My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Darryl's love

Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 31, 2017











The bell rang and it was time to go back. It was a normal day at class yet unlike the first day, 3-f was listening. Joseph couldn't help but notice Darryl looking at their blond classmate as Erick started his lectures. They listened and understood at an incredible, yet calm, speed. As Erick relayed the lesson, he sees that everyone was paying attention and he couldn't help but smile inside. His lessons felt fast but in truth, he was discussing rather normally. There was something supernatural going on as Emerald suspected since the bell rang immediately after Erick's lecture. It didn't take long until dismissal.


Emerald and the rest of the girls all went to Erick's office. Luke, then, caught Darryl looking at a blond haired girl from their class and thought to make fun of him. "hey! I see you looking at Cassandra over there" Luke spoke up, causing Darryl to blush a bit.


"don't worry, I'll be sure to keep quiet..." he said, turning around. "HEY EVERYONE, DARRYL LIKES CASSANDRA!!!" Luke shouts. He then gets a punch in the head as a reply, but it didn't stop him from laughing even if he was down om the ground.


All the boys noticed and immediately come over to them. Joseph smiles a bit. 


"out of your league" Luke said, while leaning against one of the huge windows of the nearby convenience store as they waited for Christina. Luke had an icebag to his face. Darryl was sitting near one of the huge windows with his head down. Joseph and Jackson were near the soda cooler.


"I know that! And I've also heard she has a boyfriend" Darryl replied.


"nope! Well, I used to be her boyfriend" Joseph said, raising his hand




"because... I think that Darryl ,here, has a chance. I won't be angry, why would I? We broke up because I'm not fit for her." he said


"why?" Darryl asks as Joseph approached him. Joseph took a seat, opening his can of soda. they were both looking at the road and how empty it was. No cars were in sight, only students and other people. Most of the students and the other pedestrian had partners with them which made Darryl a little bit sad. 


"the reason why I think you have potential is because I think you can handle the responsibility of having a girlfriend" Joseph said. "I broke up with her because I didn't think that having a girlfriend would be such a burden. Looking at you, I think you can handle it. So, up for it? We're willing to help" he continued. Darryl realized how much faith Joseph has placed in him and felt bad for being down. His classmates approached him and his frown turned to smile


"well, okay! I'll do it. But how are you all going to help me?" Darryl asks, confused as to how all of them are going to help


"leave that to me!" Luke said smirking while pointing to himself.


"wow! Weren't you against me earlier?" Darryl joked. Luke chuckles a bit. 


"meh! I'm going to help 'cause I wanna have a good laugh at this" he joked.


"thanks guys!" Darryl thanked as all his classmates formed a circle around him. They talked about their plan. 


Soon, Christina and the rest of the girls finally leave the school to meet up with the boys. They all walked in one big group. Through the window, Erick sees them and couldn't help but smile. He looked at everyone's papers and Erick gazed at Darryl's paper. It read: "to have Cassandra as a girlfriend before graduation".


"My, oh, my will this be hard" Erick said, before setting aside Darryl's paper.


He leaves the school and heads home. He writes down the things he needs to complete each and everyone of his student's missions. After that, he fell asleep since writing that many made him tired. It didn't take long for the sun to rise.


Erick was surprised when he entered his classroom. It was still early and already all of his male students are inside his classroom. They were all at the back of the class, thinking and planning for something. Erick had a few ideas as to why the boys are early, but the first thing to come to is mind is Cassandra and Darryl's mission. 


"I'm guessing you're all here to help Darryl get Cassandra?" Erick asks. The boys were shocked because Erick knew their plan. They can't lie either, Erick is sure to know in an instant. They all nod in unison and Erick chuckles a bit. Erick looked at his students, they all looked scared. They think that Erick will scold them since he knows about Darryl's mission.


"Hey, now, don't look so sad. I'm not against Darryl getting a girlfriend. You're teenagers and these things happen" Erick said


The boys, again, was surprised. A teacher that wasn't against his student having a girlfriend? It almost felt like a fantasy. Even Luke was surprised. 


"sir!" Jackson said, raising his hand.


"Yes?" Erick replied


"will you help us? I think a man like you is what we need for this operation to work" 


Erick was rather surprised, he's suppose to be the one reaching out. He had gained the student's trust enough so much that they weren't so shy as to even ask for advice on getting a girlfriend. He sighed and walked over to his students. They shared laughs since Erick was giving absurd ideas. Finally, Darryl came and they pretended that nothing has happened. Darryl noticed that Jackson was sitting in his place and that all the boys sat at the left side of the classroom and Erick seemed to be unfazed by this. He also noticed that there were only 10 seats at the left and 10 seat at the right. The boys silently chuckled as Darryl knew that they were planning something. He did the obvious and sat at the chair that was the closest to Cassandra.


Once all the girls had arrived, they immediately noticed something irregular. 


"hey, Darryl, why are you sitting here when all the boys are there?" Audrey asked as Cassandra took the seat next to Darryl. Audrey sat down on the other side next to Cassandra. The other girls took their seats and class was in session.


"Now, class, I forgot to do this yesterday but... we still don't have classroom officers." Erick said 


"sir! I vote Darryl as class rep!" Jackson yelled as he rose his hand


"I think we all know who would be the right class rep." Luke said, looking at Emerald with a smile.


"So, who wants Ms. Winters as their class rep.?" Erick asks as he wrote her name on the board


The entire class raised their hands and it was decided. Emerald stood up with a smile. "thanks for voting for me. I'll make sure that I'm going to be the best class representative" she promised and everybody claps. The rest of the officers were also voted unanimously. Joseph became vice president because none of the boys wanted to, Audrey became the secretary because of her beautiful handwriting and Victor got chosen as the treasurer because he was the most conservative. When it was time for the monitors, that's when the boys hatched their plan.


"Alright, time for class monitors. Anyone from the boys that wants to nominate someone" Erick asks and Luke rose his hand "Yes, Mr. Shadows?" 


"I would like to nominate Cassandra" Luke said


Cassandra stood up with a smile as Emerald wrote down her name


"Anyone else who wants to be nominated as the female class monitor?" Erick asks, no one raised their hands 


"Alright. Who wants Ms. Indemnity to be our female monitor?" Erick asks and all the boys rose their hands. Erick looked at Emerald and she wrote down Cassandra's name.


"perv" Katejina said with a gross look


"I wonder if they're planning on something" Audrey wondered


"Now for the male monitor. I'll have the girls choose" Erick said. Audrey rose her hand. "Yes Ms. Blaze?"


"I would like to nominate Darryl as the male monitor" she said and Emerald wrote down his name


All the boys cheered inside of their hearts. Their plan was going to work.


"Anyone else?" Erick asks. Emerald rose her hand. "Yes Ms. Winters"

"I would like to nominate Luke to be monitor" Emerald said and she wrote down Luke's name


"Anyone else?" Erick asks and no one raised their hands.


"Alright, Who wants Darryl to be their Monitor?" Erick asks and all the boys plus Audrey raised their hands


"I knew it! They are planning on something" Audrey thought


"Now, how about Luke?"  Erick asks and all the girls aside from Audrey raised their hands. Darryl won by one vote.


"Now that, that's settle let's continue our class" Erick declared and all of them agreed. Audrey looked at the boys as they cheered for something she knows they don't care about. She wonders what could they be cheering on. The rest of the class was the same, Erick taught in a fast yet understandable way and everybody listened and understood him. The bell for recess didn't take long either.


Audrey stayed in the classroom when Cassandra and the other girls left. She really wanted to know why the boys were so excited during the election. She approached the boys, who formed a circle for their planning, with a smile. The boys didn't seem to notice until Jackson shouts.




Due to his small size, he could only see Audrey's eyes which were red. The rest of the boys turned around and realized that Audrey was the vampire Jackson was talking about. Audrey still kept her smile, even if she was just insulted earlier. 


"hi" Luke said before turning around.


"what do you want, Audrey?" Joseph asked


"I just want to know why are you so excited when Cassandra and Darryl got voted for class monitor?" she asks. The boys panicked a little as Audrey saw their enthusiasm during the election.


"oh, that was just nothing. We really just wanted Darryl to win" Joseph lied, poorly.


"Joseph, don't lie. Like our teacher, you can't lie to me" Audrey said, still keeping her smile.


"oh I got it! Darryl has a crush on Cassandra" Audrey said. 


"NOPE!" all of the boys said while they were going red for being found. Audrey smiled wider after finding out that their secret. She was excited to help them achieve their goal.


"don't worry I'll keep it a secret" she winked "if you involve me in your schemes!"


The boys couldn't do anything. It's either she would tell or she'd join them. They had no other options.


"we'll let you join. Remember that Darryl has to get Cassandra before graduation" Joseph said, he seemed rather hesitant to say it


"okay, that's easy. I'm Cassandra's best friend, I know everything there is to know about her" Audrey said.


The boys looked like they didn't regret adding her to the team. After all, she could help them a lot. With Audrey by their side they could get Cassandra to like Darryl in a matter of weeks. As Audrey joined their circle, the boys were hesitant to say something. They're going to asks someone's secret. But were hesitant to do so. Luke didn't care though, he looked at them and how hesitant they were and sighed.


"okay, what does Cassandra like in a guy?" Luke asked, curious.


"she's pretty basic. She just wants someone who truly loves her and knows the responsibility of having a girlfriend. Oh and also someone who can beat her in badminton" Audrey said


"the undefeated badminton player" Chris said "she's this school best badminton player but because of her poor grades, she's stuck here"


The boys looked sad. The fact that Darryl didn't know how to play badminton made them sad. Jackson, on the other hand, looked at his classmates with confusion. Jackson looks like he knew something they didn't. All that time Audrey was looking at Joseph. She wonders what could he be thinking as his silence and his fingers twitching seems to suggest a secret. Audrey smiled as she realized someone else has a secret too.


"we have a badminton player in the boys as well!" Jackson said, shocking the boys and Audrey


"who?" Luke asks, looking at everyone.


"Steve, over here, is considered to rival Cassandra but he never did want to because this guy is humble as hell" Jackson said pointing to the black haired, blue eyed, teenager that was sitting next to Jackson. He was quiet and his looks say that he's humble. Audrey was surpised too. Steve didn't look like the type of guy who would play badminton.


"we can use him to teach Darryl how to play" Audrey suggested but it looked like the boys had already figured that out. Their faces told it all. 


"well, Steve, are you willing to?" Luke asks.

"I didn't join this operation for nothing, right?" he declared and the boys cheered.


"hey I have to go, Cassandra might get worried if I don't go" Audrey said, looking at her watch. The boys bid her farewell as they went about to their usual planning.


Audrey left with a smile. She was surprised that the boys had easily accept her in their operation. She wondered if Joseph actually told them why they had broke up. But from the looks on their faces, it looks like he didn't. She sighed knowing that Joseph would never say something that horrible to his classmates. Once she reached the cafeteria, she greeted her friends with a smile and a wave. They ate and talked until it was time for them to go back. The class was normal apart from Erick giving a surprise quiz in social studies. They all passed it, but Jackson and Cassandra got a perfect score.


Finally, it was time for dismissal and Audrey joined Luke and the others to go home. Darryl was a little bit surprised that Audrey joined them. They went to the same convenient store and waited for Chris and Christina, since they had something to do in the music club. Luke then remembered that Emerald couldn't decide on what club she should choose and decided to message her. Meanwhile, Joseph was hanging out at the soda cooler as usual and Audrey approached him with a serious face this time. Joseph looks at her and was surprised she wasn't smiling. Audrey usually greets people with a smile.


"can I help you?" Joseph asks.


"did you tell them?!" Audrey asks, her voice differed from her usual cheery voice.


"what- no! Why would I tell them?" Joseph replied, his voice sounds like he was afraid to tell something.


"Joseph if you don't tell them then... Darryl might..." Audrey said, her voice lowered. She was frightened by something.


"I might what?" Darryl asked


Audrey gasps as Darryl was right in front of them. He had a badminton racket with him, suggesting that they've been practicing outside. He had this curious face on him that frightened Audrey a little.


"it's nothing!" Audrey said but Joseph approached him with a frown.


"come with me..." 


Darryl joins him to a corner of the store to talk about something. Luke notices that Audrey wasn't at all cheerful, she was more frightened and worried about what's to come next. Luke looked at Joseph and Darryl talking, both of them looked like they've regret talking about it. Luke notices that Audrey, as well, looked like she regretted mentioning it to Joseph.


"something wrong?" Luke asks, kraising his brow


"did Joseph ever told you why they broke up?" Audrey asks hesitantly

"he told us it was because he can't handle the responsibility of having a girlfriend" Luke replied, innocently


"that's true, but there's more to it. After Joseph realized it, there was also a rumor that Cassandra might have cheated on him. This proved to be true and when Joseph found out, Cassandra said some things that can make anyone cry."




Joseph and Cassandra were outside of school. They were having an argument. Audrey was just standing there, unable to do anything


"why did you cheat on me?" he asks, angrily


"because you can't handle the responsibility" she replied


"how long have you been cheating on me?" Joseph asks, he's just sad now


"when I've realized that you're not worth my time." Cassandra hissed, folding her arms.


Joseph stayed silent. Audrey could only watch, she wanted to stop it but couldn't find the strength to.


"why didn't you just wait for me to cut us off?" Joseph asks


"because I wanted to insult you!" Cassandra shouts "you suck at being a boyfriend. I wanted to insult you by cheating on you. I did it so you can realize that I'm out of your league and that you need to be better if you really want to have me". At this point, all Joseph could do was listen. 


"I'm sorry, Joseph, but I don't love you." Joseph gasps "from the moment I realized that you can't handle the responsibility of having a girlfriend, I've given up on you. Goodbye!" 


As Cassandra walks out, Joseph cried. Audrey was still there, so she comforted and helped Joseph out as he cried.




"and that's the story. Joseph wasn't himself after that. He became really lazy and didn't care about life. But thanks to the professor, he was able to be the same man he was before" Audrey said. He looks at Luke and notices that his fists were clenched and he was angry. Audrey was worried that Luke might do something inappropriate. "if you're thinking about doing something bad, don't. Please!"  Audrey said.


"if the time comes, then I will do it. I just hope that Darryl doesn't give up on his mission." Luke said as he looks at Darryl who had his eyes covered by his hair but his frown can say it all.






















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