Chapter 43: The Call of the throne

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Kathrina woke up from her elegant queen size bed, sitting up and looking at her own room. It was bigger than any of the bed rooms. There were a wall of windows on her left, curtains were colored a bright red, almost like the walls except it was darker. She looked ahead, looking at a small pearl dresser with a mirror on top of it. She looked to her right, seeing her piano. Her violin was resting at the piano, just standing idly by. Finally, she looked back ahead and to her right side was a red door with Audrey standing in front of it.


"Audrey?" Kathrina asked, wiping her eyes. Audrey looked around the room, then looked back at Kathrina who was staring at her. 


"hi" she said quietly, waving her hand. 


"what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at Richard's room?" Kathrina asked, getting off her bed and walking towards Audrey.


"I came here to say sorry" Audrey said slowly, hiding her face.


"oh" Kathrina said, gasping quietly.


"yeah" Audrey said slowly, her face bright red. She was trembling, nervous at apologizing. Why was she nervous? She knew that Kathrina would immediately forgive her so why was she being nervous?


"Audrey, you know I'll forgive you immediately, right?" Kathrina said, wearing an assuring smile while looking down at Audrey. She nodded slowly, then turning her head to face Kathrina. She looked up and her eyes began tearing up before hugging Kathrina.


"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry that I said those things to you!" Audrey apologized, bursting in tears as she gripped Kathrina tightly. Kathrina smiled and rubbed Audrey's head with her hand. 


"it's okay, Audrey. I'll still forgive you" Kathrina said, hugging Audrey as well. Audrey bawled some more before finally letting go and opening her mouth only for Kathrina ti shut her up. "I know what you'll say, and I do forgive you Audrey. Sure it's easy, but I can't get mad at you" she smiled, patting her head.


"well, if you say so..." Audrey said slowly, looking down at the ground with a frown. She felt like she didn't deserve it, she ignored Kathrina, called her a lot of things, but she still forgave her easily. 


"cheer up, once we're done with all this, we can finally go back home" she said, lifting Audrey's head by her chin. Audrey wiped her tears and sniffed, then putting up her usual bright smile.




A little later


It was noon and time for lunch. The students all filed to the dining room. Even though they've stayed long enough, they still couldn't help but jaw drop at the beauty of the room. It was still golden, with a big chandelier hanging up with hundreds to thousands of candles lit up. The dining table was long, having thirteen chairs at the sides, and two chairs in the front and back.


Coco remained at the door, standing straight and wearing a stern face. Raniel frowned and looked at Coco, "not gonna join us?" he asked.


"I'm a Valkyrie guard, not a guest" she replied quietly, not eyeing Raniel. He shrugged it and continued walking to the table, sitting next to Casey. Ariana was sitting on the very end of the table, a calm look on her face as she watched everyone to take their respective seats. No one sat on the other end, Kathrina sat next to Audrey and Richard. 


They waited for a little, waiting patiently for the food. After few minutes, five Valkyrie came in with covered plates in their hands. They all placed the food gently down the table, slowly removing the cover. Immediately, the students and Ariana took the red cloth that was on their plates and placed them at their laps. 


"we may eat" Ariana said. The students nodded, quietly taking food from the plates and placing it in their personal plates. They ate quietly, nothing like what they do in school. After all, they were in a castle and they had to show there formalities. It didn't take long before lunch was finished and they were all back at their rooms, told by Ariana to go change their outfits.


A little later and they all stepped out of their rooms wearing suits and the girls all wearing Valkyrie armor. "wow, you all look so good" Kathrina said, donning a black tunic and black trousers with black boots.


"I expected you to dress a lot more... extravagant than that" Luke commented, looking at Kathrina's clothing.


"that is the royal Valkyrie armor. It may look like ordinary clothes, but the real armor invisible" Coco said, a smirk on her face.


Luke smiled as well, eager to test it out. So, he did. His fists glowed green and he jumped up, punching Kathrina in the stomach. As his fists connected to Kathrina's stomach, it stopped, revealing some sort of white armor. "whoa!" Luke said in awe, backing off with an open mouth.


"told you!" Coco said, laughing a little.


"Luke, where's your knife?" Darryl asked, looking at Luke and his free hands. The curved and crooked knife the he held onto tightly was gone. 


"yeah, turns out that Luke was a Doppleganger" Luke replied, a serious tone in his voice. Everyone gasped and the Valkyries all looked at their classmates, eyeing their hands carefully. 


"why are you looking at our hands?" Meleek asked, looking at Diana as her eyes were down at his hands.


"that Doppleganger could still be here. Everyone! Raise your hands" Cassandra yelled, everyone immediately doing what she said. Their hands were all free, no weapons at all. 


"Dopplegangers can hide their knives right?" Raniel asked, looking at Coco.


"yeah, they can" Coco said, eyeing the hands closely. "fine, we'll catch him during the coronation. You can lower them now" Coco said, all the students lowering their hands slowly. She pondered for a moment before looking at all the Valkyries currently present. "all of you, follow me" she said, walking forward and away from the students.


"alright, guess we'll go too" Kathrina said, waiting for the Valkyries to go ahead of them. She looked back at them and nodded. "let's head to the throne room" she said, they all nodded back. Kathrina then turned around and took a moment before walking again.


"hey, Ryan, I thought you hated suits?" Ben asked, looking at Ryan as he wore a black suit with a black bowtie.

"yeah, but I need to otherwise I can't come to the coronation" Ryan said, a disgusted look on his face as he looked down on his suit. Ben shrugged it and looked ahead, quietly humming.


"so, how's this coronation going to work?" Audrey asked, standing beside Kathrina. Both Richard and Emerald wore smiles as Audrey finally stood beside Kathrina again. It was a happy sight to see, Audrey had been neglecting Kathrina for a while so seeing them together again was a relief for them. 


"well, mum's going to say some stuff about responsibility and shit then I'll say that I accept it and stuff like that" she said as they turned to another hallway. "you all should stand at the very back, except you Audrey. I want you to be beside me when I get crowned" she smiled, looking down at Audrey.


"why do we need to be at the back?" Richard asked, glaring at Kathrina.


"because the Valkyries will berate you" Kathrina replied sternly. 


"I swear, sometimes holy beings are racist" Ben mumbled, glaring at Kathrina.


"yeah, well, can't help it. We're made to kill demons and therefore hate them as well" Keith replied, a frown on his face as he looked at one of the windows. "but that doesn't mean some of us will always hate your kind" he said, looking back at Ben.


"ditto, you've somehow grown on me" he said, wearing a smirk. Keith smiled as well, looking ahead. 


"we're almost there" Kathrina said quietly, the students noticing a red carpet on the floor. They all stopped suddenly at the massive golden doors that had two Valkyries guarding it. 


"whoa" Emerald said, looking in awe at the massive doors. 


"whelp, let's head inside" Kathrina said, a smile on her face as she took a step. The two Valkyries opened the door for her, a white light escaping through the door and hitting the student's faces. They all covered their eyes at the light but soon it disappeared and they were able to see the throne room.


It was massive, fitting in what looked like thousands of Valkyries; almost the entire population. Unlike the majority of the castle, the throne room's walls were white and so were the six pillars that held the castle and also served as a path towards the throne room. The floor had a red carpet with golden lines that lead up to the throne of Valkyries. 


The throne was made up of platinum. A massive sword made up of the same material was behind it. Behind the throne, were stained windows that showed Valkyries and their battles with the demonic creatures and Satan. Standing beside the throne, was Ariana; a genuine smile on her face. 


Just like they were told, most of the students remained at the back, watching as Audrey and Kathrina walked towards the throne. Kathrina knelt down in fron of her mother and listened as she uttered her speech. 




Above the throne room, Cassandra, Freya, Diana, and Coco all await patiently in what looked like the armory. They were looking around the armory, inspecting the plethora of weapons.


"what are we doing?" Cassandra asked, grabbing a rifle from the armory and inspecting it.


"we're waiting. The Doppleganger will be appearing in the throne room to possibly assassinate Kathrina" Coco said, tapping his foot at the floor. 


"why would he even do that? I mean, there are thousands of Valkyries down there, he's outnumbered" Freya said. She was sitting on a crate, cleaning her sword. 


"do you even know what happens if that crown is placed in Kathrina's head only for her to be killed afterwards?" Coco asked, an angered look on her face. 


"I know. When the crown is passed on, its powers will be too and the previous queen won't be worthy anymore. And if one dies while wearing it and has no offsprings, the crown will vanish in an instant" Diana replied in a grim tone. Cassandra and Freya both froze, it was clear that the crown was important to them. 


"exactly, which is why we need to strike when the Doppleganger appears" Coco said. 


"then why not go down there? We can strike him quicker if we're down there"  Freya asked, standing up and putting her sword in its scabbard. 


"the Doppleganger already knows that we're suspecting so he'll be more careful if we're there" Coco replied, walking towards a weapon rack and grabbing a rifle as well. "we'll swoop down when we hear gasping or Raniel's screams" Coco conitnued, summoning a bomb and planting it at the floor.




All the boys watch in boredom as Ariana kept babbling. Sif was already asleep, resting on top of Darryl's head. Richard and Luke were eyeing everyone, trying to spot the doppleganger. Joseph was looking at the sun, a frightened look on his face as he saw the sun slowly going down. Lydia wore a worried look, Joseph had been sweating ever since he saw the sun slowly going down. 


Casey, Ben, and Ryan were looking for the Doppleganger as well, ever so slightly getting close to the front. At this point, it could be anyone, seeing as how the Doppleganger could hide his knife. "hey, so what if there's more than one Doppleganger?" Casey asked, walking beside Ben.


"can't be. Dopplegangers don't team up when it's an assassination, too risky" Ben replied, sneaking into a crowd.


"how do we even know if ithere is one when we they can hide their knives?" Ryan asked, sneaking to a group of Valkyries. The Valkyries were all growling in frustrations as the thre snuck in their lines. 


"we're don't, we'll just wait until it shows up. Hopefully before we reach the front" Ben said, his voice and his movements slowing down as he and the other two reached the front of the crowd. 


"Kathrina, now that you have defeated The Master Dragon and passed the trials, you are worthy to sit on the throne. Will you accept this responsibility?" Ariana asked, holding the crown over Kathrina.


"yes, mother, I humbly accept it" Kathrina said with a smile.


"by the power invested in me and the previous Valkyrie Queens, I dubbed you, Kathrina Csernis, as the new Queen of Valkyries!" Ariana produly yelled, placing the crown in Kathrina's head. "rise!" she said. Kathrina did as told and rose up, turning around and facing the crowd of Valkyries. They were clapping, cheering at the new Queen. Kathrina felt happy, she looked at all her classmates and they were clapping and cheering as well. 


"alright! Good job Kathrina!" Ben said, cheering her on. 


"yeah..." Ryan said, a devilish smirk on his face as he summoned a demonic spear. "..but sadly. All good things will come to an end, this one sooner than most!" he yelled, throwing the spear and catching everyone off guard. They all gasped and Raniel immediately screamed.


The spear came in really quick since it came in front. The Valkyries all froze, unable to help or take the bullet. Ariana hesitated while Kathrina froze, trembling as the spear came closer. She didn't know why she couldn't move, it was as if the spear wasn't allowing her to. She stared at it, her life flashing before her eyes, this is it, this is how she'll die. As the spear were mere meters away, she closed her eyes, she accepted it, she accepted the fact that she'll die. But she didn't die, she felt nothing. 


Slowly opening her eyes, she gasped. Her eyes swelled up in tears as she looked at Audrey, who was in front of her and had the spear impaled to her chest. Everything felt like it slowed down as Kathrina screamed, "AUDREY!!!!!" while running to her classmate.


The windows suddenly broke and more Dopplegangers arrived, appearing in their true form. They were wearing all black tunic and trousers, some with armor, they had cloth wrapped around their head that hid their faces all but their eyes which were colored black and soulless. 


The cieling suddenly blew up, the four Valkyries swooping down and shooting the Dopplegangers and Ryan. But more arrived and the entire throne room became a battle zone. The Valkyries and the students fighting against the Dopplegangers and at the center of it all, was Kathrina, the dying Audrey in her arms. 


She bawled over her dying body, not giving a damn to what's happening. "Audrey... wake up! Audrey!" she yelled, watching as Audrey slowly opened her eyes.


"right in the heart huh? That can't be good" she said, coughing up blood as she looked at where the spear hit her. Then, she looked at Kathrina who's tears were falling down like a waterfall. "hey! Why are you crying? We did it right? You're Queen now?" she asked, a faint smile in her face.


"yes but this is all worthless if you die! I did all this just so we can get out of here! But it's going to be all for nothing if you die!" Kathrina yelled, choking on her tears as Audrey placed her hand in Kathrina's cheeks.


"nonsense! If I would have let you die, we won't be able to escape. Your mother would brand us as the killers! You need to defend them Kathrina! You need to save them" she said, slowly her hand fell off Kathrina's face and into the ground, her eyes slowly closing.


"Audrey" Kathrina called quietly. "AUDREY!" she yelled as Audrey closed her eyes and turned her head away. 


Meanwhile, Richard took one Doppleganger out then looked at Audrey. His eyes widen in horror as Audrey's dead body was laying in Kathrina's arm. He immediately looked around, searching for someone. "Lydia!" he called and immediately Lydia came to her side. "help Audrey!" he commanded.


"but what if the Dopplegangers-"


"JUST GO!" Richard yelled in an angered tone. Lydia frowned but immediately went to Audrey. 


"excuse me, Kathrina" she said, throwing her gun away and placing both hands on Audrey's chest.


"will she be fine?!" Kathrina asked frantically.


"she will if you keep those Dopplegangers away from us" Lydia said sternly, not even eyeing Kathrina. With that, Kathrina nodded and looked at the Dopplegangers charging towards her. She summoned two swords and activated her Valkyrie eye form, rushing towards them at an incredible speed.


Everyone else were fighting too, Casey was fighting a Doppleganger with nothing but a ballpen. He swiftly dodged each swings of the Doppleganger's knife and then retort by piercing the pen at one of his eyes. 


Ben was tearing through two them with his bare hands, angry at what happened. "WHERE'S RYAN?!" he growled, grabbing one of the Dopplegangers by their neck. 


"right here!" a familiar voice yelled. Ben looked behind him and saw Ryan fighting Ryan. He could tell who's who because the real Ryan's wearing his gray jacket. 


Meanwhile, Luke, Steve, and Joseph were defending Emerald, Raniel, and Isabella. Steve and Joseph were using a Valkyrie sword while Luke used his bare hands. The three were at a wall, the two girls trying to hide their faces as they watch them get hurt. 


Luke swung his fist directly at the face of one of the Dopplegangers, knocking him out instantly. But suddenly, someone threw a spear directly at his arm, causing him to stumble back while growling at the enemy.


“Luke!” Emerald called, stretching one of her arms as Luke stumbled back to her.


“Joseph! Give me a gun!” he yelled. Joseph turned his head to him then passed him a Desert Eagle. “fucking asshole! Die!” he yelled, firing the gun at the Doppleganger’s chest.


He fell to the ground, dead. But soon, five of them rushed towards them. Luke frowned, pulling the spear out of his shoulder. While it caused him great pain, he didn’t care, he needed to kill these scumbags or else they’ll kill his friends.


Luke’s eyes then glowed green, the same thing happening to both of his hands. He dropped the Deagle and rushed towards the five Dopplegangers, relentlessly punching them all.


Emerald sighed, feeling a slight sense of relief surging in her body at the sight of Luke fighting off the enemy.


Meanwhile, Steve blocked one attack from a Doppleganger then countered it with a slash from his Valkyrie sword. He took one out, but another one immediately came in afterwards and fought Steve.


“how many of these guys are there?!” he asked angrily, blocking a Doppleganger’s attack. Instead of a knife, this one was using a demonic longsword.

“I don’t know, maybe more than a hundred” Joseph replied, spinning around then slicing the head of a Doppleganger.


“this is bullshit! It’s like they’re not even trying to fight us!” Steve said, stabbing his foe at his chest. He hunched his back and panted lightly, slowly feeling tired. “wait…” he said quietly, slowly turning his head before getting punched in the face by Raniel.


“what the-“ Joseph yelled, before getting stabbed in the chest by none other than Isabella. She was wearing a wicked smirk as she plunged the knife deeper into Joseph’s chest. “Isabella?” he called, his vision slowly blurring.


He fell to the ground, holding the knife and trying to pull it from his chest but it he’s slowly feeling weak, his blood leaking to the floor.


Luke turned around and gasped as Emerald shoved a sword at his chest. He phased through of course then moved sideways, unphasing then grabbing Emerald’s sword.


“what the hell Em?” Luke asked, slowly pushing the sword down to the ground. He looked at her face, finding her struggling to keep the sword up. Luke knew at this point that the person who just attacked her wasn’t Emerald.


“where the hell is my girlfriend, Doppleganger?!” Luke asked, glaring evilly at the fake Emerald as he broke the fake Emerald’s sword with his bare hands. The fake Emerald smirked then pointed her hand behind Luke’s.


He smirked then entered phasing mode, watching as a spear passed through his body. He looked behind him and saw another Doppleganger.


“WHERE’S EMERALD!?” he yelled, punching the Dopplegangerin his chest, somehow piercing through the Doppleganger’s chest.


Meanwhile, Jackson was already fighting a fake Katejina. She was using a naginata while Jackson was using a broad sword. The fake Katejina spun her naginata around before striking at Jackson’s neck which he barely dodged.


Jackson swung back, cutting a portion of Katejina’s hair. She gasped but soon swung her naginata at Jackson’s right side. But Jackson was able to block it with his sword, although it resulted in it getting stuck in the wood.


The fake Katejina smirked then dropped the spear and summoning two daggers, throwing one at Jackson. He blocked it of course, summoning a sword to deflect it. But Katejina only used that as a distraction and stabbed the other dagger in Jackson’s chest. She smiled, summoning a sword and stabbing it at Jackson’s chest.


“Richard! We’re losing people!” Silje yelled, hitting Meleek with a bolt of lightning. Meleek shielded himself from Silje’s attack by summoning vines that formed a massive circle.


“Silje it’s me! I’m the real me!” Meleek yelled, pointing to himself as Silje threw a fireball. Meleek rolled away but Silje kept firing different elements at him in different sizes.


Meleek soon had enough and summoned ice in his left hand and fire in his right. He both enlarged them and waited for Silje to come closer. She did come closer and Meleek collided the two elements in his hands, causing steam to come out which he used to disappear.


He ran away, approaching Richard. “shit! She’s convinced that I’m a Doppleganger” he said, panting heavily as Silje rose from the steam and glared at Meleek.


“Silje, Meleek’s not a Doppleganger!” Richard defended, stretching one of his arms to block Meleek.


“you can never know!” Silje yelled, approaching Richard.


“Dopplegangers can’t use the powers of the people they copied” Richard stated, scowling at Silje.


Silje frowned, “then why was he fighting me?” she asked, pointing to Meleek.


“I was defending myself because you wouldn’t stop shooting me!” Meleek replied angrily.


She shrugged it then went away, fighting other Dopplegangers. “alright, let’s get back to fighting Meleek” Richard said, turning around and facing Meleek. “Meleek?” Oh shit…” Richard said, looking at Meleek as a sword that came from behind impaled him.


“MELEEK!” Diana suddenly yelled as Meleek fell on his knees. Diana took the sword out of his chest which cause Meleek to lie down to the ground.


“no! No! No!” she yelled, unable to do anything but watch as Meleek quickly lost blood. “stay with me, Meleek!” Diana yelled, trying to find Lydia.


“what happened?” Ryan suddenly came, looking down at the dying Meleek.


“he got stabbed! I need Lydia to heal him!” Diana yelled, tears streaming down her face.


Ryan sighed then knelt down to Meleek, eyeing the stab wound and slowly healing it. “cover me while I’m healing him!” he said to Diana and Richard. They nodded and surrounded Meleek and Ryan, fighting off the Dopplegangers that came.


On the other side of things, Keith and Catherine were defending Chris and Christina. They were doing a good job, no Doppleganger had come close to the two. But soon, more of them came and Keith and Catherine couldn’t hold them any longer.


“Chris we should r-“ Christina said but Chris cut her off by placing hovering his finger in Christina’s lips.


“no, this time I’ll fight” he said, summoning a holy sword and throwing it at one of the Dopplegangers. In an instant, Chris vanished and ended up on where the sword was stabbed to; the Doppleganger.


Keith and Catherine immediately gasped as Chris sliced the head off the Doppleganger. “that magic… Chris is an Archangel?!” Keith said in a shocked tone.


“Chris, why?” Christina asked slowly, walking towards Chris.


“I’d rather defend my classmates than hide my identity” he said, holding on to his sword tightly then looked at the Dopplegangers that’s surrounding them.


“sir..” Keith said, saluting at Chris.


Chris smiled, “please, don’t salute me. After all, we’re friends” he said, summoning a second holy sword and looking at the Dopplegangers.


Meanwhile, Ariana was watching in a corner, no one attacking her. She saw everything that’s happened and the one that left an impression on her was Chris’ revelation of being an Archangel. She flinched, a shocked and angry feeling building up.


“how are they alive? Archangels are dead!” she said to herself, clenching her fists as she wiped out all Dopplegangers that surrounded her.


Suddenly, a portal came out of nowhere in the center of the throne room. Richard, Diana, Ryan, a half healed Meleek, and Kathrina saw as the portal opened and revealed another world. Though it was only a glance, they were able to eye a few people. A long haired teen with a wand, two girls that looked like they had animal ears, a red haired man and someone who similarly looked like him except with white hair. There were also two brothers with long hair that made them look like a girl. Then, there was one browned haired girl with emerald eyes that looked a lot like Kathrina. They all frowned and Kathrina was about to speak up before the portal closed in the blink of an eye


“what the hell was that?” Richard asked, looking up at Kathrina.


“I don’t know” she replied sternly, slicing one Doppleganger in half afterwards. “how’s Meleek doing?” she asked, looking down at the injured elf.


“he’s slowly recovering, how’s Audrey?” Ryan replied in a worried tone as his magic slowly healed the flesh of Meleek’s chest.


Kathrina didn’t reply but looked at Lydia as she stopped healing. She had a sad look on her face, almost as if she’s trying to hold her tears back. Kathrina gasped, watching as Lydia placed her hand in Audrey’s head.


“sleep tight, friend” Lydia mumbled.


Her heart broken and her rage rising, Kathrina fell on her knees, tears streaming down on her face. Richard gasped as well, unable to fight as he saw Audrey’s death.


Luke ran to them as most of the Dopplegangers surrounded them. Keith, Catherine, Chris, and Christina all ran towards them, Chris throwing his sword. Everything felt as if the world has slowed down. Ariana saw that Kathrina wasn’t fighting and rushed towards her. The three Valkyries as well and everyone else from 3-f breathing rushed towards them.


As they got closer, the throne room door opened loudly. They all stopped and turned around.


“You Dopplegangers will pay for what you did to my students” said a familiar deep and grim voice.


Luke and the other student’s faces lit up at the sight of Erick and Elijah in front of the door, behind them were angels. Elijah was carrying Katejina, Isabella, Raniel, and Emerald’s seemingly unconscious body while Erick was holding his scythe tightly, an angered look in his face.


“Kathrina!” Elijah called, a sad feeling surging to him as he saw Kathrina with tears streaming down in her pale face.


“Looks like they made him sad, friend” Erick said with a smirk as he loosen his tie and glared at them.


“You… You will all die by my hands!” Elijah yelled angrily.


To be continued.

Submitted: March 15, 2018

© Copyright 2021 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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S. Rasmussen

Cool! Crossover!

And this was an epic chapter. You managed to make a non confusing fight scene. Good job!

And by the way, doesn't Erick have a job to do know? Or are they kinda in heaven?

Tue, March 20th, 2018 8:02am


So Audrey and Kathrina are llike finally able to sort out what happened between them. Although to be honest here hahaha, I sort of think that they are kinda fine around each other like, yeah. It's good to see the drama hahaha

The doppleganger thing is kinda cool. Like it really showed the trust and them believing in each other. Yeah, I also think that dopplegangers are cool just in general hahaha, like just saying the word and I start feeling smart haha. But...hmmm... seems like Silje got some trust issues in this chapter... haha.

Kathrina's queen, now cool and all but what the fuck did you just do with Audrey, bish. Although I will continue refusing to believe that she died, well, If she did you'd revive her I know you can't kill her. She got a fan club hahaha. Yeah, I won't let out all my rant here as I'm still able to cling onto a short hope but if she died, IF ANYONE OF THEM DIED, Eurie... oh Eurie...

Now, the battle is pretty chaotic haha. Everyone is like battling all those doppelgangers being all badass and I'm there, hiding, being always. The one thing that I didthat helped isn't even badass hahaha, it's yell like a little bitch, gayest shit I've read here haha. Which, btw, I don't yell when I'm scared in real life, so yeah, you missed hahahahaha. It's fine tho, it's fine, I also yell gayly irl, just for other reasons haha.

Another reveal huh? hahaha, didn't see that coming to be honest. haha

Oh shit... Erick and Elijah has came hahaha. Doppelgangers are fucked. It was so cool to see Elijah hahha, I'm so excited to see him fight again and just like be all sweet with KAthrina. I'm really excited to see what will happen next!

Sat, March 24th, 2018 1:01am


Yeah it was inevitable, and yeah they were getting along but Audrey was still shy to apologize.

Yay, glad you like the dopplegangers and yeah they kinda sound cool. I'd thank Kathrina for mentioning that idea hahaha. But yeah, kinda, she kinda does have trust issues since y'know new person new people and shit.

I killed her, permanently.

Haha yeah it was chaotic and yeah everyone was a badass except you? Well, let's just say you were 'occupied' after that scream. Darn! And I thought you yell when you're scared lol but yay! I got the gayly scream right lol.

Yup, Chris and Christina are archangels.

Haha yep, they're fucked and yay! Although, there's a new chapter already lol

Sat, March 24th, 2018 2:54am

Kathrina Csernis

I was happy to see Audrey and Kat make up and the crossover was so cool, I love how we just came up with that, it fit so well. Ehh I'm sorry I can;t think of what else to say, I'm really sad for reasons you know...... ima cry still cuz like..... *dies*

Sun, March 25th, 2018 6:56pm

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