Close To The Blood Line

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: October 16, 2017

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Submitted: October 16, 2017



My heart in a box

You are the carrier .

An iron mind

with a picket fence barrier .

Stunned by light

my love breaks out in hives .

Spreading rapid

I'm forever your captive .

Meadows of peace

and nocturnal dreams

wilt in a flood

as I bury my disbeliefs .

They said we found a girl

with soft brown eyes

wandering lost

within the night.

No escalating intentions .

Her eyes were damp

from condensation.

Longing for a purpose.

She is close to the blood line.

She's my other half

she is my life.

I will love her

til the end of time.

In the admist

we were apart

I tried to heal

my vacant heart.

Calling aloud

into the autumn breeze

digging up my disbeliefs .

Hoping the dawn will arrive.

Hoping to wake up

with her by my side.

I was petrified with escaping time.

I was close to the blood line.

To disconnect the act

to face the bruising truth.

To disconnect the me

in you.

Emptiness is ugliness

and ugliness is treacherous

and treacherous is dangerous

and I felt the ruins

swallow me.

Like a ticking bomb

my calmness erupted

I felt the love

become abrupted.

The shaking hands

on a far gone saint

had ripped the veils

of a non-ending fate.

I felt the doom.

Until I finally found you.

Now In the spring

as the sun will shine.

We bury our disbeliefs

in a new chapter of time .

Dreams of you

Dreams of me .

Burying the pain

of those bloodline memories ..

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