Bring Me Home

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Submitted: October 15, 2017

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Submitted: October 15, 2017



A heart on the floor

I see the magic uprising

light on a distant shore.

The storm is kept at bay

we only come out at night

to play .

Within these dull illusions .

My eyes contemplate

my mind's confusion.

So cold and all alone.

A lost orphan of the night

wandering back home.

I spin this love around

and find the secrets of your dreams .

And now my trails are gone

and it is never what it seems .

Footsteps engraved

rest assured

my direction has changed

a fragile life obscured.

The ruins long to rome

seeking a closed route

bring me home.

To appear

I disappear

beneath all my darkest fears .

Following these sour dreams

we only come out at night

to scream .

We are nothing but haunted.

Life is not a dream

when you can't wake up

from the dream you wanted.


So many heartaches

inside this orphan's shell.

On a distant shoreline

a child's light is shone .

Giving off enough lumens

to guide my heart

back home. .

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