Appreciation of emotions

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Why do humans believe that creatures different from themselves can not feel and have emotions? Why do people believe that animals have no soul? Here is my opinion and reasons why based on events
and observations.

Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 15, 2017



In this short essay I will be explaining my opinion about emotions and being able to feel in animals and the realationship between an animal and a person. This is going to explain my opinion and the opinion of many other people. I will not be going into the scientific bases. If you dont like animals or believe strongly in humanity stop reading this now. Ok so that leaves the rest of you reading with an open mind. Enjoy and think about what I am talking about.

Starter topic. What are emotions and feelings? Emotions are generally caused by either a postive or negative influence that may of recently taken place. For example someone you loved died, would make you sad. Having a pet that you care about would make you happy. Now the real test. Did you see what I did there? No? I said "Having a pet you care about" however when talking about a human previously I used the word love. How many of you noticed that? I am guessing not many. Most of you would of skipped over that simple word. Such a big difference between two words that practically mean the same thing, In fact they are similies.Should we continue?

Being more appreciative of animals in a great thing to have because the humans are disgusting. What gives humans the right to think they are superior to every other living being. You dont see animals running around tearing down our homes, You dont see them killing us for our skin. Now when you say "Humans are the smartest beings on earth" take a good think about what we have created and the consequences of it. Lets see. Heat. Who doesent love a nice snuggly home to come back to with the heat on? Well that heat is either coming from tearing up the ground for coal or chopping down animals homes for wood. Enough ranting about how humans are digusting and get back to the point.

Most humans believe that animals do not posses emotions or a soul simply because they dont speak our language and we can not understand them because we can not hear them. Did you ever get taught how to spell because? I got taught like this. Big elephants can always understand small elephants. A phrase that we take too lightly. Do you know when an elephant dies the family will visit the place it died and cry at that very spot. Again and again. Being able to remember everything sounds cool right? Unless that memory was of a human hacking of the tusks of an elephant then leaving it to die and suffer. Days will pass and turn into years, But they will always remember you with silent tears. A quote that is so beautiful and so true. 

When a human loses someone close to them, they will be sad at first and may remember that for the rest of their life. Animals however, take it worse. When one of my guinea pigs lost its freind, the only family she had, She griefed every day and all day. She would not eat and just sat in to corner of her cage. She did not care. We forced fed her every day to try to make sure she lived, but to no prevail. One week later and she was gone too. You never hear a wolves song or cry without an answer. You never see a bird so high alone in the sky. What do humans do? We kill eachother. For no other cause than money and power. I urge you to take these words into consideration. Please think. Thank you. Feel free to message me your response I will try to answer back. Thanks again. 


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