majic chapter 21- powerless

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Submitted: October 15, 2017



Chapter 21: Powerless


I ran out of the room, The Matal right behind me.

“Stacy, no!” he shouted. I ran to the stables and ordered a horse ready in thirty minutes, then ran back to my room.

“Stacy, wait!” said Jacob.

“Not now!” I ordered.

I ran to my room. The others followed in.

“What happened?” asked Alina.

“Are you okay?” asked Ella.

“What did he say?” asked Jacob.

“Stacy, don’t you dare run off to him!” ordered The Matal.

That was the one that sent a silence split through the air. I stopped, took a breath, and said, “There is no turning back now.”

“From what?” asked Ella.

“I made a deal. I said that I’d exchange myself for them.” I said.

“What?” roared Jacob.

“It’s for the best!” I protested. “I can do this, okay? I have before!”

“He will kill you!” said Alina.

“Not if I do it first!” I said. “I just need to, okay?”

“No.” said The Matal. “We can find another-”

“No. I’ll go. You get the children to safety. Then you come back for me with as much firepower as possible.” I said.

“You will not.” said Jacob.

I finally snapped. “I am the queen! You will do it!” I ordered. “I am your best chance of winning this war!”

Jacob went rigid. Alina looked horrified. Ella was shaken. And The Matal looked hurt. It was then that I noticed dark streams circled the air, yet my body was glowing with anger and light. I let it fade.

“Just go.” I said, waving them off. I didn’t need a distraction, something to hold me back. With one pleading look, they left.

I went to my wardrobe and found my best forta. It was golden silk, and the hem was blue with different colored beads. The back had my symbol sewed into it. The silks popped in color.

I had some fingerless gloves. They were black, and meant for show. I had made them when bored at the base. I had a black choker on, and had boots on. I took some powders. I rubbed some black powder on my eyelashes, which instantly became long and dark. I put my hair up. I made it shimmer.

I went back to the stables. Jacob and The Matal were waiting for me. I jumped on top of a large white horse. Then, together, we rode in silence.




A few hours later, we arrived.

It was dark. I was shown to my quarters. The Matal, Jacob and I sat in silence. I turned the plan over and over in my head. I was going to have them swap the children first. Then, say my final goodbyes as I would go with them. I would see The Dark One, then I’d do whatever I had to do next. Depending on his move.

A little voice in my head cried, “What if it doesn’t work? What if we don’t survive this?”

“No.” said another. “We have to. He’s our enemy. He will bow to us in time.”

For hours later, we laid there, simply thinking. Finally, we were taken to the gates as the men, along with rows of children, stood.

“We are sending an ambassador over! He will meet your Queen in the middle!” shouted a soldier as we came out. “Understood?”

“You are understood, soldier.” I shouted back. “We come in peace.”

The Matal hung on as I began to approach. “Stacy, please. Don’t do this. We can-”

“No we can’t.” I said softly. “I love you. I love my kingdom. That is why I am doing this.”

I walked over to meet a heavy-set ambassador.

“Ma’am. We are here to agree that you are exchanging your life for the children.” he said. “Correct?”

“Yes.” I said. “You will send the children over first. Then I will come. All I ask is the chance to say goodbye.”

“We need to get to his majesty soon. How long will it take?” he asked.

“A few short minutes. Then, I will come with you and your men. No harming.” I said.

“We will need to cuff you. For… a precaution.” he said slowly. “You understand.”

“I do.” I said. I knew that would probably happen. To be honest, I’d do it too. “I accept that. Do you agree?”

“Yes. We will send them over.” he said.

We went back to our sides. A moment later, hundreds of children were lined up and placed into the base. About ten minutes later, it was just us and them. I turned to The Matal.

“Stacy…” he murmured. The way he said it broke my heart. It showed compassion, and was stuffed with love. But it also held fear and suffering.

“It’s okay.” I said. “I’ll be fine.”

We kissed, once, briefly. I then turned to Jacob, and hugged him.

“Jacob, take care of them for me.” I said, then laughed forcefully. “And if the New Council gives you any trouble, just kill them and help The Matal rule.”

He tried to smile. Failed. “Your majesty.” he said, bowing.

I turned. I then hopped onto my horse and galloped over to the group of soldiers.

One held chains. They were cold, freezing, really. They strapped around my hands, covering them, preventing me of summoning. I didn’t like the feeling, but I dealt with it as we rode away.

For hours we rode through endless plains. I could tell we were moving southward, and I thought aloud, “Isn’t the Dark One in Britain?”

“Yes.” answered a soldier gruffly. “We’re meeting him in a town loyal to him.”

I was then quiet. I did need to stop thinking outloud before I slipped something really important.

We soon rode into forest. We kept riding on a small hunter’s trail. My chains clinked loudly together. One of the soldiers said we were close. Another pointed southward.

I saw a large village. I mean, really large. It had giant homes, the markets were several blocks long, and a great mansion stood in the middle. I guess he has a mansion built in his honor wherever he goes. I thought glumly.

Before we entered, the guards took my chains off.

“The Dark One pronounced that you’ve deflected. You are one of them. He expects a presentation.” said the ambassador.

“Understood, solider.” I said. “I can put on a show.”

We rode into the town. The people crowed and cheered. I raised my hands, sending shoots of ice, water, fire, and wind everywhere.

We rode to the front steps of the mansion. I was helped off my horse. I raised my hands, and darkness covered the crowd. Then, I sent waves of ice, water, and last, fire, rolling through the darkness. Then, with swift winds, they disappeared completely, and the darkness was dissolved by my light.

Even though I was about to officially be a prisoner, I enjoyed using my power. However, I enjoyed it more when I was using it as a weapon. Though, I could use it to win the people over.

I waved, then I was guided into the mansion. I was waved up the stairs and into a guest bedroom- no, a guest cell, more like it.

The room was simple. It had a bed,a closet. A small bedside table. The bthroom had a toilet, sink, and bath.

I went to the wash bin on the bedside table. I washed my hands, then neck. I didn’t dare wash the makeup on my face. Curious, I opened my closet. It had black fortas. I scowled. No way. The Matal had his colors. The Dark One his. But The Matal gave me my colors. No way was The Dark One going to take that away, prisoner or not. However, I would have to use the clothes, which were also black. I shrugged. Good second color.

I sat on the bed and looked out, down to the streets. I watched carefully. I didn’t know when The Dark One would arrive, but I knew it would happen.

I found a notebook, some ink, and a quill. I started writing. I just wrote. About my tale. What happened. How I was sorry. I was sorry about the Matal, leaving him. I was sorry for my friends, who I’d abandoned. I was sorry for my kingdom, who I left. I was sorry for my parents. And for the children. And for Natalie. I was sorry.

I didn’t cry, though I wanted to. I held my chin high through the next couple of days. I stayed quiet in my room, alone. Food was given, but other than that, I was nothing.

Then he arrived.

I sat, watching the people in the window, when I noticed that they were flooding the streets, excited. My stomach jolted. My heart nearly stopped. My brain went haywire as The Dark One rode in. His hair was black. His skin was nearly ghost-white. He seemed stronger.

He waved as he got off his horse. I ran to my wardrobe, threw on my forta, and did my hair. Though fast, it was a perfect bun, thanks to my tailor skills.

I watched as he was giving his speech. A guard came in.

“No knock?” I ordered angrily, startled.

“Sorry, ma’am.” he said. “The Dark One wants to see you when he comes inside.”

I followed the guard down the hall, the stairs, and waited on the stairs. The doors flew open, then closed. The Dark One gave his coat to a servant. He greeted generals, one I remembered by face.General Tormack. Then, his eyes met mine.

Shit. What now? I thought frantically.

He said quietly, “Out. Everyone.”

They bowed and left, no question. No comments. It was just me and him.

“Why aren’t you wearing my colors?” he asked calmly.

“If you think I’m going to brand myself as you?” I asked. “No way. Besides, the people are supposed to think I’m a guest.”

“You’re a guest. Truly.” he said.

A laugh was let loose. It was like a bark. “Ha! Like I believe it.”

“You’re going to marry me.” he said.

I lifted up my ring. “I don’t think so. I’m married. I’ll die before I marry you.”

He lifted a brow. “Really?”

“And you can’t make me.”

“Whine all you want. Stop your feet. Scream in hate. I will still rule.” he said. “And you will rule by my side, or in the dust.”

“Like hell. Listen, I came. What do you want with me?”

“I already told you.”

“Anything else?”

“You are going to rule with me, or be tortured.” he said. “With… new methods.”

I thought for a moment, but then said, “Again, like hell.

He shrugged. “Alright then. Guards, escort her to her room.” said The Dark One, waving me off.

I was brought back to the room. I nearly broke down, but I knew I couldn’t. I just needed to think.

And think I did.




I shrugged off my forta, combed my hair. I washed my hands and my face. I slipped into bed. I was drifting off when I heard voices.

“Right, you bust the door down. I’ll grab her. We’ll need to knock her out.” said one.

“Got it.”

I jumped up, grabbed my forta. I had my hands up as the door flew off the hinges. I blinded one with darkness- the technique The Matal and I practiced underground.

The other instantly tried to knock me out, but I sent an icicle and froze his hand.

The noise was heard, because more guards arrive.

“Don’t let her escape!” ordered The Dark One as a bolted down the hallway.

Unfortunatly, I didn’t do very well with the escape, because when I turned the corner, more guards were streaming through. I tried to fight through, but they had me out in an instant.


When I came to, I was strapped to a metal bed. The room was dark. I looked over. The Dark One stood, watching me. My body built up with rage. I tried to break the bonds. They were magical, dark ones. But I couldn’t do it.

I then tried to summon, but something was missing. I couldn’t pull my power to me, feel it at the tips of my fingers. I gasped when realization struck.

“You monster!”

“I told you I would use new methods.” he said calmly.

“I will kill you!”

“With what powers?” he asked. “Hmm… let’s see how my brother responds.”

“You knew this would happen!” I said. “You’re going to lure him here, aren’t you?”

He smiled. “Oh, that and so, so much more.”

I glared. I had to get my power back. This just couldn’t be possible.




I woke up, back in my room. I put my hands in front of me. I knew it wasn’t there. For hours I looked at my hands, until I heard yelps and cries, roars and shouts. I could tell someone was here, attacking. But I didn’t care. Nothing mattered. I was non-majic.

The Dark One came into my room. “Ah, the brother has arrived. How about you show him your powers?”

Rage tore through me. I grabbed him, and, with surprising force, chucked him out the window. He tried to strike me. A large stroke of black tore right next to me, but I dodged.

I heard a distant roar- “Where is she?” of The Matal.

I sobbed. I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t. I could only imagine the look on his face. What would happen? How?

The door flew open. Jacob burst in. “She’s in here!” he shouted. Him and a fireal came to my side. “Stacy, we need to move.”

I couldn’t move. I just sobbed. Jacob sighed. “Stacy, what-”

“Stacy!” said The Matal. At that moment, he looked relieved to see me. But sobbing, he was worried. “What is it?”

“I can’t.” I sobbed. “I can’t do it. I can’t summon.”


“Please, just get me out.”

The Matal picked me up. We ran through the mansion, protected by Jacob and the fireal, and got onto some horses.

“Jacob, sound the retreat!” said The Matal.

Jacob shouted, “Bein the retreat!”

Horns sounded. The soliders began to move back. Gravitios and Fireals worked together, making a large fire sweep through the town. The Matal led my horse and I through the woods.

It was evening. We eventually made camp far from the woods. I was placed next to the fire. Ella and Alina came out of a tent, but Jacob quickly explained. I didn’t see their faces, because my eyes overflowed with tears.

The Matal st next to me, and handed mea thermos of warm water. I drank. It was warm, but it soothed my body. After I swallowed, he simply said, “Talk.”

“He tortured me. He somehow took my powers. I can’t get them back. And if I can, I don’t know how.” I said. “What do I do?”

He took a breath. “While you were gone, Jacob dispatched a spy to some with you. An oceankeeper. Very powrful. She disguised herself by manipulating water to make her invisable. She was killed in battle, but shegot us your location. As the High Council came up with a plan of attack, I took a team to find someone who can help us.”

“Who?” I asked.

“Opah, our mother.” he said. “She was queen. She was a powerful healer. Could heal anyone. She risked her life on the front lines, helping wounded soldiers. She’s famous amongt them. At court, she was a jewel. A charming Noblewoman.

“And most importantly, she knows us. Both of us. She can help us. When my brother turned against her kngdom, she had no choice, but to exile him. She hated him.” he shrugged. “But it was his loss.”

“So… how can she help me?” I asked.

“She might be able to help revive you, train you up.” said The Matl. He shrugged. “An idea.”

I hugged him. I began sobbing again. He held me close.

“Thanks for the quick rescue. It hasn’t even been a whole month.” I said.

“I couldn’t stand it. Once we came back, I had to come save you. I am just glad you’re back, powers or not.” he said, hugging me.

We sat next to the fire, hugging, staying close.


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