Chapter 45: Their bodies are gone?!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Morning soon arrive and Joseph finally reverted to his human form. He opened his eyes, his memory of last night was a blur. He could remember that he transformed because of the full moon but after that, it was a blur. He suddenly shivered, a cold wind blowing throughout his body.


That's when he realized something, "am I naked?!" he asked himself, looking down at his body. He was naked which caused him to turn red as he turned his head to the left. There standing was Lydia, her head turned away from Josph. 


Embarrased and blushing, Joseph asked, "Lydia?! Were you, were you-" he cut himself off and looked down at the ground, where Lydia's finger was pointing. Lying on the ground were Ryan's jacket and his basketball shorts. He immediately snatched it and put it on as quickly as he could.


"I woke up when you were still on your Werewolf form so I didn't see anything" Lydia replied, trembling a little. Joseph finally put on Ryan's jacket then turned to Lydia.


"you can look now" Joseph said nervously, scratching the back of his head while smiling as Lydia turned around. 


"you look...well...normal" Lydia said, walking towards him. "did you get any nightmares?" she asked, tilting her head with a worried face.


"I didn't. Must be because I was in my Werewolf form" Joseph replied, a smile on his face as he looked down on Lydia. "don't worry, I won't ever worry you again" he promised, placing one hand on Lydia's shoulder.


"better, you had me really worried" Lydia said, wearing a smirk. Joseph smiled, both of them suddenly feeling happy. "say, would you mind telling me about your form while we walk to the dining room?" Lydia asked, a curious look on her face.


"sure" Joseph nodded. "what do you want to know?" he asked, both walking to the door.


"explain to me your Werewolf form and also why do you have those gauntlets" she replied, entering the castle.


"my Werewolf is very similar to the fairy tales or some video games. You know, a wolf-ish form, hind legs, enhanced strength, uncontrollable rage?" he asked, Lydia nodding as they turned to a corner. "yeah I got all of those, as well as the Lunar Penalty" he continued, turning to another corner.


"Lunar Penalty. You mean that rule where specific forms of magic can only be activated during a full moon?" Lydia asked, looking at Joseph.


He nodded, "yup! That's it. I only got it because my Werewolf form is uncontrollable. Before, I used to be able to transform anytime I want. But... something happened which forced my old man to seal my form in the Lunar Penalty" Joseph explained, his tone of voice changing and his smile turned to a frown.


Lydia stared at him, "Joseph" she called, a worried tone in her voice.


"nevermind it" he shrugged, shaking his head. "I still have to explain the gauntlets. Before, my old man gave them to me to keep my strength in check. But I have modified them overtime that they actually use a portion of that strength." he said, summoning the golden gauntlets.


"what if it breaks? What will happen?" Lydia asked, a curious but also a frightened tone in her voice.


"if it breaks, my full strength will be unleashed and my control would disappear in an instant" he said in a serious manner, looking at the gauntlets before they disappeared. He looked down at Lydia who had a worried look on her face. "don't worry, the only thing that will break these gauntlets are silver, Lunar magic, and Erick's scythe" he said, counting them with his fingers.


Lydia nodded, "good. But, Valkyried use silver right?" she asked, making Joseph nod.


"in some cases, yes. But I feel Freya didn't use it because she knew she was fighting a friend, not an enemy" he said sternly as they finally approached the dining room. 


"You are late" Elijah said, standing beside the door with one foot resting on the wall. "They have already started eating" he continued, glaring at Joseph.


"well, better late than never" Joseph said, wearing a faint smile but Elijah remained frowning, closing his eyes and ignoring them. He frowned, then looked down at Lydia. "let's go" he said, wearing smile.


Lydia nodded, opening the door. There, everyone was already eating quietly. They all wore frowns while they ate. Three chairs remained vacant. Two for Joseph and Lydia, one for Audrey. Freya siddenly turned her head towards the standing pair and nodded, telling them to sit down. They sat down quietly and placed the tablecloth on their lap, then afterwards, ate quietly until everyone was finished. 


"As you know, we have lost four students today. I know you are all wondering why I haven't revived them yet. And the answer is simple, I will not revived anymore because they are of no use anymore. To both me and God" Erick said, wiping his mouth with the cloth.


Suddenly, everyone flinched, some cried quietly while the others tried to stop themselves from letting their tears stream down their faces. Erick sighed quietly but did not say anything else. He knew how much those four meant to them and he wasn't surprised that they would cry and get this emotional at them.


Without any sort of warning, Luke stood up. "no use? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY NO USE?!" he asked angrily, glaring at Erick. He gave no response, only staring at him coldly. "is this all what you think of us? Just some tools that you use for your personal gain?" he asked again. 


"yes" he said plainly.


Something shattered in Luke. He felt it breaking apart in an instant. He fell back a little, surprised by his answer. "I..." is all he said, unable to accept the reality. 


Erick sighed then fixed his glasses, standing up from the table. "Well, now that's over-"


"I trusted you" Luke mumbled, his hair covered his eyes and his fists clenched. "I thought, for a moment, that you'll consider us as people and not some sort of tool. But I was wrong, you only did those things just so we can gain your trust" he continued, tears streaming down his covered face.


"What's your point?" Erick asked, glaring at Luke.


"MY POINT IS YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF OUR TRUST AND LOVE FOR YOU" he yelled suddenly, an angered look on his face. "Emerald loved you, Audrey had a crush on you, Isabella loved you, Katejina considered you as her fucking father. They all trusted you and they all loved you. They thought that you would be the one to give them the push they need to keep going. And you just shattered that trust like it was nothing! You betrayed them! By not reviving them, you have shattered their dreams, you have shattered my dreams! I wanted to be with Emerald for the rest of my life, but now I can't have that because you took it away from me! Does it feel good, sir? To break our hearts? To know that your students doesn't trust you anymore?" he asked, a wicked smile on his face as he looked up at Erick who remained stoic.


He sighed in anger and ignored Luke's speech, walking out of the dining room. Luke immmediately fell on his knees, his jaw dropped and his face teary. Everyone hesitated, they didn't know what to say to him. All of a sudden, Ariana stood from her chair and went to Luke.


"come with me, I would like a word with you" she whispered in Luke's ear, making him nod. He stood up and walked to the door with Ariana following behind.


"mother, where are you taking him" Kathrina asked, scowling at Ariana.


"have faith in me for once, Kathrina. I promise he'll come back better" Ariana said, wearing a smile. Kathrina frowned but somehow she trusted her mother this time. Everyone expected her to shout or something but she just let her take Luke away.


"where is she taking him?" Raniel asked, looking at Coco.


"where she took me when I was grieving, the training grounds" Coco said, wearing a smile. 


"training grounds? What are they going to do there?" Diana asked, a worried look on her face. 


"I cannot tell you for now. All you need to do is have faith in Ariana" Coco said, making all of frown skeptically. They all turned their heads to Kathrina, who was as worried and skeptic as them.


She sighed quietly, "I don't trust my mother but I have a feeling she'll actually help Luke get over this" she said, looking at the door. "in the meantime, we should probably prepare ourselves since tonight we will have that party. It got cancelled last night for obvious reasons" she continued.


"you've been pretty silent, Richard. What's gotten into you?" Joseph asked, looking over at Richard who had been looking down at the table. 


"I can't believe he would say that! I know that my father isn't heartless, he wouldn't say those things!" Richard said quietly, holding his face with his hand. 


"what are you suggesting? That he's a Doppleganger as well?" Ben asked.


"no, I'm suggesting that he's being forced to say those things" Richard said, lifting his head up and looking at the door. 


"whatever the reason may be, we cannot ask him yet." Kathrina said, getting up her chair and pushing it in the table. The others did the same then looked at Kathrina.


"what do we do now?" Steve asked.


"like I said earlier, go to your rooms and prepare yourselves for the party later" Kathrina answered. Everyone nodded and walking to the door single file. 


As everyone left the room, Elijah frowned eyeing all of them closely. But soon, his fronwed disappeared and was replaced by a smile at the sight of Kathrina walking out. "You know you are a lot shorter in my world" he smirked, taking his foot off the wall and facing her. In this world, Kathrina was as tall as Elijah.


"yeah well I am a Valkyrie, most of us are really tall" she smirked as well, feeling proud of her height. 


Elijah nodded, "Where off to, Hime?" Elijah asked, wearing a smirk.


"I'm a queen now, Elijah, and you know that you can call me by my name" she shrugged, surprising Elijah a little. 


"You understand Japanese?" Elijah asked as they walked away from the dining room. Coco was the last to leave, closing the door and heading the opposite way of Kathrina and Elijah.


She nodded, "yup! Erick gave us classes, but I hardly paid attention. Richard and... Audrey did help me understand it" she said, her voice slightly saddening. 


Elijah frowned, "In my world, I had to teach my Kathrina to speak" he said, suddenly wearing a smile. 


Kathrina chuckled, "I'm guessing she had a hard time" she said.


"She was..." Elijah said, remembering the time where he was teaching Kathrina. "Adequate in learning" he smiled.


"I knew it" Kathrina smiled, as they turned a corner and walked more until they've reached the door. Elijah grabbed the knob and twist it open, making a clicking noise. They both enter with Kathrina going first and Elijah going last. 




Luke followed Ariana to a similar white building that Ryan, Joseph, and the four Valkyries fought on last night. The difference between this and the previous one was the size. This white building was twice as large as the other building and it had bigger cavea and a fighting field. 


Luke stopped after he entered, watching Ariana go to the other end while summoning a spear. "what am I doing here?" he asked, looking at the cavea and noticed that no one was watching them. 


"you are here to fight me, Phantom" Ariana said, putting the spear in her back and summoning a long wooden stick.


"why? Why would I need to fight you?" Luke asked, a depressed look on his face. This face had not worn off, he had been wearing this face ever since Emerald died.


Ariana frowned, "because I know it will help you get over their deaths. Additionally, if you did beat me, you can ask me to do one favor" she explained.


Somehow Ariana's proposition made Luke's eyes lit up as he stared at Ariana with hopeful eyes. "I will use this wooden stick but if you can get me to use my spear, you win" she continued, brandishing her spear. 


"alright, then. Show me what ya got" Luke suddenly said, taking a stance. He wasn't wearing his smirk but he was energized all of a sudden. Ariana smirked and closed her eyes.


"very well"


Faster than the blink of an eye, Ariana dashed towards Luke with immeasurable speed. Luke was lucky that he had phasing because Ariana just passed through him. She smiled, then dashed again. Luke turned his head and before he knew it, Ariana was already too close to even parry. Instead, his instincts kicked in and activated his Phantom Phasing, making him intangible. Ariana passed through again and attempted a third try but Luke was running away. 


"coward" Ariana said, a lock of her hair falling in front of his face to block her sight as she stared at Luke. 


Luke heard her comment and immediately stopped, taking an angered stance. "bring it then!" he yelled, taunting Ariana. 


She grinned and jumped up, summoning wooden sticks and commanding them to fall down on Luke. They fell on such a high speed that Luke had to summon a light green forcefield that melted the wood slowly when it made contact. 


"Phantom shield" Ariana frowned, grabbing onto the the spear. She was about to use it but she remembered her proposition and let go. 


"that all?" Luke asked, the forcefield disappearing. He looked up at Ariana, an unimpressed frown on his face. 


"as a matter of fact..." Ariana said, clapping her hands and summoning hundreds of wooden crosses. Luke's eyes widen, immediately knowing what Ariana's going to do. She smiled, "oh! Familiar with this move are you?" she asked, looking down at Luke.


"yeah" Luke replied. "rain of heaven, correct?" Luke asked.


Ariana nodded, "yes, it is! But this is my own version called whirlwind of heaven!" she said, swaying her arms to the side. The name said it, the crosses all formed a whirlwind as it slowly went to Luke. Luke smiled, thinking it was easy and ran to his left. But then, bullets rained down on him as he looked up and saw Ariana, two rifles on her hand. 


"damn you!" Luke said, summoning a green barrier. He ran towards her, eventually flying up to her. But Ariana expected it, throwing her rifles away then pointing her hand at Luke. 


"Impetus" she mumbled. A strong force suddenly hit Luke, making him fall down and getting caught in the whirlwind. He screamed in pain as the whirlwind ate him. Ariana smiled and set herself down at the ground. "you have put up a good fight, Luke, but you were no match for me" she said, hearing Luke's scream. 


Inside, Luke was getting torn up by the whirlwind. The crosses were hitting him rapidly, tearing up his shirt. He couldn't do anything, he was too weak and his mind couldn't properly work to let Phantom Phasing activate. He heard what Ariana said and it angered him, his eyes glowing green again. He struggled to get himself up, grunting and gritting his teeth while trying to lift his body up from the air. He activated his Phantom Phasing and flew his way out, the whirlwind disappearing shortly after at the command of Ariana.


Luke softly landed on the ground, scowling at Ariana. "you survived" she said, an impressed look on her face. Luke dashed forward, swinging his fist as it met with Ariana's stick. The stick melted and, using her other hand, Ariana summoned another stick to block Luke's fist. It melted once more but it gave her enough time to escape and appear behind look, slamming the stick in his nape causing him to yell in pain and falling to the ground. 


"not...yet" Luke said, trying to get up but Ariana kept him to the ground by planting her booted foot firmly in Luke's back. 


Ariana frowned at him, "I will admit, you had me surprised. Not many people can escape the whirlwind" she said. 


It then hit Luke, "dumbshit" he said, rolling his eyes and activating his Phantom Phasing, making him phase through the ground. He resurfaced shortly after, appearing very far away from Ariana. He had thought that she owuld be at least shocked, but she wasn't, instead she wore a smirk. Luke's eyes immediately widen, rolling over to the left as Ariana gave a very powerful dash that Luke barely dodged. As he turned his head, Ariana's eyes swayed towards his face, making him flinch in terror.


"oh shit!" he yelled as an incoming attack from Ariana hit his face. This time, he got hit which got him grounded to the floor. 


"you are down at the ground again, you lost" Ariana declared, holding the stick out in front of Luke's face. 


"I lost, sure. But before that, allow me to make you use your spear" Luke said, panting but wearing a smile as he looked over Ariana's shoulder. Realizing what Luke did, Ariana unintentionally grabbed her spear and turned around, blocking an incoming attack from another Luke. 


But this other Luke disappeared as soon as it connected with Ariana's spear. "Phantom cloning, creating an intangible version of yourself" Luke said, standing up and twisting his wrist. "you used your spear, Ariana, you lost" Luke said sternly, punching Ariana in her back and sending her flying away.


A little later


"alright, what do you want me to do?" Ariana asked, wiping off the dirt in her cheek with her hand. 


"I just want you to answer me three questions" Luke said, holding three fingers up. 


"what are they?" Ariana asked, brushing the dirt off her arm as she looked down at Luke with an irritated face. 


"first: I know you want something from all of us, so why?" he asked, lifting only one finger.


Ariana frowned and looked at him, "I want your powers so I can strengthen my forces. You may not know this, but the armies of Heaven are always competing on who's stronger. The Archangels were the most powerful but lately, they have been missing or dying so it is us Valkyries who are the strongest. But I know the lower factions are already trying to figure out a way to overpower us so I need something that could make us more powerful. Your classamtes have some of the rarest and unique powers I have seen and I want it!" she explained in a villainous tone.


Luke frowned and backed off a bit as Ariana wore a devilish grin, "second: what do we tell do the parents of those who have died?" he asked.




A dark, quiet room that was probably below at the castle. Inside this room, four coffins containing the bodies of Emerald, Katejina, Isabella, and Audrey all resting peacfully. Their bodies were cleaned of bruises, holes that they've had were healed. The room was built like a square so each of the coffins rested on each side of the room. It was pretty peaceful until a small red portal appeared above Audrey's coffin, a pale hand came out of the portal and grabbed Audrey's coffin, slowly pulling it in the small portal. 


Then, three more portals appeared. One blue portal above Emerald's coffin which a hand with a golden bracelet came out and pulled on Emerald's coffin. A purple portal opened above Isabella's. It was more wild and unstable than the other four. As predicted, a hand came out. But it's entire arm was covered in a purple sleeve that was loose and dangled below the arm. 


Then, an orange opened above Katejina's coffin. A brown hand came out and pulled on Katejina's coffin as well, his was rather gentle. The coffins entered the portal and disappeared with no one noticing. 




Ariana smiled, something about Luke's question made him happy. "if I know Erick, he'll probably wipe out their memories. Not just them, the entire world" she replied coldly, making Luke gasp and almost tear up. "I'm guessing your third question is what is his true personality?" she assumed, leaning her head at Luke while wearing a cocky smirk. 


Luke flinched a little, backing off more as Ariana continued walking towards him. "yeah, what is his true personality?" he asked.


"while the fact that he got attached to you is true, his kind personality is only a facade to trick you into trusting him. Erick's the meanest son of a bitch I've ever known. He's harsh, he's cold, he'll do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. He's only loyal to one person, God. He's God's lapdog. Always doing what He orders without any question" she said in a serious tone. Luke frowned, unable to believe what Ariana said. Ariana looked directly at Luke's eyes. She quietly laughs, "your eyes say that there's doubt in what I said" she said, shocking Luke.


Luke gasped, "I just... it's hard for me to imagine that he's like that." he said.


Ariana smirked, "well you better believe me when I say it. I knew him too well. How could I not? He married my most trusted friend" she said, backing Luke in a wall. 


"who?" Luke asked, his curiosity rising as Ariana leaned closer.


"Lesly. She was one of my most trusted friends and Erick's wife. She and Erick met during my coronation. She was kind, beautiful, and was in love with Erick as well." she answered, a smile on her face as she stopped leaning to Luke and looked at the door.


"why do I sense jealousy in the air?" Luke asked, wearing a smirk. Ariana scowled at him but did not say a thing. Instead, she just walked away. 


"I've answered three of your questions now, I will leave now" she said sternly, walking away from Luke while wearing a frown. 




As Luke walked back to his room, he heard faint talking coming from a room in his right. He turned and saw Erick sitting on behind a gray desk, a horrified look on his face. Out of curiosity, Luke walked to the room, opening the door slowly. "something wrong, sir?" he asked, his head peaking out the door.


Erick gasped and stared at Luke, "There is" he said, waiting for Luke to approach him. Luke did approach him and sat to a chair that was in front of Erick's desk."Luke, they're bodies have gone missing" he said plainly, his cold black eyes staring in Luke's distraught and depressed brown eyes.


"what? What do you- No! What happened? Where is it?" Luke asked frantically, breathing heavily. He couldn't believe it, Erick had to be lying. It was bad enough that they died, now they've disappeared. He couldn't take it. 


"I don't know. The person who took them left no lead, but I promise that I will find them" Erick said. But Luke's face was still distraught. He frowned, unsure of what to say, he had never seen Luke like this before. The shock of their bodies disappearing must have been hard for Luke. 


"do you have any ideas as to who took them?" he asked quietly, looking away from Erick as a tear fell down in his right eye.


"Emerald might be taken by heaven, Audrey might be taken by his father, Isabella and Katejia I have no clue" Erick said, rubbing his chin with his hand. He sighed, placing down his glasses and planting his head in the table. He groaned in anger, feeling bad for letting the coffins be taken.


"Audrey's dad?" he asked, a shcoked look on his face. "but, her parents are archeologists, they don't have powers" he said, a confused look on his face as he stared at Erick . 


Erick looked up and stared at Luke, "Audrey's real father isn't Alexander. It's someone else, someone... paler" he said, putting his glasses back on. 


"what about Emerald?" Luke asked. 


"Emerald died happily and so she'll be taken by God" Erick said, glaring at Luke, almost like he's irritated that Luke had to ask. "and about Katejina and Isabella, perhaps they were taken by Heaven as well" he said, sighing.


"sir, when you were acting kind to us, did you really mean it or are you just using a facade?" Luke asked, staring directly at Erick.


"What kind of question is that?" Erick asked, a little irritated. 


"just answer it! Or are you hesitant because it's true! That you're just hiding a facade?!" Luke asked angrily, standing up from the chair and slamming his hands down at Erick's desk. 


Erick frowned, hating Luke's attitude. He had no idea where that question came from but he had the feeling Ariana told him some things. "I do mean it. AND I FUCKING HATE MYSELF FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO REVIVE THEM!" Erick yelled. 


Luke flinched, backed off, then gasped. He saw something that he thought would never see, Erick tearing up. "I LOVED THEM! I CARED FOR THEM! I WAS DEVASTAED WHEN I FOUND OUT THAT I CANNOT REVIVE THEM ANYMORE! DID YOU REALLY THINK THAT I'D LIE TO YOU ABOUT MY FEELINGS?! EVERYTIME I WAS WITH THEM, I ALWAYS SMILE AND THAT WAS REAL. I RELISHED THE MEMORIES I SHARED WITH THEM AND SEEING THEM DIE JUST LIKE THAT MADE MY COLD AND DEAD HEART BREAK." he asked, standing up while the tears remain falling down. "I'm acting like I don't care because-" he gasped suddenly, cutting his sentence off as he stared at a person in front of him. 


Luke turned around while Erick wiped his tears quickly. The person in front was Richard, wearing a confused look."Luke, let's go. It's time we plot our escape" he said.


"go, my job is to distract Ariana while you escape" Erick said, wearing a smile as he lightly pushed Luke towards Richard. 




"go, please! Do your part and I'll do mine" Erick said, sitting down at his desk. Luke frowned and looked back at Erick as he and Richard walked away. Even though Ariana said his true personality, he believed that what Erick said is true. But he still had to know why Erick was acting cold. 


To be continued



Submitted: March 24, 2018

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S. Rasmussen

Ok. Now this is interesting. Who tells the truth? This feels oddly familiar

I hope they get away

And I must admit something. I really miss they time they were in the classroom. The carefree times when it was all about doing their missions. I hope you can bring the story back to that

Sun, April 1st, 2018 12:38pm

Kathrina Csernis

lol the tart was funny with Joseph and Lydia, although my laughter died down quickly thinking about what happened with those that died... right now I don't know what to think lol and after what you were saying in discord I kinda think that maybe they're not dead... hmm I kinda don't know how to feel about Erick either, he seems different and cold but maybe that's just an act or something, I don't know. I just hope to see them again, especially Audrey because she's obviously my favourite cri

I'm also hoping that they can get away safe, I don't want anyone else to get hurt or die or idk cri

Also I agree with Silje, I miss how it used to be, all carefree in their classroom and stuff. I love how they're going out and doing stuff, I don't want that to end of course but I just hope for a happy ending where they can just be back in the classroom with each other.

I'll be waiting for the next chapter.... (Audrey needs to come back lol)

Mon, April 2nd, 2018 10:25am


Oh yeah, those that died. Well, just wait for a few chapters and yeah Erick's kinda cold. Maybe they'll be back, maybe not.

O, hopefully they will.

Yeah I miss that too and they will be back in class soon. they may have a happy ending, then again, there was that list.

Yay and maybe, maybe not, you vill 'ave to wait

Mon, April 2nd, 2018 3:41am


That's just great. I also wanna wake up naked next to a girl because I'm a pervert. Just kidding but, really, that scene tho, classic hahaha. But yes! Joseph's werewolf, lycan, thing is awesome hahaha. I'd steal some ideas about it for my story if you don't mind Eurie... Labyu hahaha.

Luke tho, damn Luke's speech gave me like goosebumps hahaha. The drama in this chapter against with Erick is just intense shit... I love it hahaha. No, Erick is my freaking dream teacher, he's not like...well...whatever Ariana just said. Nu! I refuse. And it was in the end right? He like also gets like super dramatic and triggered af. That scene was like sad tho, i didn't think I've ever seen Erick become that mad or like frustrated...well, probably apart from the times any of the are getting hurt... Still best teacher to that yellow octopus i guess hahaha.

Luke is so cool, i love like his abilities hahaha. Phasing and shit, those are like yes, just my shit haha His abilities are probably my favorite so far hahah.. Also, the action was nice. So is that the only reason why Ariana took him out, to battle her or is there more?

Okay, i just wanna point out how it got me when Elijah was mentioned here haha, sort of forgot he's still there.

Their bodies are gone?! Hahahah, your welcome. Seriously, what is that, huh? Elisse? Also, where is she by the way hahaha? Anyways, this is it. I'm sure their bodies would return but it would have some breath on it hahaha. Yes bitch, they'd live, i know it. You can't just do that to us and leave it to that, dead.

Escaping isn't a good idea... I think hahaha. I've got a bad feeling about it...

Thu, April 26th, 2018 6:19am