Chapter 47: The Night of Escape

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Elijah and everyone went back to Cassandra’s room, awaiting for night. But it was only the three o’ clock which means there was a lot more time.


“Elijah” Richard called, approaching him. “you and my father communicated telepathically, right? So, did he give you a signal yet?” he asked, a worried look on his face.


“He has not, Richard” Elijah replied sternly, looking out the door. “I am afraid that something may have happened to your father” he continued, worrying Richard more.


Elijah looked down at him and frown, “Do not give that look. If your classmates see you in this state, they will worry as well” he scolded making Richard flinch a little. “A leader must never show worry when he is leading” he continued, Richard nodding.


“I get that. But this is family we’re talking about! And besides, they are all worried anyway” he said, looking back at his classmates who were talking and acting happy. But both of them could tell they were just as worried as Richard.


“Then it is your job to ensure that there is nothing to worry about” Elijah said, looking down at Richard who was looking down at the ground.


“yo! What’s all this worry you lot are talking about?” Luke asked, approaching them with a frown.


“for once you’re not smirking” Richard said, wearing a smile.


“at times like these, a smirk is not really an expression you need. We’re escaping and Ariana may have been listening to our plan the entire time” Luke said, looking down at the ground.


“She is dead” Elijah said. Luke and Richard looked at each other and shrugged.


“hey, I have to ask: are you here by choice or did Kathrina force you to stay?” Luke asked, a serious tone in his voice.


“I came here to help save Kathrina and her classmates so that includes you. However, since she said that she will remain here, I am here by orders” he said sternly, glaring at both of them.


They both frown and Luke walked away from them, joining Darryl and his other friends. Richard sighed and stood beside Elijah, a sad look on his face. “tell me, have you ever lost anyone important in your life?” he asked, not eyeing Elijah.


Elijah frowned but didn’t look at Richard. “That is none of your business” he said sternly, folding his arms.


“I guess” Richard said, smiling slightly.


Elijah then eyed him and his slight smile, Richard’s eyes were trying to hold his tears. “You have lost more than one person in your entire life, have you not?” he asked, raising a brow.


“yes, I have. I lost my mother after I was born, a side effect of breeding with a grim reaper was that the female will always die after giving birth. After that, I lost Audrey, the one that I and Kathrina love. I loved her more than just a friend and Kathrina loved her as a sister. And possibly now, I’ll lose my father, the only one left that ever cared for me” Richard answered, sniffing a little and wiping his eyes with his arm to prevent the tears from falling down.


Elijah frowned and looked away, thinking. Richard ignored him and looked away, a sad look on his face. He then walked away and joined the other students, talking to them and ensuring that they are alright. Elijah remained there, watching them talk and listen to Richard.


He had his doubt on Richard’s plan and he knew he would need to take in command if things went south for them. He gritted his teeth, Kathrina and Erick had not given them any signals whatsoever. He started worrying, feeling that Erick did something or Kathrina’s actually Ariana. But he didn’t want to believe that, there was no way that will happen.




It was night and all the students prepare. They were all inspecting their weapons, some even sharpening. Joseph had summoned his golden gauntlets while Lydia summoned 50 caliber sniper rifle.


“Casey, need a weapon?” Lydia asked, showing a pistol to Casey.


He nodded and Lydia tossed the pistol at him “can you give me a close range weapon too?” he asked, facing Freya.


“okay” Freya said, summoning a longsword. She gave it to Casey in its scabbard. Casey took it and clipped the scabbard to his belt, giving Freya a thumbs up.


“do you think we’re ready?” Luke asked, looking at Meleek


“nope, but you never know. We have survived an attack from the Dopplegangers so this might not be that hard” Meleek said, wearing a smile as Luke tied his shoes.


“yeah you’re right. But we lost friends during that battle” Luke said, frowning as he looked at Meleek. He frowned and nodded, unable to say anything.


“hey, let’s make sure we don’t lose anyone this time, okay?” Darryl said, offering his hand while smiling.


Luke and Meleek smile, “don’t get in my way and I’ll make sure everyone lives” he said, shaking his hand. Darryl laugh and scratch the back of his head.


“I’ll try” he laughed, letting go of Luke’s hand then staring at them.


“you okay?” Joseph asked, staring at Steve.


“I’m fine, let’s just get this over with” he said, clipping a scabbard in his belt then walking away from Joseph. He frowned as he walked to Luke’s posse and folded his arms, waiting for Richard.


“let’s go” he said, standing in front of the door. They nodded in agreement.


The door opened, Chris and Christina were the first to go. They immediately threw their swords, with all their might, at a window and just as they predicted, it landed into the circle. In the blink of an eye, they vanished and reappeared on the other side.


Next, the four Valkyries go and walked casually, seemingly accompanying Coco in her patrol. After them, came the rest of the class who sneakily walked to the right.


While walking, Elijah gripped his sword tightly. “It is too quiet” he mumbled, constantly turning his head from side to side.


“tell me about it, it’s like they all left” Luke mumbled, eyeing everything as well. “don’t you have that eye thing? Couldn’t you use that to detect and hostilities?” Luke asked, looking at Elijah.


“I have lost that power” He said, shaking his head which disappointed Luke.


“that sucks” Luke pouted as they turned a corner and into another hallway. “lemme try to use my Phantom vision” he said, his eyes turning green as he looked around the hallway.


“What is that?” Elijah asked.


”nothing” Luke said, frowning and looking down at the ground. “Phantom vision is just night vision, pretty stupid of me huh?” he said, laughing slightly, watching Elijah nod.


They turned another corner and saw a set of stairs. “shit, we’re almost there and not one Valkyrie have spotted us yet” Joseph said, looking down as they file down the staircase.


“did they go to a party or something? Cause I have a feeling that this place is empty” Jackson asked, looking up and seeing nothing but walls, paintings, and his other classmates who were behind him.


“I don’t smell anything either, Ryan?” Ben said, growling as he looked at Ryan.


“nothing” Ryan said, sniffing the air and shaking his head. Ben frowned and looked ahead, seeing the door.


“alright, wait here” Richard said, stopping the others at the stairs as he walked towards the door carefully. He slowly grabbed the knob, turning it slowly. As the door clicked open, he quickly pulled it open and summoned his scythe, stepping out only to find no one. He frowned and ease off, his classmates and Elijah catching up.


“no one, there’s no one at all” Richard said, looking up at the walls. He then stared at the gate and it was open, making him flinch.


“gate’s open, shit they did leave” Ryan said, glaring at the open gate.


“it doesn’t matter, let’s grab the mounts and get out of here” Richard said sternly, glaring at the gate as well.


They all put their bags on top of horses then got on as well. “everyone’s good” Luke said, looking back at the students who all rode on horses.


“alright, let’s ride!” he said, whipping the reins and making the horse neigh loudly. It galloped outside the gate and Richard and his classmates, Elijah included, steered it so that it would go around the castle.


Victor looked up the castle walls and saw no one. “they really did leave huh” Victor said, almost a worried tone in his voice. They all felt as if something was wrong, all the Valkyries leaving the castle was unheard of. Most of them usually remained in the castle, guarding it so it was weird that they all disappeared.


“hey, Victor” Jackson called.


“yeah?” Victor asked, turning his head at Jackson.


“where’d ya reckon they’re at?” Jackson asked, wearing a smile.


“I have no clue. They could be at the city or they could be grieving” Victor replied, a stern look on his face as he looked ahead. There was nothing but trees and the castle wall surrounding them, the perfect time to catch them off guard.


But no one snuck up on them, not a single unit. “this escape seems too perfect to be true” Richard said, glaring ahead. A few minutes later and the light that the buildings in the Celestial city emits was finally visible. Richard frowned, then looked to his right. He saw the front castle gate which was also open.


His eyes widen as he pulled the reins for the horse to stop. Everyone stopped as well and looked at Richard. “something wrong?” Luke asked.


“Luke, use your night vision now” Richard said, sharply turning his head to Luke. Looking at his face, he activated his Phantom vision immediately, his eyes glowing bright green.


He looked around the trees and seeing people running. He frowned. “Richard, we were being watched” Luke replied, making Richard growl in anger.


“shit” everyone all said.


“what do we do now?” Lydia asked, a worried tone in her voice as she looked at Richard.


“we do what was planned. Only now, be more prepared. They might be waiting at the circle” Richard said, dropping down his horse and his classmates following.


“alright, let me see where father hid it” Richard said, looking around the ground. They all looked down as well but they had no clue what Richard was trying to find.


Then, Richard looked at a patch of grass and saw something shimmering in it. He walked towards it and found a pendant, shaped like a skull.


“what is that?” Keith asked, seeing the pendant.


He smiled and walked towards them, “Death’s pendant, a pendant capable of mass teleportation” he explained, holding the pendant high. “everyone stick close to me, I have already activated the pendant and it will teleport us directly at…” before Richard could finish, the eyes of the skull glowed and a black smoke arose from the ground that enveloped all the students. It was the same smoke when Erick and Richard teleport. The dark smoke soon disappeared and so did the students.


“the circle” Richard said, reappearing on the massive circle alongside with his classmates. Richard’s eyes immediately widen due to his surroundings. Circling them were Valkyries, all armed and in their stances.


“so this is where they went” Luke mumbled, glaring at all of them and taking his stance.


Looking around and ignoring the armed Valkyries, Raniel saw Diana, Freya, and Cassandra. Their necks had the white collar on them and they were also down on their knees. Looking around more and Chris and Christina were knocked out unconscious at the ground, beside the golden carriage.


“but Ariana died! Why are you all here?” Richard asked, glaring at all the Valkyries while pocketing the pendant.


“because of me” Kathrina said, walking past the Valkyries and surprising them all. They all gasped and wore horrified faces at the sight of Kathrina wearing a smirk. Raniel’s eyes also widen at the sight of Coco standing beside her.


“Kathrina” Richard mumbled, a confused and horrified look on his face. The most unlikely person had betrayed them. Was she planning this from the beginning? He didn’t know but he felt angry and confused.


Meanwhile, Elijah was also heart broken. The sight of Kathrina betraying her classmates was something he never realized she would do. He didn’t want to believe it, this Kathrina was almost a complete copy of his Kathrina, she would never do this.


“That is not Kathrina” Elijah mumbled, gritting his teeth. “Kathrina would never betray anyone close to her, it is something she could never bring herself to do” he continued, glaring straight at Kathrina whose smirk remain.


Hearing that, Kathrina laughed quietly, “oh but this is me! I am Kathrina!” she mocked, finding their horrified looks amusing.


“You are not Kathrina!”Elijah growled, pulling Lutakarinku out of its scabbard and pointing it at Kathrina. She smirked, not even frightened by Elijah’s sudden burst of rage.


“you’re Ariana! I can tell from the smirk on your face!” Richard yelled, summoning his scythe and growling at Kathrina.


“guess my cover’s blown, take them out!” Kathrina said, placing her palm in her face while pointing at the students.


Just from that one order, the Valkyries all charged forward and glared at the students, waiting for them to attack.


“What is the plan, Richard?” Elijah asked, looking over his shoulder and down at Richard.


He looked at all of them, observed their faces, the way they gripped their weapons, their stances. Their faces were all stern, like they didn’t care about them which meant that they were going to hit them with everything they have.  They were gripping their weapons tightly, another sign that they were going to be ruthless at them. Then their stances, they had their knees bent and their spears pointed at them, meaning that they would poke it at them.


Richard’s face remained stern, not showing a hint of emotion like the Valkyries. “knock them out but don’t kill them, that’s the plan.” Richard said, summoning his sword and taking a stance.


All the other students grabbed their weapons and took their stance as well, Victor, Darryl, and Raniel shaking as they held their swords tightly.


“Lydia, Ryan, keep those three safe. Joseph, free the Valkyries if you can” Richard ordered. Ryan and Lydia both positioned themselves next to the three nervous boys.


Joseph eyed the three tied Valkyries and saw Coco guarding them. He frowned, unable to believe the fact that Coco betrayed them. It didn’t affect him much but he knew that Raniel would be the most affected. He clenched his fists tightly and glared at Coco as she pulled her sword from her scabbard.


“Meleek, Silje, do your best to suppress most of the Valkyries.” Richard ordered, Meleek and Silje nodding as various elements came out of their hands.


“the rest, survive” he ordered, charging forward and swinging his scythe. With one rage-filled swing, he took out five Valkyries and knocked them unconscious.


Everyone swung into action with Elijah following Richard and taking out the enemies he missed. Joseph didn’t hesitate to run at Coco.


Casey and Luke both didn’t hesitate to fight, letting the Valkyries come to them rather than charging towards them.


Meanwhile, Steve and Jackson were already fighting. While Jackson was doing fine blocking the Valkyries’ attacks, Steve was already getting cuts. While trying to block some of the spear attacks, a Valkyrie decided to use her sword and charge at Steve.


Noticing this, Jackson yelled, “Steve!” before running towards him and pushing him aside, dodging the Valkyrie’s attack.


Steve shoved Jackson away and immediately stood up, “you’re welco- ah!” Jackson said but was interrupted when a sword was mere inches from stabbing his face. Jackson stared at the Valkyrie, her hair blond in color and her eyes blue as the sky. She looked stunned, suddenly falling to the side and showing Steve.


“thanks” he said, offering his hand. Jackson smirked and grabbed his hand, Steve lifting him up. “looks like these Valkyries aren’t joking around” Steve said, gripping his sword tightly and staring at all of them.


“no kidding, these girls are way stronger than those Dopplegangers” Jackson said, summoning a halberd and pointing it at them.


“what are you anyway? Are you supernatural too?” Steve asked, looking over his shoulder and seeing Jackson smirk.


“bitch I’m a Barbarian” Jackson said, pointing to himself proudly. He then glared at the Valkyries and with no warning, charge at them while yelling.


The Valkyries were caught surprise by his reckless action which gave Jackson a small window to strike at them quick. He threw the halberd at one of the Valkyries then summoned two axes. He jumped up high, diving down a crowd of Valkyries and hacking through the Valkyries.


On the other side, Lydia was doing good at fkeeping the three protected. She had two Desert Eagles on her hands and she was firing both of them at the Valkyries, firing it with precision rather than be reckless. It was a good thing Ryan was there to back her up. When there were any Valkyries that passed her, Ryan was there to deal with it.


“can’t you switch to something that takes out more of them?” Ryan asked, kicking a Valkyrie in the head.


“I can’t. Spawning guns takes magic, something that I need” Lydia replied, back flipping away as a Valkyrie attempted to plunge her spear into her chest.


“Raniel, Darryl, Victor! How ya holding up?” Ryan asked, looking at them as they took out one Valkyrie.


“we’re fine!” Raniel said, giving a smile and a thumbs up. Ryan smiled, nodding. As he turned his head back, his face was hit by a Valkyrie sword, leaving a massive cut on his cheek. He growled in anger as he stumbled back, holding his cheek and glaring at the Valkyrie.


“bitch, you’ll regret scarring my face” Ryan mumbled, his red eye glowing. The Valkyrie was strong and held her position as Ryan growled in anger, baring fangs. He charged forward and grabbed the Valkyrie by her armor, lifting her up and immediately slamming her to the ground.


“Jesus” Darryl mumbled, watching Ryan take on ten Valkyries. They all watch as each Valkyrie either flew out or slammed down to the ground.


“that guy’s relentless” Victor mumbled as another Valkyrie flew out. They nodded in agreement, impressed by Ryan’s relentless and almost careless fighting style.


Meanwhile, Meleek had summoned vines to subdue most of the Valkyries and Silje had made a wall of ice that trapped some Valkyries. They smiled at each other, looking like Meleek had forgiven Silje for attacking him.


But then, the Valkyries broke through their spells and glared at them. “shit! What do we do?” Meleek asked.


“what else? Fight!” Silje said, throwing ice and fire at the Valkyries that came for her.


Hearing her answer, Meleek nodded and raised his hand. A small fireball appeared but it slowly enlarged until it was bigger than him.


“meteor” he mumbled, jumping up high and throwing the massive fireball. It crashed towards the group of Valkyries. But it didn’t melt them, it exploded on impact and only left only a few burns on their body.


Meleek dropped back down and smiled at Silje, feeling proud of his action. But his smile soon faded as a Valkyrie threw a spear which he barely dodged. He frowned and faced the Valkyries as three of them ran towards him, grabbing his limbs tightly to the point where he could not move them.


Silje backed off, blasting a gust of air at four Valkyries. Three were blasted while one was able to jump at the last second, plunging her spear down at Silje.  She threw a small blizzard at the Valkyrie, causing her landing to be a few inches away from Silje.


Not wasting a second, Silje summoned a massive ice spike and plunged it at the Valkyrie’s right thigh, blood gushing out from her thigh. She backed off, sighing and taking a breath. She slowly turned her head to the other three Valkyries but they were gone. Gasping, she turned around, her face meeting a fist. She fell down at the ground, groaning in pain. Before she could even recover and stand up, a Valkyrie attached a white collar in her neck, causing her to scream as an electrifying pain surged through her body.


Meanwhile, Joseph was constantly blocking Coco’s sword swings. Not only were they fast, but also strong swings. He couldn’t see an opening, if he did as much as stretch his arm, he’d be caught in the storm of swings that Coco was causing.


He didn’t take his eyes off her, one turn of the head and he’ll lose it. He felt trapped, unable to do anything. He started to think of what Luke or Richard would do. Regardless of the situation, they were always headstrong and even with planning, they would always act reckless. Yes, that’s it. He smiled, jumping away from Coco.


Then, he collided both fists together. It glowed a bright yellow color as he stared at Coco with a confident look. Coco frowned and gripped her sword tightly, preparing for anything Joseph had to give.


“let’s do this” Joseph said, dashing towards Coco and swinging his fist. It connected to Coco’s face in an instant, sending her back a few inches from him. This gave him enough time to go to Freya and take her collar out before blocking a swing from Coco, immediately recovering from Joseph’s attack.


“forget about me and free the other two!” Joseph yelled, struggling as Coco pushed her sword. He grunted angrily, pushing back as a sign of resistance. Coco frowned, releasing herself from the lock and backing off. Then, she moved her hand back and hovered her free hand over the sword, a white glow appearing.


“dodge” Freya mumbled.


“what-“ before Joseph could even ask, Coco dashed forward with the sword spearheading her dash. Before Joseph could react, Freya shoved him away and block Coco’s attack with her sword, also glowing white.


“you free them, I’ll hold her off!” Freya yelled, pushing Coco away. Her feet slid in the ground back but she didn’t lose her balance. Freya slowly walked to wards her, Coco looking at her and holding her sword forward.


“we trusted you! We thought you’ll help us escape! You even deceived Raniel into loving you!” Freya yelled, holding her sword up and swinging it down. Coco blocked it but had to crouch due to how strong the swing was. “don’t feel a little bad that you broke someone’s heart?!” Freya asked, pushing it harder.


“I do!” Coco yelled angrily, shoving Freya away and standing up. “when I went on a date with him, I felt love! I felt happy! And  I feel bad that I broke his heart! But I can’t let my love take over my duty!” she yelled, tears slowly falling her face as Freya gasped.


Coco looked down at the ground, “my allegiance is to Ariana and the Valkyries. I owe my life to her, I swore that I’d remain loyal to her!” Coco said. Then, she grinned and looked at Freya. “say, I heard some things about you Freya. Like how you’re blood is mixed with that of a Doppleganger!” she yelled, shocking Freya.

Her angry face immediately became a shocked and confused one. “what?” she asked, backing off and dropping her sword. Coco smiled as Freya dropped to her knees and looked at her hands. “no that’s impossible! I can’t be the offspring of a Doppleganger” she mumbled, denying what Coco said.


“it is the truth, Freya! Ariana showed us the day you were born” Coco said, pulling out a small disc that’s smaller than her palm and threw it at the ground and in front of Freya.


Freya’s eyes widen as Coco frowned. “no… it can’t be!” Freya said, seeing a Doppleganger watch her when she was a baby. Then it changed to a video of the Doppleganger being executed. An overwhelming amount of emotions suddenly hit Freya, and all of them were negative. She felt shocked from knowing her true heritage and sad due to the fact that she’d be look down upon by the Valkyries from now on. Even though Coco told them about their way of reproduction, she never told them what happened to the male partner. She and Coco were both shocked, they execute their would be fathers after they have produced a baby.


“that… that’s wrong” Coco said, dropping her sword as well. She walked to the massive disc and saw that it was not only the Doppleganger that got executed, but also the angels and some of the archangels. “what she’s doing is wrong!” Coco said, watching as Ariana herself executed the male partners.


Coco then scowled at Kathrina as she fought off Richard and Elijah combined. She was able to send Richard and Elijah backing off and taking defensive tactics. She was swift, strong, had her Valkyrie eye activated. Elijah couldn’t believe how powerful she was. She knew that Ariana took over her soul but it was still Kathrina’s body.


“She is far stronger than my Kathrina in terms of combat prowess” Elijah said, sliding off the ground and glaring at Kathrina as she dashed towards them.


“yeah she is!” Richard said, quickly blocking Kathrina’s swings. I’ll distract her, try to find an opening while I take her swings he said telepathically.


How are you communicating to me? Elijah asked, glaring at him as he walked backwards due to Kathrina’s fast but strong attacks.


Telepathy, it’s something my father possess and being his son, I possess as well Richard said, quickly ducking as Kathrina went for a side swing. With that, Elijah nodded and backed off, awaiting the proper opening. It was hard considering Kathrina’s reaction time was quick. If he attacked too early, Kathrina would notice and if he attacked too late, Richard would get hurt.


“just give up!” Kathrina said, smiling as she successfully swung her sword and hit Richard’s cheek, giving him a small cut. “your friends will get tired and soon, get captured” she said, causing Richard to turn his head.


He saw Meleek and Silje subdued and Keith and Catherine trying to free them. He also saw Jackson and Steve being surrounded by Valkyries, Ryan slowly getting tired and his face cracking. Lydia was also in trouble, the sheer number of Valkyries overwhelming her.


Richard grunted, Elijah! He said telepathically, startling Elijah. He growled in anger but noticed Richard’s helpless state. He closed his eyes and grit his teeth, conflicted if he should just step in and save him or stick to the plan and wait for the right opening. Taking one more look, he gasped, Richard’s entire body was being riddled with sword cuts.


He knew that he had no choice, if he stayed and waited longer Richard would die. Gripping his two swords tightly, he dashed forward and lunged both at Kathrina’s back. She sharply turned her head and blocked both attacks, giving Richard time to flee or attack.


He chose to attack, throwing his sword and summoning his scythe, slicing it towards to Kathrina. Kathrina eyed him and summoned another sword, blocking Richard’s attack. “HIT HER WITH EVERYTHING!” Richard yelled, transforming into his reaper form and sending Kathrina a hundred slices. Elijah did the same, swinging his sword as fast as he could and trying to overwhelm Kathrina with speed. But it Kathrina was better than both of them, effortlessly blocking all of their attacks.


“why are unholy beings so persistent” Kathrina said, sighing in disappointment then jumping away from them. “I’ll end you both with one slash” she said, dropping her other sword and holding her first sword with both hands. It glowed white and its blade elongated to a size fifty times of their weapons. Kathrina smirked, seeing their terrified faces. Then, lifting it up, she said “goodbye” before swinging it down to them.


It was fast as well, they didn’t have enough time to dodge, all they did was stand there. But then, it hit Richard. Looking at Elijah, he ran towards him and dropped him down at the ground, Richard above him. As the sword came down, Richard transformed into reaper form and enlarged himself and grunted in pain as the sword connected to his back.


Elijah watched as Richard held himself from bleeding, unable to find words to the sight before him. He could see Richard’s face, and how much pain he’s enduring. “get out…now!” he yelled, his arms shaking and about to give up. Without hesitating, Elijah rolled away and stood up, watching in horror as Richard shrink himself back to his human size. But the sword was still stuck on his back and it came out of his chest.


He yelled in pain, his tears falling. I have failed them, father! I wasn’t able to bring them back hoe safe he said telepathically, his head looking down and his tears dropping to the floor. Father? Father! He said telepathically, a panicked expression on his face.




“Richard!” Erick gasped, breathing heavily as he opened his eyes. He looked around, he was still in Kathrina’s room bleeding to death.  The scythe was down at the ground but the sickle was still stuck on his shoulder.


“Is this really where I end?” he asked himself, looking up at the ceiling. He couldn’t say anything else as he looked up at the light. But as he stared, he began to slowly close his eyes. Immediately, he shook his head violently and opened his eyes wide.


 “No! Not yet! Please I-“ he said, his eyes slowly closing again. He began to panic, holding his hand high as his eyes slowly closed. He couldn’t open them, does this mean he’s going to die? As much as he tried, it didn’t work, his eyes continued to shut itself until finally, it closed.


“sir?” called a familiar voice. Erick opened his eyes and looked around, seeing a bar that he’s all too familiar with. “you okay sir? Sheesh, you look like you’ve seen yourself” said the familiar voice again. Erick immediately turned his head to his front and gasped.


To be continued


Songs used for the battles

Who will save you now

This is gonna hurt

Submitted: April 09, 2018

© Copyright 2021 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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S. Rasmussen

The beginning was too good to be true, I guess

A lot of wonderful 'et tu, Brute' moments

Yay. Silje got an important role

How can they get out of this? Is this the end? You made a feeling of hopelessness. Good job

But also

Can Erick really die? And if he did, wouldn't Richard get like superpowers?

Also, why would Richard spend so much time at his mother's house, if she was dead?

Thu, April 12th, 2018 6:16am



Yeah there was a lot lol

Yep she did

Hehehe, you'll have to wait

Maybe and yeah he would.

Cause he wants to live alone.

Thu, April 12th, 2018 3:59am

Kathrina Csernis

Okay, here I am even though I'm tired as hell, I wanted to comment before I sleep. Yeah, as Silje said, the beginning really was too good to be true so like cri (hangs self)

I like loved the lore behind the whole reaper thing, like, how Richard's mom died and stuff, like I said it reminded me of how Demons work in my world. It was sad though, when he was talking about Audrey, and how he and Kathrina loved her. I guess Elijah understood on some kind of level lol but he was probably more focused on Kathrina's sadness rather than Richard's lol but as for me, I was more focused on Richards. I feel really bad for him.

Yeah, again, as Silje said, you really made it feel hopeless. I wanna cri but like I'm too tired to cri, all I can say though is whenever I think about Audrey I get like depressed and wanna cri

Okay, that talk of Erick dying - I don't want that to happen. Yeah he may have been acting super cold and different lately but I can understand why. But nuu donut kill him, he's still one of my favourite characters and I will actually cry if he goes too. I'm still depressed about Wyn killing of someone in Wraith who had the same kinda effect that Erick does, so for the love of my sanity, please donut kill my favourite Grim Reaper.

Anyways, wow, longer than I thought lol I shall await the next chapter, one that I shall next time read when I am not living on two hours of sleep and several cans of coke. Wow. I can die in peace (donut kill Erick cri *holds knife to Thea's throat*... donut.... do.... it)

Thu, April 12th, 2018 11:34am


Shit, gomen for troubling you lol. And yeah I guess though I am still confused as to what's that good thing lol.

Yeah that whole paragraph's supposed to be sad and I'm sowwy if it did make you sad. Plan was to have Eli confess as well but he didn't and yeah he did understand it and yeah he was focused on Kat's sadness though he is kinda focused on Richard's as well since Erick did tell him the possibility of Kat being a Doppleganger

Hehe sowwy if I made it that way, which would mean you might hate what happens next in the next chapter.

Jesus you like that guy a lot lol and I guess it's understandable why he did it and considering how sad you are rn with what Wyn did and with Erick's death thing, I may not kill him but then again I may kill him ;)

Yeah same here and wow you are pushing yourself to your limits lol and okay okay, drop the knife, I don't want another ship to die when it was so young. *sniffs*

Thu, April 12th, 2018 5:09am


Well, then, starting off sad are we. Richard, damn, never thought of it that way huh... He has lost his mom and Audrey, now Erick. Stop it fag. You're being a COLD HEARTLESS BRITISH FROG with what you are doing. Stop... torturing...them! There is only one character you can torture and that's Audrey, cause well, she's currently dead and she need to be alive to be tortured. HAHAHA (Well, I won't be mad if you torture me too). So yas! ?Revive her you SONB.

Also, it'd be awesome if you show like Lesly and Erick's like backstory, like as lovers or something? I'd be down for that hahaha. So, yuh, work on it...

Well of course! Escape plans never works smoothly does it? IT was already foreseen, when no guards are seen, you know what that means...they're fucked. Yes, no... well, actually yes hahaha, although they really did became fucked by the valkyries (which to be honest I won't complain about if I-...) I enjoyed the action a bit too much ahahha. Idk, just something about the diversity and like randomness of some of their powers that kinda elevates the fight. IDK, but its really fun to read, probably fun to write too, write? Right? ehehe, see what I did there

I told you stop it with the fucking torturing the characters and shit ugfaheoifga. Richard won't die, he can't right? Neither can Erick, yes, they can't. I'm so pissed in Ariana right now, but like not super pissed that I wanna see her suffer for enternities to come, but just like, UGH!. Know what I mean? Like, just shut up and wipe that smirk off your face and get the fuck out of KAthrina, bitch. hahaha.

So yeah, alot happened to the battle and I don't think enumerating each of them would be necessary, although I'd say that I'm being really useful in there. Good job me! It's just like real life hahaha. Anyways, it was great, great battle right theres, although it seem like they are losing, which is not good. But I know they would succeed! I know it, I can taste it hahaha. Yes, great chapter. Great chapter gago


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