Hung Drawn And Quartered

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A boy is sentanced to be hung drawn and quartered for treason (Facts may not be right I’m just guessing about the punishment)

Submitted: October 15, 2017

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Submitted: October 15, 2017






from the executioners prospective 


I stood at the gallows waiting for my charge to arrive, then the show would begin. Suddenly I heard the horses galloping from the streets away from the main square. The crowds heard the as well and began to cheer. They had been board after the man who had been hung 5 minutes earlier as the pre show entertainment had stoped twitching and jerking around but now they perked up again knowing the the main part of the show was about to begin. The horse galloped into the square with the prisoner being dragged behind on a wooden sled. He could be no older then 16 but he had plotted to kill the king and the courts had sentenced him to die so his age didn’t matter to me. The guards drew the horse to a stop at the foot of the gallows, by now the crowed was in a riot cheering and throwing rotten fruit at the poor boy.  The Guards released the ropes holding the boy to the wicker sled and pulled him to his feet.  He tried to stand up and walk towards his death but his legs looked like jelly and he fell down immediately after standing up. The guards had no time for him though and pulled him to his feet and dragged him towards the steps. They got to the bottom of the steps before he started screaming and trying to escape. It was a ridiculous sight as this weak malnourished 16 year old waring nothing but his old rags tried to fight a pair of fully armed strong guards in chain mail amour. They hauled him up the steps and tied his hands and feet together. He couldn’t resist after that. The guards held him in position as the cleric read out the sentence. A roar of disapproval from the crowed. The courttried him and found him guilty of high treason. He was sentencedThe crowed shouted its approval at his words.held the struggling boy in place as I pulled the rough hemp noose around his neck. The guards hoisted the now pale and shaking boy onto the three legged stool. I pulled the roped tightly and tied it to a metal hook stoping it from moving. I walked over to where the boy was standing. Please.. His voice crooked as I stepped towards the stool where he was standing. No I’m..but I didn’t here the rest of it because I swung my leg towards  the stool and swiped it away from his feet. He fell about one feet before the rope caught him and started choking him. The crowed cheered as he twisted and turned trying desperately to find some support for his flailing legs but I knew that wouldn’t happen because his feet were hanging 2 feet above the ground. Harsh chocking noises came from his red and burnt  neck as the rope cut into his soft skin. Suddenly the crowed cheered harder as a wet patch grew around his legs as he lost all his Bowl control and pissed himself. He probably would have soiled his pants as well but I knew that the prison didn’t feed the prisoners much so he was saved from that embarrassment. Just before he blacked out I took out my knife and cut the rope dropping him onto the stained wooden platform. He breathed deeply but before he could recover fully the guards cut the rope tying his arms and legs together and pulled him onto the table where the worst was yet to begin for him. The guards help me to remove the prisoners little cloths and tying his arms and legs to the cast iron table. I stuck the knife into the fire pit which had been light well before the earlier hanging had started and started to heat it up.


We had to throw water over him to revive him fully but as he woke up he realised that he was now strapped to the table naked and started pleading again. I completely ignored him this time as I was used to the senseless mumbling from the condemned. I had been doing this job for 14 years and was skilled in every form of execution from hangings, beheadings, flaying and Even the more skill demanding forms of execution such hanging drawing and quartering.

I pulled the knife out of the fire pit and walked slowly over to the boy who was now trying to find away to get out of the restraints. No please justlet me die. I ignored him and brought the knife down slicing open his stomach and revealing his insides. The screen that escaped his lips was so filled with pain and primal that it silenced the cheering crowed for a moment. As I pulled the knife up his convulsing body bload poured out of his stomach as more screams escaped his lips. When I had a incision from his navel up to his ribs I pulled the red hot knife out of his body and used it to start disembowelling him. First I pulled the opening in his stomach to the sides widening it and causing screams of agony then I went in with the knife and pulled out his kidneys and stomach. The key as my father taught me with the kidneys I to squeeze them as hard as you could before you rip them out. This causes intense pain to the victim which in the view of the court and of the crowed was what he deserved. Then I slit the intestines and pulled them out of the screaming child. The crowed cheered and chanted as I threw his remains into the fire pit share the intestinal gasses popes and burnt. After I finished with his intestines I turned my attention to his male parts and prepared to slice. He had an erection for some reason as I readied the knife, this made it slightly harder to cut thought it but it was no big problem as it happened all the time. The sign of a skilled executioner was to be able to keep your charge alive until the end of the second stage, having their genitals sliced off. As I was taught I thrust the knife into his testicles triggering another screen of pain from the dying child. After I pulled my knife out of his testicles I looked at the mess of flesh and blood. I grabbed the charred remains of his penis and balls and sliced them off with a small amount of resistance from the erection but the sharp blade made short work of it. The guards forced the wailing teenager to look as his manhood and organs were thrown into the fire. After his genitals all that was left was to reach into his chest and pull out his nearly dead heart. Most people died just after their intestine were removed however he perhapses unluckily had been alive and screaming as his testicles and penis was sliced off. The crowed were loving it as I reached into his still convulsing chest and ripped out his heart. Suddenly his eyes focussed on me and I saw the light drain out off them. Then he went still and the ear piercing screams stopped. But I wasn’t finished with him yet. The guards handed me a sword that was heavier then most to quarter him and remove his head. They untied him and pulled his empty body over to the block they had set up. I swung the sword down onto his exposed young neck and severed it from the body in one blow. Then to the crowed applause we turned him over and chopped him in half from the incision in his chest down to the mess of blood and burnt flesh where his balls had been. Then we separated the legs and split the torso, he was going to be paraded around London as a warning to other.


The End

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