The past is not today

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the past does not define who we are today , people change , if they have a dark history , it doesn't define who they are now , so if you have a dark past , remember that it doesn't make you who you
are today , because humans change ...

Submitted: October 16, 2017

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Submitted: October 16, 2017



You get me right , you get me wrong

And I'm tired of repeating the same song

I told you to trust me

I told you to believe in me

Look into my eyes

See the truth that hides

Can you see the fire in my eyes ?

Can you see the truth in my lies ?

Trust me , i know what to do

Finally , I know that it's true

This determination to know what lies ahead

This blazing fire burning hot red

I want to know what's on the other side

Hopes and dreams that once died

Every mistake that i made by my own hands

Every step that i took on these lands

I want to know more about who I am

And all the answers lie behind that dam

I want to know more about me

I want to get my hands on every key

To unlock all the doors of uncertainity

To unlock that door called identity

i think i know who i was before

And I am not sure if I want to know more

Who is this ? I ask

That's you behind the mask

After knowing the painful truth

They say , 'What you're going to choose ?"

Hanging by a thread

Between life and death

So shall I hold on or shall I let go ?

Don't know where will I ever go

But one thing is for sure

I will never be that person who I was before

I changed and I will keep changing for the better

From this moment onwards and forever

This is not who I am anymore

And I can't remember knocking on that devil's door

Remind me of who I am today

Because the past does not define me in any way


© Copyright 2018 Noran Ehab. All rights reserved.

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