Tragedy on 3rd Night

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Marianne has wanted to sail her entire life. After years of hard work, she finally has enough money for the voyage. 2nd day on ship she falls for Jack. Sadly, she thinks she's not good enough, but
Jack proves her wrong. For more drama and tragedy something heartbreaking happens on the starboard on the 3rd night through the voyage.

Submitted: October 16, 2017

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Submitted: October 16, 2017



The sound of seagulls, bells, and talking men make it seem so real, that I almost don't believe it.  Many years ago I was told that a ship was no place for a lady. If only they could see me now. Since I was a young girl, I wanted to sail the seas and now I will. For six years I worked in a tavern and I've finally earned enough money to be able to be here. I don't know where I'm going, but it's a dream come true.

Two days through the voyage and I already have my eye on someone. His name is Jack and with his black hair and blue eyes he looks straight out of a fairy tale. He's also first mate (which I think means he is the captain's helper), which makes me a no one. I don't think that, even with the fact that I'm the only woman on board, he'll notice me. With my brown eyes and brown hair always tied back in a ponytail, who would notice me?

Supper. I hate supper. Which girl wouldn't? Everyone just piles into a room with cramped tables and benches and is supposed to eat there. Well, everyone but the captain, first mate, and any important guests, so no chance of sitting next to Jack. I wish he were here. He's probably heavenly dining, while we are here just eating porridge and rum. Lots of rum. It reminds me of the tavern I worked in, just a whole lot sweatier and your'e eating the food. This time it was worse. Someone broke into the rum stash and brought out a whole lot of rum. Everyone was drunk. Really drunk, and being the only girl in the midst of around a dozen drunk men isn't, well, practiculary safe. I grabbed my porridge and stepped out onto the starboard and threw my porridge into the sea. I sighed heavinly. It fely good. The ocean breeze, the salty smell, the warm night...I don't think I have ever felt so relaxed. I just stood there, with no problems, no interruptions...well, that was until I heard a familiar voice call my name...  ''Marianne...'' I turn to look, only to see Jack coming out of the diner. Odd, what's he doing in there and why haven't I seenhim? As he approaches me, I force myself not to smile. ''Marianne,'' he calls again. Shocking really, the fact that he knows my name, ''I don't think we have properly introduced. I'm Jack.'' Icouldn't stop looking into those ocean eyes... ''I'm, uh... Marianne.'' I say stupidly as I shake his hand. Obviously he knew my name, he said it twice. I was trying really hard not to smile like an idiot. ''So, what interested you in Lotemburg?'' he asks kindly, as if someone like him could be intersted in someone like me. ''Oh, well I'm just going for the trip. The experience." "A girl seeking adventure. I like that." he says moving some strands of hair behind me ear. I really couldn't keep myself from smiling. There was an akward silence for a while until... ''Beautiful night.'' he said pointing to the stars. ''So many constellations. Orion, Taurus, Pisces...Virgo. She's my favorite one. She is said to be a lovely, young, lady with a heart of pure gold. I have seen many young and beautiful girls in my time, but none as treasuring as you, Marianne. Out here, under the stars, your as beautiful as Virgo, herself, maybe even more.'' I stare and smile at the ground. His words pull me closer. He then smoothly and swiftly, pulls my hair out the ponytail it was bound in. ''Do you know how pretty you look with your hair loose?" He grabs my waist and pulls me closer still. He kisses me. I put my hands on and around his neck. His other hand is around my shoulder. We kiss again. I just wished that this moment would never end... 

I wished to soon. Suddenly, there is a swoosh trough the air and I suddenly feel Jack's body jerk and go limp in my hands. I open my eyes to see Jack falling to the hard, cold floor. There is an arrow pierced through his back which comes out through his stomache. Blood is everywhere. I fall to the floor. ''Jack, JACK!'' I call beside him, ''Jack, listen to me, say something! JACK!" tears are building up in my eyes. He opens his eyes. ''Marianne...'' he says with a scorched throught. I grab his hands. "Yes? Yes Jack I'm here. Everythings going to be alright.'' I say, this time trying to smile. I lied not only to keep his hopes up, but to keep mine up aswell. I can't hold back the tears. ''Marianne... I, love... you..." he says before his eyes close forever. I bring my head to his chest. I cry. The tears won't stop coming. I lift my head up and scream.-Why?- I say in my mind. -It should have been me. He should never have died. Why?

I continue to scream and cry to the night sky. The only thing that I really know is that Jack would still be here if I never was.





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