Random Autobiography

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My Random Autobiography


Random Autobiography


I've experienced life in Oregon.

Planted trees at the house that holds my childhood.

I've lost the life of my dearest friend

And have felt the five stages of grief.

Danced in puddles as thunder roared above me.

I've fallen for lies

Because the truth always scares me.


I've only moved twice

And learned that distance can change friendship.

Memories of my father

Forgotten but cherished.

The smell of juniper shrubs remind me of home.

I've made bad decisions

I know I can't change but I won’t let them define me

I’ve picked the flowers my mother held at her wedding.


I saw a once picture perfect gorge

Destroyed and engulfed in flames.

I’ve never seen such a smokey sky

Stunned by the jumping fire over the Columbia River.

I’ve fallen asleep on the beach

And used warm sand as my blanket.

Waves crashing is my lullaby.

A home away from home.


I’ve lived a life of fear.

I’ve been on the verge of suicide

But learned I’m afraid of death.

The unknown.

I’ve climbed an aerial ladder to the very top

Where I saw my life flash before me.

I’ve felt the goosebumps from eight tiny legs

Screaming until my lungs couldn’t bare.


I’ve fallen in love with music

Because I know it will never hurt me.

A beautiful form of expression

More significant than words.

Caffeine is my addiction.

The rush.

Running through my veins

I’ve found hope in a clear blue sky

When I was lost in a fog of thoughts.


Submitted: October 16, 2017

© Copyright 2020 jodee.a.lee. All rights reserved.

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