The Other Side Of Both Sides

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Swallow me whole you dark bastard. You can't squash my light

Submitted: October 14, 2017

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Submitted: October 14, 2017



I have this feeling
I'm waiting for something that will never come

I'm waiting to see you again
To hear your laugh 
But it's like waiting by the phone for a call that won't come through 
Simply because that number I have dialed a million times is no longer in service, and I can leave a message after the beep.
And there is only silence after 
And there is always gonna be silence 
From now
Till forever 
Because time is quiet 
The most stealthiest  killer
Maybe more deadly that cholesterol 
Time doesn't need your arteries 
Times doesn't need to live in your diet
Time is all around you
It's in your hopes 
In your dreams
The ones that don't come true
The ones that enter your mind in the seven minutes it takes for you to fall asleep, and right before you see dark.
A possible future that you can't come to realize that you don't have.
It's the dark space you hold as you look out into the rainy winter sky
As the water droplets freeze before they hit the ground around you.
And you look around...
And wonder how the hell it all happened so quickly.
One moment it was just rain.
A simple harmless rain.
Maybe you blinked. And it all changes.
Yeah...Maybe I blinked.
And that's the day you went away.
But you didn't go away that day.
Or the day after.
You leave every day
Every minute of every day that I spend in the dark corner of each hour
With my eyes closed 
If that phone will ring.

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