My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

I am so late for this!! :)

Chapter 8 (v.1) - The late Halloween special

Submitted: November 09, 2017

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Submitted: November 09, 2017






Today was halloween. The school had made this day for the students to arrive at the afternoon to decorate their classrooms to the theme set this year: a Haunted house!. At night will be a celebration and a fright.


Emerald enters the classroom, Erick was there writing down something. She remembered that their school's annual Halloween party was about to start tonight. She thought that this is the perfect way to catch some evidence of Erick being the grim reaper. As she sat, Erick smiles. He knew that it was time for Halloween and they're going to ask him to dress up as their favorite reaper. 


"Good afternoon Ms. Winters, I see that your smile tells me you're up to something for the event tonight" Erick said and Emerald nods happily.


"well, we are going to dress you up as someone! Us students can't be the only one in costume" Emerald said, pulling out her sketchpad. Erick notices and squints his eyes at it.


"May I see?" Erick asks. Emerald gladly approached him with a smile. 


It was going according through Emerald's plan. If she could convince him to dress up as death and he acts like him, she might get some form of evidence. Erick looks at it, rather offended. She had drawn the grim reaper in an exagerated way. It had massive wings, a double-edged scythe, an armored robe, horns on the shoulders, legs, boots, the face was missing though. Emerald had a hard time keeping her smile as Erick's eyebrow twitched. For the first time, he was triggered. Erick needed a way for him to not seem so offended.


"Won't this cost us a lot of money?" he asks, giving the sketchpad back to him. Emerald gladly shook her head to Erick's surprise.


"we've already made your costume!" Emerald gladly said, Erick was astonished. "Audrey did most of the work though. I kinda want to ask what skill did she want you to teach her?" she asks nervously, scratching the back of her head. 


Erick didn't answer. Something about Emerald's question was traumatizing for Erick. He gets flashback of Audrey askig him to teach her a lot of things. She was like a vampire, sucking out Erick's knowledge from his body. Emerald was unsure of what is Erick thinking, though from his face it looked as if Audrey really pushed him to his limits. Emerald hesitates to wake him up. She snapped her fingers in front of Erick and she was surprise how fast he woke up. Erick shakes his head as he snaps back into reality, Emerald still waiting for an answer.


"I've taught her... a plethora of skills" Erick said, that was the best way he can describe it.


Katejina, Cassandra, and Audrey suddenly opened the classroom door carrying a large duffle bag with them. Erick sweats as he knows what that is. He could've easily dressed up as himself by himself, but he doesn't want to see the sad faces of his students. The smiles on their faces tells that they've worked so hard for this and he can't let those smiles frown, he has to wear that outlandish costume. They pulled the costume out, first the wings then the robe, then the scythe. 


"So, is this what I'm going to wear?" Erick asks. All of them nodded happily. "And we're sure this doesn't cost a lot?" he continued, they shook their heads. Erick nods, grabbing the wings and inspecting it. 


"You know death doesn't have wings right?" he asks. Emerald smiles inside. The costume was built for Erick to criticize and expose himself.


"why, sir?" Emerald innocently asks.


"Because death will appear in an instant the moment a person dies and he has the ability of teleportation." he answered. Emerald glared at Erick slightly, her plan worked and she's about to expose him more.


"everyone knows death can appear instantly the moment a person dies, but how do you know that he can teleport?" Emerald asks, suspicously. Erick glared at her and she glared back. He hesitates to answer as everyone looks at him curiously. Emerald wore a smirk as Erick hesitates and sweas at the question.


"I've learned it from that rumor you said" he lied so good that Audrey didn't even know he lied. "After some extreme research on the rumor, I've come up to a conclusion that death teleports around but I still haven't found a reason for why he does it" he continued.


Emerald got foiled again. She looks at Audrey to see if she knew that he was lying. Audrey shook her head. Erick notices that his lie has worked, but he also notices the look of defeat on Emerald. He smirks, thinking of how he's going to get Emerald smile this halloween. He thought of an idea as a dead lightbulb appeared on top of his head.


"How about we go and decorate the classroom now?" he suggest, everyone agreed. Emerald wore a frown as they grabbed the rest of the things in the bag. Katejina and Cassandra were making more with some construction paper. Emerald was carving faces to a pumpkin while Audrey places the already made decorations throughout the room.


Audrey meets Erick at the library. Two cups of coffee were at the table as Audrey gladly strolled to the table. Erick smiles as Audrey takes a seat.


"you called me, sir?" she asks and Erick nods.


"Can I ask you something?" he asks


"sure sir!" Audrey said, keeping her smile.


"Can we improve on the costume? I think I can do something that can make it better" he said and Audrey, to his shock, gladly nods.


"You're the nicest person in class. I'm sure one day I'll know why" Erick said, standing up as Audrey nervously chuckles. It seems that she also has a secret.


Erick went back to class, and he was surprised that only the girls have arrived and are decorating. Freya was tallest so she's the one who places all the scary decorations and jumpscares at the ceiling. Their decorations and props were all part of their theme, a haunted house. Even though Emerald's personal plan didn't work, she was still going through with their haunted house plan. The plan is to have death chasing the boys as they explore the classroom while also encountering other scary monsters.


Erick walks toward the right corner of the room. There, Cassandra had someone put on scary makeup on her. Erick looks at the white haired girl with purple eyes. She was doing Cassandra's make up. He smiles at how much she has learned from a guy.

"Ms. Autumn, I see that your skills are paying off" Erick stated. The girl nods and smiles

"Diana is the best! She was able to make Emerald scary!" Cassandra said. Erick turns around and if it was as if he came for himself. Emerald looked like a ghoul, maybe that's the plan, and it scared Erick a bit. Diana's makeup was so good, he can hardly recognize his student.


"That's... pretty scary, Ms. Winters! I like it!" Erick said, impressed at Diana's makeup.


"you're impressed, sir?" Diana asks and Erick nods "It's all thanks to you, sir!" she continues. Erick shrugs it off.


"Please, I didn't do much" Erick said, scratching the back of his head. "Where's Audrey?" he asks, changing the subject. Audrey taps his shoulder.


"hello!" Audrey said, waving at them. Out of all of them, she was the least scary. She dressed up as a vampire but it wasn't scary.


"Try glaring and having a mean face" Erick suggests, looking at the smiling Audrey. She would make a good vampire if her cheery attitude got removed. "You're too happy to be scary" he continued. Audrey laughs it off and tries to practice.


Erick walks away to redesign his suit. The boys will get a fright tonight.

It was night, Luke met up with his classmates outside of school. Even outside, they can hear the screams of boys and girls being frightened by the haunted classrooms. He looks at Victor and Jackson and they looked pretty scared. Darryl had his hands shaking and Joseph had his entire body shaking. Steve wasn't scared, Chris was still and Ben was pumped up. It looks like they were still waiting for someone.


"where's Keith and Richard?" Luke asks, Victor suddenly points to a brown haired boy with orange eyes and a black haired boy with blue eyes.


"there's Richard!" Victor said, pointing to the black haired boy.


"and the other one must be Keith" Luke said pointing to the brown haired boy.


"you two don't talk much, do you?" Joseph asks


"yeah, I can't say anything because you always say the right things" Richard answers "and Keith, there, just doesn't want to talk" he continued.


"let's not waste time, guys, let's go!" Joseph said. They all agreed and walked inside of school.


They found their class and was impressed, it was well decorated and kinda creepy on the outside. They walked inside and Darryl accidentaly stepped on a pressure plate. It didn't seem to do anything, must be a false alarm, so they continue to walk. Once everybody entered the room, a chilling vibe creeped behind them. All the boys knew what this vibe is, they turned around and...




Erick was right behind them in a scary death costume. His face was hidden in his robes, only red eyes can be seen, his robes were torn and flowing, his scythe had blood stained on the blade, there were souls floating around him. It was truly a fright. All the boys screamed and ran away, splitting up. It worked as planned. Erick chased Luke, who actually screamed in terror. All the boys went into different directions.


Darryl stumbled upon a white door. He hesitates to open it but as Luke's screams get closer, he had no choice. He opens it and felt like he stepped on something wet. He looks down and sees blood. It was fake but it felt and smelled like the real deal. He looks back to his front and he sees Cassandra's wearing a white, blood-stained dress. She hid a real knife behind her as Darryl approaches her. 


"C-C-Cassandra?" Darryl called, cautiously walking towards the blond. She waves her free hand and tilted her head. She wore a disturbing smile with her blood-stained lips as Darryl approaches her. As he gets closer and closer, Cassandra pulled out the knife and charged forward at Darryl. Darryl shrieked and ran ,as fast as he could, away. Cassandra laughed quietly as Darryl ran. She then remembers that she has to chase him, and so she followed him.


Joseph stumbled upon a red door. He hesitates to open but now that there are two people screaming and it's getting closer, he immediately opened it.  When he enters, all he could see was a coffin sinc the room was badly lit. To his left was a table with a wooden stake and a hammer. He knew that it was going to be Audrey and she's going to try being scary. He approaches the coffin and opens it. Audrey was sleeping there. Joseph couldn't help but realize that Audrey looks like an actual vampire, although a little bit adorable. He raises his hand that had a stake and Audrey wakes up and shries at him. Joseph hesitates and instead of being scared, he laughs.


"what?" Audrey asks, breaking character.

"nothing, I- HAHAHAHAHA" Joseph couldn't hold his laughter and this is exactly what Audrey's expecting. Joseph exits the door, still laughing. "hey guys! I've found a safe place!" he shouts. 


Audrey smiles, then slowly glared at him before disappearing in the shadow. Joseph turns around and Audrey was nowhere to be seen. Joseph smiles, as he enters the room again. The door suddenly closes and Cassandra was right behind him. He slowly turns around and Cassandra smiled at him. Her white makeup, blood-stained lips, creeps out Joseph to the point of screaming.



Cassandra charges at him and he dodges. Cassandra purposefully missed so he can get out, after all the knife is real. Joseph ran away and bumped into Darryl. They both waste o tme running away as Audrey and Casandra were on their tail. 


Chris opened a purple door and sees a drum. Chris already knows that Christina will scare him. He goes to the drums and grab the drumsticks. It felt wet for him. He looks and blood was on the drumsticks. It didn't scare him, it was fake after all. He tried playing the drums but all that went out were ominous music. Chris looked around, trying to find Christina. He turns his head and around and he quickly knew the mistake he'd made. He slowly turns his head back and Christina was there, right in front of him. The sight of a melting face scared Chris and he immediately ran away. He didn't scream though.


Jackson and Victor opened a pink door. The room had a table at the center, they took a seat and Katejina appeared, dressed as a waiter holding to plates. Jackson and Victor were a little scared.


"here you go sir!" she happily said. 


They take a look at it and see a heart and a liver in their plate. They both hesitate to eat as the food disturbed them a lot. Victor stabs a fork at the heart, the fork slowly sinked at the heart. At the sametime, blood spewed out. Jackson called Katejina as Victor's face was drenched in blood. 


"is there a problem, sir?" she asks


"yes! My friend has blood on his face" Jackson yelled


"oh I see the problem! Do you want to complain to our head chef?" she suggests


Freya then came out of the shadow with two knives. She wore an eerie smile as she connects the two knives, making slashing sounds. Jackson kept his angry face while Victor is on the edge of peeing his pants.


"may I suggests another dish instead, sir?" Freya suggests. tilting her head


"what do you have in mind then?" Jackson asks, folding his arms.


"oh, I don't know, your lungs!" Freya said, glaring at him. Jackson lowered his arms and got out of the chair, scared. Victor followed suit. They slowly backtracked to the door as Freya nears them. 


"ha! You know, I kinda like the dish!" Jackson joked in panic. Freya kept approaching them. 


"you forgot to pay though!" Freya retorted. Jackson just nervously laughs before he and Victor hurried to the door.  Freya attacked them but she missed intentionally, her knife is real as well. She throwed one of them to cause more fright to the two. She laughs as they exited the room.


Luke opened a green door. Inside, was Emerald standing. Her back was the only thing Vincent can see and he approaches her with caution. He taps her shoulder hesitantly. Emerald turned around, growled, and showed him her ghoulish face. Luke was so scared that he punches Emerald to the cheek. Emerald fell to the ground, TKO'd. Erick senses Emerald and immediately called out for a halt of the haunted house. The lights opened and everyone noticed that they've been going through the same room all along. The girls just placed a lot of doors on the walls.


Erick opened the green door and approached Emerald and Luke. Emerald was down at the ground, Luke was like a statue as he realized what he's done. Erick checked him but it was useless as Emerald opened her eyes and got a good look at Erick's costume. Until now, she never knew that he changed it.


"what happened to Audrey and my design?" She asks weakly.

"I... changed it, thought it fit better" Erick said. 


"oh... looks good on you, sir!"  Emerald said, smiling. "looks... appropriate" she continued before closing her eyes. 


"is she..." Katejina asks


"She'll be fine! Just need some rest" Erick said, as Emerald sleeps. "She stressed so much for this, she needs to rest" he continued.


"Just rest, Emerald! You're pushing yourself too much!"








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