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The horror genre and why the films listed are some of the very best

Submitted: October 15, 2017

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Submitted: October 15, 2017



The reason behind this list is the dark supernatural element found within a film. 10. The Blair Witch Project. Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez Entering the woods in confidence then slowly losing your way, not believing in the witch, then realizing that she is real after all is mind altering and classic. The final scenes are terrific horror cinema. 9. The Birds. Alfred Hitchcock The best 'nature runs amok' film of all time. Before this movie who would have thought that a sparrow could inspire fear. 8.The Shining. Stanly Kubrick This ghost story is quietly creepy and frightening. The atmosphere of the film is of isolation and of no escape set within a large space. 7.Dawn of the Dead. George Romero A vision of the end of the world through zombies,where some of the best scenes feature the gun happy human survivalists as worse than the zombies themselves. 6.Nightmare on Elm Street. Wes Craven. A supernatural monster created by his actions and those of others attacks you while you sleep, creating a feeling of psychosis for both the viewer and the heroin of the film. 5. Halloween. John Carpenter Arguably the finest of all 'slasher' films, the 'Shape' is a supernatural being making him pure monster and not a murderer. The mood of the film is perfect, as is the musical score. 4. Masque of the Red Death. Roger Corman Based upon a story by Poe, it is the ultimate tale of death itself, portrayed as a character in the film. The final feeling the viewer is left with is, try as you might to flee the grim reaper, he will find you in time. 3.Alien. Ridley Scott Some might say it's sci-fi, but in actuality it is the greatest movie of horror ever made which takes place in outer space. The alien bursting forth from its host is brilliantly shocking. 2.Frankenstein. James Whale Old as it is, this film stands the test of time, mostly due to the performance of Boris Karloff as the Monster, the hapless being who is forced back into the world. The scene where the Monster reaches for the sunlight in a gesture of confusion creates a space of sympathy for all monsters with a human face which is a part of horror cinema. 1. Night of the Living Dead George Romero One of the first American films to feature and African American man as a hero, the film creates an atmosphere of claustrophobia and moments of real terror. The best tales occur at night when we feel the most vulnerable, and this gem of horror utilizes that vulnerability to perfection.

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