Breaking the Ice- Chapter 3

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Submitted: October 15, 2017

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Submitted: October 15, 2017



Once her feet touched the snow, Breccia beheld miles of endless, flat terrain in all directions. In the distance, she saw the ocean, the surface a soft plane of glass broken by a lone Milotic and a school of Feebas jumping around h er. Spheals lounged in close clusters while Windgull's glided on the breeze. Occasionally, they would land on the backside of a cranky Dewgong and be rushed off with a chomp.

“Set the control panel near the truck.” Caleb tugged a stocking cap over his ears before placing a set of goggles over his glasses. “The generator should keep things running, I want everyone to stay back here. Lars, grab the control and your Gravler. Piloswine tend to be temperamental.” The subjects, a group of Piloswine, were gigantic mammoths with ivory tusks sharp enough to slice anyone clean through.

“I'm surprised the electric fence kept them in place.” Nessa said, twisting a knob on the pannel and sending a thumbs up to her brother. “Wouldn't have done a thing to them if they thought to cross it.”

“You sure this is safe?” Breccia was answered by Morice.

“They implanted the chips last time we were here. The first tests turned out fine. Riker wanted to send more men but most have been trying to keep all the idiot trainers from poking around.”

Caleb approached the Pokemon with Lars at a safe distance behind. From across the tundra, both men were indistinguishable. Caleb's elongated, slender frame stood a few inches taller. Otherwise, they appeared the same in their matching lab coats.

“I will admit, I have a bad feeling about all of this.” Morice said. “The ice is thin enough without a couple thousand pounds added.”

“Give us an hour and we'll head back.” Vanessa, clearly use to her friend's complaints, sat on the tailgate with Nary a care to give. “Then you can go to the Float and drown in a keg.”

“Don't promise me a good time. I have a full shift after this.” Contrary to what was said, Morice's disposition was confirmed when an hour passed with little word on when they were leaving.

Then another hour passed.

Then another.

Then another.

His mood soured with each passing second. It was lifted only when he received a call confirming that another grunt would be covering his rounds.

The monotony of watching the Pokemon run rounds like the gears on an oiled cog was lost on Breccia. She was far too intrigued by the complexities of Lars' invention. It was a marvel to see subjects go from enraged to placated at the touch of a button.

Her father always praised her inquisitive mind. (So long as she wasn't taking apart the dishwasher or destroying the TV remote. She still remembered the grounding she received when she and Geodude unscrewed the bolts in the vacuum cleaner.)

“I've got an apartment near headquarters.” While her friend was lost in past thoughts, Vanessa was busy organizing living arrangements. “I don't think Caleb will care. He spends most of his time in the lab.”

Unknowing of the conversation, Caleb was in the middle of directing a few of their test subjects to the west side of the fence when an unfriendly Mamothswine snorted. It tossed it's head up in an act of defiance.

“We have a problem.” He detated his walkie form his waste and called in to Morice. “Turn the volt up to 23. Just a small jolt, I don't want to hurt it.” The order was fallowed. Though, staring off into the distance where their superior stood, it was hard to tell if it had done anything. “Anytime Morice...”

“I did.” When Morice reached to fiddle with the knobs once more, a spark shot forth. He hissed and jerked away. “The damn thing isn't responding.” The angered creature snorted once more, going back on it's hind legs. “You guys need to get out of there!”

With the machine out of commission, the other Pokemon were no longer under control and grew agitated. Some began snorting and kicking their legs about.

“Caleb!” The last Vanessa saw of her brother was him trying to outrun the stampede. Lars was able to roll under an embankment.

Caleb wasn't as lucky.

He disappeared under the Pilowswine's feet as the wall of enraged subjects towards the van.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Morice took Nessa's arm in a vain attempt to flee.

Aware they wouldn't make it, Breccia made a split second decision. Grabbing her friend's pokeball, she pressed the button and sent it flying. “Koffing Self-Destruct!”

The Pokemon did was it was told, illuminating a faint white before exploding. A cavern opened beneath the thin ice and the three of them were cast underground with a landslide of rocks and ice following.





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