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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

What can the mysterious adventures of a Unicorn reveal to us? Let's take a look.



Once upon a time there lived a unicorn in the heavens above. His name was Tim and he was always a loner being the butt of jokes every time. He walked past his fellow unicorns but never spoke a word to them. Seeing them from a distance, he felt that they were gossiping about how pathetic he was. Tim was really frustrated as he felt isolated that he released his stress by taking a stroll in the clouds. On one such stroll he gazed at the zebras underneath and sighed.

“Oh! how I wish to be like those zebras dancing on the grass merrily!”  

Immediately a thought sprung within Tim,

‘What if I could be a zebra?’

He had the power to do it, he was a unicorn anyway and had the magic power to change himself into anything he wanted to. So, ‘poof!’ and he changed himself into a zebra on the Earth. He danced on the grass along with the other zebras and after a while just laid on the fresh green grass and looked at the sky.

“Gosh! I’ve been missing so much happiness all my life. I wish to be a zebra always.” He thought as he closed his eyes to relax for a few minutes when he suddenly heard all the other zebras neigh in panic. He stood up to find the entire grassland in chaos with zebras running past him swiftly. He didn’t realize what was going on until all the zebras had left him alone. Standing like a rock, he heard a loud roar which he couldn’t hear because of the neighing of the zeal. A big strong lion approached him running swiftly and within a fraction of second, the lion was in the air, ready to pounce at him with its wide paws and long sharp nails. Tim didn’t know what to do and stay stuck. The lion pounced but to its dismay, its lunch went missing and it kept searching around wondering what had happened. Tim, realizing the danger had turned himself into a grasshopper quickly leaving the lion in bewilderment. Whilst he lay hidden in the strands of grass, the lion had given up in disappointment.

Tim was thankful for the lucky escape and started hopping in his new body. He thought everything was alright until again he was caught in a stampede of the wildebeest. He escaped from the horrifying death trap and took refuge in a nearby pond. When he thought that he was safe, he immediately came under attack from a fat frog that had jumped from a Lotus leaf after spotting him. This time, Tim quickly changed into a frog in hopes that the frog would leave him alone and it did as he thought. He started hopping on the Lotus leaves and jumped into the water exploring the water world beneath him. As he swam in ecstasy staring at the fish that went by, he felt like someone was watching him from behind. It was a big cat fish that was almost about to gobble him. Realizing the impending danger, he swiftly swam to reach the land for safety. He panted hard looking at the pond with dread after his webbed feet touched the muddy soil. The underwater world was not as quiet as it seemed.

From a few meters, away as Tim could make out from the sound he heard – there was a snake hissing to make him its meal. He immediately changed into a pigeon and flew far away only to find himself being chased by a cunning eagle again. Everywhere he went and whatever he changed himself into, there were dangers lurking around that he found so hard to escape from.

Finally, he decided to become a unicorn again, he was much relieved when he found himself in the heavens drifting along the clouds. This time he was not afraid of his fellow unicorns. He boldly went to them and mustered the courage to say a “Hi”.

His fellow unicorns were surprised and happy and said “Hey. What’s your name dude?”

“Tim” and that was the beginning of a delightful conversation that ended in Tim befriending his fellow unicorns. He was not the old Tim who shied away anymore. He was the new Tim – the new Tim who realized the value of his life, who learnt to accept himself as he was and who was more grateful to the situation he was in rather than putting himself into others’ situations.


  • Don't jump to conclusions before you try like Tim assuming his friends were gossiping about him just because he never got to know them.


  • Grass is greener on the other side as we know it until we get to the other side. "The challenges that you face now may seem bigger than this world but it is not when compared to the different and difficult situations that others around you face. You are better where you are at right now and there is a reason behind it which you might be thankful for or comprehend it in the future if not now."


  • "Be thankful for each moment that you get to spend. Don’t waste it on regrets or lost opportunities. New doors are always open." You just need to muster the courage to open them just like Tim.

Submitted: October 15, 2017

© Copyright 2021 shika. All rights reserved.

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What a cute fable! A good lesson for us all, and I love that you named the unicorn 'Tim'--haha!

Mon, August 3rd, 2020 10:06pm


Haha thank you XCulletto, Tim was just a name that crossed my mind when I was wondering what I should name the Unicorn as. I am glad you liked it :)

Mon, August 3rd, 2020 9:45pm

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