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The story talks about we should never think great about ourselves.

Submitted: October 16, 2017

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Submitted: October 16, 2017



A group of hundred people migrated from a under –developed village. They wanted to enjoy a wealthy life. So, decided to reach a place where nothing was available. The government had left a place unapproved. The people settled in that place. Gradually they started to develop the place into a town.

Later in the year, the place became a developed town A developed town was engaged into  manufacturing goods. As years passed, all people in the town were of a business class status. The town was flourishing with profits. The public belonged to the most affluent class in society. Many units were established in the town to increase profitability and also they decided to expand the business sphere to the nearby town. People were jubilant about the growth of the town.

One day, an alarming incident happened in their town. Officials from government unnotifiedly entered the town for inspection. People started to wonder why this sudden interrogation. The officials started to shoot out their queries  to the business men in the town. The senior most official in the team asked them about the worth of the business. The businessmen answered the official saying it would be worth 15 lakhs. One from the public asked the official we have been residing in the town for nearly 25 years and no official had entered our town and after 2 decades you have come to inspect the business what is the reason behind? The official told them that government wants to have a record of the population and  profit turn over of businesses. And revenues collected from the town was used for public welfare. We as a department should inspect the town and submit a report about the maintenance of the town.

The businessmen in the town were annoyed with the answer. We as the residents are solely responsible for the growth of the town. This is the only town in the region where  government has given us permission to develop the town with the funds from the residents. The official responded the public  ignoring the fact that the government had given the permission to handle their needs. The officials contrary to the public view told that government had taken back their word last week. People were shocked to hear the news. They rose an agitation. The government was helpless. Finally the government accepted their demand and left the people to their choice.

Now that the public had a lot of responsibilities on their shoulder. The people decided to expand the town into a city like infrastructure. They toiled hard to grow the town in a massive level. They engaged in construction of all amenities required for a city. It was 5 years by then. It was developed as a city with all needs. On the other hand, there were many issues that they were not able to solve. Funds were not sufficient because the business had a down fall. As the town developed into a city many competitors entered and residents witnessed loss. The population grew. Business sphere expanded, opportunities for the residents started to reduce. Now they realised the governmental action for development is the best way. The officials retaliated against the people. The people became submissive. The public agreed to all the government rules and regulations. It now paved the way for many infrastructural plans by the government. The residents again started to flourish. 

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