Chapter 42: Condolence

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Raniel and Coco were in the castle, looking away from each other. Coco wore a happy face as she happily strolled the massive halls of the golden castle. Meanwhile, Raniel was looking away from her, a nervous look on his face. He felt uncomfortable at the presence of Coco, finding her not his type. 


"have you ever been on a date before?" Coco asked, turning around and walking backwards while wearing a bright smile.


Raniel went red and sharply turned his face away. "n-no, I haven't" he replied, scratching the back of his head. Why does this feel like an anime? He thought to himself as they turned to a door. They walked out of the hall and went to the balcony they were in last night. The carriage wasn't there anymore, only a white pegasus awaited them.


"is that?" Raniel asked, pointing to the pegasus.


"yeah, it's our ride to the city" Coco nodded, walking to the pegasus and getting on top of it. "come on! Don't worry, she's nice" she said with a smile that kept making Raniel blush. He nodded slowly, walking and getting on top of the pegasus.


"hold tightly, thing might get a little 'windy'" Coco playfully said, grasping the reins tightly. She whipped it hard, causing it to neigh and fly out of the balcony. Raniel did gripped on Coco's stomach tightly, the wind blowing his hair away. Coco gasped a little, finding Raniel's grip to be really tight. It was wierd to her, since no one ever held her that tight and she somewhat liked it. 


"okay, we're diving down now!" Coco yelled, looking over her shoulder and at Raniel.


"wait wha-" before Raniel could finish, Coco's pegasus dived down in the blink of an eye. It was faster and Raniel immediately gripped on Coco's chest tighter. She gasped again and looked back at him. He was closing his eyes and looked like he was praying that he won't die.


"hey, ease up, we're almost there" she said with a smile. Raniel opened his eyes and looked at Coco as she wore an assuring smile. He nodded and loosened his grip on Coco's stomach, at the same time the pegasus slowed down and landed gracefully at the massive circle outside the city.


They both got off and walked towards the diamond bridge, Coco still wearing a smile. "you said you've never been on a date before right?" she asked Raniel, who was beside her. He nodded shyly, looking away. "great! So this both our first time" she said, clapping her hands.


"oh well that's neat" he mumbled. They soon approached the gate. The same white haired Valkyrie greeted them. Coco went to talk with her while Raniel used this time to think. 


Oh man! Oh man! What the hell did I get myself into? Why did I agree to go on a date? Aagh! This is so nerve-racking! What if she thought that the date was boring? Will she tell Ariana what Richard told us? Shit! Think quickly Raniel, use everything you learned in anime and visual novelsHe thought to himself while Coco told the guard what they were doing there. She seemed convinced and soon opened the gate.


"let's go, Raniel" Coco said, looking at him; still wearing a smile.


"uh yeah! Let's" Raniel replied nervously, following Coco as the gates opened slowly, revealing the beautiful city that it hid.



"so, where do you wanna go first?" Raniel asked as they walked in what looked liked the commercial district. They were both looking at each building. 


"I think I wanna eat first, haven't had any breakfast" Coco replied, stopping at a small golden building. It had a sign saying 'Ms. Elonore's Roasted Dragon meat'. It had a massive window to the right, showing dragon tail being skwered over a fire. "oh my God, I haven't eaten here in a while" she said, holding her stomach and smiling as she looked up the sign. 


"what is this place?" Raniel asked, reading the sign. It made his eyes widen and made him opened his mouth. But before he could even speak, Coco pulled him inside. 


The inside's walls were still golden and a checkered pattern as the flooring. The place was small, and it only had around ten tables. six of them had four chairs while four of them had only two. Beside the door, was the counter and where the meat was cooking. There were a few Valkyries eating in some of the tables, some with kids while some alone.


Standing behind the counter, was a young tall Valkyrie with short blue hair. Her skin was pale and she wore rectangular shaped glasses. She wore a double a double breasted jacket with an apron over it and black and white pants, not to mention shoes. 


"Elaine!" Coco yelled suddenly, hugging the Valkyrie behind the counter. "oh it's been so long!" she said, hugging her tightly.


"Coco,'re choking me" Elaine said, her face turning blue. Coco looked at her and released her grip, walking back slightly.


"sorry" she apologized, looking down and scratching her head.


"it's okay" Elaine smiled, looking down at Coco "how have you been? Things must be hard there at the castle" she asked, patting Coco's head.


"I've been fine. The Queen's taking good care of me" she replied, looking back at Raniel as he eyed all the Valkyries eating in the tables. She looked back at Elaine and smirked, leaning forward. "hey, so do you have a table for just two? I'm kind of on a date with that guy over there" she asked, pointing her thumb to Raniel as she whispered into Elaine's ear.


"absolutely, there's a table over there to the very back; beside the window" Elaine replied with a smile, pointing to a table at the very back, placed beside a window at the very back. Coco nodded and grabbed Raniel by his wrist, dragging him to the table. 


"so, dragon meat. That's their thing right?" Raniel asked, looking back at the counter and watched as Elaine took out a massive dragon tail from the metal skewers.


"dragon tail to be specific. It's really good and I think you'll like it" Coco replied, still wearing a smile.


Raniel frowned, "you're not bored yet?" he asked.


"nope" she replied immediately. "why? are you?" she asked in a worried tone.


Raniel's eyes widen as he assumed that Coco thought that she's supposed to entertain her instead of the other way around. "n-no! why?" he asked, pretending to be nervous.


"oh good! I thought taking you here would bore you" Coco said, sighing gladly. 


"listen, I don't think you know how a date works" Raniel said, resting his arms in the table. 


"oh! Well how does it work?" she asked, a curious look on her face.


"we, boys, are suppose to entertain you rather than the other way around. Which is why I asked you if you were getting bored" he explained sternly, staring right into Coco's eyes.


"oh" Coco said, looking down at the table. "so, after this, you'll take me to somewhere romantic, right?" she asked, looking up at Raniel with puppy eyes as he blushed slightly.


"y-yeah" he replied, looking out to the window.


FInally, Elaine came to their table and brought them a massive plate with nothing else but a portion of a dragon tail. "I made sure you get the big one" she said, winking at them. 


"aw! Thanks" Coco exclaimed, grabbing the fork and knife and cutting a piece. She took a bite and immediately enjoyed it, quickly cutting another piece. "Raniel! You should eat! This is good" she said as she chew her food.


"okay" Raniel said, taking a fork and knife and plunging it into the circular shaped piece of dragon meat. He cut a piece and took a bite. His eyes widen from delight. "wow! This thing's delicious!" he said, cutting another piece.


"thank you!" Elaine thanked, smiling at Raniel. She then walked back to another counter, tending to another customer. Coco and Raniel ate for a while, enjoying every bite. 


Soon, they finished their food, there was nothing left but the plate that once held a dragon's tail. Coco rest back on the chair, rubbing her stomach. "oh woman that was good" she said. 


"yeah, it was" Raniel added, eyes closed and also rubbing his stomach. 


"well, what now?" Coco asked, leaning forward and resting her arms at the table. "it's your turn to take me to somewhere" she continued, looking at Raniel's eyes.


"uhh well... do you need to do something else while you're here? Like some stuff you wanted to do but can't because of your job?" he asked nervously, watching as Coco pindered for a little. 




A little later


Raniel and Coco were down at the city and into the forest. There, they were fighting one eyed fat creatures with a spike on its forehead. It had a massive wooden club as its weapon and its body were littered with tattoos. 


"is that an-" Raniel trembled, pointing at the creature as it slammed its club at them. Coco was able to effortlessly cut the wooden club in half, smirking as the creature gasped. Without hesitation, she ran to its back and ended up behind the creature's neck.


"it's an ogre!" she said, summoning a massive axe and beheading the ogre, blood spraying into Coco's face. The ogre's head dropped down, its body following shortly. Raniel's jaw dropped as Coco sheathed her sword and shook her head, removing some of the blood.


"so, this is what you wanted to do?" he frowned. "I'm pretty sure this what you do everyday" he continued.


Coco smiled then summoned a piece of paper from thin air. "no silly, there's someone here I want to meet" she smiled, looking at him then looking ahead. "follow me, we're almost there" she continued, walking towards a cluster of trees that led to a small clearing. 


There was a small hill in this clearing that had a waterfall. Beside this hill was a wooden house with a cross in front of it. "we're here" she said, walking to the house. Raniel followed, admiring the beauty of the clearing. It was quiet, unlike the city, and it had this peacful vibe to it. The grass rustled as a small breeze hit them. 


"what is this place?" he asked, approaching the door. He looked at Coco and watched as she hesitated in opening the door. "everything okay?" he asked. 


"y-yeah. Come one, let's go inside" she said, twisting the knob, making a clicking noise. The inside was a dark, there were no source of light. Coco then lit  a match then hovered it over a candle, lighting it up. The room was a lot clearer now, and Raniel immediately indentified the room as the living room what with the wooden couches, table, and chairs that were placed there. There were no electronic devices and it looked as if no one had been there in ages. 


"what is this place?" Raniel asked, holding on one of the armrests of the chair then immediately taking his hand back. "and why do I get the feeling this used to belong to someone you know" he continued, looking at his dusty hand. Coco then lit up another candle, showing a dusty chicken. She turned around and smiled nervously, facing Raniel.


"funny you should say that, this is where I used to live; back before 'they' came" she said, her voice changed to an angered tone. 


Raniel frowned, "they?" he asked, a curious but also worried tone in his voice.


"Dopplegangers, men who turn has the ability to turn into anyone as long as there black knife stabs the victim" she explained, summoning a curvy and crooked black knife. "they are the sole reason why the Valkyries dislike men, because of our long history with them" she said, gripping tightly to the knife, shattering it.


"what happened?" he asked, his curiosity increasing.




A war happened Raniel, a war between the Dopplegangers that lurks in these forests and the Valkyries who lives up in the beautiful Celestial City. This war was because of our old queen, Queen Ysout, was assassinated with an impersonation of Ariana. Because of this, Ariana swore revenge and declared war on them. This war lasted for 50 years, and I was affected of course.


Fire raged on the trees, thousands of Valkyries screaming while the sounds of swords and knives hitting each other can be heard. Dragons flew the skies, breathing fire down at the forest and in the middle of this chaos, was a wooden house with a young Coco and her Valkyrie mother.


We lived under the city, my mother was stationed there to watch over Dopplegangers in case they do something again. During that time, I visited my mother and stayed there for the night. The war is coming to an end, we almost won, but they, in one final attempt to turn the tide, attacked with their full force on us. 


Coco's mother fought one of the Dopplegangers while Coco herself hid herself in her bed, making small whimpers everytime a scream or a slash was made. 


I didn't know how my mother died, all I know was that the next day, things have gone silent.


Coco woke up from her bed, expecting her house to be in shambles. She sat up, looking around and finding everything to be intact. She had thought of what happened last night, how the agnising pain of both the Valkyries and the Dopplegangers traumatized her. She then remember her mother fighting them. Gasping, she looked at the stairs, a feeling of loneliness suddenly consuming her.


She got off her bed and headed downstairs. As she got nearer, she realized that her mother wasn't in the kitchen nor the living room. She felt nervous but then assumed that she was probably outside, counting the bodies. Opening the door, she gasped loudly.


There were a squad of Valkyries and Ariana standing around and counting bodies, and none of them were Coco's mother. She walked towards the dead bodies that were covered by a white cloth. The Valkyries all whimpered and some cried. Ariana wore a stern face, looking down at the dead bodies. 


She then saw Coco and her distraught face. She was looking up at her, silently asking her where her mother was. Sighing sadly, she knelt down and held Coco's shoulder. She immediately knew what it meant, without saying one word, she knew that her mother was dead. 


She cried in Ariana's shoulder, Ariana justrubbed her back, wearing a sympathetic look.


After that, Ariana took me in and trained me herself to be her best guard. I owe everything to her because without her, I would've killed myself already.




"I seriously don't know why you're hating on her, she was very nice to me when she trained me" she said, looking at Raniel as he stood there with his jaw dropped. Coco smiled and Raniel immediately shook his head off that embarrasing face.


"then, how come Kathrina hates her?" Raniel asked, looking down at the floor.


"she told me once that she's doing those things for Kathrina. She said that she's strict because if she was nice to her, she'd turn soft and unfit to be both a Valkyrie and a queen" Coco said, walking to the door. "come one, we've spent enough time here" she said, looking back at Raniel while pushing the door open.


Raniel looked up and followed Coco, closing the door as they left. "Valkyrie training seems harsh" he said, leaving the clearing and entering the forest again.


"it is but we have to, we need to prove ourselves that we're not just women in need of rescue" Coco said, riding her pegasus.


"is that all? You just want to prove something?" Raniel asked, riding the pegasus as well. 


"there's more to it of course! Like, Valkyrie training's harsh because we fight demons, the higher class" Coco replied, gripping the reins tightly then whipping it, causing it to fly and head up to the city. 


"what are the ranks? Of both demons and angel" Raniel asked, gripping Coco's chest tightly.


"ask Ben for the demons but for angels, I'll give them to you when we reached the park" she smiled, looking back at him then looking ahead again. 


Raniel frowned, he remembered that they were still on a date and he had done nothing but asked her a bunch of questions. He felt bad, they were supposed to just enjoy this day but he felt as if Coco's not enjoying it at all. He wanted to ask her but they already arrived at the city.


"come" Coco said, getting off the horse. Raniel followed, getting off the horse and walking with Coco again towards the city. "so, is this how they date in your realm?" she asked, not eyeing Raniel.


"not really. I mean, when they go to a date, they usually know each other well enough before the date happens and they don't ask questions and instead just enjoyed their time." Raniel replied as the gates opened. Coco then wrapped both arms around Raniel's right arm and looked up at him, smiling.


"well then, I won't answer your question now since you said to just enjoy the time" she said, making Raniel blush. He shook his head then looked down at Coco, nodding.


They went to the park that most of 3-f went to last time they were there. They explored it, finding it really big. They spent the afternoon at the open field, messing around and playing with some of the Valkyries there. Raniel was shy but Coco kept pushing him to play. The sun soon set and Raniel and Coco went to the balcony to watch it in it's beauty.


"whoa! You can see it's entirety here!" Raniel said, amazed at the sun as he saw the full circle. 


Coco nodded, "yup! This is one of the places I go to everyday when I was a kid" she added, her eyes showing a reflection of the sun. Raniel remained silent, his eyes completely magnetised to the sun. 


Eventually, night came and they were both sitting at the bench, tired from all the things they did. Coco was lying down, her head resting at Raniel's lap. "well that was fun, is that what a date is?" she asked.


"to be honest, kinda. All I know is that most people who date just eats at a restaurant but this is better than that!" Raniel said, looking down at her with a smile.


"oh" Coco said, a shocked expression on his face. "well, I preferred this over what you said. I think it's better" she said, looking at the pale moonlight that looked down at them from the sky.


"so, is this how we'll end it?" Raniel asked.


"yeah, I think so" she said, sitting up and looking at Raniel. "well, what are you waiting for? Let's go!" she said. 


"oh, right!" Raniel said, standing up and Coco following.


They both walked back to the massive circle and as Coco was about to get on her pegasus, Raniel asked, "can I control the horse this time?" 


Coco looked at him weirdly but Raniel's smile made her think that he really wanted to. So she moved away and Raniel immediately got on the pegasus. "so, bear with me because I've only learned from watching you" he said as Coco got behind Raniel.


Coco smiled, "that's fine, I still have my dragon form in case we fall" she assured, tilting her head to the side. Raniel nodded then gripped to the reins, whipping it and causing the pegasus to fly. Raniel grip tightly to the reins and Coco wrapped her arms around him, essentially hugging Raniel.


He blushed and looked back at her, she had her eyes closed and still wearing a smile. He smiled as well, feeling good that Coco enjoyed their 'date'. They eventually reached the castle. Raniel realized that Coco's fully asleep and smiled, Guess I'll have to carry her he thought to himself as he got off the horse with Coco on his back. 


He walked around the castle until he finally reached their bedrooms. He had realized that all of the doors were locked and all of them were in deep sleep. Raniel frowned, then walked over to Casey's room, finding it to be locked as well. But he still knocked and to his surprise, Casey opened the door.


"oh shit, forgot about you guys" he said, a vacant look on his face.


"whatever" he shrugged, then entered the room with Coco still on his back. "so, I think we're gonna have to sleep on the floor" he said, turning to Casey.


"I can see why" Casey said, nodding as Raniel lay Coco down at their bed. "there's the couch though" he continued, pointing to the couch.


"yeah but only one can lie down there" Raniel countered, looking down at couch with a frown.


"who said we were going to lie down?" Casey asked, raising an eyebrow. Raniel frowned at him as he wore a vacant look. 


A little later and they were both sleeping quietly at the couch, both were sitting down. Coco suddenly woke up and looked at them, smiling as they forgot to turn off the television. She giggled then walked over to the coffee table and turning off the television. Before going back to the bed, she went to Raniel first and kissed him in the cheek, whispering, "thank you for that date, Raniel!" then going back to the bed and closing her eyes, her smile still on her face.


To be continued



Submitted: March 07, 2018

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S. Rasmussen

One of your better chapters in a while

I left a ton of Icomments

Now I feel I can like Ariana a little bit more. But I still feel she is a monster. Like you feel for Candela, I guess

Fri, March 16th, 2018 5:37pm

Kathrina Csernis

Hahaha Raniel will hate you for this chapter, I loved it though, it had me laughing, poor Raniel. Coco is cool though, I like her.

Hmm I still don't like Ariana, probably mainly because I knew her true character and she's far worse than this, I don't think I'll ever like her character.

But it was cool seeing things calm down a little especially after that huge epic dragon fight and everything. I can't wait to see where things go next, and I can't wait to see Raniels reaction to the chapter hahaha

Sun, March 18th, 2018 7:59am


I won't be forgiven hahahaha. Yay, glad you liked Coco

Yeah I know that, but I hope what I think I'm about to do will work lol

Yeah it was, this can also act as another calm before the storm thing. Yay and oh god, that guy will swear in Tagalog if he reads this.

Sun, March 18th, 2018 7:35am


POTA... TANGINA... GAGO... The title is the best thing about this. Literally what you should tell me after I read this cause I just felt myself die... ugh... what am I doing there? Ugh, I'm so embarassing and weird and awkward and just that guy who hates his life and wanted to escape from it as soon as possible. Ugh, what am I doing... I feel so bad for Coco, she seem nice and a pretty cool girl haha.

Okay I'd get real for a moment here. Coco's like backstory kinda gave me a glimpse of kindness on Ariana. Like, she's so nice there. Also what she said about giving Kathrina like a cold shoulder. What happened tho? Like whats up with her wanting to kill them? And that very mug atittude she sometimes give. That may have gotten her some nice points for me but I still dont trust her a bit hahah.

Back to the mistake you made...putting me in a date! hahaha. Ugh, It was kinda nice tho although I hate it. I felt like it kinda went well... Well, I hate to admit it but I do think this chapter is not the worse I imagined hahaha, in fact, I find it pretty cute. (Although I still hate myself). Also me just getting captivated by all the sights here is literally me. Really liked that hahaa. Well, I can't say I'm not looking forward to seeing what happened to my character and Coco hahaha.

im dying...

Mon, March 19th, 2018 6:36am


Hehe I'm sorry I know it's embarrassing but hey I got your character right lol but yeah I am very sorry. Yeah poor Coco but you were chosen so :P.

Yeah that's what I want you to see. Yep she is nice there and all will be answered soon, I promise. I know, no one trusts her yet but I hope what I'll do will hate- I mean like her a little.

Hey I thought it would be funny plus, how else are you going to defend yourself when you're the weakest boy in the list? Nice yet somehow hate? Okay! Oh, you've imagines worse? Haha so you did somehow like it lol. Oh yay! I actually did something accurate. Hahaha

I'll revive you.... don't worry

Mon, March 19th, 2018 3:52am

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