever happens, do not tell my mum about the vision we saw" she ordered, Coco giving a nod as a reply. 


"I will agree milady, if one of the boys will go out with me" Coco said, wearing a smirk as all the boy flinched. They all looked at Coco then to the boys that don't have partners. Ben walked out, Ryan and Casey following. Raniel was the only one left and he was blushing. 


"Raniel" Kathrina called. He quickly turned his head and faced Kathrina. "go with Coco while we discuss things" she said with a smile which only made Raniel nervous. He looked at Coco, she was waiting patiently for him. He looked at all of his classmates, they all were looking at him; silently saying that he should go and take Coco out. 


Sighing, he looked down at the ground and walked forward. He looked down at Coco as she smiled, wrapping her arm around Raniel's. They walked off and Luke and his posse laughed quietly. 


"alright, who's going to kill us?" Joseph asked, looking back at Richard. 


"we're going to be killed by... Ariana. Luke's vision said she wanted something from each of us" he replied, looking down at the ground with clenched fists. Everyone became worried. The moment they heard Ariana's name sent them a cloud of worry.


"it's only a vision, right? Which means we can prevent it from happening" Audrey said, holding Richard's hand tightly. She looked up at him with a smile which made Richard smile as well. 


"she's right" Joseph said, looking down at the ground with a pondering look. He rubbed his chin with his hand as he thought of the many ways Ariana could kill them. He didn't see the vision so he had to use his head and asking them would be rude. 


"so then what do we do?" Victor asked, a worried and nervous look on his face. Freya held Viktor's hand tightly and looked down at him, giving him a smile. Victor smiled back, knowing that Freya will protect him just from that smile.


"we escape after the coronation. Kathrina, after the coronation, what's next?" Richard asked, pointing his finger at Kathrina.


"there'll be a formal party afterwards. The same guests, and some others, will attend. If you are planning to escape, I won't be able to come with you" Kathrina replied, a sad tone on her voice as she looked at her classmates. She started feeling sadder and sadder as the seconds passed. She knew she couldn't help them in their escape and it made her feel useless. She's the one that dragged them to this world and she wanted to be the one that would lead them out of this realm.


"hmm, alright! I'll think of something" Richard said, nodding slowly and looking ahead. He scowled at the sight of Ariana walking towards them. 


"it seems that everyone is awake. Are you ready for your next test, Kathrina?" she asked, a grin on her face as she looked down on her daughter. Kathrina scowled at her of course and looked back at her classmates. Ariana's eyes never left Kathrina which caused her to sigh and nod slowly. 


She smirked, "good, because this involves you and your friends" she said, shocking all of them. Kathrina sharply turned her head at her mother, wearing a shocked face.


"what's the test?" Kathrina asked, a worried and scared tone in her voice. Ariana wore a grin and looked at all of them, noticing that Coco's absent. She sighed, knowing that Kathrina had probably ordered her to do something. 


"this test is to prove your leadership and strength. You will travel to the massive mountain that's located behind the castle and  fight....The Master Dragon" Ariana said with a devilish grin. Cassandra, Freya, Diana, and Kathrina all gasp in shock. The other classmates began to worry, from their gasps it was obvious that their opponent will be powerful. Ryan, on the other hand, shrugged, thinking that it'll be easy. 


"The...Master..Dragon?" Kathrina asked, unable to believe what her mother said. Ariana nodded sternly, a sudden stoic look on her face. 


"yes, you have to either tame or kill it. I will watch your fight personally to really see what you are capable of, my daughter" she replied in a stoic tone. Kathrina frowned and looked down at the ground. She knew she had to do this perfectly and her mother would scold or punish her if she did even a single slip up.


"can we take some time to plan things out?" Kathrina asked.


"no, the true queen of Valkyries are able to think at the moment" Ariana said sternly, frowning down at her daughter. Kathrina looked away, frustrated by her mother's answer. To her, it felt like she wanted them to die not past this trial. It was absurd! To think that a mother would send her daughter to a suicide mission. 


"fine! I'll do it! I have faith in my classmates that we'll survive this" Kathrina said, looking at her mother with a stern face. 


"we are yours to command, your majesty" Luke said, making Kathrina turn. He was bending one knee while wearing his usual smirk. Everyone looked at each other and smiled, bending one knee as well, even Audrey. Kathrina wore a smile and went red a bit. 


"you guys..." she said, almost tearing up. They all looked up at her and smiled. Kathrina nodded and look back at her mother. "well, we're ready" she said, making her mother grin. 


"very well" 




"so, who is this Master Dragon thing?" Luke asked, placing a saddle at a brown horse. They were now at the back of the castle, at the gate with them placing saddles on their mystical mounts. Unlike the city, the castle was actually built at the ground. 


Richard frowned, watching as Luke ignored the Pegasus that was next to his horse. "okay first off, use the Pegasus" he replied, pointing to the winged creature that was looking at the horse in disgust. 


"this guy's apparently the same horse that the Phantom before me rode" he said, getting on the horse and lightly tapping its side. It neighed quietly, liking the light tap. Richard got on top of his mount, a gryphon. Richard looked ahead, thinking of what Luke just said. There's a Phantom that came before him? Another messenger? He glared at Luke as he happily trot his horse, thinking that Luke knew more than he percieved himself. 


"are you ready?" Kathrina asked, trotting her horse in front of Richard's view. He shook his head and looked back at his classmates, he had found that there were a few that didn't join them. Victor, Emerald, Katejina, Isabella, Steve, Chris, Christina, Darryl, Keith, and Catherine. The rest all stood beside him, looking up ahead.


"Jackson! You came?" Luke called with a smile, surprised as Jackson rode behind Ben. 


"Yeah? So what? I wanna show you lot something" he replied harshly, grinning as he looked ahead. Luke shrugged and looked ahead as well, watching as the gates opened. Without hesitation, he pulled the reins which caused the horse to neigh and galloped at fast speeds. Everyone else did the same thing, though all of them flew up in the sky unlike Luke who remained grounded. 


"the hell is he doing? The forest is dangerous!" Kathrina said, looking down at Luke. Her vision was suddenly clouded as Luke approached a cluster of trees. She frowned and wanted to go down but Richard stopp her, gripping her hand tightly.


She looked back at Richard, shaking his head in disagreement. She glared at him, snatching her hand away. She looked ahead again, the massive mountain that's about the same size as the castle. She gulped, finding her mother's test to be a little scary.


Over to the others, Jackson frowned at the sudden silence. It didn't feel right for him and it gave him the feeling that they're scared of this Master Dragon. "say, what's so scary about this Master Dragon" Jackson asked, leaning his head to Ben's side. 


He gritted his teeth and growled angrily, terrifying Jackson a little. He sharply looked over his shoulder and saw Jackson. He looked back ahead and sighed, "The Master Dragon is supposedly the most powerful dragon in the 4 walls. Legend say that this Master Dragon was banished from the 6th wall to guard the Valkyries and to deem who's worthy of becoming the new Queen of Valkyries" Ben explained, making Jackson's eyes widen. 


With this knowledge, he leaned back and had a frightened look. He knew what the 6th wall was and how powerful those dragons were. They were as powerful or more powerful than Erick and they had the potential to kill him. He looked down, starting to rethink his choices.


"if you're thinking about running away, don't. 'Cause we're almost there" he growled, looking over his shoulder, seeing a terrified Jackson. He sighed, irritated by Jackson's face. He joined them and that face told him he wanted to ditch, it irritated him since they were doing this to help their classmates. 


"I wasn't going to ditch, just felt a little frightened" Jack son replied, scracthing the back of his head. Ben frowned and looked down at the ground, finding a small clearing with Ariana's carriage. He scowled at it before diving down and landing beside the carriage. Everyone else dived down as well, landing beside the carriage too. 


"where's the Phantom?" Ariana asked as Kathrina got of her unicorn. She frowned and looked back at the forest, no sign of Luke whatsoever. 


"he rode a horse" Kathrina replied, looking back at her mother as she wore a disappointed look. Kathrina's eyes widen, immediately knowing what her mother will say.


"well, I guess you f-"


"fail?" a voice suddenly asked. They all gasped and looked behind them. It was none other than Luke, a weird black knife in his left hand and a head of an ogre in his right . "I'm here, so is she still gonna fail?" he asked, approaching them.


Immediately, Audrey frowned, noticing something wrong with Luke. She took the time to analyze Luke and concluded that it might not be him. The first that caught her eye was the knife, Luke never carried a knife, he only did when he dressed up as a Thief. The second was the head, Luke wouldn't bring a head since he often punches people instead of beheading them. The third was his horse, it wasn't there.


"no" Ariana smiled, walking past Luke and heading to the mountain. "let's go now" she said, the others following her. Luke went last, walking behind Ben and Jackson. He wore a devilish smirk as he walked with them.




"Are you sure about your choice? I mean, he might not even follow your orders" Kathrina asked, looking past Erick's shoulder and seeing  none other than Elijah.


"I'm sure he'll cooperate, especially if Kathrina's in trouble" he smirked, looking up at Elijah as he scowled at him. Erick frowned and scowled at him as well. "You know I never understood your attitude" he said.


"Can we go now?" he asked irritably, making Erick a little angry. He sighed and raised his hand, a white cloud of smoke enveloping them. 


Kathrina giggled as she looked at her spinning world. She raiesed one hand which caused her world to stop. "Hope you can stop them, Erick and Elijah. I fear for the safety of both my other self and the students" she said, summoning an orb which showed an unconscious Luke in the forest. 


To be continued

© Copyright 2020 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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