YOUNG STAR part 11

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. . . Aila's parents were very famous lawyers. She was bringing up too much severely, she even had not one second free time. Aila was exercising the whole day, she even never played with dolls. She was a bit stout child and because of it her schoolmates were laughing at her, she did not have friends.

Once when she was going back home, in front of her two girls crossed the road and entered the ballet school. Aila saw that one girl was carrying the pink pointes, they were dressed in the beautiful light pink color dresses.She also decided to enter there. When she entered saw the huge room, there were mirrors wall and little girls in front of the mirrors were dancing. She was looking at them from the window and was smiling, her eyes were full of happiness and shining when she was looking at the dancers. After that day Aila did not go to her school, every morning when her driver was bringing her at school, she was hiding a few minutes and then was going to the ballet school. Aila was looking at them from the door with a happy face how they were dancing as a little fairies in the mirrors room. She was sitting there every day and was drawing their moves, new dance steps and technique, then she was creating her own step moves and was practicing at home.

. . .At the end of the academic year when Aila's mother gave her money for English coacher, Aila did not gave her that money and she bought the black pointes . Aila was hiding it from her parents. After one week the English coacher visited Aila. There were only Aila's parents at home, she saluted them and asked that why Aila was not going at the English lessons and at school anymore and why they did not call her to explain the reason. The parents were listening at her very astonished. Aila's father said sorry and explained that Aila was sick and that they forgot to call her. They apologised her and before the English coacher left the house, she remembered about the money, she told them that they did not pay her. Aila's father was such angry that could not say anything, he just took faster the wallet and gave her money. He again apologised her and closed the door. When she went out from the house Aila's father took the vase and threw it on the wall.

Aila came back home in the evening, her parents were waiting for her in the living room, she saluted and entered the kitchen. Aila's mother stood up and asked her very calmly.

Mother - Where have you been?

Aila jealously looked at her, smiled and answered.

Aila - Why are you asking me? I had the English lesson.

Mother - Is everything ok at school Aila?

Aila - Mam, you look strange.

Mother - Is it strange to ask what is happening with you?

Aila - Everything is ok mam, do not worry.

She walked to the second floor's stairs and while she rose up, her mother again asked.

Mother - What do you have in the bag?

Aila - The trainers!

And she entered her bedroom. Her mother came to husband, he was sitting in the armchair and was reading the newspaper, mother stood opposite him and told angrily.

Mother - You have to punish her, she is hiding something from us.

Her husband did not answer, just stood up and entered the cabinet, which was on the first floor.

At the second day when Aila came to school, as usual was hiding and waiting for her driver to leave the school territory. But the driver did not go home, he was hiding too from Aila and was waiting for to follow her secretly. After a few minutes Aila left the school and went to the ballet school, driver was following her and saw how she was looking at the ballet dance and drawing something in the art album. Then she went to the square and sat down closer to the lake. The driver was standing at same distance and he saw how Aila took out the black pointes from the bag. she was sitting there about one hour. While Aila came back home, the driver called her mother and he told everything what he had seen

when Aila came back home it was eight o'clock, mother was waiting for her in the living room, she was holding in one's hand the iron ruler. Aila was scared by her mother's angry face, she tried to smile and said cheerfully.

Aila - I am at home

Mother - Sit down!

Aila - Are you angry with me mam?

She sat down in the armchair.

Mother - Give me your bag!

She faster hid the bag from her mother and asked.

Aila - Why do you want it?

She came closer to Aila, brought her to the mirror, they were standing in front of it and Aila was looking at her mother in the mirror, then after a few second mother ordered her.

Mother - Look at!

Aila - Mam what has happened, you are scaring me.

Mother - Answer me Aila, what do you see!

Aila - Mother!

Mother - I will tell you, a fat girl, a girl who disgraced her parents.

Aila - Mam I really can not understand you.

Mother - You did not present at the exams, did not gave a money to English coacher. . .

Aila did not let her talking, she fell down on the knees and tried to explain everything.

Aila - Mam I. . . I will explain you everything, just listen to me, please.

Mother - No! Stop it, I am trying to be calmly and do not be angry with you.

I will forget everything, if you correct your mistakes.

Aila suddenly jumped up angrily, she was hugging her bag very strongly, she burst into tears and said in a low voice.

Aila - I do not want to go to school anymore mam, I do not want to look as you.

She stopped for a minute and then again continued.

Aila - I want to be a dancer, I want to create my own dance mam,

become a professional dancer. . .

Suddenly her mother started laughing and did not stop, AIla was looking at her amazed. After a few seconds she stopped laugh and became very angry.

Mother - Do not continue, I am losing a patience, give me your bag

and go to the bedroom, even do not try to leave the room,

is it clear Aila?

She grabbed her hand the Aila's bag and tried to take it but she did not give it her.

Aila - No mam stop it, I will not give it to you, just let me do what I really want.

I tired to live as you and Dad, I can not and I do not want.

Mother could not listen to her anymore, hit her on the face and she started screaming.

Mother - The dancer! Are you mad? Did you forget about your weight?

Have you ever seen a fat ballet-dancer? Answer me Aila, come on.

This is the last time when I am saying, do not try my patience,

You have one choice and this is to be the best lawyer,

you must learn only laws and everything around the politic,

this is your business. Understood it?

Aila - No, this is not my business, I will choice my future.

Suddenly mother took Aila's bag, she opened it and saw the black pointes, threw it in the living room, then held Aila's hand very rudely and she forcible stood her on the armchair, took her off the shoes and she was hitting her with the iron ruler on the naked feet till Aila's feet did not become bloody. Mother stopped hitting her, sat down on the sofa and said in a low voice.

Mother - I will not let you eat during two days and then you will be able to see the reality.

Aila was not crying, she was suffering with pain, she was standing back to her mother for a minute, then entered the bedroom and hardly went to bed, she fell asleep very soon. When her father came back home, it was midnight, his wife was waiting for him to tell everything about Aila, when father heard the truth about his daughter, he faster ran up the stairs an entered the bedroom. Aila was sleeping but her tears were fell down on her face, father looked at her for a minute, then woke up very rudely and he started shout in a high voice.

Father - Stand up, right now!

He did not wait for her waking up, took her hand very rudely, Aila suddenly opened the eyes, she did not understand what was happening, when her father saw that she woke up again shouted.

Father - Stand up, I said.

Aila - What was happened father?

They went down the first floor, there was mother in the living room, Aila looked at her frightened and asked her mother.

Aila - Mam what is happening?

She avoided her look, father pushed Aila and threw to the cellar, its door was in the living room. She was crying and begging her parents to let her go, but they were not in the living room anymore.

The cellar was very dirty and there was very dark. It had only one, a very little window, Aila was standing there and looking at sky, she was too much frightened, was crying and mumbling something. She was there during two days but parents did not give her some food, even did not ask her if she was alive. After two days her parents opened the cellar's door, Aila could not move she lost all strenghth and was sitting on the floor, her father helped her to stand up and they rose up on the stairs, then helped her to sit down on the sofa, gave her some mineral water, and he also sat down opposite her. Aila's mother was looking at them from the kitchen, Aila did not drink the mineral water, she hardly put the glass down on the coffee table, closed the eyes and lay down on the sofa. Father was looking at her very angrily for a minute, then started talking.

Father - I give you only one week to correct your mistakes, only one week to pass your exam!

She did not answer him. There was a midnight when Aila woke up and slowly entered the kitchen, took an apple form the table, a fruit juice from the fridge and went up the second floor, she entered her bedroom, took a bag put there some clothes and went down the first floor, bit off the apple and throw it in the kitchen, then faster found her black pointes, put it into the bag and left the house.

. . . She was sitting in the square, near the lake and the whole night was crying. There was a daybreak when she fell asleep on the bench. It was the first day of spring, the sun was warm and shining, its rays were growing prettier everything around. There suddenly came a grandfather, he stood closer to Aila and was looking at her. He was holding in one's hand the crutch and the newspaper, after a few minutes, he tried to wake her up.

Grandfather - A young star, wake up, this is my place.

Aila opened the eyes and saw grandfather's smiling face, she smiled and then whispered.

Aila - I am really sorry grandfather.

he smiled, saluted her and sat down on the bench.

Grandfather - Good morning a young star.

She smiled about his words and warmly saluted him.

Aila - Good morning grandfather.

He did not look at her, opened the newspaper and while he started reading it, he said.

Grandfather - You can call me just grandpa and what is your name?

Aila - Aila!

Grandfather - It is a beautiful name, but I will call you a young star.

She smiled and said.

Aila - Not a young, a fat star will be better.

He looked at her and answered.

Grandfather - You was sleeping at my place, so because of it I will call you,

what I wish to call.

Aila - Your place? Is your name written on it? You are wrong grandpa, this is my place,

I also go here very often and by the way I have never seen you before.

Grandfather - look at her! How are you talking with the older, I do not know anything,

if you want to sit here also, then you have to do something for me.

Aila - Alright, what I have to do?

Grandfather - You have to bring me a cup of coffee every morning.

Aila - Why I have to do it?

Grandfather - I like sweet coffee!

She laughed at him, stood up and went away.

Grandfather - Where are you going a young star?

She did not turned back and answered.

Aila - You said that you like sweet coffee, Or you do not want it anymore?

He smiled and continued reading the newspaper. After half an hour she returned with the two cups of coffee. They were sitting on the bench, looking at the lake and drinking the coffee. Aila was telling her story to him. Grandfather was listening to her very sadly, he did not say anything to her. He wanted to say something for her but decided to be quiet, they were just sitting and looking at the lake. In the evening grandfather left Aila and went home. Aila was crying quietly, she was looking at her black pointes and was repeating for herself just one things.

Aila - I will do it, I will definitely do it!

The weather suddenly changed, become very cloudy and started to rain, Aila put the pointes on the bag and went out form the square, she was standing as a stone in the street fora few minutes, then looked around,she was looking at how the people was hurrying to get rid of rain and she also ran to the ballet school. When she saw the building of the school, stopped in front of it, looked at her bag, then she hugged it, wiped the tears and she secretly entered the ballet school. Soon she found the costume's room and entered inside, the room was full of boxes and with beautiful dancers costumes. Aila looked around to find the window, there was only one, which was very high from the floor, she turned off the lights in the room and sat down under the window. Aila was looking at the floor and soon she fell asleep. She was very wet and even she was sleeping her tears did not stop. After a few hours the woman entered the costume's room . She was carrying some dresses. When she put them in the room and was leaving it, she heard Aila's crying in a low voice, she looked around scaredly and turned on the lights in the room. The voice was coming from the corner, she slowly came there, moved aside the boxes and saw the little girl about 14 years old, she was sleeping and crying too. She was very wet. The woman tried to wake her up and not to scare her but Aila suddenly jumped up and was looking at her disquieted. The woman looking at her and could not say anything. Aila suddenly fell on the knees in front of her and was begging.

Aila - Please do not turn me out from the school, I will stay only one night.

The woman was looking at the black pointes, which Aila was holding and the woman asked her.

The woman - DId you take the pointes from this room?

Aila - No Madam, this is mine.

She looked over Aila and asked her again surprisingly.

The woman - Yours?

Aila shook the head to sign her answer.

The woman - You are wet, stand up and go with me, I will give you jasmine tea

and while you will be drinking it, you will tell me everything,

that How have you found yourself here.

They left the cellar and went up at the second floor, where was a cabinet of that woman. While she was listening to Aila's story, she made a jasmine tea for her. The woman noticed that Aila had some problem at her leg, while she was drinking tea, she touched her leg and asked Aila.

the woman - Do you really believe that you will become a professional dancer?

In spite of that you have some extra weight for to be a ballet dancer?!

She burst into tears and answered her.

Aila - Yes I believe it, definitely believe.

The woman smiled, put the hands round her shoulders and asked her.

The woman - Will you keep suffer? Will you do everything for dance on the real stage?

She faster cleaned her tears from the eyes and answered.

Aila - I am ready for everything!

The woman smiled and said.

The woman - So you can call me Dani, just Dani, deal?

Aila smiled, stooped a head and said.

Aila - Deal! I am Aila.

Dani - Alright! Now I am your personal teacher, but I warn you in advance,

it will be very hard and difficult, you will feel pain a lot of times,

will be much more painful then you feel now.

Aila - I am ready for everything.

Dani - But you have to give me a promise.

Aila - I will!

Dani - This black pointes. . . never put on it, I hate black color.

Aila smiled and hugged her very strongly. Dani looked at time and said.

Dani - It is too late, we have to go home.

She looked at Dani and asked surprisingly.

Aila - At home?

Dani - Yes at home! Now you will live with me.

Aila again hugged her happily and started crying.

. . . The time was passing, Aila was getting happy, she was practising every day at home, but not too much she still had a pain on feet. Sometimes she was going to the ballet school with Dani and looking at the dancers from the window and once when she was looking at them as usual, Dani sneaked up her and whispered.

Dani - I have a present for you.

Aila turned back faster with a smiling face.

Aila - A present?

Dani -Yes! And a homework.

Aila - Of course if there is a present must be a homework too.

dani smiled, took her hand and they walked in the hall. There was nine o'clock when Dani finished to work, she went home and when Aila opened the door she gave her a gray box. Aila faster opened it and she burst into tears when saw white pointes. She hugged her and started crying. When they finished supper Dani told her about the homework.

Dani - I am giving you two weeks for to lose ten kilograms and if you do it,

I promise you that I will let you to practice in the ballet school.

She looked at her amazed and said a little bit frightenedly.

Aila - It is difficult for me Dani.

Dani - Did you say difficult? We even have not started, yet.

You do not know what the word "difficult" means.

Aila - I will try to do it.

Dani - You must do it Aila.

. . . Next day Aila started a lot of practising, she was jogging fifteen kilometres everyday, she also put on a rigorous diet and after two weeks her result was amazing, she lost much more kilograms then she had to do. Dani was very happy, but it was not enough for her. She gave to Aila a little dance hall in the ballet school, which was next to the main dance hall. Aila was practicing alone till six o'clock and then Dani was teaching her how to dance, she was very stern and was shouting when Aila was making mistakes, it was difficult for Aila, when she could not practice anymore, she was starting crying. Time was passing, Aila was growing and changing, she was becoming as a professional dancer. Dani was not helping her anymore, she just was watching her from far away, with a happy face.

. . . One day Aila came in the ballet school very early to give some documents to Dani, which she left at home. When she went by near the main dance hall she heard a sound of the music, Aila stopped and opened the door. Two beautiful girls were dancing, their dance was amazing, they were flying not dancing. When the girls finished the dance, Aila entered the dance hall.

Aila - It was amazing, your dance so adorable, I have never seen such a beautiful dance.

girls looked at each other and one of them said with a cynical smile.

A girl - We know! We are sorry but can you leave us? We have not finished, yet.

Aila apologized to them and went out from the dance hall and entered the Dani's cabinet, but she was not there, Aila put down the documents on the table and went her dance hall. She changed the clothes and started practicing. After about half an hour that girls came to Dani, they noticed that She was not in the cabinet and went back, one of them suddenly saw Aila in the dance hall, its door was a little bit opened. She called her friend.

A girl - hey, Look at this!

She turned back and came closer to the door, they took a mobile to take a video. They were laughing at her and after a few minutes when they finished taking the video entered the dance hall. Aila saw the girls and stopped, took off the headphones and smiled.

The girls applauded her and one of them said.

A girl - Your dance so beautifully.

Aila - Do you think?

A girl - Sure! Why are you practicing alone?

Aila was looking at them and she did not know what to say.

A girl - Do you want to practice with us? It will be fun.

Aila - Are you sure that I will not disturb you?

A girl - Of course no, sorry for that I really could not imagine that you was a dancer,

you are a little . . . Anyway I am sorry, you are dancing really beautiful

you just need much more practice.

Aila smiled and said.

Aila - Thank you very much girls.

A Girl - At three o'clock tomorrow, do not be late.

Aila - Thank you very, very much girls.

A girl - Alright, we will go, till tomorrow..

Aila - Ok!

A girl – Bye!

. . . On the second day, Aila came to the ballet school, everyone was looking at her, they were whispering and laughing at about something. When she entered the main dance hall, she saw a few girls there. One of them noticed that Aila entered and she saluted her.

A girl - Oh! Hello our prime ballerina, can you give an autograph?

Aila could not understand what was happening, the girls were laughing at her. One of them turned on the video of Aila which she took the day before. They were taking a photos to her and telling kind of things.

A girls - Can you teach us also? Your dance such amazing that I forgot your fat body.

Aila was standing and looking at them offended, she burst into tears. She closed the eyes to avoid the lights of the photo cameras, the girls was not stopping, they were taking photos, laughing more and more at Aila.

. . . Suddenly at the dance hall entered a very sympathetic boy, he was looking at them for a few minutes and then called one of them.

The boy - Esme! It is enough, stop it.

She turned back and smiled when she saw the boy.

Esme - Hey Nicholas! Come here I have to introduce our fat prima ballerina.

Nicholas come closer to them and Esme gave him a mobile to show him a video, where Aila was dancing. Nicholas first looked at Aila she was crying, then looked at mobile just one second and threw it on the floor. He took Aila's hand and they faster left the main dance hall. Nicholas took her away in the costumes room. He sat down on the box, opened his laptop and turned on the music, she was doing something in it. But Aila was standing in the middle of the room and she was crying. Nicholas was not interested in her, he was doing his work in the laptop. Aila was crying about half an hour, he tired to listen her crying and looked at her angrily, put on the laptop in the bag and came closer to Aila.

Nicholas - Listen!

He stopped for a moment and again continued.

Nicholas - How long are you going to cry?

Aila suddenly stopped and looked at him.

Nicholas - No, there is not problem but, I am just curious, how long I will be hungry here.

Aila smiled at his face and cleaned her tears.

Nicholas - Wow you are so beautiful, please do not cry anymore you look scary.

Aila - Thank you very much that you did not leave me alone.

Nicholas - So, are not you hungry? You have cried such a lot that

you have to be very hungry. Let's eat something delicious

He put down his hands on Aila's shoulders, winked the eye, he turned her back and left the room.After that day, they become very good friends. They were doing everything together, when Aila had a dance practice he was sitting in the dance hall, was making his special effects in the laptop and waiting for Aila, he also was making his own music and at the same time he was one of the best dancer in the ballet school. They even were going on summer holyday together with Dani. Time was passing Aila was growing and becoming very beautiful and a professional dancer.

. . . Once when they were in the dance hall as usual , Nicholas offered her to create the dance group. He showed her a project for the dance group, when Aila saw it she agreed with Nicholas. They were discussing too long that what would be name of the group and after the long time thinking Nicholas shouted the name.

Nicholas - Phoenix!

Aila - Why Phoenix?

Nicholas - The phoenix is associated with an immortality and a brilliancy.

The only one creature who was resurrected from the ashes.

She whispered in a low voice.

Aila - Phoenix! I like it too much.

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