Chapter 44: The battle comes to an end

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Elijah dropped the kids safely to a wall then looked at Erick. He nodded then glared at the Dopplegangers as they rushed towards them. Erick frowned, gripping onto his scythe tightly then with one swing, eliminated ten of them at once. Elijah dropped in as well, splitting his sword into two and slicing and stabbing the Dopplegangers one by one. 


Chris smiled and lowered his weapon, knowing that Erick and Elijah got this. 


"I must admit, you've gotten soft Erick" Ariana smirked, joining him and summoning two Valkyrie swords. "you used to be able to everyone here with one slice" she continued as she sliced the head off one of the Dopplegangers. 


"Yeah, well, I don't want to kill any of my students and your Valkyries" Erick replied, slicing five more. 


"Kathrina!" Elijah yelled, kneeling down beside the broken hearted Kathrina.


She turned her head, a sad look on her face as tears streamed down it. The sight of Elijah somehow made her slightly happy, hugging him as she cried in his coat. "she's gone Elijah! Audrey's dead!" she cried, her voice muffled due to the coat.


"I do not know this Audrey but I assume she is a friend of yours" he said, a sad look on his face as he watched Kathrina cry in his arms. He may not have known what had happened but he could tell that Kathrina and everyone around him were heartbroken by the death of someone he didn't know. He scowled at all of the Dopplegangers and immediately got up, lunging towards all of them with great speed.


"I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU" he yelled, plunging his sword into a Doppleganger's chest then lunging his other one to another Doppleganger.


"is Meleek okay, Ryan?" Richard asked, slicing a Doppleganger in half before looking back at Ryan who was fighting. His face lit up as he looked around and saw Diana and Meleek fighting Dopplegangers together. He sighed and smiled but remembered Audrey.


He ran towards her body and knelt down. He whimpered a little before hugging her dead body and crying quietly. "why could it have not been me? Why must it have to be you?" he said quietly, looking down at Audrey's face. There was a slight smile on her face meaning she died peacefully, no regrets whatsoever. 


Richard sniffed, "hey Audrey! Wake up!" he said, thinking he might be able to bring her back by shouting at her. "what am I suppose to tell your parents when we get back? Wake up!" he yelled but it was hopeless, Audrey was dead and even if he was shouting at her in an attempt to revive her, Ricahrd knew too that there was no way to revive her.


"denial" Lydia mumbled who was right behind Richard. "the first of five" she continued. 


"I know, I know" he mumbled, slowly dropping Audrey to the floor and standing up. "what's next? Anger?" he asked, looking over his shoulder and eyed Lydia. 


She nodded, "yes, that's what's after" she said, watching as Richard stood up and summoned a bigger scythe. "Richard, calm yourself, you might kill more people" she said, a worried tone in her voice.


But Richard didn't care, he lost Audrey and he wanted nothing more than to kill everyone. This feeling was surging through his body, anger, sadness, and a lust of killing everyone was all he was feeling, nothing else. He scoffed and looked at all the Dopplegangers. They were the reason she died, and he was going to make sure that they all die.


Dashing forward and hooking a Doppleganger then lifting him up, Richard grinned, a sense of pleasure as he killed the man, blood dripping down on his face. He felt alive, he wanted to kill everything now. He looked to his left and saw a group of Dopplegangers. He dashed forward, surprising the group. He swung his scythe, their heads popping off their bodies. He laughed quietly as their heads dropped and rolled at the floor. 


"yo! Richard, the hell's happening to you?" Ryan asked, a worried tone in his voice. He knew Richard wasn't himself because of that grin and his quiet laughter. 


"nothing, I just feel.... alive!" he replied with a smirk as he grabbed one of the heads. He gripped it tightly and watched as the head slowly dissolved from flesh to skin, to a skeleton, to dust.  He smiled, somehow finding this enjoyable. He looked at all the other heads and grabbed one with his scythe. He looked at it with a grin and watched as the same thing happened to the previous head. Then, he grabbed another one and as it dissolvved, Ryan kicked it out of his hand.


"stop! whatever weird shit you're doing, stop it!" he said, glaring at Richard as he pouted. Ryan could tell that Richard had gone mad, he never expected that it would happen so quickly. Was he that in love with Audrey? He thought to himself. 


"why? No one's stopping me! The person that did that just died!" he yelled, taking a head and crushing it with his hand. Ryan backed off a bit, Richar had gone hostile and he knew that fighting him would only hurt more people than save any.


"yeah, she died, but would she want you to act like this just after she passed away?!" he asked, clear concern in his voice. 


Richard flinched, backing off a little and reverting to human form. He took a heavy breath as he fell on his knees, realizing that what he did was stupid. "I-" he was cut off as he heard a familiar scream.


"Kathrina, stop!" Elijah yelled, pulling her sword away from Kathrina as she attempted to kill herself.


"I DON'T WANT TO LIVE ANYMORE. THERE'S NOTHING LEFT FOR ME IN HERE" she yelled struggling to plunge the sword in her heart since Elijah was pushing the sword away.


"There is something left for you! Look at your classmates! They are the ones you want to save right? From Erick?" Elijah asked, grunting a little. This Kathrina was a lot stronger than the one in his world. She struggled more but after hearing what Elijah said, she stopped and looked around. A couple of her classmates stopped fighting to look at her, a worried look in their faces. She dropped the sword and placed both hands in her face, feeling stupid for trying to kill herself. She sobbed quietly, Elijah hugging her tightly.


"Cry as much as you need, it is only right for you to" he said, rubbing Kathrina back. He looked at Audrey's dead body that was lying in front of the throne and frowned, the feeling of wanting to kill the Dopplegangers still surging through his body.


Meanwhile, Luke checked Emerald's body to see if she was alive. He checked her heartbeat and gasped, tears immediately streaming down his face. "Em.... EM!" he yelled, shaking her body but getting no response. "oh God! Wake up Emerald! WAKE UP!" he yelled, shaking her more but it still did nothing.


"Lydia! Ryan!" Luke yelled, a desperate tone in his voice. Both Lydia and Ryan came and tried to heal her but immediately stopped.


"Luke, she was dead from the moment we fought The Master Dragon" Ryan said slowly, a sad look on his face as he stared at Luke. 


Luke was devastated, sadness slowly consuming him. He didn't know what to do anymore. Everything he did was for Emerald but now that she's gone, he was lost again. He fell on his knees, unable to fight anymore. "just kill me" he mumbled, the tears seemingly don't want to stop going down his face.


As a Doppleganger approached, Luke didn't fought it and just let charge forward. Luckily Lydia and Ryan were there and Lydia shot the Doppleganger down with a rifle. Irritated, Ryan grabbed Luke and dragged him away from the battlefield and to the the door. He lay him down there, knowing that talking to him wouldn't do anything.


Meanwhile, as Jackson laid there with his life ending, he felt unsatisfied, no way in hell am I going to die yet! he thought as he grunted and gritted his teeth, trying to pull the sword from his chest. He was unhappy, he knew that he still had things to do in this world and a simple stab in his chest wouldn't stop him from doing those things.


He managed to pull the sword and immediately got up, scowling at the fake Katejina. He summoned a sword twice as big as him and with all his remaining strength, plunged it at the fake Katejina, blood spurt into his face. As he let go, he panted and caught his breath. He lived, he was happy to live. But then, he saw Katejina's body.


"oh no!" he yelled, his eyes widening as he ran towards Katejina's dying body.


Meanwhile, Joseph was able to pull the sword that was stabbed in his chest as well then looked at the fake Isabella with an angry scowl. He stretched his hand in the air and suddenly summoned a sword on his own. The sword was demonic and he used it to cut the head of the fake Isabella. 


Steve also got up and snapped the neck of the fake Raniel. "now, where are the real deal?" he asked, looking over at Joseph. He looked over his shoulder and his eyes widen as he pointed his finger to a dead Isabella. Steve's eyes also widen as they approach them.


"sir! Everyone's losing their will to fight!" Chris yelled, approaching Erick while also killing a Doppleganger. 


"What?" he asked angrily, a shocked look in his face.


"End this now, Reaper, I cannot stand to see Kathrina crying" Elijah said sternly, scowling at Erick. Erick stopped and looked around, noticing that all of his students and his son are slowly losing their will to fight. He lowered his scythe and took a deep breath, his eyes closed. 


"Mortem" he mumbled, opening his eyes and scowling at the Dopplegangers. In an instant, all the Doppleganger's heads popped like a balloon, blood spraying everywhere. With one strike, he did it, he killed everyone, it was finally over just like that.




Everyone went to their bedrooms, everyone feeling sadness. Richard and Kathrina both felt lonely, sitting on their beds while trying to not cry. Luke was doing the same except he can't stop himself from crying. Steve cried himself to sleep while Jackson was trying to stop himself from stabbing a knife into his heart. 


Erick was standing at the balcony, a tear dripping down his face. "sir" someone called and Erick turned around to see who it was. 


"What is it, Raniel?" he asked, looking at Raniel who looked alive and well. 


"why did you revive me but not the other girls?" he asked, holding his arm while looking away. 


"It's simple, they served no purpose to me anymore" Erick said coldly which made Raniel gasp and slowly teared up. 


"how, how could you say that?!" Raniel asked, trying to stop himself from crying. He never expected Erick to say that, he knew that he got attached to them which is why he didn't expect him to say those words. "they trusted you! They loved you! They even shared their deepest darkest secrets to you! Most of all, they loved you!" he continued, yelling at Erick and slowly approaching him.


"It's their fault anyway! They shouldn't have went to this place anyway! They could have been safe if they remained at the human world!" Erick replied, his voice raising which made Raniel to gasp and back off. He filinched, looking at Raniel's scared face. He sighed then fixed his glasses, "Look, I loved them too, but I will always put my mission over anything else" he said sternly, walking away from Raniel.


"even your son?" Raniel asked, clenching his fists as tears finally streamed down his face. Erick stopped and think for a little before silently walking away from him. Raniel gasped and turned around, Erick wasn't there anymore. "silence means yes" he mumbled, walking away as well.


Meanwhile, as Richard sat on his bed, a knock came from the door. "come in" he mumbled. With that, the door clicked open and Elijah stepped in. "what do you want?" he asked in a rather irritated tone.


"I came to ask who this Audrey is. Kathrina seems to be so attached to this girl. I want to help her cope with this but I do not know who this person is" Elijah said sternly, walking towards Richard. 


He turned his head away, gritting his teeth and feeling reluctant to tell him about Audrey. "take... take a seat in the couch, I'll tell you who she is" he mumbled. Elijah frowned but did what Richard told and sat at the couch, awaiting for Richard to speak. 


Richard sat at one of the chairs and hunched his back, thinking. "Audrey was my girlfriend and someone Kathrina considers as a little sister. She and Kathrina go way back, they met when they were kids and were inseparable. So much that even when Audrey was ignoring her, she was devastated but she tried to be forgiven. Eventually, it was Audrey who apologized. Kathrina, of course, forgave her and they became friends again recently. I can imagine her heartbreak right now, they just got along but then someone killed her immediately. I can never forgive those Dopplegangers, I'll make sure they pay!" he explained, tears streaming down his face.


With that, Elijah nodded, "Arigato" he mumbled standing up and going back to the door. "And I am sorry to have to make you cry. But that Phantom kid needs help too" he said before leaving. Richard immediately wiped his tears and looked back at the door, thinking if he should go to Luke's room.


A little later and Richard was in front of Luke's door, it was finally silent. He lifted his hand and prepared to knock but hesitated, it was too silent. With that, he gasped, barging in and yelling, "LUKE" but he wasn't there, there weren't also signs that Luke killed himself since his body was missing. He looked around, thinking that Luke may've left his room. 


He went outside again and knocked on somebody else's door. "yeah?" Casey replied, opening the door but blocking Richard from going in. 


"Luke's gone, he left his room without telling anyone" Richard said quickly, making Casey ponder. 


"I'm guessing you came here because I'm his cousin" he assumed, Richard nodding. "well, Luke's here. He can't sleep in his room" he said, moving away and showing an already asleep Luke. He sighed in relief, somehow he was able to form a smile. 


"thank goodness, did he say why he can't sleep?" he asked, concern in his voice. 


Casey sighed, "yep, apparently he feels lonely since Emerald wasn't there" he said, a sad tone in his voice. 


"I remember that he used to cry everyday when he had lost his parents" Richard said, a sad look in his face as he heard Luke mumbled Emerald's name. "must be hard for him, losing another person he loved" he mumbled, Casey nodding in agreement.


"yeah, I feel bad for not being there with him back then. That's why I'm trying to make up for it right now" Casey said, looking at Richard.


"well, okay. Look, take care of him. I'll head back to my room" he said, slowly walking away. Casey nodded and closed the doors. 


He got back on his room and lie on his bed, sighing as he closed his eyes. But he immediately opened his eyes and got up, breathing heavily. He looked to the side of his bed, where Audrey used to sleep and sighed. He looked back at the door and got off bed, making his way to it. 




Elijah stood in front of Kathrina's door, knocking. "who is it?" Kathrina asked slowly, whimpering. 


"It is me, Elijah. I came to help you cope" Elijah said, a worried tone in his voice. The door magically opened and Elijah went inside, seeing Kathrina still in her bed. She had her face buried in her tear stained pillow. Elijah hated seeing Kathrina like this and he hated even more that he didn't know what to say even after Richard helped him understand.


"somehow, it's always good to see you" Kathrina said, forming a smile on her face as Elijah approached her.  "why are you here anyway? Aren't you from another world?" she asked, shuffling to the side to let Elijah sit in her bed. 


"Yes, I am from another world. But the reaper pulled me from my world to help you and your classmates to escape" Elijah said, wiping a tear from Kathrina's face. As he took his hand away, Kathrina suddenly grabbed it. 


"then you'll be disappointed to know that I'm staying here" Kathrina said sadly, looking away from Elijah. 


"Why?" he asked, lowering his hand to gaze at Kathrina's pale and saddened face. 


"I need to take care of things here before I'm even allowed to leave. But I will make sure that I have someone to take over for me while I'm away" she said, looking at Elijah with a smile that was very familiar to him. 


He couldn't help but smile as well, "I will assure you that they get home safely" he promised, hugging Kathrina. 


"thanks! I feel better now" she said, hugging Elijah as well. They embraced for a good minute before letting go and gazing at each other again. "by the way, could you sleep with me?" she asked, slowly turning red and turning her head away from Elijah.


"If it is what you want then I will sleep with you. Besides, I sleep on the same bed with my Kathrina" Elijah said gladly, Kathrina's eyes suddenly lit up. 






Joseph was vigorously shaking his head as he slept, unable to sleep properly. Even if he didn't see Isabella's death, it still haunted him when he saw her dead body. She was lying on the ground, unlike the others, she put up more of a fight which made the Dopplegangers to do more than stab her. They tore her clothes, stabbed her in the neck, stomach, and her forehead. She was bleeding everywhere, cuts were riddled all over her body. Her eyes were wide open when they saw her.


Joseph started groaning, muttering Isabella's name. He was imagining how the Dopplegangers did it and how ruthless they were at Isabella. What started as grunts, soon turned into screaming. He started screaming and grunting, unable to sleep peacefully. As he was about to wake up, someone held his hand tightly. He calmed down a little, sighing quietly, thinking that Isabella held his hand.


When in fact, Lydia was holding his hand tightly. She was sitting beside the bed, possibly unable to sleep due to Joseph's constant groans and screams. Her eyes were tearing up, unable to watch Joseph struggle with sleeping.


"Joseph" she mumbled quietly, watching as Joseph started twitching. "Joseph!" she yelled, but he still remained asleep. He was still mumbling 'Isabella' as he twitched and grunted. "JOSEPH" she yelled loduer, finally waking Joseph up.


"Isabella!" he yelled, sitting up and gasping for air. He looked around, searching for Isabella. Then, he turned his head towards Lydia who was trying hold her tears. "Lydia? What's wrong?" he immediately asked.


" were having nightmares and I can't sleep because I'm worried about you" Lydia said, holding Joseph's hand tightly. "ever since you closed your eyes, you have been groaning, grunting, and yelling in pain. In the midst of that, you never stopped mumbling Isabella's care. I fear that this nightmare will happen often and you won't be able to sleep properly anymore" she continued.


"I..." Joseph said, unable to say anything. He was surprised that Lydia cared so much about him to the point of holding his hand and waking him up. 


"Joseph" Lydia suddenly called. "I...I..." Lydia stuttered, choking on her tears.


"what? What is it?" Joseph asked.




Suddenly, the door opened harshly. The two looked at the open door and out steps Jackson. "CASSANDRA AND RYAN ARE FIGHTING" he yelled, a concerned tone in his voice. Lydia and Joseph both looked at each other in surprise. 






Joseph, Lydia, and Jackson all ran the hallway, and going into a small white building placed in the castle yard. "what is this place?" Lydia asked, staring at the white building that had an oblong shape to it. 


"a small place for us Valkyries to train" Freya suddenly answered, appearing behind them in her nightgown. "why are you here?" she asked. 


"Cassandra and Ryan are apparently fighting" Joseph replied, a worried tone in his voice as Freya scowled at him.


"not just Cass. Take a look" she said, opening the door. Jackson, Lydia, and Joseph all gasped as they approach the inside of the building. It was small but the building was designed like a coliseum. It had a small field at the center with cavea surrounding it. 


Sitting in the cavea, were their classmates that weren't grieving. They looked at the field and saw Coco, Diana, and Cassandra teaming up on Ryan. All four of them were still wearing their pajamas. "why?" Lydia asked. 


"they still believe that he's a Doppleganger" Freya replied sternly, tying her hair. "Cassandra was one of Audrey's closest friend and Diana was just helping. Coco blamed him for Raniel's sudden death" she continued, staring at them as she summoned her sword inside of a blue and white scabbard.


"you're not going to join them are you?" Joseph asked, watching as Freya gripped the hilt of her sword tightly. 


She smirked, "of course I'll join them, he is responsible for attempting to assassinate Kathrina" she said, dashing in and catching Ryan by surprise. He didn't had enought time to dodge and so he took the full blow and flew to the wall. 


"Ryan!" Lydia yelled. She took one step but Joseph stopped her. 


"let me help him" Joseph said, his green eyes were replaced with blood red eyes as his teeth grew fangs and his hair and on his body started growing. Lydia gasped and looked at the sky, it was a full moon. 


"Joseph..." she said, watching as Joseph transformed with Jackson backing away. Ryan, and the four Valkyries watched as Joseph's hair got thicker and thicker with a gray color. He started growling violently, shaking his head vigorously until it resembled the head of a wolf. He backed off a bit, his arms elongating while his legs were hinding. His hands became paws and his nails sharpened. When his transformation was complete, everyone were surprised at what happened. Joseph became a Werewolf.


Joseph then summoned two golden gauntlets that activated some sort of magic that made him calm. He glared at the four Valkyries and dashed towards them, grabbing Freya and throwing her down at the ground. 


"go help Freya! Let me take Ryan alone!" Cassandra said, looking back at Diana and Coco. 


"clearly, you have underestimated me Cassandra. Ryan is far stronger than you so allow me to help you" Coco said sternly, walking to Cassandra with a smile. Cassandra smiled and nodded. 


"I'll go help Freya, you two take care Ryan" Diana said, pointing to herself before running towards Joseph and jumping on its back and stabbing it repeatedly. 


Coco and Cassandra faced Ryan who looked at them vacantly. "so, if I win this, will you stop trying to kill me?" Ryan asked vacantly, pocketing his hands while wearing a smirk. 


It irritated Cassandra, she summoned two swords and dashed forward, her swords colliding with Ryan's boot. Coco then summoned a mace and ran to Ryan's side, bashing Ryan's head with it. He fell back, his left temple bleeding. He looked back at them and immediately rolled to his left as Cassandra swung her sword down towards him. He was able to dodge that attack but like before, Coco's mace hit his face. 


At this point, Ryan was also irritated. As Coco swung her mace, Ryan activated his red eye and with his hand, melted the mace. Coco wasn't surprised but looked back at Cassandra as she jumped up and slashed her sword at Ryan. He frowned and activated his purple eye, jumping up with a little help from his boots. He clenched his fist tightly and punched Cassandra's stomach, making her cough blood. 


He dropped down, wearing a smile. But as Cassandra dropped down at swell, Ryan was flown away by Coco, who was weilding a bigger mace. Cassandra got up and smiled, "that all you can do, Doppleganger?" she asked, barely standing up. 


"for the last time..." Ryan said, his purple eye glowing brighter. "I AM NOT A DOPPLEGANGER" he yelled as he dashed towards the two at lightning speed. 


Meanwhile, Diana was down and Freya had her Valkyrie form activated. Joseph was able to keep up with Freya, blocking her hard hitting swings with his golden gauntlets. Freya kept on slashing, now stopping for anything. Joseph had intervened with her plan to kill Ryan and he wasn't going to take it lightly. She dropped her sword and summoned two axes and jumped over Joseph, landing behind him. In an instant, she jumped and stabbed the axes at Joseph's back, making him howl in pain. 


Then, she summoned two short swords and threw them at Joseph's left arm. She smiled then summoned a silver sword. "this'll put an end to you!" she said, plunging the sword in Joseph's chest. But Joseph caught it and broke it with his golden guantlets. 

Freya frowned then flipped backwards, summoning a spear. She took her stance, awaiting Joseph's charge at him. And he did, he braced himself before running towards Freya. Smirking, she jumped up as Joseph tried to grab him. Her smirk remained as she plunged the spear at Joseph's right arm. 


At this point, Joseph had enough and punched Freya so hard that she went flying. He howled loudly before dashing towards Freya. As she got up, she saw Joseph's wide open mouth and held her sword in a stance that looked like she's about to stab Joseph by the mouth. As she got closer, she held onto her sword tightly saying, "I'm sorry Joseph" before plunging the sword in Joseph's mouth. He would have been dead there if it wasn't for Lydia, who was kneeling down at the ground and made a pink barrier to protect Joseph. 


"Nephalem!" Freya said, glaring evilly at Lydia and summoning another sword. As she swung it forward, Lydia held a pistol underneath Freya's chin. 


"stop! Please!" Lydia pleaded, a look of sadness was all over her face. Freya stopped and looked at her classmates face. She looked at it, feeling a sense of sadness as well. She immediately knew that she wanted this to stop and that she had enough. But it wasn't just sadness she saw in her face, she also saw love but for who? Without syaing anything, she dropped her sword and reverted back to her nightgown. 


She sheathed her sword back to her scabbard and helped Lydia get up, wearing a slight smile. "forgive me for attacking without thinking" she said, pulling Lydia up. 


"it's fine!" Lydia smiled but immediately frowned as she looked back at the other three that was fighting. "but can you stop them as well? I think Ryan's not an imposter" she said, watching in horror as Coco and Cassandra beat a Ryan who was lying down at the ground mercilessly. 


"Coco, Cassandra! Prohibere!" Freya yelled, scowling at them. They looked back at her and stopped. 


"why? He's a Doppleganger!" Cassandra yelled, stabbing Ryan with a Valkyrie sword which made him cough up blood. 


"a Doppleganger at that point would have already died, Cassandra" Chris said, jumping in the field and approaching Ryan. "thank goodness he has the same durability as Ben" he mumbled quietly, touching Ryan's chest. He looked back at Lydia and nodded. Lydia immediately approached him and mumbled words then slowly, a pink light surrounded her and Ryan.


Cassandra gasped and looked in horror at what she had done to her classmate. Her rage took over her judgement which caused her to beat up Ryan senselessly. Coco remained stoic and looked down at Ryan with a frown. 


"demons like him should still be killed" she said coldly, making the other flinch. 


"hey Coco, don't say things like that" Raniel said, suddenly grabbing her arm. She scowled at him but it soon disappeared when she looked at Raniel's sad face. She snatched her hand back and sighed.


"forgive me, for I have spoken ill about your classmate" she said, rubbing her wrist with her hand. 


"just remember to be kinder to him, he does consider you as a friend after all" Raniel said, making Coco blush as she slowly looked down at Ryan's slowly healing body. 


"you know, when we fought The Master Dragon, he was a lot more fierce. He was giving his all during that time because he was protecting his friends, not fighting them" Ben said, appearing behind Coco.


"he was holding back?" Cassandra asked, now worse for beating him up. Ben nodded and looked down at Ryan vacantly.


"even if you say there's a type of Doppleganger that can use our powers, the real Ryan would still hold back" Ben said, folding his arms and watched as Ryan's bloodied body slowly returned to its normal brown skin. 


"hey, what are we going to do with Joseph?" Keith asked, pointing to Joseph as he stood there vacantly. Lydia then stopped healing Ryan and went back to Joseph. 


She smiled and looked up at him, "can you transform back into your human form?". Joseph frowned and shook his head sadly. He suddenly yawnedand lie down at the ground the same way as a dog would. "finally tired huh. I'll stay here with Joseph! Can anyone give me spare clothes?" Lydia asked. 


Ryan immediately got up and took off his jacket. "here, give it back to me after he gets better clothes" he said, lending his jacket to Lydia. She gladly took it and smiled.


"thanks!" she said. 


"here" Chris said, lending Lydia a pair of basketball shorts. "I don't know how these end up in my hands but Joseph wear these sometimes" he said with a smile. Lydia gladly took it again and thanked him. 


"we better get back to sleep, Ariana might get mad at us if she found out that we're still here" Coco said, the students all nodded in agreement. They all went to the door, waving Lydia goodbye. "I'll blow the torches out, Lydia." Coco said, sending a gust of wind from her hand that blew all the torches out. 


"thanks!" Lydia said, smiling at her. Coco nodded before closing the door. She then looked back at Joseph then lay by her side, sleeping comfortably. 


"goodnight, Joseph! Finally slept properly this time" she said, taking off her glasses and closing her eyes.


To be continued

Submitted: March 20, 2018

© Copyright 2021 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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S. Rasmussen

Ok, this was a really sad chapter. The students all being beaten up inside by their classmate's deaths. I was close to getting a tear several times

And Erick. He seems... cold. But he has his mission he must fulfil

Poor everyone

Sun, March 25th, 2018 1:14pm

Kathrina Csernis

Okay... I was like so sad I couldn't comment right off. But... Audrey... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like reading this just after me finishing a death arc in Warlock..... it made it so much worse. My favourite character.... why xc I wana cry but I'm too tired, just know that I'm basically dead inside now.

You got Elijah pretty spot on really, I liked how you did him, so to that I say congrats, it actually takes a lot to get him right haha and you got him right, I loved it, although I'm super sad still.

So, Erick said that he'd even let his son die to make sure his mission succeeds? Wow, Erick just suddenly got super cold... will he bring them back? I don't know... after what he said and stuff..... ima go cry now.That's all I can say, I'm too sad and tired to even think xc

Sun, March 25th, 2018 6:51pm



Erick is a beast hahaha. Ending the battle within a blink, such a badass teacher haha. You don't mess with his students or you'll die by him haha.

Elijah really loves Kathrina no matter what Kathrina it is haha(does that make sense? Whatever haha). Gawd I miss them hhaha, I should really read warlock... Well, it was great to see him here.

Fuck meh then, fuck yooooo!. What the hell did you do Eurie... You fucjed everything up idiot. Revive them stupid bitch hahaha. Damn, why should you like kill them. Just for the love of god, they're also like the characters that are given more focus on and they are the ones that grew on me first. Especially Audrey and Emerald... Richard went like berserk like, no... Oh no, I'm so sad, not just for them but especially for their lovers. Holy shit like... Ugh, and Erick is so mean there. Ahhhh! I hate it... Yeah, ill just end it there I hate. I'd have more to say but let's just say I hate it... T . T. Also my scene, ugh... I hate it. I'm probably starting to hate your book hahaha(jk?)

Make Eirck revive them ffs. I'm still clinging on hope that they will live. I know they would. Hahaha. I'm sure Erick won't give up on them just like that.

*sigh*. Breaking away from that depressing shit, the fight in the end was awesome hahaa. And joseph is a werewolf holy..where did that come from haha. I'll be waiting for more surprises! It also didn't help the mood that they fought tho. I mean its great to read like the action but it is sad the more I think about it. It's just like the deaths of their classmate is slowly like lowering their trust with each other. I don't know but... Yeah... I hate it hahaa.

./. Aggin

Wed, March 28th, 2018 4:50am

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