The fancy tech planet

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Submitted: October 15, 2017

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Submitted: October 15, 2017



When you appear threw the teleporter In  my world you would see a lot of tiny people. They would all be swimming, walking, shopping, and having fun. No one knows how this world was created buy you do. You know that this word was zapped in the atmosphere by aliens on another planet by accident and they could not take it out, but you don’t tell anyone that. Everyone is wearing whatever they want, and they are all either walking around or on some flying skate board thing. There are over 50 people and the planet rotates and moves in towards the sun and away from the sun. the only way you can get in is if you use the teleporter and the secret password.


If you were to talk into my planet you would feel the cool wind against your skin with the occasional

Cast of the sun's rays. You walk around and you see very little trees, grass, and plants but you see lots of hills, 2 hot tubs, 12 pools. Every pool has a 5 story waterslide. There is a huge indoor and outdoor water park located in the middle of town with over 300 different waterslides. There are 12 hours in a day,7 of which are spent away from the sun and 5 of which are spent close to the sun. Temperatures reach from any ware to -20 degrees when the planet is far away from the sun to 30 degrees when it's close to the sun. Everyone is 5foot or shorter and they all have the body of a donkey and funny colored hair. Every family or individual gets to design their own house for $1,000,00 and their backyard for $200.00. Each individual gets 1 acer of land and a family gets 2 acers of land.


In my world or planet there are rules like any other place. There are not a large amount of them but there is a few.

Your pool must be enclosed at all times to prevent drowning and unwanted visitors, you can only have the specific amount of acers you are allowed to have, no cars allowed you must use your walking feet or flying skate board that run off of solar power , you can't have any more than one pet so that it is not to overly populated. If you break any of those rules you will have to pay $1,000,000,00 and if you break them again you will get kicked out of the world and never allowed to return. Trust me you don’t want to pay that much money. Now of the fun rules. every home pool must have a water slide, you must have a nice home for you pets if you have any and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!


This planet was put in the atmosphere by aliens. Your probably thinking that you should not live here because not a lot of people knows about it. Well I will tell you  that you are only half right. Yes not a lot of people know about it but this planet Is something you will never find anywhere else. They have a huge shopping mall and over 300 thriller waterslides located just in the middle of town you can stay there all day for a fee of $10 per person." that’s pretty good if you ask me". And you don’t get around like you would anywhere else you don’t use cars you use Flying skateboard's!!!!! And let's be honest where do you get to design your own house however you want for that little amount of money and your backyard, since  when do u get 1 acer let alone 2 and get to design it however you want. You don’t that’s why you should move to the "Fancy tech planet"

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