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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

As a person with many scars, both on my body and mind I have always tried to help those that too have problems.

I have learnt many things over the years, though the most important one being that no matter how many people there are you'll always feel somewhat alone until you find a person just like yourself.

So smile for me. For yourself. For those that care about you. And stay strong.

Submitted: October 15, 2017

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Submitted: October 15, 2017



No matter if on the outside or inside

No matter how hard you try to hide


Scars are something that will be seen

And I'll tell you what I mean


They'll either be seen first or last

They're either a reminder of your future or the past


Scars show who you are, will become,

who you once were, or where you came from


They make you who you are

Even if you go away, no matter how far


But don't worry, those scars are a part of you

And I don't mind them, so why do you?


Don't worry about them, no matter how bad they look

I'll always think they are beautiful, like little folds in a book


But if you show them or if you don't,

That's your decision, no matter if you will or won't


Yes it has happened, yes harm has been done,

but that won't change that your smile can be as bright as the sun!


Just let me show you that you have nothing to fear

Please just stay with me, right here


So I can tell you about my own scars

About all of my fights and wars


So you understand it's normal to be different

Just like all the stars in the sky, look up and you'll see what I meant


Still they shine, and you should too

Please smile, you will be happy if you do


You are beautiful even with your scars,

just remember what I told you about the stars


So at night you can sleep

And maybe, you won't fall too deep.

© Copyright 2020 Child of Are. All rights reserved.

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