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Prolog (v.1) - Determined Brat

Submitted: October 14, 2017

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Submitted: October 14, 2017




There are four well-dressed men sitting around a small round-table in a middle of a game of poker. They each have their hands full, prepared to reveal them.

They each wear tailor-made suits with the coats longer than standard as you would never be able to see what's under them regardless of how they move. They each lock their eyes to the table completely covered with variously colored chips.

"Full house!" States a relatively stout man as he throws his cards on top of the chips quickly going to pull in the chips.

One of the men slaps his hand "Now hold on there! I have myself a straight." inserts the buff yet wiry man next to him as he goes take it.

A slender man stabs an old antique knife with a slight curve to the blade similar to a scythe and a shiny, round, wooden handle between the chips and the man with a straight. "Now both of you are getting ahead of yourselves. Papa has himself some royals." He places his cards on the table to reveal a royal flush.

The other two men kick the table. "Now, you have to be cheating that's the third game in a row." The straight man throws his hands forward as he leans back.

"You accusin' me of cheatin'!" The man with the knife exclaims as he gets up ripping the knife out the table.

"That's what I just said isn't it?!" The straight man kicks over the table and steps to The knife man.

A gunshot goes off. "Both of ya, sit down!" A grizzled old man yells, "This is supposed to be for fun. I can't be losin' men over pity things like this." He slides the gun in his pants so the grip sits on the edge.

"Yes, boss." They groan as they bow at him.

"Now pick up the chips! I'll deal next so you don't have to worry about cheatin'." He lights a cigar.

As the men are picking up the chips there is a knock on the steel door used to enter the room. 

"Slade, you have a visitor." penetrates the voice of a young boy.

"I'm busy tell em' to go away." The man with the knife replies while he picks up the chips.

"But sir, it sounds important." The boy emphasizes.

"I said..." Slade begins turning his head towards the door.

"Let em' in." The boss cuts him off clearly interested in what possibly could be important enough to interrupt them. 

"But, Boss..." Slade drops the chips.

"I said, let em' in." The boss now demands, rubbing his hand on his waist.

The men sit and stare at the door. A few minutes later the door opens to reveal a beaten woman in her underwear.  

"What do you want?" Slade sighs having no interest in what she wants to say.

"I have something to tell you..." The woman begins shivering possibly at the response he may give her.

"Out with it then!" Slade interrupts as he twirls the blade in his hand.

"I'm pregnant." She rushes out of her mouth as she shrinks down in fear.

"So what. Get rid of it like you always do," he replies as he places the knife behind his pocket sliding it between his leg and pants.

"I tried. Multiple times, it just doesn't want to die."She replies her voice getting more and more shakey as Slade gets more and more impatient.

Slade gets up and cracks his fingers. "So let's do it the old fashioned way then."

The boss stops him extending his arm out in front of him. "No. If it wants to live that bad, let it. We'll find some use for it."

"Looks like papa's gonna be a papa." The straight man gets up and slaps Slade on the back.

Slade punches him in the temple and the boss chooses to ignore it.

Slade let's out a deep breath as he returns to his seat. "So whose is it?"

"Yours." The woman rushes out again as she cowers, backing away a little.

"How do you know that? You're a whore it could be anyone's." Slade walks over to her expressing his frustration.

"I narrowed it down." She begins to cry.

"You can find out whose it is when it's born. Now you two get back to picking up the chips I want to play more." He directs to Slade and the house man. 

"Why me?" The house man asks putting his hand to his heart.

"Does he look like he can do it?" The boss points to the unconscious straight man.

A few months later they are playing poker again and the boy comes banging on the door. 

"Slade she's going into labor!" 

Slade ignores the boy and goes to study his cards. 

"Come on, we'll go together." The boss directs to everyone, looking around at each of them adding emphasis as he reaches Slade.

Slade sighs and throws his hand face down as he and the others follow the boss out the room.

When they arrive they find two men holding her legs spread while a third awaits the arrival. 

They all wait and soon it is pulled out with no complications. 

"It's a girl." The third man turns her and shows the boss.

"So what are you going to name it?" The boss questions Slade.

"Why do I have to do it?" He responds disinterested and focused on anything else he could be doing.

"Because it's yours." The boss replies poking Slade in the middle of his chest.

"We don't know that yet," Slade attempts to evade the situation.

"Then I'm making you take care of it." The boss stares daggers into Slade.

"I don't know, how about Crystal?"  He hunches his shoulders.

"Why Crystal?" The straight man inserts questioning the quality of the name.

"She's strong like a diamond I guess. It's the first thing that came to mind." Slade answers as he goes to lean against a wall and await the others to return to the game. 

"Crystal it is then."The boss states giving off the atmosphere that he's proud for some unknown reason.



















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