Skywolf: strength within sorrow

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lost and afraid alaiya cries for her mother. all she has left of her is necklace that will make her who her mother always wanted her to be...

Submitted: October 16, 2017

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Submitted: October 16, 2017



As I run to leave my thoughts behind, the cold night air feels like a dagger through my throat. I can still hear the blood curdling cries of tortured and slaughtered women and children.

The words of my mother are still locked inside my brain.

"Alaiya, the soldiers are coming. We have to go." As we hurried to leave, we hear the galloping of horses approach our house.

''Skywolf," she said. That was the nickname she gave to me when I was three. "go, I will give you time to escape."

She then reaches into her pocket and says-

"Keep this and I will always be with you," she opens the palm of my hand and puts something in. It's warm "now go my little Skywolf."

She gave me a kiss on my forehead and for a moment it seemed to melt away the pain and fear.

"Wer'e missing that one over there." says a raider, walking over to our house.

"Go Alaiya and remember, I will always be with you." As I climb out of the window, I turn to say goodbye. She smiles. I force a smile aswell, trying to hold back the tears. Mother expected me to be strong.

I crawl through the snow. Then a scream runs through the dark, Russian night. Mother. My heart is torn to pieces.

''Stay strong Skywolf, for you have the soul of one." I hear the words she would always tell me. I never really knew what they ment. I wish she could tell me them now. I need her more then ever.

*  **

I run, not knowing where I am going. I wanted to leave everything behind. I should never have left her.

Suddenly I trip over a root and I fall to the ground. I cried. I didn't cry because I was cold. I didn't cry because I was hurt. I cried because I was lost. Not because I had nowhere to go, but because I had no one to go to. I am alone.

I opened the palm of my hand. Hopefully it would bring me comfort. I cry harder, but it helped. It was a necklace. It had a white crystal and a black wolf engraved onto it. On the back it said "Skywolf, the one who gives Strength." I put it on, hoping that it would make me feel less alone. A strong, howling gust of wind rushes by when I place it around my neck. -Coincidence- I say to myself. Just then, a pack of white wolves appear. -Another coincidence?- The wolves are big, but I don't feel afraid. Their blue eyes match mine. They start to circle me. Suddenly, their blue eyes turn yellow.

A bright, glowing yellow.

I look down at my necklace. The white crystal turns sky blue. Before I realize it, my feet are no longer touching the ground. I rise higher. I feel different. I feel stronger. 

I am a wolf

* **

I now run through the night with my pack. I still carry the necklace around my neck. As I run freely in the snow I remember my mother. I now understand her words. Now, as I howl to the moon, I know that the loss of my mother didn't weaken me.

It gave me strength... 


By Vanessa Martiny



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