Chapter 41: The Master Dragon

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Luke woke up with slight dizziness in his head. He looked to his right and saw his horse lyding down on the grassy ground. He frowned, thinking that it might have died. Sitting up, he scratched his head, unable to recall the events that transpired to this. 


"where... what happened to me?" he asked himself, scanning the area visible to his eyes. Gasping suddenly, he looked behind him and saw a female figure. "you!" he growled as the figure summoned a sword and slashed it at Luke.




Kathrina and the group had finally arrived at the foot mountain. Back at the castle, the mountain looked just as tall as the castle but when they arrived, all of them jaw dropped at the sheer size of the mountain. It's topped went past the sky, it's land filled with rocks and there were no grass or any sort of plant life at all. Below, there were two massive wooden doors built in the mountain.


"there it is" Ariana said, glaring at the wooden doors. Kathrina looked up at her mother, finding her trembling a little. She frowned, unable to think of the reason why Ariana's trembling. Her mother always had a confident look, an unshakable emotion of determination and pride. That's what she's always been and it was weird for Kathrina to see her shaking.


"what's the plan?" Joseph asked sternly, glaring at Ariana. Kathrina glared over her shoulder and at Joseph. He had quite the stern and confident look in his face.


Sighing, she turned around and face them all, "to be honest, I have no clue as to what we're fighting, all I know is that this Dragon's from the 6th wall. I'm sure I'll come up with something when we arrive" she replied, a gloomy tone in her voice. She expected them to be disappointed in her, why wouldn't they? They had volunteered and entrusted their lives to her leader ship. She felt disappointed in herself for not even doing her research.


Looking up at them, she gasped. She found them all wearing smiles. "why are you smiling?" she asked them, perplexed at their happy moods.


"because we need to be. It's clear to us that we will fail to kill this dragon, so what's a better way to die than die happily?" Joseph explained, all of them looking at Ariana and Kathrina with a positive look. Ariana scoffed and walked a few steps away from them. 


Kathrina remained frowning, knowing that their outlook on the situation was stupid. But she knew that it was the only way for them to cope with the reality of them possibly going to die. She looked at them, wearing a fake smile and a fake determined look. "you're right! Let's go!" she said, everyone nodding in agreement. 


They all trekked towards the mountain, but soon noticed that the doors have been opened. They immediately knew that Ariana opened the door and went inside already. They arrived in front of the door, all gulping but still remaining postive. Kathrina walked in first, finding the room to be very dark.


It was hard to see what's inside but from the light coming from the outside, the mountain was hollow with olive colored pillars decorated with white dragon like carvings wrapped around it held the mountain from falling apart. She took a step forward, looking down at the ground and seeing the ground smoothened out but dusty. She looked at the walls next, it's smoothconcrete texture had cracks and tears.


"well this place is empty" Ryan mumbled, pocketing both of his hands on his hoodie as his red eye glowed due to the darkness of the hollow mountain. Everyone else went inside, Audrey's eyes also glowing. 


"whoa! Audrey, your eyes are glowing" Richard gasped, looking down at Audrey as her eyes glowed dimly. She smiled and pointed at Richard.


"I can't see yours though" Audrey said, poking Richard's cheek, thinking it was his eyes.


"that's my cheek, Audrey and yeah I switched to pitch black for a reason" Richard smiled, holding Audrey's hand and putting it down. 


"anyone feeling cold or is it just me?" Jackson asked, rubbing both arms with his hand. Ben shook his head as he looked up. Up there, was a faint orange light.


"Ariana's up there" Ben said, glaring at the orange light. Jackson, Kathrina, and Richard all looked up. Although they couldn't see Ariana, they all knew she was there. She wasn't down there with them and she went in first.


"yeah, but where's the dragon?" Richard asked, glaring ahead. Kathrina glared ahead as well, then looked to her sides. She notcied that there were unlit massive torches hanging on the wall. 


"Lydia, Ben, light those torches please" she called, pointing to the torches. Ben and Lydia walked past them and held their hands out, a small fireball soon coming out from their hands. They both, at the same time, threw it like a baseball and landed on each sides of the torch. 


It lit most of the room but there were more torches. "let me do this" Ben said with a smirk, pointing to himself. He looked up and raised one hand, firing one massive fireball at the top of the mountain. As it got higher, Ben clenched his fist which caused the massive fireball to disperse and fall to the other torches. They all lit up, revealing a massive sleeping black dragon. 


"WAKE UP MASTER DRAGON. A NEW QUEEN COMES TO TEST HER WORTHINESS" Ariana, in all of a sudden, yelled. The Master Dragon opened its eyes, revealing its green reptilian like eyes. It glared at Kathrina, standing up on all four of its paws, it had spikes going from its head all the way to its tail; some were broken off while some remained intact. They all dropped their jaw at the sheer size of dragon. It was taller than the Ancient Dragon Ryan fought. Compared to this, that Ancient dragon could only reached up to the master dragon's legs. As it extended its neck, it reached the very top of the mountain, even going past it. It had to duck its head to keep it from breaking its home.


It stared at them, the students looking like mere insects. It then looked down at them, getting its head closer to Kathrina. "You seek to test your worthiness?" it spoke, glaring at Kathrina.


She gulped, afraid of the dragon. It was big, bigger than her dragon form, how the heck could they beat an opponent like this? Mustering her courage, she said, "I do. I will kill you and proved to my mother that I'm worthy"


The Dragon laughed a little, cause uneasiness to the student. Suddenly, it growled at them, stretching its wings and causing a very powerful wind to be blasted at the students. These wings were massive, able to take up the entire space of the mountain though they were damaged. One wing had a quarter of it cut off while the other wing had half of it cut off. 


"Then show me your strength" The Master Dragon said, backing off a little as Kathrina summoned her sword. 


"Richard, run to the right side of The Dragon and deal some damage. Ryan, activate that eye and try you luck by punching the left side of the dragon" Kathrina immediately ordered. "you three! Transform to your dragon form and cause irritation to The Dragon's head" she ordered, pointing to Freya, Cassandra, and Diana.


The five followed immediately, all of them transforming into their respective forms. Richard dashed at the right side of the dragon, slicing his petty scythe at the massive scaly body of The Master Dragon. Ryan did the same thing, though he punched and kicked The Dragon's side whilst his purple eye was activated. It didn't do anything, The Dragon was too massive and too resistant to their attacks.


 The three Valkyries flew up and blew fire at The Dragon's head, causing it to growl in irritation. "what do we do?" Luke asked, holding the black knife tightly. 


"why do you have a knife? And Lydia, every five minutes, shoot it down with that lightning or the geyser. Silje, Meleek, try to restrain it with your elemental magic" she asked then ordered. Lydia, Silje, Meleek sprung into action. Lydia, concentrating and trying to summon a geyser. Meanwhile, Meleek and Silje stretched their hands out and created massive vines that constricted The Dragon. 


"Is this all you've got, Valkyrie?" The Master Dragon suddenly asked, glaring at Freya. It jumped, breaking the vines and trapping Freya in between its teeth. Then, as it landed at the ground, it whipped its long tail at Richard and Ryan, knocking them away. 


Kathrina immediately sprung into action without thinking and transformed into her dragon form, bashing her body at the left side of The Dragon's head. It caused The Dragon to spit out Freya and send her to the ground. Immdiately, Jackson and Casey catch Freya as she reverted in her Valkyrie form. 


"Jackson! What can you do?" Joseph asked, walking towards them. Jackson looked back at Joseph with a smirk. He stood up and quickly approached The Dragon. 


The Master Dragon looked down at Jackson curiously, wondering what he'll do. "What will you do little man?" It asked, causing to Jackson to laugh quietly. He stretched one hand out and summoned a spear bigger than his hand. 


"something that might hurt you" he mumbled, looking straight into The Dragon's eyes. He jumped really high, getting to The Dragon's head and plunging the spear in its eyes. It growled in pain, lifting one of its paws and slapping it at Jackson. But in the nick of time, Ben came in and grabbed Jackson at the last second, avoiding The Dragon's attack. 


"the hell were you doing?" Ben asked, running away from The Dragon as a lava geyser came out of the ground and enveloped The Dragon. 


"watch!" Jackson yelled, looking back at The Dragon as tiny sparks of red electricity came out of the lava geyser. But neither the geyser nor the electricity did anything to The Dragon as it poked its head out to scan for target. He grinned as he eyed the Audrey, who was standing near the door. 


Both Richard and Kathrina knew what was going to happen as The Dragon flew out and opened it's massive mouth as it approached Audrey. Kathrina and Richard both dashed with their fullest speed as The Dragon were mere inches from eating Audrey. Richard and Kathrina were too slow, The Dragon was already there and Audrey was going to get eaten. Audrey was speechless, she couldn't move, she didn't know why she couldn't fight back, she was stuck. She was afraid to move and she knew that there was no way she'll be able to get out even if she moved, she remained and now she was going to die.


But in a shock, someone came in and punched The Dragon's face. They all gasped as Kathrina, with her eyes in the black and orange, came in shouting the words, "STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER" 


Audrey's eyes were tearing up at the sight of Kathrina rescuing her. She was overjoyed at the fact that Kathrina still came to rescue her. After all the bad things she had said to Kathrina, she was surprised yet happy that she still loved her as a sister.


Immediately, Richard grabbed her and dragged her away as The Dragon got up and glared at Kathrina. 


"Casey! Help me out!" Kathrina said, giving him a sword. He held it tightly then slashed it at The Dragon's side. 


"shit!" he said, backing off. His attack did nothing, only causing The Dragon to target him. He ran away but The Dragon was catching up. 


"Ben! Ryan! Grab the tail!" Kathrina yelled. Appearing suddenly behind The Dragon, Ben and Ryan grabbed the tail and pulled it back, causing The Dragon to scream in pain. It scowled back at them, growling in anger and a signal to attack.


"uhh..." Ryan muttered, thinking of letting go. Ben glared at him and shook his head, Ryan frowning and grabbing the tail tightly. 


Angered, The Dragon blew out a black flame at them. Both Ryan and Ben immediately let go and jumped off before the "Richard! Slice the dragon now!" Kathrina yelled.


Appearing in front of The Dragon, a Richard in full repaer form held his scythe up. He was huge, somehow gaining a height that's half of The Master Dragon's. HIs outfit changed to the traditional grim reaper outfit; black cloak that covered his face and a skeletal body.


The Dragon smirked as Richard slashed down his scythe and at his neck. The Dragon took the hit, a pained expression on his face. It immediately got up and tackled Richard, sending him to the ground. The Dragon immediately plunged his head at Richard's, biting him. But Richard was able to hold The Dragon's neck and slowly turning it. "SOMEONE HELP ME" he yelled in an ominous voice.


Lydia closed her eyes and concentrated, stretching her arms out and aiming them at The Dragon. Then, both her eyes opened; one pink and one red. The Dragon was struck down with lightning, then engulfed in flames by a lava geyser.


Richard used this time to revert to human form and escape, rendezvousing with his classmates.


"is it me? Or is that thing holding back?" Jackson asked, breathing heavily as The Dragon grunted in pain as consecutive lightining strikes struck it down. 


"it is holding back!" Kathrina replied, summoning two swords then going towards The Dragon with her Valkyrie eye activated. 


"wiat, what are you- ugh!" Richard yelled, holding his hand out as Kathrina dashed towards The Dragon at lightning speeds. She immediately climbed onto its neck, stabbing one sword at it while using the other one to damage The Dragon. He rolled his eyes over and looked at everyone else.


"Silje, think you can make a large enough ice spike to strike that thing's eye?" Richard asked, looking at Silje as she summoned a small ice spike then slowly increase its size. 


"hey! What do I do?" Meleek asked, raising up his hand.


Richard opened his mouth but quickly shut them up, remembering that Kathrina was suppose to be giving orders instead of him. A cold breeze soon hit them as Richard barely saw Audrey running towards Kathrina. Kathrina was actually doing damage, her Valkyrie eye was somehow hurting The Dragon as it went from grunts to groans of pain. She had thought that it was because of the combined forces of the geysers and lightning and her Valkyrie eye form.


The Dragon shook its head vigorously, trying to free itself from Kathrina but her sword's grip on its neck was too strong and Kathrina was really holding on tightly. But then, The Dragon lifted one of its clawed paw and scratched its neck, knocking Kathrina away. Thankfully, Audrey caught her as she fell and ran her back to her classmates.


"what the-"


"you should be leading, Kathrina! Not acting on your own" Audrey said sternly, looking up at her. The Dragon growled in anger, twisting its long neck then looking down at the students, a curious look on its face as it awaited Kathrina's next move .


Kathrina nodded then looked at her classmates. "this is a stupid order, but we need to somehow damage that thing. Everyone, with evrything you've got, attack that Dragon and don't stop until you've drawn your last breath!" she yelled, holding her sword up high and charging forward.


At that moment, everyone grinned and held their respective weapons tightly as they made their charge at The Master Dragon. It grinned as well, flapping its wings and scratching the ground with one of its paws. Then, it braced forward at lightning speed, meeting the students in the middle.


Meleek grinned and stopped running, holding his hand out and summoning a hand-shaped vine that held The Dragon's belly, stopping its charge. Then, everyone got on The Dragon and attacked it with everything they've got, even Audrey.


Ariana watched in slight amusement as The Dragon tried to bite Casey as he clung onto its right wing tightly. She then looked over her shoulder and glared at the person walking in. "you survived?" she asked, wearing an impressed smirk as another Luke, with blood stained hands, stepped out of the shadow.


"so, a Doppleganger tried to knock me out" he said, grabbing a piece of cloth from his pocket and wiping the blood away. "then, you sent a Valkyrie in the event I wake up" he continued, glaring at Ariana. 


"I do not know what you are saying" Ariana replied sternly, sharply turning her head back at the fight. Luke clenched his fist then walked forward, standing beside Ariana. "do not even think about jumping in there. That 'Doppleganger' of yours will kill you immediately" she said, blocking Luke with her arm but not looking him in the eye.


Luke frowned and growled quietly, feeling down for not helping his classmates.


Back at the battle, Lydia was on top of The Dragon's head and was shooting it with an FN F2000. As she fired it non-stop, she frowned at how her bullets weren't even piercing nor damaging the The Dragon's rough scaly skin. Ryan and Ben were punching The Dragon's left side, they were doing some damage but to The Dragon it was barely a scratch.


Richard and the other Luke were on The Dragon's right side and they were hitting it with their weapons. It was still weird for them that Luke was using a weapon. He never used anything other than his hands and sometimes his handgun.


"Richard! Think you can lock that Dragon's head with your scythe?" Kathrina asked, only getting a smirk from Richard as he jumped up and got on tope of The Dragon's body. He twisted his scythe around so fast, it looked like helicopter blades. But as he did, they enlarged and elongated to a size big enough to fit The Dragon's neck. 


He spun it a little, placing the blade at the throat of The Dragon and pulling it with all his strength. The Dragon squealed loudly, breathing fire up the air. Ryan smirked and the glow from both eyes brightened as he got on top of The Dragon and helped Richard pull.


"can't knock that thing out this time so I'll just help in cutting his head off!" Ryan said with a smile as he pulled harder. Kathrina and Freya both tagged along and pulled as well, their combined effortswas able to pierce through The Dragon's thick skin, causing it to bleed black blood. 


The Dragon growled loudly, trying to move its tail but Ben and Jackson were holding it tightly. Silje and Lydia then threw the massive ice spike at The Dragon's mouth, causing it to gag. Meleek then summoned metal chains that locked The Dragon's paws to the ground. Meleek then summoned two more chains and gave it to Casey and Joseph. 


They both grabbed it and wrapped it around The Dragon's wings as they fell down. The Dragon was trapped and it was slowly bleeding, their victory was at hand.


Back at Ariana, she suddenly felt as if her heart skipped a beat. She felt proud that her daughter beat The Dragon but also felt angry that she did. She defeated The Dragon, meaning she'll be dethroned soon and she frowned in anger, knowing that her time was up. 


Kathrina and the others kept pushing but soon realized that what she was doing was killing The Dragon. "stop! EVERYONE STOP!" Kathrina yelled, releasing her grip on the scythe. Everyone did as told and released their grips on the scythe and the tail. Meleek released him from the chains and The Dragon breathed fire to melt the ice.


"I thought we were suppose to kill him?" Jackson asked, a confused look on his face.


"we were but then how would future queens test their worthiness without The Dragon?" Kathrina asked, looking up at The Dragon as its neck healed. "plus, I felt bad. I know we're to kill it, but I know it's not a bad guy" she continued, looking down at the ground.


The Dragon glared at Kathrina as it cleared its throat, "While it's true that I am not a vile creature, I'm neither a force of good" he said sternly, making Kathrina frown. Then, The Dragon smiled slightly, "But, I will credit you for what you've done. It is true that Valkyries are ruthless in combat but, all previous queens needed another test to pass, and that test is one God gives them. This test will test your actual worthiness, and you've done this along with the leadership at the same time. And that is the test of compassion" it continued, making Kathrina's face lit up.


"so..." Kathrina said, The Dragon nodding as a reply.


"Kathrina Csernis, you are worthy to sit on the throne of Valkyries!" The Dragon declared loudly, its voice echoed throughout the mountain walls. Kathrina smiled brightly and looked back at everyone. They were all dirtied and bruised but they were still wearing their smile. She looked up at her mother, seeing a shocked but happy look on her face. She was happy to finally get this done, it will all soon be over and her classmates could finally leave.


To be continued

Submitted: March 02, 2018

© Copyright 2021 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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S. Rasmussen


And that was actually an epic fight. And that came from me. Now, take the compliment!

And clear up the confusion in the beginning two paragraphs

Tue, March 6th, 2018 8:27pm


Wow, really hate her huh?

I will


Sun, March 18th, 2018 7:37am

Kathrina Csernis

Okay so the fight was amazing, I loved it I was so hyped for the chapter and it didn't disappoint at all. Ariana got beaten hahaha yeah! xD okay so I love how you made Kathrina act in this chapter, you made her act exactly the same way she used to act back in Warlock 1 and it was refreshing to see that side of her again, I really do love how you've portrayed Kathrina.

But oh - the throne of Valkyries?! That's so cool. I was like cheering while reading haha I'm glad how they all came together at the end and defeated the dragon. I wonder what will happen now that she's been told she's worthy to sit upon the throne... will she take it? (my Kathrina wouldn't if it stopped her from being with 3-f lol)

Once again another awesome chapter. Sorry I took so long to comment again, things have been hectic. I can't wait for the next one!

Sun, March 11th, 2018 10:49am


First of all..what the hell happened to Luke... ISn't he like with them? What? Is Audrey's like suspiscion true? That Luke is a fake Luke. That's kinda cool but well...creepy and weird hahaha. A doppelganger... Well, I'm glad original Luke is okay tho, I thought some more shit happened to him when that like girl slashed him haha.

Its really nice knowing just how everyone in the class is willing to give anything to help their classmates need. Hahaha, it would be great if real life classmates are like that...

All I'd say is that fight is awesome! hahaha. WOW! like, just yeah, I don't know how to compliment it without having to enumerate each one and say what they did and I won't do that cause I'm lazy so just stick with the awesome compliment ahah. Labyu

I'm pretty sure KAthrina wouldn't leave her classmates to take the place as the queen. hahaa, so yeah Ariana, calm down. You can sit on that throne for a while longer. It was good to see some like motherly side on her like being proud of Kathrina although, it really is mixed with not wanting to give up being queen. Whatever tho she showed some care for once!

So theyHe gave an did not kill the dragon...hmmm... don't know how to feel about that but okay haaha. He gave an epic fight anyway so yeah, you can live, I guess haha.

Mon, March 19th, 2018 6:00am

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