My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 48 (v.1) - Death comes to the rescue

Submitted: April 12, 2018

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Submitted: April 12, 2018



“Audrey” Erick said, a shocked look on his face as he stared at Audrey who was sitting in front of him, wearing a smile.


“yup! It’s me!” Audrey said, grinning and closing her eyes while pointing to herself. Erick’s hand shake, a sense of happiness but also sadness filling his emotions.


“Why are you here? I thought you died happily?” Erick asked slowly, still overwhelmed at the sight of Audrey who was still smiling.


“I did! See the smile” Audrey said, pointing to her huge smile. Erick nodded but awaited his first question. “but I couldn’t pass the gate. Apparently it’s cause of my demon heritage” she continued, a frown on her face as she pointed her finger at the horns on her head.


“it’s a good thing that nice bartender said I could stay here in purgatory, now I help out the bartender in his work” Audrey explained, her smile coming back. Erick looked at the bartender as he served up a man wearing a black trench coat and his face hidden by a black sun hat. He looked at Erick and smiled, giving him a thumbs up before looking back at the enigmatic man.


“Audrey, I…” Erick said, a sad look on his face. Audrey nodded slowly, her smile turning into a frown.


“is something wrong sir?” Audrey asked, leaning forward and staring at Erick who was looking down at the ground.


“I…I hate myself” Erick said, suddenly holding her hands and shocking Audrey. Audrey gasped and looked down at Erick as he held her hands tightly, before loosening and holding them softly. “When you died, I had to put this façade that I am a harsh person and I only considered you as tools. But I only did it so that Ariana wouldn’t suspect my care towards you” he explained, trying to stop himself from crying.


Audrey wore a confused face as Erick slowly tightened his grip at her hands. “sir, I’m…confused? What are you saying?” she asked, a sympathetic look on her face.


“I BROKE THEIR HEARTS!” Erick yelled, his black tears streaming down his face again. “I acted heartless, not giving a single fuck when you died. I told them that I’d risk even my own son for my mission. MY OWN SON! MY OWN GODDAMN SON!” he yelled, placing his right hand in his hand. Audrey flinched, she had never seen Erick breakdown like this before.


“sir” Audrey said slowly, holding his left hand with both of her hands. “it’s okay for me if you did that” she suddenly said, her bright smile appearing. “I’ll always love you even if you changed our act” Audrey said, making Erick gasped. “because, the Erick I know will always love us and is always saddest when we get hurt” she continued, holding Erick’s hand softly and lovingly.


Erick couldn’t help it anymore, he couldn’t stop himself. He slowly placed his head in the table and cried loudly. “I didn’t want to do it! I wanted to tell them how I felt! I wanted to tell them, ‘I failed them both as their guardian and teacher and how I’m deeply sorry that I failed them’! But no! I couldn’t tell them because of that bitch and now your memories will forever haunt me like it did with my wife!” he yelled, breaking down in front of Audrey.


She was surprised but she kept her hand holding his left hand, feeling sad for Erick. She let him cry, for all she know this was the only time he had ever cried in his life. She placed her hand on top of Erick’s head, brushing his hair with her hand. “cry as much as you like, I can tell that you’re really tired” she said, wearing a smile as Erick cried softly, his face was buried in his arm and in the table.


“Audrey” Erick called, his voice muffled by the table and his arm. “can I ask you something?” he asked.


“anything sir” Audrey said, continuing to brush Erick’s hair with her hand.


“were you the one who gave that letter without the name?” he asked, Audrey gasping but soon smiled.


“yes, it was me” she replied. Erick then lifted his head and looked at Audrey straight, his eyes still streaming down tears though it lessened. “sir, I truly love you from the bottom of my heart. Which is why you can’t die” she continued, lifting both her and Erick’s hand up. “I’ll miss holding your hand like this” she said, holding Erick’s hand tightly.


“I cannot die? Of course! I am not yet replaced by my son, I am still the embodiment of death” he said, standing up and making Audrey smile. “Audrey! How do I get out of here?” he asked, a smile on his face.


Audrey clapped her hands then looked at the bartender, “hey, bartender, someone needs a portal back to The Celestial City here!” she yelled, waving her arm in the air like crazy as the bartender looked at her and sighed, with a flick of two hands a portal opened in front of Erick.


“Thank you, Audrey!” Erick said, walking to the portal and facing her one last time. Audrey then stood up and hugged him lovingly.


“you’re the best teacher anyone could ask, sir. Please don’t let our deaths haunt you” she said, making Erick shed a tear once more. He looked down at Audrey and hugged her one last time, embracing the moment as much as he could.


“I will miss you Audrey” Erick said, crying once more as Audrey cried as well.


“me too!” she said, burying her face in Erick’s suit. They knew their time is only temporary and that Erick needed to go, but their embrace felt like eternity for them. They hugged each other tightly, like a father and a daughter.


But all things must come to an end as Erick released himself from the hug and smiled at Audrey one last time, “Goodbye” he said, waving her goodbye and walking in the portal, disappearing.




Erick gasped and open his eyes, holding his chest and looking around. He was back at Kathrina’s room and his injuries were healed. He breathed heavily, thinking about the events that happened before his revival. He remembered Audrey, and how happy he was to meet her one last time before being sent back to fight. He smiled, remembering their embrace.


 Then, as he looked around, he heard Richard’s telepathic yell and immediately looked ahead. There was a battle in the circle and he saw a massive blade. Immediately hearing his son’s cry and seeing the battle, he looked at his scythe and grabbed it.




As Ryan kicked another Valkyrie, his face cracked more. His eyes were red, the purple color disappearing and Ryan’s horns showing. His horns were long and curving up. He grabbed another Valkyrie and slammed her down to the ground, causing his arms to start showing cracks. He grunted in pain as he turned around and grabbed another Valkyrie. But instead of grabbing, he was stabbed in the stomach. He slowly knelt down as he looked down and saw a spear impaled to his stomach.


His eyes reverted back to its brown color and his cracks slowly healed. As he knelt there, unsure of what to do, a Valkyrie walked behind him and placed a white collar that sent him an electrifying pain that made him scream in pain.


“Ryan!” Lydia yelled, kicking the Valkyrie behind him and grabbing Ryan. She flew away and closed her eyes, concentrating. But as she tried to summon a fire geyser, she choked and vomited blood, slowly descending down to the ground and getting surrounded by Valkyries.


“what? What the hell?” she asked, slowly standing up. She tried to do it again, concentrating her magic to summon the fire geyser. But like before, she choked and vomited a lot of blood. She fell down on her knees, breathing heavily and having no clue why she’s vomiting so much blood. Before she could stand up again, a Valkyrie forcefully put the collar on her neck and slamming her head down at the ground.


“Lydia!” Ryan yelled and in anger, activated his purple eye. But the collar activated and shocked Ryan, causing his eyes to revert back to brown.


“yo, we’re losing people” Casey yelled. Him and Luke were still fighting the Valkyries with Luke taking on five at a time and Casey trying his best to dodge their attacks while firing his pistol at them. “Ryan and Lydia are already down and so is the Elf and Silje” he continued, ducking to dodge an incoming spear.


“what? How?” Luke asked, sucker punching a Valkyrie then phasing as a Valkyrie plunged her spear at Luke’s chest.  “Casey! Get out of here and regroup with Ben, I’ll save the two” Luke said, kicking a Valkyrie in the chest then activating his Phantom shield that melted the coming Valkyrie’s spear.


He used this time to run away from the group of Valkyries he was facing and headed towards the kneeling Ryan and the grounded Lydia. Sliding off the ground, he clenched his fist and punched the Valkyrie that’s keeping Lydia pinned to the ground. She stumbled back then glared at Luke, pulling her sword and lunging it at Luke. He phased through but then the other Valkyries surrounded him and pointed their spears at him.


With no way out, Luke remained in his phased form. He gritted his teeth as he stared at Lydia and Ryan. Lydia was still vomiting blood although it lessened and Ryan wasn’t moving at all. Luke felt useless, he couldn’t get his classmates out of this mess. He glared at the Valkyries as he turned corporeal and jumped, landing on top of one of the Valkyries.


He smirked, jumping off her then heading towards Ryan and Lydia. He grabbed them both, running a few inches away from the group of Valkyries. They summoned rifles and began shooting them. “darn!” Luke said, activating his Phantom phasing and letting the bullets pass through him.


“try aiming next time!” Luke yelled mockingly, now a few inches from them. As he escaped the Valkyries, he turned back to his corporeal form and continued running but was stopped by something as his eyes widen and his mouth gasping. He dropped Lydia and Ryan as he knelt down and grabbed his neck.


“h-how?” he asked himself as the same Valkyrie who pinned Lydia to the ground earlier approached him and kicked him in his back, his face landing on the floor.


“I waited for the exact moment you turned corporeal, Phantom” she said, gritting her teeth and putting more pressure in her boot as Luke’s face grinded in the ground, causing him to yell in pain.




Ben was doing good by himself, most of the Valkyries that attacked him were down at the ground, unconscious. He grabbed another Valkyrie with his claws and bit her neck, causing blood to gush out and making her fall to the ground. He frowned, wiping the blood of his shirt.


“Ben!” Casey yelled, running to him.


“Casey? Where’s Luke?” Ben asked, throwing the piece of flesh he bit off.


“he went to rescue Lydia and-“ before Casey could finish, they both heard Luke’s scream and sharply turned themselves to where the scream came from. They saw Luke pinned to the ground by a Valkyrie, Lydia and Ryan with him.


“we have to save them” Casey said, running towards them. But Ben grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back.


“no! Those Valkyries are as strong as Richard or Coco, we cannot take them on” Ben said, running away while dragging Casey with him. “don’t you know your own limits, Casey?” Ben asked.


“of course I do, so what’s the plan?” Casey asked, frowning as Ben dragged him behind the carriage. Ben smirked then ran in front of the carriage and grabbed Chris and Christina’s body.


“we wake these two up.” He said, placing the two unconscious body at the ground and in front Casey. “they’re Archangels, they are on the same level as those Valkyries there maybe even more!” he explained, tugging on Chris’ incapacitated body.


Without saying anything, Casey tugged on Christina’s body as well, trying his best to wake her up.




As Elijah dashed towards Kathrina in a fit of rage, she saw it and yelled, “assist me!” to one of the Valkyries that stood there. She nodded and summoned two swords, dashing towards Elijah.


He grunted and threw his sword at her. It pierced through the Valkyrie’s chest which made her lose her momentum, causing her to fall flat on the ground.

Seeing it, Ariana rolled her eyes and plunged the sword deeper so that the tip was planted in the ground. Richard yelled in pain which only caused more anger to seeped through Elijah’s body.


“You bitch!” Elijah yelled, swinging his sword which Kathrina blocked. “I cannot believe you are Kathrina’s mother” he continued, pushing Kathrina away.


“believe it demon” Kathrina said, jumping and swinging her sword downwards. Elijah blocked it and fling Kathrina away. Without hesitation, he dashed forward and swung his sword which Kathrina barely blocked. It sent her back a few feet away from Elijah but it wasn’t much.  


“due to that sword, it seems we are on even terms” Kathrina said, glaring at Elijah. “but you forget that I have not activated my Valkyrie form yet” she continued, transforming into her Valkyrie form as Elijah glared at her.


Sensing strong power, Elijah held his sword tightly and close to him preparing himself for what was about to happen. Kathrina smirked then summoned another sword. Then, she dashed forward, Elijah not even noticing. He gasped as several cuts were placed in his arms and two on his cheeks. He turned around, seeing that Kathrina was right behind him. It baffled him, she was faster than his own eyes could track.


As Kathrina turned around, her smile never faded. She dashed one more time but Elijah prepared himself for it. He held his sword in front and swung his sword as Kathrina dashed. Kathrina passed through him like before but the difference was, she got injured, receiving a cut in her arm. Elijah, on the other hand, received the same injuries as before. He turned around and awaited Kathrina again, her smile slowly turning into a frown.


“there is no fun if I kill you this way” she said, standing straight and pointing her finger at him.


“IS THIS ALL A GAME TO YOU?!” Elijah growled, gritting his teeth and glaring at Kathrina.


“oh why yes it is! This is all a game to see who could get to be God’s favorite” she explained in a mocking tone, stretching her hands and looking up at the sky. “and you are part of this ‘game’ now, Elijah” she continued, pointing to Elijah once more.


“You are insane! To think of all this, all this chaos as a game is insane!” Elijah said, gripping his sword tightly and continuing to glare at Kathrina who was smirking again. “If I am part of this game, then allow me to be the one to kill you” he continued, rushing towards Kathrina.


She smirked and held the two swords tightly, “how foolish” she said, dashing forward and injuring Elijah again. “to think that you will be able to defeat me? The Queen of Valkyries? That is foolish, I’ve fought demons stronger and smarter than you” she mocked, watching as Elijah grunted in pain and fell to his knees.


Frowning, she walked towards him and summoned a white collar. “now to restrain you” she said, throwing the collar to Elijah’s neck. He gasped and yelled in pain, the electrifying pain surging through his body as well.


“looks like you are all out of your best” she smirked, looking around and seeing the battlefield. Luke, Ryan, and Lydia were pinned to the ground, the collar still shocking them. Meleek and Silje were stuck on their knees while Keith and Catherine were unconscious. Steve and Jackson were tied together and were also forced to their knees. Ben, Casey, and the two Archangels were missing as was Joseph and the four Valkyries.


Who were left made Kathrina smile, “oh will this be fun! Valkyries! Seize your attack on those three” she said, making the Valkyries stop and back off.


Then, Kathrina summoned three red collars and threw it at each of them. They all gasped as the collar latched on their necks and shocking them. She smiled as the three grunted and tried to remove it but to no avail.


“now, fight each other” she said, a sadistic smileon her face as the three glared at each other and reluctantly walked towards each other.


Darryl was the first to charge forward, attacking Raniel with a slash of his sword. Raniel blocked but flinched as Darryl pushed forward. Victor jumped up and slashed down, surprising both Darryl and Raniel. Darryl jumped off but Raniel got hit in the face, a small cut on his cheek.


“Victor!” Raniel yelled angrily, glaring at him.


“I’m sorry, Raniel!” Victor said, but he unconditionally ran forward and charged at Raniel, sending a slash which he blocked. “it’s these collars that are doing it! They’re making us fight each other” he continued, pushing forward.


Raniel grunted, but soon pushed forward as well. He released himself from the lock then crouched down, impaling the sword at Victor’s thigh. Luckily, he backed off at the last second, glaring at Raniel.


Darryl dashed in again, swinging his sword at Victor.  He blocked it but Darryl kept pushing. “yo we have to snap out of this” he said, pushing Darryl back.


“I know, but I can’t take these things off” Darryl said, trying to pull the collar away from his neck. But his arm suddenly pulled itself away and back to holding the sword. “it also takes over our body” Darryl said, charging forward reluctantly and swinging his sword at Victor once more.


Raniel stepped in as well, landing in the between Darryl and Victor. “can’t we break these using our swords?” he asked, swinging his sword at Victor who barely dodged it.


Meanwhile, Kathrina was smiling as the three fought each other. They were reluctant, their faces told her that. “your reluctance to fight each other is useless. Those collars control your bodies” she said, watching as Darryl tried to back off only to charge forward and swung his sword at Victor again.


“Victor, now!” Darryl said as he missed his attack at Victor. Using this time, Victor swung his sword at Darryl’s neck, effectively cutting the collar.


It broke and Darryl finally had control of his body. Kathrina glared at him, noticing that he had broken free of the collar’s control. “attack him” she said.


Stiffly turning their heads at Darryl, Raniel and Victor charged forward and swung their swords at Darryl. He blocked it. But he did in a split second which caused him to flinch and back off. Raniel and Victor continued to attack him though, not giving him a single second to think and breath. He continued blocking, hoping that he’d get the right opening.


As he blocked, Victor got an opening and left Darryl’s arm with a cut. “I’m sorry” Victor said, continuing to swing his sword.


“can’t you at least try to resist?” Darryl asked, getting another cut from Raniel this time.


“we’re trying!” Raniel screamed, flinching and grunting as he tried to hold back his arm from doing any further damage. But it continued to swing, even when he tried to pull it back.


“same here!” Victor yelled, continuing to swing his sword. Darryl almost didn’t believe what they were saying if he didn’t look at their arms. They were shaking, almost like they were hesitant to swing. He glanced back at their faces, seeing them struggle. They were resisting but having a hard time.


“can you at least stop yourselves for just five seconds?” Darryl asked.


Hearing his question, Victor and Raniel looked at each other and frowned. Then looked back at Darryl and nodded.


“great! Do it!” he said, continuing to block their relentless swings. Gritting their teeth and closing their eyes, they used everything in their body to stop the swings. Somehow, they were able to stop their arms which gave Darryl the opening he needed.


Smiling, he ran towards their back and with two swings, he was able to destroy the collars on Raniel and Victor’s neck. Glaring, Kathrina dashed forward, not giving the three time to breath.


Victor and Raniel saw but Kathrina passed by them. “she’s heading for Darryl!” Raniel yelled. Victor glared at her and tried to catch up. Raniel did as well but they were too late, Kathrina was already behind him.


“now, Sif!” Darryl yelled, wearing a smirk on his face as Kathrina swung her sword down towards him. As the sword was mere inches from his back, Sif emerged and threw a fireball at Kathrina’s face. Irritated and angry, Kathrina backed off and held her face.


“yo, let’s run!” Darryl yelled, scrambling to his feet and running. Raniel and Victor ran as well, following him.


“pursue them!” Kathrina growled, pointing at the running students while holding her face. The Valkyries nodded and followed them while Kathrina walked away.


The three ran but the Valkyries were quickly catching up. “Darryl we’re being chased by super hot and super athletic female born to fight and to chase, so what came into your mind that thought that running would be the best tactic?” Victor asked, looking over his shoulder and seeing the Valkyries quickly catching up.


“it’s better than staying there and getting our asses kicked” Darryl said, glaring at Victor.


Raniel laughed, “that’s what she said” he said, smirking. Darryl and Victor frowned and glared at him. “sorry” he said, slowly looking down.


“can’t you use Sif again to do something?” Victor asked, noticing that Valkyries were inches away from them.


“Sif!” Darryl called. Sif emerged from Darryl’s back and held her two paws high, a ball of lightning appearing. She threw it at the Valkyrie that’s closest to them. It gave her an electrifying pain that made her kneel on one knee. Victor smiled and looked up at Sif.


“great job, Sif!” Victor said, giving her a thumbs up.


Sif smiled and winked at him, giving him a thumbs up as well. But her smile soon faded as more Valkyries caught up. She glared at them, then with her paws, threw dozens of small fireballs that caused enough distraction to distance the three from them.


“we need to find someone, anyone! We can’t just keep running” Victor said, the Valkyries quickly catching up to them.


They soon came to an edge of the circle and stopped, knowing that they’ll fall if they continue. The Valkyries caught up and appeared behind them, not even tired.


“Sif, what else can you do?” Darryl asked, panting as he held his sword. Even if he was tired, even if he knew this was the end for him, he still wanted to put up a fight before he die.


The Valkyries approached them cautiously, holding their spears forward. They walked slowly, making the three walk backwards slowly. “slaughter them!” one of them yelled which caused the Valkyries to rushed at them.


Doomed, the three students and Sif stood strong even if they were about to die. Sif summoned a fireball twice her size and prepared for what’s coming. But as they approach, lightning struck down and took out five of the twenty Valkyries that were chasing them.


Confused, they looked up, smiling in relief. “sorry, if we were knocked early” a familiar male voice said. He was floating in the air, his wings weren’t solid and were waving elegantly. Its color were a burning gold. His sword, burning wildly while his hair flowing smoothly as the wind blew. He wasn’t wearing any armor, only a black t-shirt and white pants.


To his right was a girl with the same wings as him although it was in a more peaceful blue color. Her swords were blue as well, a peaceful state. Her hair done in a ponytail flow smoothly as the wind blew. Her purple eyes staring down at the Valkyries.


“but we Archangels are here to save our friends” the male one said, dashing down towards a Valkyrie. These two were none other than Chris and Christina, both showing their wings.


Christina held her sword high, summoning a rain of ice spikes that fell down on the Valkyries. Meanwhile, Chris was taking them on up close, slashing her swords at the Valkyries and finding it almost too easy. “man, Ariana had gone soft” he said, knocking another one.


“either that or I’ve gone stronger” he said, wearing a smirk as more Valkyries came at him.


The sight impressed the three students and Sif. Chris was able to take them on without any issue. “hey!” someone called. They turned their heads and smiled, seeing another familiar face.


“Ben!” Darryl called, a smile on his face as their brown skinned demon came to aid them.


“let’s clear the field, you guys can’t fight here” Ben said, looking back as Chris took out half of the Valkyrie forces that came after them.


“that quick huh?” Victor mumbled, almost not believing that Chris was that powerful.


“that’s the Archangels for you, now come on!” Ben mumbled, then running away with the students and Sif following.


As Chris took the last one out, he frowned and summoned a shield behind him as a barrage of bullets went for him. He looked up at Christina and nodded. Christina nodded back and held her sword high again, this time giving a blinding blue light.


Smiling, Chris dropped the shield and threw his sword to where the bullets came from. He teleported to where Luke, Lydia, and Ryan were kneeling and gasped. “shit!” he said, immediately turning around and blocking an incoming sword. It was the Valkyrie that took out Luke.


Looking past her, Chris stared at Christina who was heading towards him. “get out of here! Go help the others!” he yelled, making her stop and hesitate to turn away. The Valkyrie turned her head and glared at Christina.


“hey! Eyes up here, Valkyrie” Chris called, making the Valkyrie turn her head back to him. “I’m your opponent, the last thing you’d want to do is turn your head away from me” he continued, glaring at the Valkyrie and pushing her away.


“now, what say you show your wings? Wouldn’t want this fight to be uneven now” Chris said, smirking as he held his sword tightly.


The Valkyrie transformed, her wings were feathered and white. Her sword reshaped into a halberd. Chris smirked, “now this will be a fight” he said before charging forward and meeting the Valkyrie in the middle.


Meanwhile, Coco and Freya were still shocked at what they saw. “Ariana had committed murder in our own kin, she should be punished for this!” Coco said, glaring at Kathrina who toyed with the almost dead Richard.


“she should, but we don’t stand a chance against her” Freya said, a hopeless look on her face. “us two isn’t enough” she continued, Coco irritated.


“she’s right” Joseph said, appearing behind them. “two of you isn’t enough, how about five?” he asked, wearing a smirk as Diana and Cassandra stood beside him.


“well, we won’t know if we try” Coco said, smiling. Then he looked at Cassandra and Diana who were frowning at her. She frowned as well, “look, I am sorry for betraying you. I had thought Ariana was kind but seeing how she executed our supposed fathers, I now know what she is. Nothing but a cunning bitch that will do anything just to be better than everyone” she continued, glaring at Kathrina who was still toying with Richard.


“glad to know you’re with us” Joseph said, placing his hand on Coco’s shoulder and wearing a smile. Then, he turned his head to Kathrina and frown, “now let’s get that bitch.” He continued, the Valkyries nodding and charging forward.


Joseph remained and knelt down, closing his eyes and praying. “Lord Almighty, please give me this one chance to activate my Werewolf form without the Lunar penalty. Please, I have to help my friends and my human form won’t be enough” he prayed, looking at the four Valkyries as they confuse Kathrina with their numbers.


Suddenly, a white light came down on Joseph, causing him to transform into his Werewolf form. He growled at Kathrina and charged forward, jumping in and pinning her down at the ground. He backed off, then grabbed Kathrina. He snarled at her before smashing her back down to the ground.


The Valkyries both backed off, amazed at Joseph’s power. He was able to give Kathrina a fight, something Elijah and Richard couldn’t do.


“is he more powerful than Richard now?” Diana asked, looking at Joseph as he continued punching Kathrina.


“no! Joseph’s Werewolf form is powerful but is nothing like Richard’s, not even close. Kathrina’s either too tired or Joseph is using his fullest” Cassandra said, shaking her head as Joseph kept punching Kathrina with no intention of stopping.


Kathrina was getting irritated already, but he couldn’t get an opening due to Joseph’s relentless punches. She activated her Valkyrie eye and with one hand, pushed Joseph away. She stood up from the crater that Joseph had made and glared at him as he stood up.

Joseph breath heavily, quietly growling at Kathrina. He clenched his fists and charged forward. Kathrina dashed as well, meeting Joseph in the middle. As their fists connect, they both got knocked back a few feet away from each other.


Meanwhile, Chris and the Valkyrie were still fighting. Chris already had cuts and so did the Valkyrie. He breathed heavily as he swung his sword again and it met with the Valkyrie’s halberd. He smiled, backing off and flying.


“I can’t beat you in close quarter, which is why I have magic!” he yelled, summoning five fireballs and throwing them all down at the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie dodged most of them but two hit her directly. This gave Chris enough time to dash forward and stab the Valkyrie. She was impaled in the stomach, causing her mouth to drip blood and making her kneel down.


Chris then hovered his hand over the Valkyrie, an orange light appearing and healing the Valkyrie. “I cannot kill you, for that will be unholy of me” he said, healing her wounds. But then, Chris walked behind her and hit her nape with his hand, knocking her unconscious.


Then, he walked towards Ryan, Lydia, and Luke. With his hand, he destroyed the collars on their necks and freeing them.


“worst thirty minutes of my life” Luke said, holding his neck while glaring at Chris. “what happened? How’d you get knocked out?” Luke asked, worry and anger in his voice.


“caught off guard, there were too many Valkyries plus Kathrina took both of us out with a single slash” Chris replied, then looked at Joseph and Kathrina who were still fighting.


“we should he-“ Luke said but was soon interrupted by Chris.


“no! You guys need to recover” he said, sternly, glaring at both of them. The three looked at each other and frowned. “and besides, we don’t have to do anything now that he’s here” he said, smirking as someone from the bridge was coming towards them.

Kathrina landed a punch in Joseph’s face, causing him to knock back a few feet away from Kathrina. As he stood up, he was back at his human form. He frowned and hit the ground, “dammit! I wasn’t strong enough!” he said, disappointed at himself.


Kathrina then walked towards him and smiled, holding her sword over Joseph’s head. Freya, Diana, Cassandra, and Coco burst into action, rushing towards them. But they were too late, Kathrina was mere inches away from cutting Joseph’s head. This was it, Joseph was going die right here. He felt disappointed, he couldn’t protect his friends even if he was gifted temporary power to his form. He frowned, not even planning to fight. As Kathrina’s sword touched Joseph’s orange hair, her sword flew away.


She frowned, looking to her left. The four Valkyries gasped while Kathrina remained unmoved at the sight of Erick who finally appeared after all this time. “so, you lived?” Kathrina asked, wearing a smirk on her face as she summoned a black sickle.


Erick frowned, noticing the two sickles Kathrina’s holding. “I will not fall for the same tricks again, Ariana” Erick said sternly, transforming into his reaper form. “NEVER!” he yelled, dashing forward and impaling his scythe in Kathrina’s stomach. She gasped as blood started spewing from her mouth, making her kneel down.


“sir!” Diana called, a smile upon her face as Erick stared at her. The other Valkyries caught up and smiled at Erick.


“Take Joseph and tell the other students to board the carriage” Erick ordered, plunging the scythe deeper.


“sir, Richard, he” Freya said, a sad tone in her voice as Erick stared in horror at Richard. He was still impaled by the sword but almost all his blood was now at the ground.


“Take my son to the carriage too, as well as Elijah” Erick said, gritting his teeth and closing his eyes, unable to look at what happened to his son. With that, the Valkyries nodded and sprung into action. Coco grabbed Joseph and flew away. Diana and Cassandra pulled the sword and flew Richard’s body to the carriage.


Freya took the collar out of Elijah’s neck and flew him to the carriage, though he was a little reluctant. “where’s everyone?” Freya asked, looking down and seeing no one.


Then, she looked at the carriage and saw her classmates defending it from the Valkyries. She smiled, dropping down and letting Elijah go. Elijah immediately went inside, Freya as well. Diana and Cassandra both went inside immediately, Luke’s face was in horror as he stared at Richard’s state.


“Chris! How’s The angels, Silje, and Meleek?” Luke asked, seeing Chris and Christina flying towards them with Keith and Meleek on Chris’ arms while Catherine and Silje were on Christina’s arms.


“they’re fine but needs to recover, I’ll take them inside and join you soon” Chris said, looking at the two that he was carrying then taking them inside. Christina did the same.


“sir! Come on!” Luke called, waving his hand as Erick stared at them. Erick frowned at Kathrina before pulling his scythe away and dashing towards the carriage.


“Ben! What the hell are you doing there? Get on the carriage!” Darryl yelled, seeing Ben as he take out a Valkyrie. Ben turned his head and nodded, running towards them.


Meanwhile, Kathrina was limping as he saw Ben run towards the carriage. “oh no! I am not letting you leave without killing one of you!” she said, summoning a sickle and throwing it. She wore a smirk as it was mere inches from Ben.


Seeing it, Darryl ran as fast as he could and pushed Ben aside. “DARRYL!” Cassandra screamed as the sickle hit Darrly’s head, causing him to fall to the ground dead.


Ben watched in horror as Darryl’s head split open. The sickle was big, big enough to cut Darryl’s head in half. Cassandra kept yelling as she ran towards it. But Ben saw Kathrina preparing to throw another sickle, this time at Cassandra. He also saw more Valkyries coming towards them. Knowing full well that they would be doomed if they remained any longer, Ben ran towards Cassandra and pushed her and him back to the carriage.


“NO! DARRYL!” Cassandra yelled as the doors closed and the carriage began to fly. The Valkyrie reinforcements arrived but it was too late, 3-f escaped and Kathrina stared at them.


“should we get the mounts?” one of the Valkyries asked.


“no, let them escape” she said, smirking as the portal opened and the carriage disappeared. “I will get them again soon” she continued, standing up and walking away.


“is it true that you are Ariana, milady?” a Valkyrie asked as Kathrina walked past the reinforcements.


“no” she replied plainly, walking away. The Valkyries looked at each other and shrugged, looking back at Darryl’s corpse. They gasped as a green portal came from below and sucked Darryl in. The Valkyries were confused but didn’t bother knowing, Darryl was their enemy after all.




Cassandra was trying to escape but the other Valkyries and Erick were trying to stop her from leaving. “Cassandra stop! You’ll just get yourself killed!” Erick said, holding on to Cassandra’s arms tightly.


“SHUT UP! DARRYL DIDN’T DESERVE THAT DEATH!” she spat, glaring at Erick.


“YOU THINK EMERALD DESERVED HER DEATH?! AUDREY? ISABELLA? KATEJINA?” Luke suddenly asked, standing up from his seat and glaring at Cassandra. She calmed down and the Valkyries and Erick let go of her. She then sat at the floor, crying as Luke stared down at her.


Sighing, Luke sat beside her. “I’m sorry” he said. “for being at mad at you. Guess I’m just as angry as you are” he continued, smiling as a tear dropped down. Cassandra stared at him but continued to cry.


Meanwhile, Elijah was looking down at Lydia who was healing Richard alongside Chris and Christina. Elijah was worried about him, he had saved his life. He didn’t know why he did it or why did he even bother, they barely knew each other but he still did it.


Suddenly, Richard began to cough and the left side of his body became white again. Elijah gasped, seeing Richard as he slowly opened his eyes. He sighed in relief, Richard was fine but he knew he was still weak due to those injuries.


Erick was there, a smile on his face as Richard slowly sat up and looked around. “we… mad it?” he asked, seeing that he’s in the carriage.


“most of us did, Darryl he-“ Chris replied, a sad tone in his voice. Richard glared at him,  but then wore a sad look as he knew what Chris will say. “he died” he said slowly, a sad look on his voice.


Devastated, Richard gasped and tried to stand up. But he held his chest and sat back down, the pain in his chest still not disappearing.


“we’ve healed your injuries but that doesn’t mean the pain will be gone immediately, give it time” Lydia said, a worried tone in her voice.


Erick frowned, “Rest, my son, all of us needs it. You more than them” he said sternly, looking at all of the students as they frowned and looked down at the ground. Some cried while others grieved in silence. They lost another one of their friends, it made them sadder and sadder as they continue to think about it. Richard frowned, noticing their sadness. He felt sad as well, Darryl was one of their closest and most optimistic friends they’ve had and he just died. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, crying silently.


“Chris, Christina” Erick called, pulling something from his coat. They stood up as Erick pulled out the green soul he harvested from Ariana’s body. “We’ve lost a lot today, perhaps there’s a chance we could get to save one” he said, the soul hovering and shimmering on his palm.


Luke and Cassandra saw and stood up, approaching it. “sir, you’re not telling me that’s…” Luke asked, pointing at the soul.


Erick nodded, “It is Kathrina’s soul. I was able to harvest it. It is a restless soul, something the five others didn’t have. They all died happily, but she didn’t” Erick said slowly, a frown on his face as he stared in the soul. “So, Chris and Christina? Can you do it? Give this soul a vessel?” Erick asked, holding his hand out as Chris and Christina stared at it.


They looked at each other, nervous looks on their faces. “we… we will do what we can” he said, taking the soul from Erick’s palm and hovering it in his. They both walked to the other end of the carriage and made the soul float. Then, they stretched their hands out and began muttering in Latin.


“sir, tell me, do you really not care for them?” Lydia asked, staring at Erick as he watched the Archangels reform Kathrina.


“The truth is, I cared for them. I acted harsh because I needed to hide my true feelings from Ariana so she won’t that feeling against me and you” he said, sitting down and taking off his glasses. All the students stood up and surrounded him.


“Forgive me, my students, I did not mean to be harsh to you” Erick said. The students all looked at each other, unsure if they should forgive him. But they saw truth in his eyes.


“sir” Cassandra said, holding his hand. Then, she looked at her classmates. They all nodded in agreement then looked back at Erick. “we forgive you!” they all said in unison.


Suddenly, a bright glow came from the soul and Chris and Christina both backed off as the green soul disappeared and was replaced by a female figure. Soon, a skeleton began to form, then organs, then muscles and tissues, then flesh. Her hair then came next, still long. Her clothes came next, appearing in her school uniform.


Elijah smiled as Kathrina came back from being a soul. She looked at all of them, a confused look on her face as she stared down.




To be continued


© Copyright 2020 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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