A Useless Story Made Out Of Puzzle Pieces

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I made this story for a competition my school had. The theme was humanity.

(Written in August, 2016)

Submitted: October 16, 2017

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Submitted: October 16, 2017



The world was orange, the dump was made of huge mountains of garbage and the sofa looked like it had been through hell and back. It was the same as every other day.


The four lounged around on the sofa attached to the back of the tractor as the driver drove around the dump, moving around the trash to make more piles of it.


They sat in silence except for War humming something under cir breath. Cir had been especially jolly recently, even more so than Death, and they could all only guess the reason why.
"What is that song?" asked Pollution absentmindedly from nys place upside down with nys legs on the back of the couch, head hanging over the edge of the seat.
"Some popular song they play a lot on the radio" answered War.
"Where did you find a radio?"
"The driver has one," said War and waved a hand towards the tractor.
"I see."
They fell into silence again.


Famine plucked a torn newspaper off the ground as they drove by.
"There's been a huge oil leak in the middle of the Atlantic," ze reported in a disinterested tone before throwing the newspaper away again.
"Wonderful," said Pollution with a grin. Death joined War in humming songs.


The four watched curiously as a cow stumbled and fell down on the ground.
"There must be something in the water," mused Pollution.
Famine just sat back with zir hands behind zir head and smiled.


"They seem to have stopped," said War with a frown.
"Is it over?" asked Famine while looking around the ground they were moving by for any newspapers.
"No, not yet anyway," War reassured quickly. "They have just... stopped."
Pollution scratched nys head in thought.
"Why would they stop all of a sudden?"
The tractor suddenly halted, the driver hopped out and turned up the radio with a sigh. The dump was filled with the sound of a tinny sounding Silent Night. They all quieted and listened to the song, watching the driver sway slightly from side to side.
In the distance they could hear the sound of several men singing the same song in different languages.


They heard laughter and cheers.


They heard gunshots ring out again hours later.


"Humans sure are interesting creatures," said Death, getting agreeing sounds from the others.

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