My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 49 (v.1) - Epilogue

Submitted: April 14, 2018

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Submitted: April 14, 2018



“Kathrina!” Elijah called, approaching Kathrina and wrapping his arms around her. She looked up and smiled, hugging Elijah as well.


“To answer your question, you did die” Erick said, standing up and approaching Kathrina. “Had it not been for your soul being restless, you would have ended up in Heaven” he continued, a grim tone in his voice.


Kathrina frowned and looked down at the ground, “I died huh?” she mumbled, a sad tone in her voice as all the students surrounded her.


“Do not worry about it now, what matters is these two revived you and you are back” Erick said, patting both Chris and Christina’s head.


 Kathrina looked at the two and smiled, “thanks guys! But, how did you do it?” she asked, a curious tone in her voice.


“it’s complicated but let’s just say that we overused our healing abilities to revive you” Chris explained, scratching the back of his head.


Kathrina nodded, then looked at everyone, “where’s Darryl?” she asked, a worried tone in her voice as everyone frowned and looked away.


“Darryl, didn’t make it” Erick said slowly, looking away in sadness. Kathrina gasped and tears soon fell down her face. She had lost another one and what’s worse is that she wasn’t there to even help and save him. She buried her face in Elijah’s coat, crying.


As Kathrina cried, the students return to their seats and mourned quietly. Cassandra and Luke sat together, Luke felt like he needed to be at Cassandra’s side. Darryl was his friend and Cassandra was Darryl’s girlfriend, if the deaths were switched he knew Darryl would do the same.


“sir, what will we tell their parents?” Joseph asked, looking up at Erick.


“I hate to say it, but the entire world will forget their existence” Erick said, a grim tone in his voice.


Joseph remained silent for the rest of the trip, looking down at the ground. Lydia did the same but she looked at Joseph every now and then. Jackson cried silently while Victor was being hugged by Freya.


After an hour, hey finally reached Eprax. They all looked outside the window, relieved looks on their faces. After going through so much, they were finally home where they could finally rest properly.


“finally home huh?” Joseph said, wearing a smile as he saw the school. It was night and it was still snowing, the school was barely visible but Joseph could see it.


“thank goodness!” Lydia said, also wearing a smile as the carriage slowly landed on Erick’s front yard.


“Well, we’re finally home” Erick said, the first to go outside and meet the harsh cold. Elijah gave Kathrina his coat as he walked outside with her. The rest walked outside, trying to resist the called as they trekked to Erick’s house.


Erick opened the door and let his students go in first. Then, as Kathrina and Elijah entered, he came in as well and closed the door.


Most of the students shivered except for the demons, they were fine. Erick was in the kitched, preparing hot chocolate for his students as they sat there, feeling cold.


“hey R-R-yan, le-le-lend one of the girls your jacket” Jackson shivered, nudging his head to the freezing girls as his teeth clattered.


Ryan took of his jacket in an instant and gave Coco his jacket. “didn’t you bring coats when we left?” he asked as Coco nabbed the jacket and immediately wear it.


They looked at each other and sighed, grabbing their coats in their bags. They sighed in relief as they felt warmth. “jeez, for people with supernatural abilities, you sure do forget your things” Ryan mumbled, scratching the back of his head.


They glared at him but soon looked away and looked down at the ground. Erick soon came in with a tray of mugs filled with hot chocolate. He placed it down, “There, help yourselves” he said, grabbing a mug of his own. The students grabbed a mug each and drank it quickly, not even minding that it’s hot.


“thank you sir” Diana said, smiling at Erick. He smiled and nodded back, then staring at all his students. They were talking again, smiling and making jokes. But he knew they were still grieving, he could tell even if they tried to hide it.


“yo, Damien, when will you go home?” Luke asked, wearing a smirk. Elijah sharply glared at him  and frowned.


“What did you just say!?” Elijah growled, standing up and grabbing Luke by the collar. Luke laughed and activated his Phantom phasing, releasing himself from Elijah’s grip.


“sheesh, it was just a joke” Luke said, snickering as Elijah growled and plunged his clawed hands at Luke. It passed through but Elijah continued plunging his claws, waiting till Luke turned corporeal.


Kathrina frowned, “Elijah!” she yelled, stopping Elijah from attacking Luke. He frowned and glared at Luke before sitting beside Kathrina again.


“he just said a name, what’s wrong with that?” Richard ask, watching as Luke sit beside him, laughing.


“I hate that name, it is my second name” Elijah replied, glaring at Luke as he downed the hot chocolate. “Who even told you that?” he asked.


Luke placed down his mug, then his eyes turned to yellow. He laughed as he stared at Elijah, making him feel uncomfortable.


“Phantom telepathy. I can basically find out any embarrassing secrets just by looking at you with these yellow eyes” Luke said, pointing to his eyes. “like how you’re claustrophobic” he said, smirking as Elijah stood up again.


“Why you little-“ Elijah said, grabbing Luke while he’s corporeal and choking him. He gagged as Elijah moved him back and forth. Luke, by nature, activated his Phantom phasing and passed through Elijah’s grip once more.


“Elijah!” Kathrina yelled again, making Elijah growl and stop. Then, she glared at Luke who was scowling at Elijah. “Luke, stop insulting Elijah!” she said, scolding him.


Luke remained silent, continuing to glare at Elijah. “Elijah” Erick suddenly called. “I am sorry to intervene but, Kathrina wants you back” he said sternly, Elijah frowning and looking down at the ground.


“wait what?” Luke said, suddenly confused as Elijah and Erick went to door and left.


“I think Elijah’s leaving” Richard said, holding his chin with his hand as he pondered. Kathrina frowned and wore a sad look while staring at the door. Noticing that her classmates continued talking and laughing, she walked towards the door. Luke noticed her and followed Kathrina to the door. Richard noticed both of them but choose to ignore, he instead talked to his classmates.


Outside, Elijah and Erick were still talking. “yo” Luke said quietly, nudging Kathrina’s arm.


“what are you doing here?” Kathrina asked angrily, glaring at Luke as he smirked. They watched as Erick summoned a portal which Elijah slowly walked to.


Kathrina immediately ran, unsatisfied that Elijah never said goodbye to her. “Elijah!” she called, making Elijah turn. “you uhh… never said goodbye” she said as she reached Elijah. He smiled and held Kathrina’s face as she went red.


“One more thing Eli” Erick said, also walking towards him. Elijah frowned and glared at him. “After you say your farewells, I am to erase your memories. Orders from your Watcher” he said sternly.


Wakatta” Elijah said, nodding. Then, he looked down at Kathrina one more time. “Well, Mai rabu, this is goodbye. You there, Phantom!” Elijah called, pointing at Luke as he caught up. “Take care of her will you?” he requested.


“sure, whatever, Damien” Luke said, smirking as Elijah frowned and glared at him one last time. “take care of yourself too, I’ve seen what you’ll become if you’re reckless” Luke said, a serious and worried tone in his voice.


Elijah nodded, then gave Luke a thumbs up. Then he smiled back at Kathrina and hugged him one last time. Kathrina smiled and hugged Elijah as well, a tear falling down her face. After five minutes, they finally released each other.


Sayonara, Mai rabu” Elijah said, wearing a smile as he walked to the portal. Erick smiled, Kathrina wiped a tear as Elijah entered the portal and disappeared. Erick mumbled something in Latin before finally closing it.


“you sure care for him, for someone who teases him” Kathrina said, looking down at Luke who were a frown.


“I lied when I told you that those yellow eyes were telepathy, it’s actually Foresight” Luke said, a depressing tone in his voice. “I’ve seen what he’ll become and it scares me” he continued, shivering a little.


Kathrina smirked, “never knew you cared that much” she said.


Luke smirked back, “what kind of friend am I if I don’t care for those closest to me?” he asked and Kathrina’s smirk turned into a smile.


“so you do like him?” Kathrina asked. Luke nodded and Kathrina laughed. Erick smiled as well and patted Luke’s head, making him chuckle a little.


“Isn’t it time for opening those black books, Kathrina?” Erick asked, taking his hand off Luke.


Kathrina jumped, “oh, right!” she said, looking like she forgot. “were you able to save them when you were attacked?” she asked, looking down at Luke.


“before that, Elijah forgot his coat” Luke said, pointing to Kathrina who was still wearing Elijah’s coat. She turned red as she held onto Elijah’s coat.


“we have to send it back!” she yelled.


“Relax, Kathrina. His Guardian Watcher will fix any problem and besides, I think his coat is a good remembrance” Erick said, laughing a little. Kathrina looked at it and smiled, her face going redder.


“uhh the books are inside Freya’s bag” Luke said, pointing back to the house. Kathrina snapped back to reality and nodded.


Erick nodded as well, “Let’s go then” he said, walking back to the house with Kathrina and Luke following him.


Erick opened the door and saw his students still laughing and talking. They all fell silent as Erick approached them with a smile.


“so, Freya, do you still have the books?” Kathrina said with a smile.


Freya grabbed her bag and pulled the five books out, handing them to Kathrina. “I didn’t open them, by the way, so I’m still curious as to what it holds” Freya said as Kathrina took them from Freya’s hands.


She smiled as she handed one to Luke, Cassandra, Jackson, Richard, and the last one to Joseph and Steve to share. They all looked at it curiously, the other students leaning to them.


“open them now” Kathrina said, clapping her hands as they looked at it with confused faces.


All at once, Richard, Luke, Cassandra, Jackson, Joseph and Steve opened the black book and gasped as tears immediately falling down their eyes. The black book wasn’t a book at all but a photo album. Luke’s album contained pictures of Emerald and him. Richard’s was with Audrey. Cassandra’s was with Darryl. Joseph and Steve’s were with Isabella.


“this… did you?” Luke asked, unable to speak anything else. Kathrina nodded with a smile. Luke turned his head back to the photo album. He cried as the abundance of Emerald’s photo made him remember all memories with her. He looked around the pictures, he saw the time where Emerald had kissed him and also his birthday. There was also that time where Luke kissed Emerald under the mistletoe. He smiled over the picture of Emerald sleeping on the chair while saliva came out of her mouth. He saw a picture of Emerald, sitting on her chair and wearing a bright smile while the sun was behind her. He sniffed, flipping through the pages and seeing more of her pictures and their pictures together.


Richard saw the same thing and cried. He saw the picture of him and Audrey walking together and a picture of Audrey wearing her carefree smile while her fingers in the peace sign. He also saw Audrey with her arm resting on the table and her head resting on her arms while wearing a loving smile. He saw Audrey in her succubus form, wearing a pout. He cried over the picture of him and Audrey in the Celestial City park, both watching the sunset and Audrey resting her head in Richard’s shoulder. He flipped over the next page, crying more as he saw more pictures of them together.


Cassandra saw almost similar things. She saw Darryl pictures of both of them together on their dates. She saw a picture of Darryl holding Sif high in the air while wearing his big smile. Sif pouted and folded his ears downward as she saw that picture. Cassandra saw Darryl unconscious after their badminton game. She cried over Darryl’s picture with his friends while being the one who laughed the loudest. The one she cried over the most was the picture of them kissing in the moonlight underneath a lamppost in Eprax.  She hugged the book tightly as she cried louder.


Steve and Joseph’s tears were slowly falling down as they resisted the urge to cry. They smiled over the pictures of Isabella being nervous and hiding her reddened face. Then they smiled at another picture of Isabella who was smiling gladly in front of the camera. They couldn’t hold it anymore, they cried at the picture of Isabella walking together with them. She was wearing a very happy smile as he looked up to the both of them, happy that she was with them. They closed the book for moment and looked away from each other, unable to hold their urge to cry.


Jackson cried quietly, seeing the pictures of Katejina made her sad. He smiled over the pictures of Katejina being angry when the camera took a photo of her. He wiped his tears as he saw a picture of Katejina and Emerald, Katejina actually smiling and Emerald smiling as well. He couldn’t help but cry loudly at the picture of him and Katejina at the Erick’s couch and Katejina resting her head in Jackson’s shoulder.


They all felt a mixture of happiness and sadness. They were happy that Kathrina gave them these albums but also sad because they reminisce the time they were with them, but they were also happy they could reminisce about.


“I know it’s old fashion, but they really wanted to do it” Kathrina said, tears also streaming down on her face. “turn it to the last page, they left something behind for you” she said, wiping her tears.


Curious, they all turned it to the last page. They all gasped at the sight of the five of them in one picture, all wearing bright and joyful smiles. Beside their pictures was a gift, different to each of them. Luke had a necklace with half a heart and a note.


I am sorry that I forgot to give you a present in your birthday. I was too busy planning everything that I forgot to give this to you. This is supposed to be a pair but if you are reading this, it’s likely that I’m dead. Nevertheless, wear this, so that when we meet each other again in Heaven, we’ll be able to complete this pair.




Luke grabbed the necklace and held it tightly, wiping his tear as he slowly wore the necklace.


Richard frowned, watching Luke close the book and resting his head on it. He looked down at his album and stared at Audrey’s gift. It was a picture of Audrey with Richard together. Richard was caught off guard while Audrey had her eyes closed, wearing a grin and his finger holding out the peace sign. Behind the picture was a note saying:


Something to remember me by, :) love you!


-Audrey ^-^


Richard smiled and grabbed his wallet from his pocket, he tucked the picture in one of the wallets pockets then wiped a tear.


Jackson smiled down at Katejina’s gift to him. It was a keychain of an angry lion, in the pose of roaring. There was a small note beside the picture that read:


Here! I think it represents you really well, a proud lion that’s always angry and roaring


Jackson smiled and placed the keychain to his bag and wiped his tear as well, closing the album and hugging his bag.


Joseph and Steve both looked at Isabella’s gift with smiles. There were two purple strings beside the picture and a note below it.


Tie these in your arms like a ribbon, it’s something to remember me by if I ever die. I knew you two would really care about me if I die so I had to give you two a remembrance. Please don’t fight when I’m dead, I really don’t want the two most important people in my life to fight.




Joseph and Steve grabbed it and tied it on their arms, they smiled at it as they wiped their tears. They closed their album as well and Steve wanted to give it Joseph but before he can, Joseph grabbed it and gave it to him.


“here, you deserve it. I know you’d want me to keep it, but I know you’ll need it more” he said with a smile. Steve frowned and wiped more of his tears before grabbing it and smiling.


“you’re right, thanks” he said, looking at it as tears dropped more. Joseph nodded, then looked at Lydia who was with Cassandra.


Cassandra was crying over her gift. It was a small wooden carving of a badminton racket. Like all the gifts, it had a note on it as well.


I made this so when you look at it, you could remember all the happy times when we were together and when I’m still alive. Please don’t think of it as something to make you sad everyday

-Darryl :)


Cassandra held it tightly, her tears pouring down on the album as she cried loudly. Lydia rubbed her back, then proceeded to hug her and trying to comfort her.


“somehow, they knew that they were going to die and made or bought these so you wouldn’t feel sad. They secretly gave it to me one night and told me specifically to only give these if any of them dies” Kathrina said, her face tearing up as well. Matter of fact, all of 3-f had tears streaming down on their faces.


“jeez, how many times have we cried already?” Luke asked jokingly, wiping another tear. They laughed together, Luke bringing some joy to the gloomy mood. After that, they all spent the rest of their time reminiscing and joking around, as usual.


Eventually it stopped and the other students had to go home. “goodnight!” Richard said, waving his hand goodbye before walking away. Erick and the four students all waved their hands goodbye before closing the door.


Ryan yawned loudly, “I’m tired! All this fighting really gets me worked up” he said, walking up the stairs. “see you all tomorrow” he said.


Coco followed as well, walking up while wearing a smile. “I’m gonna go to” she said.


“Same with me, lock the door you two” Erick said, smiling as he walked up. Luke and Kathrina nodded happily before looking at each other.


“spill it out” Kathrina said playfully.


“thank you, for everything” Luke said, wearing a sincere smile. Kathrina smiled and nodded. Luke, in surprise, suddenly wrapped his arms around Kathrina. “never really hugged anyone ‘cept for Em, let’s just say this is my thanks for my birthday and the albums” he said, looking away.


Kathrina was shocked at first but soon returned to smiling, “you’re welcome, Luke. I’m always happy to help the little bugger” she said playfully, messing with Luke’s hair.


He laughed, “whatever” he said, releasing Kathrina from his hug. “let’s go, don’t forget to lock the door” he hollered, Kathrina nodding. She walked to the door and locked before joining Luke upstairs.


“hey, Luke” she called as Luke was about to open the door. “thank you as well, for accompanying me to this journey. You guys really don’t want to leave anyone behind” she said.


Luke smiled, “we are 3-f, no one cares for us so we have to care for each other” he said proudly, opening the door and seeing Coco and Ryan asleep already.


“yeah, I guess so” she said, walking in as well.


The end of book 1


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