Chapter 9: Emerald's determination

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Emerald finally opened her eyes. The sigh of relief from all of her classmates soon followed. Once awake, she noticed that Erick and all the girls had gone back to wearing their uniforms. Emerald also notices that all the decorations are gone. She touched her face and her makeup was removed.

"how long was I out?" she asks as she gets up. Erick helped her get up. Everyone had smiles on their faces as Emerald finally woke up.


"'bout five hours" Luke replied, checking his watch. Emerald's eyes widened. 


"FIVE HOURS?!!" she said, freaking out. Luke calmly nods.


She looks around and the sky was still black but the moon is fully visible in one of the windows. There were also no students left and every room except for them had their lights off. She also noticed that everyone was ready to go home and felt a little bad since they waited for her for so long. She was suddenly patted by Erick which startled her a little.


"Ms. Winter!" Erick called. "We should go home, now, it's getting late" he continued. Everyone agreed.


They all walked outside happy and laughing. The happiness only stopped when they all arrived in their respective houses. 


When Emerald enters her house, she can see her father at the dining table, asleep. She smiled as she approches him. A cup of coffee was at the table and he was still wearing his lab coat. She takes off her shoes and places down her bag and approaches his father.


"must've been a busy day, dad" Emerald said, waking up his dad. He stutters for a bit, looking around until he sees her beloved daughter. A smile was brought upon his face at the sight of Emerald.


"what are you doing this late in the night?" he asks. Emerald gave a giggle before taking a seat at the dining chair.


"we had the halloween party! I texted you about that" Emerald said, showing to her father her phone.


"oh, I'm sorry!" her father said, he stood up and went to the counter to make Emerald coffee. "we were so busy that I didn't have time to check my phone" he continued as he grabs a cup and activates the coffee maker. Emerald slowly frowns after hearing what his father said. "did you had fun?" he asks.


"I did! We scared the boys so much, they actually ran" Emerald said, instantly turning her frown into a smile. His father walked over to the dining table and places a cup of coffee on Emerald's side of the table. "you know we've never had this conversation before"  she said as she takes a sip on her coffee. 


"sweetie I'm sorry! Work has been so busy!" her father said with a frown on his face. He can see that Emerald still keeps her smile.


"it's okay, dad!" Emerald said, holding her father's chin. "I know you're working so hard for us. And that's enough for me" she continued, her eyes almost to the point of tearing up. Her father touches his hand and smiles.


"you look just like your mother" he said, looking at Emerald's face and seeing glimpses of Emerald's mother. 


"of course! I am her daughter!" she said, tilting her head and closing her eyes. Her father smiles and places down Emerald's hand.


"tell you what. If you make it on the top 50 on the upcoming midterms, we'll go out for a one week vacation" Her father bargained. Emerald was surprised, this was the first time his father offered something like that. "well?" his father asks, waiting for Emeralds answer but the joy on Emerald's face tells that she was going to agree.


"alright, father, I'll reach that goal!" she said, her eyes once more is filled with determination.


The next day came and as usual, Emerald was first to arrive. Erick was there and Emerald was expecting him. She was going to put aside her plan to expose him to focus on learning. She casually approaches Erick with a smile. Erick looks at her and was surprised that she wasn't smirking but smiling. She slams her hands down at the table and looked at Erick directly in the eye. Erick can see in her that she wants something once again, but it's not his identity that he can see, it was something else.


"Can I help you, Ms. Winters?" Erick asks, glaring at Emerald's eyes.


"as a matter of fact, I do!" she replied, still keeping her smile. "I want you to teach us with your full strength!" she continued. Erick looked interested as his eyes sharpen.


"What do you mean?" Erick asks for clarification. 


"sir, I know who you are. And I know you're holding back" she said, Erick got a little cautious. He reaches out for something under his table "so please, for the sake of this class and for me, teach us with your full strength. We're going to need it for midterms" she continued. It seemed to have convinced Erick. He places back his hand at the desk, Emerald seemed to not have noticed.


Erick thinks about it. There was something in the back of his head that tells him that they can't handle his full strength. It might be too much for them. He hasn't tried before either, so it might be an interesting experience. He rubs his chin thinking of his final decision. Emerald looks at him with a tilted head, she was curious as to what is inside death's mind. 


"Alright!" he said with a sigh. "But if you can't handle it, I'm returning to holding my power" he said. Emerald smiles and claps her hands. She walks back to her seat and grabbed her sketchbad and began drawing something. Erick face palms himself, it was going to be an eventful day.



To one of the doors. 


"WHO SLEPT LATE AT NIGHT JUST TO CHAT WITH CASS!" Luke, Darryl, and Joseph both yelled as they enter the classroom. They had Darryl's arm rest on each shoulder. They looked like they were drunk but they were perfectly sober.


"me" Darryl shyly said as red took over the color of his face.


"WHO HAS A CRUSH ON CASS!" they yelled and Emerald smiles. Darryl gestures his finger in front of lips to silence them. Luke and Joseph both looked at Emerald and Erick who face palms himself again. 


"who has a crush on Cass?" Emerald ask. Her hands are placed in her back and she had a tilted head.  "Darryl?" she continued, looking at Darryl. He slowly nods.



Emerald laughs as Luke and Joseph became hostile. They began to beat up Darryl relentlessly. Darryl fights back but was overwhelmed by the sheer force of Joseph and Luke's punches. They're beating him up so hard that smoke came out of nowhere. Emerald coughs and the two stopped beating him up.


"it's okay! I won't tell" she said, chuckling. "but I want something in return" she continued, her voice changed and she wore a devilish smile.


"your life is what you get in return" Luke said, holding his fists up. Emerald pointed to Erickwho is glaring at everyone. Luke sets his fists down and grunts. "what do you want?" he asks. Emerald claps her hand.


"I want... the three of you to help me review on midterms!" Emerald said.


"what?" the three said in unison. Their eyes and faces are completely blank. It's like they have no idea what she's talking.


Erick facepalms himself again. "This is going to be a long and cringy month" he said. 


Soon the rest of the class arrived and Erick began teaching. He activates his fullest power at teaching. Him at his fullest was awesome. The students were dumped with so many information so fast, it was exhausting for their brain. Erick can't stop though, it seems that he can't control his fullest. He couldn't even look at his students, all he could do was teach and teach and teach until, the bell for recess. All of them gave a sigh in unison. Even Emerald! And she's the one who requested it.


"So, did everyone follow?" he asks as he looks at his class. They all nod, frightened a little at Erick.Erick frowns "I'm sorry class" he said. "I pushed your minds to the limit" he continued. 


"it's okay!" Luke shouts. They all looked at him, thinking that he may've gone crazy. "you want us to be good at midterms right? So don't feel bad because you're doing your best to teach us" he continued. Everyone was shocked that, out of everyone, he was the one who would say those things; they were expecting Audrey to say it. 


"Luke's right sir!" Emerald said, supporting him. Everyone joined him and eventually they gather around him. Erick couldn't believe it, only a few days and he has already won their hearts. His frown slowly turns into a smile.


"Thank you! All of you!" he said, cherishing all of his student's cheers and encouragement. His students eventually hugged him, he hugged back. Though they didn't see his arms being wrapped around them, they can feel Erick giving them all one big hug. "Alright students, let go now! Your time for recess is only brief after all" Erick said as the hug got tighter. They let go and went downstairs, only Luke and Emerald were left. Luke didn't give a hug, he didn't need to, Erick might suffocate if he did.


"Ms. Winters, Mr. Shadows. Why aren't you with your friends?" Erick curiously asks. 


"oh! Well, I'm here to think of a club to join. I still don't have one" Emerald said, nervously scratching her head. Erick goes over to his chair and he found a piece of paper with the club names and all of them have a cross on their names. Luke come over as well and wasn't impressed or shock, he knew that Emerald did not have any club fit for her.


"Seems to me that the school just doesn't have any clubs fit for you. Have you tried asking your friends about the clubs they've joined? I mean you might like their's"  Erick suggests as he rubs his chin while looking at the paper. 


"yeah! Why don't you join Darryl's or Audrey's" Luke suggests. Emerald thinks it through. If she can't find a club fit for her, then she should just join whatever club her classmates joined.


"Luke, what's your club?" Emerald asks.

"I've told you, the hobbyist club!" Luke said, Emerald's eyes seem to widen. "back then, when my skills weren't improved by the professor, they didn't let me in. But when I showed them a completed and perfected kit, I became the guy's best painter!" he continued. 


"what do you do in your club?" she asks, her finger on her lips.


"well... we build, paint, and customize model kits!" Luke said, Emerald quietly laughs.


"Do you want to join Mr. Shadow's club? I can teach you" Erick said, as he caught a glance at Emerald's smile. She was touching her teeth as she wore a very creepy smile. 


"she might want it, I can see it in her face" Luke said, looking at Emerald's face. Her eyes aren't visible as she now sets a creepy vibe around the too. "too interested, I think" he joked, trying to shrug the creepy vibe.



"Ms. Winters?"


"I want in!" she said, almost like a demand. Luke shook his head, though.


"you need to show them first your kit! Don't worry because they're only snobs at first, in fact they're the kindest club I have ever been" Luke said. Emerald didn't look afraid though. She was confident, in fact. Luke smirks, he was eager to where this would lead. "alright, then, I'll help you get in! But in return, you help me at midterms. Not that sir Erick's teaching isn't enough" he continued, gesturing his hand for a shake.


Erick couldn't help but smile. He sees something inside of them that they don't. "You two looked great as a couple!" he joked. They looked at each other and turned away, both suddenly frowned. 


"oh please!" they said in unison. "how can I fall in love with someone so disgusting?" they continued. "stop saying the same thing!" they both complained. Erick laughed quietly and they noticed it. They both looked away from each other, with frowns. 


"Maybe it's just my imagination." Erick said, Walking away. Luke and Emerald didn't notice though. 


"so... do we go to your house or mine?" Emerald suddenly asks. Luke's eyes widen


To be continued







Submitted: November 11, 2017

© Copyright 2021 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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Kathrina Csernis

Nice chapter, I like the relationship between Emerald and the dad, the moment they made that little bargain made me smile. It's good to see some moments for the characters outside of the school, it makes the story better and gives the reader a chance to get to know the characters better. I corrected a couple of mistakes for you, by the way.

I laughed a lot, I loved it when they came in shouting things out. I really like this. I'm not usually one for high school anime or shows, but as a book, its actually pretty amazing. Although Audrey is still my favourite, I feel myself becoming attached to all the characters, they're all great in their own ways.

I really enjoyed the chapter, I'll be looking forward to more cx

Sat, November 11th, 2017 3:30pm


Hey! I'm glad you're liking the story. I'm happy that you're becoming attached to the characters. :)

Sat, November 11th, 2017 2:01pm


This was a good chapter. I liked how she has Erick expecting her to ask more questions about him being the grim reaper. He pretty much expects it every time she talks to him. Its cool that her father is such a nice guy and pushes her to do well in school. He says he will go and do stuff together is she does really good and thats pretty awesome.

I know that she will end up doing good especially with the help of Erick and the others. So is there going to be a little relationship starting between her and Luke? That would be kind of cool. I am actually starting to like Emerald a bit more. She seems pretty smart already, also I like how she is trying her hardest to find out about Erick.

Thu, December 14th, 2017 11:27pm


Hey! I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, she tries so hard but Erick always expects what she's going to do. Emerald's father is nice, I couldn't bring myself to make him strict even if that made a great story.

Yes, there is since they both like each other. I'm glad you liked it Emerald and yeah she is smart and she's pretty determined to find out Erick's identity lol.

Thu, December 14th, 2017 11:59pm

S. Rasmussen

"This is going to be a long and cringy month" I died.

And I hope Emerald succeed at her next goal

I'm so glad everybody likes Erick

And Erick. Stop meddling with their love lives! lol

This was a funny chapter

Mon, January 1st, 2018 1:26pm


I'm glad you liked it and yeah, everyone likes Erick. Who knows, maybe she will. Haha, he can't help it, he's gotten attached to them.

Mon, January 1st, 2018 5:37am


Did they all just get drunk in the middle of the night and pass out? It seems Emerald went a bit all out......

Someone actually has a father? He seems to be neglecting her, kinda just focusing on work more then her.

So do they both know that Emerald suspects he's death? I can't wait till he finally takes the life of a student.... oh god... please don't be emerald... she never did anything....

So if someone dies right after they complete their mission.... Darryl and Emerald are dead. cri kms.


So is Luke hiding something about his family? Also I ship it soooo much. Luke x Emerald till Emerald dies.

Imma read more

Fri, February 2nd, 2018 5:28pm


No, Emerald passed out because she tires herself too much

Yes and kinda. He loves Emerald but science stuff so they don't see each other too much.




Yes and YES

Fri, February 9th, 2018 7:29pm