Chapter 46: A plan of escape

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Ariana walked the golden hallways hastily, an angered look on her face. She was looking straight to a pair of golden doors, her stern look made the two Valkyries flinch and looked at each other, worried expressions on their faces. Ariana walked past the two guards, the golden door opening automatically.It was a massive room containing a variety of weapons. On the left were a collection of silver spears with golden handles standing on a rack. A bit further on that were three swords hanging on the wall. They were all different in color but they were all Valkyrie swords. One was a sword with the inner part of it's blade colored red while the edges were an orange color. The hilt and the curved wing-like cross guard kept the same color scheme. The second was blue colored blade on the inside but a white on the edges. The hilt was black and the cross guard were the same color scheme as the blade. The third was a green colored blade, it's cross guard had the same color while the hilt was black. 


On the right, were rifles hanging in the wall differing in sizes. There were long ones with long bayonets while there were shorter ones that can be held with one hand. There were also crossbows, short bows, and long bows. Ariana glanced at all of them but from her face it looked as if she didn't care for them. She stared at what's in front of her. She walked towards it, passing by the dozen of armor while wearing a smirk on her face as she took it from the wall.


"madam, isn't that-" the Valkyrie guard said, flinching as Ariana turned her head and nodded. 


"it is" she said, holding up the item high. The Valkyrie guards all gasped at the sight of a Doppleganger's dagger at the hands of Ariana. "tell me: do you have any idea as to how you were born?" she asked, turning around and glaring at the two Valkyrie guards. 


They both looked at each other and gulped, sweat dripping down their long hair. "no, we do not know" one of them said, a terrified look on her face. 


"to have an offspring, one must need a male and female to reproduce. We, Valkyries, are all female and therefore reproduction is impossible without a male pair. We were born from various males from different realms. Some are humans, others are from Heaven. But there is one Valkyrie that had come from a Doppleganger" she said, her voice in a serious tone while she twisted her index finger in the tip of the dagger. 


The two Valkyries trembled, frightened by what they heard. They have considered Dopplegangers to be their mortal enemies and to have one of their comrades have their blood left them speechless but also scared, thinking that it might be one of them. 


Seeing their frightened faces, Ariana smirked. "it is not one of you, do not worry, that Valkyrie is somewhere within our guests' ranks." she said walking towards them while still holding the blade.


"who-who's the Valkyrie, madam?" one of them asked, shaking as Ariana turned her head sideways. 


"the Valkyrie with the Doppleganger blood is..." she said.




"Freya!" Victor yelled, running towards Freya and hugging her. 


Freya laughed, looking at Victor who hugged her from the back. "what's with the hug?" she asked.


Victor smiled, "why not? I mean, you wouldn't give me a hug so I'll give you one" he said, a huge smile on his face as Freya released herself from the hug. 


"I know you want something from me so spill it out" she smirked, eyeing Victor as he blushed. 


"nothing! I want nothing from you!" Victor yelled, putting on a stroppy look on his face. Freya only smiled and patted Victor's head. "well, okay. Now, let's go and meetup with the other Valkyries" she said, walking to the door with Victor following behind her. 


They went to the room next to them which was Cassandra's. They clicked open the door and entered, seeing the entire class all gathered up at the three Valkyries and as well as the angels. Victor walked to his right, standing beside Jackson. Freya walked to the center where the Valkyries and angels were and sat down.


"okay, so what is this?" Luke asked, his arms folded while wearing a frown.


"I owe Raniel some answers about us Celestial creatures and, well, I thought you guys want to ask us questions" Coco said, smiling at Luke who scoffed and turned his head away. 


Looking at Luke, Ryan frowned and raised his hand, "I have a question: how did the Valkyries came to existence?" he asked.


"the Valkyries were created as a rival to the Archangels. It all started back when female angels were allowed to fight. We were bellitled by the male angels, telling us that we can't handle our own in a fight. But we proved them wrong. During one of the most bloodied battles in our history, the first Valkyries came and took out the hordes of demons. They were powerful, able to fight fifty high class demons with ease. After that, God noticed our power and decided to give us our own realm and independence from His army." Diana explained. Keith frowned, embarrassed because of how much the angels used to belittle the female angels.


"anyone else want to get things answered?" Freya asked, looking at all of them. Raniel then raised his hand and walked forward. "yes?"


"Coco said before that there's a ranking or hierarchy right? I'd like to know what they are" Raniel said, walking back to the crowd. 


"Chris, explain this" Freya said, looking at Chris who remained silent up until now. 


"the lowest rank is a spirit. These are dead people who haven't died peacefully and is left to roam the world. But, if they did die peacefully, they get reborn into an angel. Angel's are a fast and strong race capable of flight and are demon's mortal enemies. Now, if you're a male, the next rank would be a Primarch. This would be a higher form of an angel, only achieved if one showed an act of great kindness. If you're a Primarch, you gain enhance strength and speed as well as a medium sized key for the 5th wall. Last ranking for the male is an Archangel, the highest and strongest rank. This rank is given to those who have the purest of hearts. If I'm being honest, even a beginner angel could be an Archangel in an instant if the heart was pure enough. Now, an Archangel possess a medium size 5th wall key as well but we also gain weapon teleportation. We throw our weapons and wherever it lands, we immediately teleport to it" Chris explained, looking around everyone. 


"what about the female?" Lydia asked.


"if you're a female angel, we test strength not soul. If you're strong, you'll be a Valkyrie although these days, recruitment from angels is rare since we breed our own warriors at this point." Diana explained, looking at all of them as they frown. "everyone is stuck with the rank Valkyrie and only the Csernis family gets to be crowned queen. But there are those that the queen will pick and become a royal Valkyrie" she continued, noticing their frown.


"okay, what's with the frowns?" Cassandra asked.


"it's just... how come your military is less awesome than the male ones?" Meleek asked, everyone nodding. 


"we don't specialize in magic, although we use it, but we most rely on our brute force. That is how we were able to take out the armies of hell during the war for this realm, The Celestial city. By not expending out magic to holy bombardments and instead use our weapons, we were able to conquer the realm in mere hours" Freya explained, glaring at Chris.


Chris shrugged and looked away, knowing that Freya's right. They all frown, seeing Chris' giving up so easily surprised them. "she's right. If we're talking strength, pure strength, alone then the Valkyries are the better one" Chris said, looking down at the ground with a defeated face. 


"magic wise, you are leagues above us. Heck, as far as I know you can wipe out everyone's memories here" Freya said, looking away from Chris. She felt bad for being harsh to Chris when he wasn't even insulting her. She turned her head back at Chris who now had his head high again while wearing a smile. 


"from now on, let's continue this entire thing without hurting anyone's feelings okay?" Chris proposed, offering his hand for a shake. 


"y-yeah, sure" she said shyly, slowly grabbing Chris' hand and shaking them. "anything else you guys want to learn about us?" she asked, looking at them.


Luke walked forward, his hand raised and his face still a frown. "yeah, there's one thing that's been bothering me ever since I got here" he said.


"what is it?" Diana asked, slightly frightened by what Luke's going to ask. 


"I saw child Valkyries in the city. I want to know how you people breed." he said, a serious tone in his voice. The Valkyries all looked at each other, clueless looks on their faces. Coco looked down at the ground, a sign that she knew something. Luke made a worried frown, was he asking too much? He could tell from Coco's face that she was reluctant to tell. 


"if you don't want to answer, it's fi-"


"no! I feel like you people deserve to know, anyway" Coco said, wearing a smile that resembled Emerald's. Luke flinched a little, Coco's smile reminding him of Emerald. He looked down at the ground then walked back to the crowd, awaiting her explanation.




Elijah and Kathrina were at the armory. Kathrina was showing Elijah around and one of the place she took her was the armory. The massive hole that the four Valkyries created was immediately repaired, looking like nothing ever happened there.


"So this is your armory?" Elijah said, wearing a frown as she inspected each of the weapons. He found them really light, almost as if it was hollow on the inside. "Kathrina, why is this so light?" Elijah asked, throwing a spear in the air like it was nothing. 


"really? Wait! That's a training spear!" she said, grabbing a similar looking spear from a rack and giving it to Elijah. He grabbed it and frowned, actually feeling the weight of the spear this time. 


"Now that is more like it" he said, grabbing it by two hands then twirling it around. Kathrina giggled, amused by Elijah twirling a spear around. He smiled, setting the spear down. "Although, I always prefer a sword" he said, setting the spear back to the rack. 


Kathrina was about to grab a Valkyrie sword but suddenly, someone came to the door and entered the room. Both Kathrina and Elijah frowned at the sight of Ariana approaching them, wearing a smile on her face. "mother, what are you doing here? And, were you able to help Lu-"


"questions, questions, questions! When will you just smile and say 'I'm happy to see you, mother' at me?" Ariana asked sarcastically, which irritated Elijah. Kathrina looked at Elijah and shook her head, there was a feeling inside her that told her that Elijah was going to say something harsh. 


"Kathrina, may we have a private conversation in your quarters?" she asked, grabbing her hand and dragging her outside the armory.


As they near the door, Elijah blocked their way saying, "She is not going anywhere" he said sternly, glaring at Ariana. 


Ariana glared back, "and you will stop me, how? Surely, you're not stupid enough to fight me?" Ariana asked, a cocky smirk on her face while Elijah gritted his teeth. He knew that Ariana was strong and what's worse is that the entire castle is filled with Valkyries that are as strong if not stronger than him. 


"Elijah" Kathrina suddenly called. Elijah looked at her, a smile was on her face. "let me handle this, I'll come back don't worry. Go to my classmates and give them that thing I showed you" she said, winking at her. Elijah stared at her, unable to speak. He wanted to stop her but he knew he couldn't. He felt useless, unable to defend or rescue the one he loved. But he didn't show it, instead he gave a smile.


"Alright, Mai rabu, I will give it to them" he said, stepping out of the way and letting Ariana and Kathrina walk away from him. He glared at them, following behind them closely. He knew that they'll split paths soon but he wasn't going to give up the chance to eye Ariana closely before splitting up from Kathrina. He knew that this and his world's Ariana are not to be trusted, so keeping an eye on her was the only harmless thing he could do. 


They soon reached the end of the hallway but it had two paths that went to different places of the castle. Ariana and Kathrina took the right with Elijah following them. They arrived at the room and Elijah had to wait outside.


He stared at the ground, thinking. He came to this world to protect Kathrina, but that would also mean to protect her classmates. He sighed, thinking that he's doing the same thing in his world, only now he wasn't as attached to them. The door finally opened and Kathrina stepped out, holding five black books. 


"here, give these to them. Tell them to only open it when they get back to Eprax. You should also stay there to, you know, get to know them" she said, handing him the books while keeping her smile that always made Elijah smile too.


"I will do what you wish, Hime." Elijah smirked, looking down at the books then at Kathrina. Kathrina pouted, then punched Elijah's shoulder.


"I told you to call me by my name or that Mai rabu one" she said, laughing a little. Elijah laughed as well, nodding to her before leaving.


He walked one long hallway that led to the students' quarters. While walking, Elijah couldn't help but feel curious as to what these books contained. Slightly opening the cover of the book, Elijah took a peak, but immediately closed it after seeing it. "So that is what it is" he mumbled, finally arriving at the rooms. He looked around, then he heard mumbles from one slightly opened door. He frowned but walked towards it. He stood in front of it, lightly knocking on the door.


Inside, the students flinched, staring at the door. "donata?" Ben said, glaring at the door. 


"Elijah" he answered, understanding what Ben said. 


They all looked at each other, unsure how to react. Elijah was in their doorstep, someone they thought would only stick to Kathrina. While everyone was looking at each other, Ben opened the door and let him in. They all stared in silence as Elijah walked to the center and gently placed the books down the four Valkyries. 


"what is this?" Freya asked, pointing to the five black books. 


"It is something from Kathrina. You are not allowed to open it until we have reached Eprax this night" Elijah replied sternly, looking down at Freya. She frowned and looked at the cover. It was plain, an ocean of black. There were no titles, no hints, nothing. She didn't want to risk opening it too, Elijah might kill her and Kathrina might get mad


“so, what are you doing here? I thought you’re sticking to Kathrina” Richard asked, stepping forward and looking at Elijah directly.


“She and Ariana had to talk about something in private” Elijah said, glaring at Richard.


“so which one kicked you out, Kathrina or Ariana?” Luke asked, smirking with his arms fold. Everyone glared at him, shocked by his sudden smile.


Elijah glared at him but ignored his comment and stared at Richard again, “She also told me to get to know you lot” he said.


“alright then, what do you want to know about us?” Richard asked, looking at all of his classmates.


“To be honest, I do not want to know any of you but since Kathrina asked, tell me your names” Elijah said, folding his arms as he stared at the four Valkyries who stood up.


“guess I’ll start first. I’m Richard, Erick’s son. I am half grim reaper and half angel” he said, pointing to himself. Elijah nodded and everyone soon introduced themselves one by one.


Elijah was surprised to find the band of misfits that was around him. It wasn’t different from his own although it looked like they all got along with each other just fine. He could tell as he watched them talk and make fun of each other playfully.


They were laughing, having a good time as they introduced themselves to Elijah. Luke was constantly making retorts but in a good way. After they introduced themselves, they all stared at Elijah.


“What?” he asked, glaring at all of their curious faces.


“we introduced ourselves, your turn now” Luke said, his smirk still on his face.


“I am Elijah, Kathrina’s protector. That is all you need to know” He said sternly, making all of the students frown.


“really now? That’s really all we need to know?” Ben asked, a disappointed look on his face. “at least we revealed our true selves to you” he continued, glaring at Elijah.


He glared back, almost wanting to punch him. But he was right, they all openly said to him their true selves. Sighing in anger, he said, “I am also a half Fire Teshika and a half Spirit Teshika. I doubt you even know about that” he glared at all of them, their faces were satisfied


“we do. Fire Teshika’s are demons and Spirit Teshika’s are like Psychic people. Erick told us about your universe one time” Lydia said, a smile on her face.


“also, it’s okay for us to know who you truly are. We gladly accept any freaks like us anyway” Joseph added, Lydia nodding.


Elijah frowned, “Whatever, are you not suppose to be planning to escape?” he asked, trying to change the subject.


Richard nodded, “yeah, I already have a plan in ready if things went like I anticipate” he said, pulling out a huge scroll and laying it at the floor. It was a map for the castle.


“what happens is: we escape at night. There’s a back entrance in this castle so we’ll use that path to escape. Erick will distract Ariana from suspecting anything. While we use that time, we will go through the southern part of the castle, where the entrance is, and avoid Valkyrie patrol. The Valkyries have a schedule in their patrol and we’ll use Coco’s time when she’s going to the southern part of the castle. Afterwards, we will travel in the forest and do a half circle on the castle until we see The Celestial City. We will go up the city and into that massive golden circle where Kathrina’s carriage will await us. We’ll use that to escape from this realm and into Eprax” He explained quickly, pointing to various parts of the map.


“I have a question” Elijah said, raising his hand. “You never mentioned how we will get Kathrina out of her room” he said, scowling at Richard.


“Kathrina said she would stay here for a while. She said she needed to fix the kingdom and that will take a while” Richard said, standing up and rolling the scroll back up.


Elijah frowned, Kathrina never told him that. If she wasn’t coming, then what was the point of him coming to this realm? He sighed, he knew he was going to help these kids escape so maybe that’s why.


“Christina and I will just meet you there. If we use our weapon teleportation, we could easily go to the circle“ Chris said, raising his hand and walking.


“we’ll use the front entrance, we Valkyries wouldn’t be suspected of leaving anyway” Freya said, pointing to the other two Valkyries.


“take care okay? Stick to your posse closely” Cassandra said, holding Darryl’s face and him nodding.


“I will, take care of yourself too” Darryl said, wearing a smile as he stared at Cassandra’s face.


Elijah watched as the Valkyries all said their goodbyes to their male partners. Freya with Victor and Diana with Meleek. He wore a frown as he saw that each of the students have or had a partner. It reminded him of his realm again and how some of them had partners as well.


Just then, Erick appeared in front of the door and said, “All of you follow me” They all turned their heads at him and frown. They were about to ask but then, Erick left them. They all looked at each other before scrambling to their feet and following them.


“where are we going?” Richard asked, walking up to Erick.


“Kathrina’s room, something happened.” He said sternly, not even eyeing Richard.


Hearing that Elijah frowned, already worrying. Something happened in Kathrina’s room and he already assumed it had something to do with Ariana.


“What happened?” he asked, glaring at Erick. But he didn’t answer, only kept walking. Elijah frowned, then sharply turned his head to Luke who was walking with his arms tucked on his back. “Is he always like this?” he asked, pointing to Erick.


“nah, he’s just being cold an asshole right now, much like you” he said, snickering.


Elijah frowned, “Are you not at all worried?” he asked, glaring at Luke.


“believe me I’m more worried than you are. Right now, I’m scared to death as to what will happen to one of my best friends” Luke said, frowning. Elijah remained silent , staring at Erick who remained silent.


They all arrived at Kathrina’s face and immediately gasped at the sight before them. Ariana was on the ground, dead and with blood all scattered at the bedroom. Standing in front of her was Kathrina, a sad look on her face while having a few cuts on her face and arms.


“what happened?” Richard asked, a shocked look on his face.


“my mother… she died. A Doppleganger tried to assassinate us and she… she died saving me” Kathrina explained quietly.


“where’s the Doppleganger?” Luke asked, glaring at Kathrina.


“escaped, I wasn’t able to get him” Kathrina mumbled, walking towards Elijah.


“Kathrina had just lost her mother and I thought bringing you all here would at least comfort her” Erick said, a sympathetic look on his face.


They all gathered around Kathrina, sympathetic looks on their faces. “even though I was harsh to her, she still saved my life” she said, tears falling down her face.


Everyone didn’t know what to say, Ariana did something they did not expect her to do. Maybe after all this time, all those cruel things she did to Kathrina, she still loved her. They all looked at each other as Kathrina cried softly, her cries muffled due to her face being buried in Elijah’s coat.


“Richard, come here” Erick said, walking inside the room. Richard hesitated but followed, approaching the inside of Kathrina’s room.


He looked around, unsure why Erick called him. “Tell me, what do you see in this room?” he asked.


Richard looked around the room, noticing that there is a lot of blood. He frowned and sniffed the air, “there’s no blood” he said, looking up at his father.


Erick nodded, “Exactly. There is no blood at all, which means…” Erick looked at Richard, his face told him that he’s still thinking.


“the death was faked?” Richard asked, looking up at Erick. He smiled and nodded, crouching down to Ariana. He frowned and turned her dead facing so it was lying on her back. He gasped as he eyed the body. It was actually Ariana, a blade stuck on her chest.


Richard walked towards him and gasped “so she is dead” he mumbled, seeing black tears falling down his face. He was crying? He frowned in anger, why was he crying over someone whom they hated? He felt unfair. Audrey died and he showed no emotion but now, Ariana died and he’s crying?! He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth.


“why are you crying?” he asked, facing his dad.


“Hmm” he mumbled, looking over his shoulder and at Richard.


“Audrey, Emerald, Katejina, and Isabella died and you showed no emotions. But Ariana died and you’re suddenly crying!” Richard yelled, an angered look on his face as black tears fell down his face.


Erick stood up and faced his son. Then, he whispered something in his son.  “Watashi wa furi o shite iru” he whispered into Richard’s ear before leaving the room, his tears wiped and his expression back to its emotionless state.


Richard stood there quietly, almost as if he skipped a heartbeat. He understood what Erick said and he couldn’t believe it. He turned around and looked at Erick, a shocked expression on his face as he stared at Erick who was talking to the students and Elijah.


“We will have to conduct a funeral for you mother” Erick said, but Kathrina shook her head.


“no, I want to cremate her. It’s what she would have wanted” Kathrina said, taking her head off Elijah’s coat and staring at Erick.


Erick frowned, “As you wish” Erick said, turning around and approaching Ariana’s body again. He crouched down and touched her heart, closing his eyes and mumbling words in Latin.


“what are you doing?” Kathrina asked, scowling at Erick as a black glow appeared inside of Erick’s hand.


“a slow harvest of her soul. Unlike humans, I have to carefully harvest Celestial beings’ souls or else they’ll be brought to hell. Now, let me concentrate” Erick said sternly, looking down at the black glow. He scowled at it, flinching a little as he slowly lifted his hand, revealing a green glow.


“green? That means it’s-“ Richard called, Erick looking over his shoulder and nodding.


“A soul that’s restless. It died abruptly and still wants to do something in the world” Erick said, the green soul hovering over his hand.


“So there are different kinds of souls in this world?” Elijah asked, frowning at the soul.


“Yes, well, three kinds. Blue, peaceful and has lived a complete life. Green, restless as I explained earlier. Black, a demon’s soul” Erick listed, making Ben and Ryan frown. Ben knew that he had a black soul but Ryan was uncertain of his, since he is a half demon. Same with Lydia but she never bothered asking Erick.


“so what now?” Kathrina asked, looking down at her mother’s dead body. Erick looked at Richard and nodded.


Knowing what Erick meant, he crouched down at the body and stared at it. His right pupil was shaped like a black flame. The body, in just a millisecond, turned into ash which Richard safely put in a ceramic container.


He quickly stood up and walked towards Kathrina, “here, her body cremated” he said, handing the container to Kathrina.

She gladly took it and smiled, “thanks” she said, Richard nodding and going outside.


“so why’d ya took her soul before cremation?” Luke asked, smirking at Erick. He scowled and frown at Luke, slightly angered by his question.


“Cremating a body before its soul gets harvested is bad. If the body turns to ash while its soul still lies in it, the soul will burn and vanish. It does not go to hell, it vanishes from existence” he explained, scaring some of the students. They flinched, scared by what Erick had told them. Dying was alright since there was the afterlife but the thought of vanishing out of existence was scary.


Erick frowned, “Richard, take them back to their quarters while I go and speak with Kathrina in private” Erick said, making Elijah flinch and growl.


“Reaper, I will accompany Kathri-“


I would suggest not, Elijah. This Kathrina may not be what she seems. Erick told Elijah telepathically, giving Elijah a glare.


What are you saying? Elijah asked, glaring back at Erick.


I am saying that she may be Ariana Erick replied, his eyes swaying to Kathrina.


He frowned, not believing Erick. He couldn’t, she looked and act like Kathrina. It couldn’t have been Ariana. He didn’t want to believe it. He looked at Erick again and saw his face, dead serious. He sighed and reluctantly turned away. Alert me if she is Ariana. I want to rip her heart out for disguising as Mai rabu Elijah said to Erick telepathically, his body facing away from him.


Hai Erick said, wearing a smile as Elijah walked off while giving him a thumbs up. As Elijah left, Kathrina and Erick walked inside Kathrina’s room.


Erick shut the door tightly and stood in front of it, looking down at her. “what did you want to talk about sir?” Kathrina asked, turning her head away.


Erick immediately frowned and grabbed both of Kathrina’s arms saying, “I am going to fucking gut you Ariana if you don’t get off my student”


With that Kathrina’s eyes widen and she began to tremble as she stared into Erick’s dead eyes. “sir, what are you saying?” she asked, a frightened tone in her voice. “it’s me Kathrina!” she said, wearing a frightened smile.


But Erick didn’t believe, “Prove it! What date is Luke’s birthday?” he asked, gripping on Kathrina’s arm.


She flinched groaning in pain as Erick gripped her arms tighter. “Answer!” he demanded but she didn’t answer, her groans turned to small screams of pain. 


It was at this point where Erick tightened his grip more to the point of Kathrina’s bones cracking. She yelled in pain but Erick’s stern face remained, almost unmoved by what he’s doing. He knew there was a chance that he’s actually hurting the real Kathrina but Ariana was also a variable, which is something he couldn’t risk letting go.


“February 8!” Kathrina yelled, Erick’s grip slowly loosening. “happy?!” she asked, panting as Erick removed his hands off Kathrina’s arms.


“I-I’m sorry” he apologized, looking down at the ground with a frown. “I guess she really is dead”


Kathrina harshly scowled at him saying, “yes, she is! You harvested her soul and cremated her!” she yelled, making Erick’s eyes widen.


“Soul?” he asked, slowly looking at Kathrina. “I have the ability to identify souls, Kathrina. And that soul belonged to… to…” Erick said, feeling nauseated. He began to lost his balance, his back falling to the wall and slowly fell down, staring at Kathrina who laughed quietly.


“What the hell?” Erick asked, looking at his chest and seeing a massive scythe.


“you let your guard down, Erick” Kathrina said in a villainous tone, a huge grin on her face as she crouched down at Erick.

“Ariana, I should have known” Erick said slowly as Kathrina placed her hand on his cheek.


“you had me there, but thankfully this body has that knowledge” Kathrina said, dragging her hand across Erick’s cheek to his nose. Erick scowled at him as black blood slowly fell down his mouth.


“Just who are you?” he asked as Kathrina giggled and poked his nose, slowly standing up.


“I am Ariana, the former Queen of Valkyries.  I care for my position in the hierarchy and I want the Valkyries to stay where they are or even surpass the Archangels. I know my daughter would destroy everything I have worked up by changing the rules so it wouldn’t be as strict as I intended. Which is why, using an enchanted Doppleganger blade, I switched souls instead of taking her form. With this new body and the old one dead, I can maintain our position and with your students’ help, the Valkyries will go beyond the Archcangel” she explained, looking at Erick with a Victorious smirk.


“You… you are nothing like her” Erick spat, holding on his chest as he tried standing up.


Kathrina glared at him, then threw a black sickle at Erick’s shoulder. “stay where you are Erick! I wouldn’t want you getting in my way” she said, walking towards the door and opening it.


“I’ll get you, Ariana, mark my words” Erick said, grunting in pain as he sat on his own pool of blood. He could feel his eyes closing and his body giving up. What the hell’s happening to him?


Kathrina  laughed slightly, “I’ll be waiting for it, but for now. I have students to kill” she said, a wicked grin on her face as she closed the door shut, leaving Erick to die.


To be continued



Song that plays when Erick discovered Ariana's dead body and when he found out Kathrina had been taken by Ariana: right behind you



Submitted: April 02, 2018

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Thu, April 5th, 2018 4:39pm

Kathrina Csernis

Okay.... so I question this lol nuuuu whai like Kathrina and Erick killed them? Like.... KILLED THEM?! I don't even know what to say like.... yeah I wasn't expecting that, you surprised the hell outta me with that, wow. Um... okay... well..... that happened..... can I kms? lol I'm real tired, but I'm with Silje on this one - I FEEL ANGER, ANNNGGEERRRRRR!!!!!! lol I love Erick but I don't understand why.... like.... he's been acting different a lot lately but this really surprised me. Like.... okay this kinda woke me up lol

The whole thing about the celestial beings souls and stuff was like.... so cool. Yeah, that lore was cool, I love lore, Erick is so cool lol I also really love seeing Elijah here, you did a great job with him xD

Like..... yeah one of the most surprising chapters. Idk how I feel about Ariana now tbh, I guess Kat was kinda sad, it was her mom, after all.

Anyways, yeah, totally hyped for next chapter, I don't think anything will surprise me as much as that lol great job xD

Mon, April 9th, 2018 11:10am


Kinda and yeah she did. Hehe I knew you wouldn't expect it, cuz that's the least likely thing that'll happen. Well, I'm glad I surprised you and nuu you can't cuz you know you're already dead. Jeez I can imagine Raniel getting more angry than you guys. Hehem I knew this would wake you up. Well, ohayo!

Yeah I thought I'd introduce that lol and Yay, glad you like lore! Yay I feel proud that I did that guy justice for some reason.

Hehehehehehehehehe muahahahahahahaha

Yay and O, well maybe I'll surprise you again in two but like maybe not. Glad you liked it tho.

Mon, April 9th, 2018 4:22am


Sure,nothing sad in this chapter, ye. Erick and (Kathrina? Probably?) just died. Yeah, nothing bad about that, that's cool Rikky, that's fucking cool. Just keep doing your job on being a dick neh? Yes, just be a dick yeah?




Angels are awesome, Valkyries are awesome. I have no soul, and so do you, so those soul shits won't work on us.

Ejoyed the chapter so much! Yehey! Thumbs up bitch ./.

(Dont you dare you nibba, I'm coming for you...)

Fri, April 27th, 2018 3:01am


Definitely, nothing sad, DEFINITELY NOT SAD AT ALL hahaha. Yeah I'll do my job hahahaha. Yes, I'll be a fucking dick.

Glad you like that and nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu you have a soul, just missing. Maybe that'll be your mission. Raniel's soul hahahahaha.

Yay, glad you liked it.

I do dare hahahaha

Thu, April 26th, 2018 8:13pm

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