Chapter 5: High school brawl!!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It was finally time to go home. Katejina and Emerald were the first to go and completely forgot about taking Victor home with the rest of the class.Luke, Ben, Joseph, Jackson, Darryl, Chris, and Christina did fulfill Erick’s request. They all walked in a group so Victor wouldn't be beaten up by bullies. But it looks like they never learned their lesson, as the upperclassmen still waited for them. But this time, they're armed. They have ice picks, baseball clubs, arnis, and one has a butterfly knife. They all had an angry look on their face. Victor is the only one who seems to be scared, Luke and even Christina seems to be ready to put their life on the line for him. 


"give us Victor and we'll spare you" one of them said, brandishing his knife


"and what? You'll beat him up? No way!" Luke replied, glaring at the seniors


It angered the upperclassman more until finally, he gave the command to attack them. There were 20 seniors against 6 juniors. Luke charges forward and dodges the stabs of the seniors then he hits them in the nape. "Joseph, guard Victor!" Darryl ordered as he charges forward. Joseph nods and goes to guard Victor. Darryl punches one then grabs his ice pick then throws it in one of the senior's knee. Ben was taught martial arts by his master and Erick. Erick taught him an art that he nor the world doesn't know, he was looking his foe directly in the eye then punches them directly in the heart which causes them to faint. He was doing this to  5 of them but then he got stabbed in the chest.


"so, why would death be a teacher?" Katejina asks as Erick senses his students in danger


"probably because he doesn't have a job anymore." Emerald replied as Erick exits the school


Erick was dashing through the street in death form, no one noticed him but the wind he creates as he dashed through the streets can be felt in the living realm. He tries to find his students as they get beaten up. Jospeh finally stepped and grabbed 3 students and slammed them, there was abut 5 seniors and 2 juniors. "Victor, run away now!" Joseph said. Victor was about to run but he hesitates, he looks at the beaten bodies of his classmates and realized that he can't run, he won't run, he'll fight because his classmates fought for him and he needs to fight for them now. He grabs a bat from one of the seniors and stood next to Joseph. 


"what are you doing?" Joseph asks, perplexed at what Victor is doing


"This is my fight as well, Joseph!" Victor replied, finally having the courage to rise up.


Joseph smiles and they both charged forward.


"a hundred years ago, man has found a way to decrease the death rate to 10 lives a year by genetically engineering our body to a longer lifespan. It was the closest we could get for immortality. Heck, even now scientists are still trying experimenting with our body until we can reach immortality" Emerald continued to say as Erick nears the location of his students


"how do you know all of this?" Katejina asks, raising her brow


Erick stops at an open field far from the school. His eyes shows horror at the sight he's seeing. The seniors had won with Joseph kneeling on one knee and his face and body were all bloody. Next to him was Victor, who was still standing up and ready to fight again. Erick runs to the tree and reappeared in teacher form.


Erick walks slowly out of the tree and shouts "Mr. Sparks, please leave!". Victor turns and smiles, Erick was there to rescue him. 


Victor then helped Jospeh up and ran away. Victor was confident that Erick can take the upperclassman out. Once they were far enouch, Erick smirks. "I'll give one chance to surrender before things get crazy" he said while looking directly in the senior's eyes. It startled him but he still stood. Erick was impressed "He's not afraid to die" Erick thought to himself as the eyes of the senior proves it. It certainly impressed he sighs and adjust his tie. he stretches his hand to reveal a scythe. Now the senior was afraid as Erick charged forward and gave a cynical smile as he charges forward and kills the senior. He harvest the soul of it and the scythe disappeared afterwards.


Erick grabs all 4 of his students and rushed them in his house. He goes there and lays them all on the floor. He kneels down and pray. "God, I've brought you the dying bodies of children whom I believe could change the cycle and turn it back to normal. So, please, I beg of you to give them one more chance at life". At first, he thought it wasn't answered. But then a holy light shone down on the 4 bodies and they were healed. Joseph and Victors wounds were also healed. "Each of your students have a personal mission they need to complete before yours. You cannot complete yours until theirs are completed" God spoke. Erick nods. 




"well?" Katejina said, waiting for Emerald's response.


"oh, sorry!" Emerald apoligized. They were hanging out at a cafe. Emerald bought Katejina coffee. "well, as for you're question ealrier, I have a father who's a scientist that works on the 'Immortality Project'." she continued before sipping on her coffee.


"and I'm guessing he's also a fan of mystery?" she asks and Emerald nods.


"but that's not why I'm trying to figure out who death is! I want to do it because I want to help my father. In my family, I'm the worst member. My older borther is way smarter than me and he graduated high school as a valedictorian, meanwhile I'm here on the lowest section. Even if I'm a failure, he continues to love me but I know he's not proud of me. Which is why I'm trying to find out who death is! If I can do that, I'll be able to help out my dad in a big way and he'll finally say the one thing I want him to say to me." 


Her long explanation almost made Katejina cry. She felt sad for Emerald. She held her hand and said with a smile "then let me help you! so your dad will finally be proud of you". Emerald gave a smile but her eyes were about to tear. "thanks, Katejina" she said. 


A little later and they got out of the cafe and walked home. Passing by the arcade, Emerald was grabbed by someone. Emerald struggle but stops when she hears a familiar laugh. Katejina turns and it was Darryl who was holding Emerald. Darryl had a smile as he plays with Emerald's face. Katejina also smiles and softly punches Darryl's shoulder. Darryl lets go of Emerald.


"why'd you do that?" she asks, angrily


"you promised you hang out with us! But here you are with Katejina" Darryl said, smiling and messing with Emerald's head


Emerald remembers Darryl asking her earlier to hang out with them and she agreed. 


"I guess I forgot. I'm sorry" she said, her face slightly reddish.


Emerald thinks that Darryl would be mad but she looks up and Darryl still had a smile. She was surprised that Darryl wasn't mad.


"that's okay! There still time! Come, join us at the arcade! Professor Erick is here as well" Darryl said, gesturing his hand to the building behind him.


Emerald looked at Katejina who nods and they both went inside and had a great time. The 6 students ,who fought the seniors earlier, all needed this. They spent their time on the arcade smiling and laughing. Erick stands in a corner with smile  but it slowly turns into a frown as he thinks about everyone's mission and how things got a lot more complicated and it's all his fault. He sighs hoping that their missions will be easy.


The next day arrived and Erick arrived in his classroom an hour early than his class. He was there to plan an indirect way for his class to tell him their mission. God must be kind, as Erick sees that their English lesson today is a story about a man on a mission. Erick smiles and looks up to the sky. "You must put a lot of faith to these kids." he said. He didn't notice that Emerald was already there and saw him talking to no one.


"imaginary friend, sir?" she joked, noticing that Erick was talking to no one


"Yeah, so to say" Erick retorts, smirking afterwards.


Emerald takes a seat. Erick was a little bit shocked, the sun was halfway rising and already a student has arrived. 


"I thought punctuality is a myth in the worst section" he joked


Emerald chuckles as she sets his bag aside. After that joke, things became silent. Both of them were thinking of plans on how to achieve their goals. Erick looks into Emerald's eyes, from just one looke he can tell that Emerald wants something from him. Emerald looks into Erick's eyes, essentially both of them made eye contact. Both seemed to want something from each other. Emerald wanting Erick's true identitiy and Erick wanting Emerald's mission. Both opened each other's mouth at the same time, both are about to say the same thing.


"WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" Both suddenly asks


"Tell me yours first!" Erick said as he leans his head towards Emerald


"tell ME yours first!" Emerald said as she too leans her head towards Erick


Luke and Darryl suddenly opened the classroom doors and were a little bit surprised at the scene. The two's eyes were talking to each other. If it's as if they both took each other's challenge. Erick smirks as well as Emerald.


"woah! Things got a little bit intense here" Luke said as the air sends shivers throughout his and Darryl's body.


Finally the two calmed down and went back to planning. Luke and Darryl finally had the chance to sit down. 


"Tell me... why are the three of you so early?" Erick asks with a glare


"err, well... Emerald told me" Darry stutters, Erick nods while closng his eyes "and you?" he asks pointing to Luke


"I got here because of Darryl" he replied calmly.


Erick turns his eyes back to Emerald. She was writing something while smiling and is completely ignoring Erick. Darryl and Luke notices that Emerald is not paying attention and Darryl moved her a little and he got a pinch in the neck. Emerald kept her smile even though she hits a friend. Erick coughs and only then does Emerald turns her attention. Erick gestures to Darryl.


"oh, sorry! I tend to do that when I'm concentrating and someone is physically disturbing me" She apologized.


"a little bit specific, but okay!" Darryl said as he blows his finger


"Now since that's done, perhaps you might want to tell us why you wanted these two attend so early?" Erick asks, curious.


"yes! I called you here because today is the class election" Emerald lied but Luke can see through her bluff


"right! We all know you'd win class election" he said and Emerald panicked a little as Luke saw through her lie. She was acting less like the Emerald earlier as she sweats a lot.


"Then tell us why did you call them here" Erick asks nicely


Emerald hesitates to say a word. Darryl thinks that it might be embarrassing. Erick thinks that Emerald might be up to something revolving around him again, he places his hand underneath the table, reaching for something. Luke didn't think of anything, he was thinking about paint and other stuff. 


"well?" Darryl said, excited to hear what Emerald would say.


"I don't have a club!" she shouts fast. Erick calms down and places his hand back at the table.


"so you called us here because you think that the clubs we would choose could fit in with your likings?" Luke asks and Emerald nods slowly


"What are your clubs?" Erick asks "It's only been one day and you already have a club? I mean I get Mr. Divine and Mr. Fall and Ms. Spring but you two..." he continues


"well, I plan to join the Booklovers club because I like books" Darryl said, Erick then looks at Luke.


"well... I think this is the only school that has a hobbyist club so that's where I'll be joining" he said


"It seems as though their clubs are unfit for you Ms. Winters" Erick sadly said. "Hold on. Didn't you join a club last year?" he asks


"I joined the Science club last year but I don't think they'll let me join again" She said pointing out the fact that she's in the lowest section.


"want me to beat them up so you can join" Luke joked as he stands and makes a devilish grin


"oh, please don't!" Emerald said "besides, I don't plan on going there anyway" she continued and it worried Erick a little. It also made him think that this could be her mission. 


A little later and everyone has arrived. Erick started calling out their names. Everyone was present and Erick started his class. English was the first subject and their lesson is a story about a boy who's on a mission sent to him by God. Everyone was paying attention, no one was getting distracted. Luke was writing down notes while Darryl nods after every sentence. Once over, Erick pulls out 20 papers from his bag and gives one to each students.


"Now, since the story was about a boy on a mission, I want you to write on that piece of paper your personal missions. What is it that you want to accomplish in your life? " he asks. "To those who can't pass it now, pass it to me later," he continued as his students are having trouble finding their missions.


Everyone started writing but Enerald was hesitating. Erick had expected that she'd be first. Luke, on the other hand, was already done. He and Katejina passed it at the same time. To Erick's surprised, only 3 has passed their paper. Erick sighs as he expected more. He continued his lessons afterwards.


Once their break arrived, he talked to all the girls to see him later after school. After that weird encounter, Katejina and Emerald went downstairs to the cafeteria. Darryl and Luke stayed upstairs, as most of the boys did. 


"hey halloween's coming up! You have a costume ready?" Darryl asks and Luke shook his head as he look throug a window. His eyes caught the sight of the seniors beating up a junior. "I still can't believe this school starts at October instead of June like all the other schools in other countries" Darryl continues


"well that's how we handle it in Eprax. This place is full of wonders. I mean this place did a lot of things. Our longer lives, hoverboards, self-driving cars, the cure for cancer, it's the perfect country" Luke said grimly


"But ironically enough November 1 is when we've received our longer lives" Erick suddenly said, he held Luke's hand which had a fist formed. Luke was surprised he noticed. Erick smiles at him and shook his head, all Luke could do was nod. Erick walked away to, possibly, handle the seniors. 


"well that was random" Darryl said, Luke walked back inside.


"hey, Darryl, let's eat" he said


Over to Emerald, she was having trouble eating as she still thinks about the mission. Katejina could not help but notice that she has only took a few bites off her meal. 


"hey, Emerald!" she called while snapping her fingers in front of Emerald. Emerald grabs Katejina's finger and snaps it.


"Emerald!" she shouts and it finally caught her attention.


"yes?" she replied as if nothing happened. she then looks at what she's holding and lets go.


"you've only taken a few bites on your food. Is something wrong?" she asks, worried about Emerald's unsual action.


"I don't know what to write! I can't tell him my actual mission!" she shouts as she slams her head at the table. Katejina chuckles as she finds it adorable when Emerald is at a loss.


"just tell him! I'm sure he'll understand" someone said


They turned their heads to the left and see a black haired woman with red eyes. She was beautiful but her eyes makes it look like she's a vampire.


"I'm sorry, who are you?" Emerald asks the black haired girl.


"I'm Audrey. I'm your classmate and I know your mission. Catching death right?" she asks with a smile. Emerald's face went red as she didn't even recognize hr classmate.


It caught Emerald and Katejina by surprise. Emerald looks to Katejina with a glare and she shook her head. Emerald wonder how did she know, none of them told her or anyone. 


"h-h-how did you know?" Emerald stutters and to her surprise, Audrey kept a smile.


"I overheard you yesterday at the cafe. To be honest, Christina is the only one who hasn't heard it yet" She explained as the memories of yesterday flashes back. Audrey was literally just to the right of Emerald and Cassandra.


"YOU MEAN EVERYONE HAS HEARD IT?!!?" they both asks. Emerald pulling her hair and Katejina slamming the table


"only the girls!" Audrey said with a wink.


Emerald was able to sigh but her secret had now been spread through half her class. 


"anyway, we'll help. I think that it'll be fun knowing who professor Erick truly is" Audrey said. Emerald was happy to know that they'll help. It was like a weight has been lifted. She finally wrote down something on her paper. Her paper reads: "to make my father proud"







Submitted: October 28, 2017

© Copyright 2021 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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Kathrina Csernis

Like always, I enjoyed the chapter! I like all the new characters that you've introduced, especially Audrey, kinda makes me think of Audrey from the show Scream, maybe that's why I like her xD I like how she just casually approaches them and tells them she knows their mission. I love when she winked, I love her character and I can't wait to see more of her cx I did notice a few spelling mistakes, so you just need to read through and sort those. Apart from that, its really good and I'm enjoying the story so far. My favourite character has to be Audrey :3

Sat, November 4th, 2017 2:59am


Hello! I'm glad you liked it! Yes, you're gonna see more of her. Everyone in Erick's class are considered as the main characters. :)

Fri, November 3rd, 2017 8:35pm


.... Mission...what?..what?...all I can say is that I'm so excited. It's awesome. As always Erick-senpai is best teacher 2017. I hope I have a teacher like him hahaha.

My fave characters so far are Emerald, Darryl, also the Mr. Fall and Ms. Summers (hope I got that right). Emerald's backstory sounds like to be a dramatic one and her determination. A real plot pushes (i think). Darryl, well, I just like him as a character and also, I love books too. The two, I can't really explain its just the first time they were mentioned I was like. "Yeah, I like them"

I'm still reading it currently. So far enjoying it so much. I hope be as good as you.

Good luck with the story!

Mon, November 13th, 2017 1:23pm


Hey! I'm glad you're liking it so far. Mr. Fall, that's Chris and Ms. Summers that's Christina. I'm glad you liked Emerald and Darryl, they are some of my favorite but I like all of them.

I'm glad you liked Erick. It's my own work but I, too, want Erick as a teacher haha. I'm happy that you're still reading it. :)

Mon, November 13th, 2017 6:12am


I really enjoy your story. I like how their class develops to being this gloomy group to helping each other out with their full support. I'm gonna continue reading it as I really liked the story.

Ps. My favorite character is Emerald

Sun, November 19th, 2017 2:17pm


Glad you're liking it! I'm glad you like Emerald and I'm glad you're continuing to read it. :)

Sun, November 19th, 2017 6:19am


Awesome chapter. I was wondering what was going to happen to the students that were dying. I figured Erick had a way to save them himself. I never expected him to speak directly to God that was pretty cool. It's hard for me to pick a favorite person in this story they all seem pretty cool. I am actually leaning a bit towards Luke.

Audrey seems pretty cool and I liked how you described her appearance. She does really sound like a vampire. I am actually wondering if she is or maybe she is wearing colored contacts lol.

Tue, December 12th, 2017 9:00am


I really had no other way to transition the missions so I went with God instead lol. But also because Erick can't revive people since he's well death. I'm glad you liked it though. I'm glad you're liking Luke, he is kinda the 'Nagisa' of the class lol.

I'm glad you like Audrey and no, she's not wearing colored contacts, it's her natural eye color.

Tue, December 12th, 2017 1:20am

S. Rasmussen

Ok. I like the references to Christianity. And Erick. I don't think it's ok for him to kill other students. I know he's death, but his duty now should be being a teacher, right?

I wonder what the missions are. Maybe they together will make humanity achieve immortality? And when that happens, death isn't needed anymore?

Fri, December 29th, 2017 4:50pm


A teacher and also protecting his students because of something important later on. That's why he needed to kill them.

Maybe but it might also be more of a personal level

Fri, December 29th, 2017 9:17am



Well besides that I like the concept. Is death gonna have to help each one complete their mission and then kill them? I think Emerald's mission is either gonna be completed either really early or be the last one. I like everyone so far, Luke, Emerald, Audrey.... and all those dead bodies lol

Imma read moreeeee

Fri, February 2nd, 2018 2:40pm


No! But Umm uh here in the Philippines it's quite common for high school students to have those shit. Clearly you've not seen all

Wow, you're good! Yes, he will kill them. Hmm I'm glad you like the characters and those three seem to be everyone's favorite.


Fri, February 2nd, 2018 6:58am


Wow, Erick just killed a senior. Won't anyone be concerned he's disappeared completely? He was a pain though, always picking on the other students, but still, haha. I'm glad Erick's students are alright. I wonder what their missions are though? I like this new character too, Audrey seems like she'll be a pretty cool character. It's funny how all the girls already know of her mission.

Tue, April 24th, 2018 7:51pm

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