Cold breeze wind

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Imagine is life was easy as the cold winter nights on late December to January

I can't believe I have been a nobody 16 Years of my life,16 years without friend ha! What can I say life isn't great when you are a loser.That no one notices because you don't talk much the worst part of being a loser already is.When in society you are consider "Unnattractive".Looks aren't everything you know but sadly that ain't the case in today's society.People always trying their best to fit in society or what they consider a attractive person.Or try their best to get notice by someone they have a a crush on.Glad I ain't about that life haha .It's sad to know introverts like me never have a chance to shine.Probably because society just see us as the shy person that is just there.I could literally be gone for a whole semester and no one would notice but.Enough talking about my "awesome" everyday life.Just imagine if life was easy as the cold winter nights on late December to January.You know when the wind blows on your face as soon as you step outside .Life would be great just imagining being free as the wind blowing in different directions without having no one telling you what you can't and can do.Yes sadly I won't ever be like the cold breeze winds in winter nights.I would forever be a loner What is life? I have been asking myself this question for so long now.That I won't ever or in other words know the answer.That's right life is complicated but why complicate your life when you can be just as free as the wind.Sometimes I imagine my life as calm as the ocean waves on hot summer days just waving back and forth.Just imagining myself in that specific scenario gives me chills.You know what I love the most is going for a walk outside on winter days feeling the beautiful breeze on my face.This makes me happy talking about this brings me back a flashback to December 15,2013 when I used to go to church walking with my next door neighbour. I remember like if it was yesterday walking down the concrete with my friend.Feeling the wind blow in our faces,hands,clothes etc..You don't know how calm it felt to feel the cold wind as we walk to church.I cherish those moments i would forever have them in my heart.Life would be so much better if it was easy as the wind.Just knowing the fact that a simple breeze can make two children happy and calm.Makes me always wonder how life would be as the cold winter nights.Too bad my reality is far from perfect no one would ever notice a shy introvert like me.No one is perfect I understand that perfectly.Just fly, no one won't judge you because you just go with the rhythm in any direction when it's cold.Making leaves fall to the ground giving chills to humans.Blowing in oceans making beautiful music.My life won't never be that easy but life isn't meant to be easy,but if you decide why not be like the cold breeze wind.

Submitted: October 17, 2017

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