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Submitted: October 15, 2017

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Submitted: October 15, 2017



Love within a thousand vibes

missing the echoes from the

whispers that you cry.

Love is like a falling star

Making way for the night

to shine the moonlight

On my heart.

We alter

as we falter.

Returning the gifts of treasure

soaked in to one another.

Do you remember

the taste of that first kiss ?

I prayed it would never end.

But somehow after all these years

I know it never did.

The sunshine screams

when the mind is poisoned

by these polluted dreams.

The midnight air is dense

as I try to clear my life

and draw a brand new breath.

The essence of stained regrets

has made my heart to forget

the pain in which endowed

the moon hides behind a cloud .

We alter

as we falter

soaring a run away love

with no halter .

There's no turning back

my life has changed for you

and I will never look back.

Together at last

never to be apart.

Please let the moonlight

burn a hole

right through the dark ..

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