The Wanderer (Part 1)

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A story set in a dystopian world where a unique 1% or even lower of the population posses the power genesis however the government deemed these unique children or treacherous demons as they are
called a major threat so they are killed .

Submitted: October 15, 2017

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Submitted: October 15, 2017



Disstaer struck as Daimons house was burnt down to the ground by the government naming him a threat. In a dystopian world where a unique 1% or lower posses the power Genesis the government considers these unique mutants one might say are killed as soon as their powers are found out. This eccentric and unconventional power they posses called "Genesis" is a mystery. It's limitations are unknown and the only thing known is it can create or destroy anything however people fear it. Instead of exploring this power the government just decides to get rid of the children who posses it. Propaganda is used very effectively and peoples thoughts are manipulated as they fear that whoever possesses this power will bring destruction upon the world. However they are unable to realise this could be use to ablnce out he power. Daimon was an orphan who was adopted by a gentle man at a very early age. Unfortunately for daimon his foster father died  while the house was burnt down. Daimon getting so furious and agitated unleashed his power and killed every single of the men present. He sought vengeance for his foster father and decided to kill every single filthy official of the government that had orchestrated this diabolical scheme. Although daimon was a boy with a kind heart this tragedy arouse a fury that forced him to consume his emotions and follow a dark path. He knew the only chance he had was to form a group with allies that had the same power as him and develop his power. However unknown to him a spy lurking in the shadows had seen and informed the governemnt and the government had decided to sent a squad of assasins skilled in the art of instantaneous killing. What will happen to Daimon and will his dream ever come true?  ( TO BE CONTINUED)

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