My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

I couldn't think of a way to make this sad so why not just make it funnier. Least that's what I think is going to happen.

Chapter 7 (v.2) - Darryl's love pt. 2 (the sillier ending)

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 21, 2017




Darryl stood there, sad and ready to give up. He felt down and wanted to give up after hearing Joseph's story. He felt like not doing it, if Joseph can't hold the responsibility how can he? Luke notices Darryl's emotions through his hands forming a fist and his gritting teeth. He walks over and punches him right in the stomach. Everyone gasps and hurried to Darryl and Luke.


"really? I can't believe you'd give up that easy" Luke said as Darryl coughs


"what the hell, Luke?" Joseph asks for an explanation. He was not pleased with Luke's action. Luke didn't answer. He was waiting for Darryl's poor response.


"I'd rather give up than have my heart broken" Darryl said as he stood up. Irritated, Luke punches him again, this time at the face.


"so you'd rather give up on the mission you've placed on yourself than actually trying to suceed? Is that it? If so, then I have never met such a weak person like you" Luke insulted. Darryl wasn't clearly happy with this, and so he sucker punches Luke at the face. Darryl grabs hold of him and runs up to the door, opening it, leading them outside. Darryl throws him at the asphalt and Luke smirks. Joseph was about to help when he suddenly smiles as he sees a person that's better at stopping him.


"that all you got?" he asks in a cocky tone, as if he's experienced worse. Darryl hurried to him and jumped. Luke then had flashes of the incident and quickly dodged.


"Darryl stop!" Luke said, his voice suddenly changed. But Darryl wasn't going off half-assed, He charges forward for a punch which Luke dodges. 

"please, stop! I don't want another-" His words were cut short by Darryl's relentless punching. Luke continues to dodge, not wanting to hurt him anymore. He closes his eyes as he tries to block Darryl's punches by forming a cross with his arms.Suddenly, Darryl's punching stopped. Luke opens his eyes and saw Erick stopping Darryl.

"Mr. Fong, please, if you want to settle thing, settle it in words." he said as Darryl struggle to fight Erick's insane grip. Luke sighs as Erick stops the fight. Everyone else sighed too.

a little later, Luke and Darryl had bandages on their faces. Luke, again, had an ice bag on his face. Everyone was silent as Erick stands there, eyes closed and crossed arms. They were about to get scolded.


"I'm disappointed in you two!" he said and everyone screamed as they thought Erick was going to say something worse.

"we're sorry sir" Darryl said

"don't apologize, it was me who started it anyway" Luke said, glaring at Erick slightly. Erick glared back.


"Why did you do that?" Erick asks, expecting a good reason for such a harsh action.


"I did it because I hate seeing people give up." Luke said. "People who gives up too easily are weak and they can't achieve what their goals are" he continued as he glared at Darryl. Erick looks at Darryl. Darryl sighs, knowing why Erick looked at him.


"Joseph told me what Cassandra is like and I felt like I've got no way of winning her over. If he can't do it, how can I?" he said with a frown. 


"YOU JUST HAVE TO TRY IT!!" Luke said, irritated at Darryl. Joseph, Steve, Victor, and Jackson all went in and grabbed hold of Luke. They knew that it was going to take all of them to stop Luke since his rage cannot be stopped.


"While I don't agree with his methods, Luke is right. If you give up too easily then you'll never achieve or gain that which you want" Erick said. He puts his hand on Darryl's shoulder and smiles. "It doesn't hurt to try, you're a teenager! Love is normal for you and it's normal for teenagers to break up as well. You're still young, and you can do whatever you want! I've agreed to help you all out on your personal missions so that you'll be able to achieve your goals, and this is your mission, right?" he asks. Darryl hesitats to answer. "Well?"


"yes sir" Darryl answers


"Then don't give up! You've got all the boys and Audrey to help you out. I'm here as well" Erick said. Darryl smiles as his confidence boosts up again. He looks over to his classmates. The 10 boys smiled at him as they grouped up. Audrey gives a friendly wave and Darryl looks to Luke and he sighs.


"glad to see you're back!" he said, rolling his eyes.


"thanks guys!" Darryl said.


The next day was the day they put their plan into motion. They had a P.E. class as their last period and coincidentaly, or maybe not ;), badminton was their activity. Erick knew that Cassandra was looking for a worthy rival and he also knew that Darryl had been practicing with Steve so that he can learn. He did the best thing for Darryl and grouped them into boy and girls. The first match was Luke versus Audrey.


The boys were cheering for Luke to kick her ass while the girls are cheering for Audrey to kill him. They both turned around and gave thumbs up then turns to each other and glared. Erick gave a coin toss. Luke was heads while Audrey was tails. It was tails and Audrey was first to serve. 


"hope you're ready to lose!" Audrey said, giggling in the process.


"as if I'll- woah!" Luke said as he quickly stroked. Audrey quickly returned and Luke wasn't fast enough to attempt a return. Audrey won a point. The game had Audrey favored and she won the game, happily jumping and smiling as Luke had the face of defeat all over his body.


"that's embarassing!" Victor said, covering his mouth.


"YOU DON"T SAY!" Vincent said, angryily.


"Next!" Erick yelled and Victor walked over to the court. Her opponent was a blue haired girl, taller than him. She had green eyes which is the only thing that's saying she's not Victor's sister. She also has a determined face which flinched Victor a little. Erick tossed the coin again and Victor was first to serve.


"get ready Freya, cuz I'm about to kick your-" Victor said, but as the match went on, Freya won.


"that's embarassing!" Vincent said, returning the insult to Victor.


"SHUT UP!!" Victor said pouting and crossing his arms.

"Next!" Erick yelled and Joseph stepped in. He was about to face Emerald. "Can the boys keep up?" Erick asks and Joseph smirks. The match went to Joseph's favor as he won. All the boys cheered for Joseph while the girls comforted with Emerald, saying that it was ok.

The next matches went as follows:

Ben vs Katejina= Ben

Chris vs Christina= Christina

Jackson vs Diana= Diana

Steve vs Isabella= Steve 

Richard vs Lydia= Richard

Keith vs Catherine= Draw


Finally, the final match. Cassandra stepped in and Darryl entered, shaking. Luke and the boys couldn't even look at him, they were cringing at how nervous he was. 


"hey, didn't you teach him how to play? Why's he nervous?" Luke whipered to Steve.


"I taught him how to play, not to boost his confidence" Steve retorted, a slight smirk on his face.


*mumble* *muble* from Luke as he stared at Darryl, still nervous


"Cassandra!" he called, getting Cassandra's attention. "I want you to fight me at your fullest! I want to beat you!" he continued. Cassandra's eyes switched from normal, to that of a target. Darryl flinched as he saw this, his shaking was more intense now. Erick flips the coin. Darryl was heads and Cassandra was tails.The coin drops and Darryl was the one who's going to serve.


"Start!" Erick shouts


Darryl's shaking eventualy stopped and he fainted. Before cassandra could even serve, Darryl fainted. Luke and the boys hurried to him, Jackson and Victor laughing until their breaths ran out. Cassandra put out a perplexed place as she tries to process what just happened.


"WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!" Audrey asked. Luke had to face her to confirm that it was her that swore. 


"did she just-" Luke stuttered, shocked that Audrey just said a swear word. 


Joseph nodded "yup!" he said like he had seen it before. 


A few hours later.


Darryl opened his eyes and saw Audrey. She had a worried face.


"Audrey?" Darryl called as he sat up and wiped his eyes. He looked at Audrey and she was holding a bottle of water. 


"here, I think you're going to need this" Audrey said, handing him the bottle of water. Darryl opened it and drank it. 


"what happened, I remember-" he cut halfway, as his cheeks turned bright red. Audrey giggled a little, seeing darryl remember what happened to him.


"it's okay, she really didn't at all" Audrey lied. Darryl fell for it, though. He stood up and Audrey followed. 


They both approached the gate to find Cassandra and Emerald. They both were talking to each other when Darryl and Audrey saw them. Cassandra and Emerald swayed their eyes to the two of them and Cassandra smiled. Audrey grabbed Darryl's hand and pulled him closer to Cassandra.


"so, you finally woke up" Cassandra said, a smirk on her face. It looked like she was surprised that Darryl woke up. 


"were you waiting for me?" Darryl nervously asked, scratching the back of his head like most anime characters would.


"in a way, yes" Cassandra said, looking at Audrey to see her nodding. She sighed and smiled at Darryl. "I wanna teach you how to play. I think you got overwhelmed when you were up against me" she joked, Darryl laughed nervously but in truth, he was overwhelmed.


"are you sure? I might just get in the way with your schedule?" Darryl joked. Cassandra chuckled a little.


"it won't be a bother, I've been itching to teach someone my tricks" she said, winking at Darryl causing him to blush. "so, you want to start right now?" she asked, holding her hand out. Darryl blushed more but shook it anyway.


Over at the convenience store, Luke, Darryl, and Erick watched them walk home. They smiled as Darryl completed his mission, albeit, a little sillier than they had intended.

© Copyright 2020 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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