Teacher : a gardener

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This is a article about a student understanding towards his/her teacher.

Submitted: October 16, 2017

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Submitted: October 16, 2017



Hey!guys,as you all understand or you may like that , in this modern world we all ,leaving some exceptions don't respect our teacher at all.We often to call them by crazy names depending upon the nature of them as we think like devil , monster ,demon and many more . But friends do we ever try to understand that meaning of teacher word.

A teacher is a person whose main aim is to turn a graphite into a diamond student , so that he/she can shine in this dark sky like world.He do this by adding carbon atoms like ethics and knowledge to that graphite student so that he/she can turn into diamond .

A teacher is just like a Gardner who sweat in the deep summer and shiver in freezing wintervonly to take care of that plants like students ,such that they could make this garden like world more beautiful.

So guys! As the old saying states "everything depends and seems to happen in the way in which we believe" if we believe that our teacher is like that what we think ,we will never understand the true ,real and deep meaning of our teacher saying and regret it later. So always go through your teacher saying and you will make the world your's

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