Final Ride

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Submitted: October 16, 2017

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Submitted: October 16, 2017



It starts with a body.

A body; silent and cold as ice.

Lying upon a metal table.

 Poorly hidden beneath the clinging white shroud.

Every facial feature delineated; blank and eerie.

Next comes the somber parade.

Dressed up in their former best.

Pale face made up to pretend the beautiful lie of life.

Completely impassive as those they knew pass by.

Eyes no longer open, mouth no longer smiles, arms can no longer embrace.

Kind words are spoken, prayers are given, good-byes are said.

Finally, comes the final ride.

Closed and sealed up so carefully in their gilt box.

Tucked into the back of the long black car, the last procession begins.

Leading the way in a long or short string of cars.

This is the last ride they’ll ever take.

The outside world blocked by curtained windows and their final bed.

Taking the streets one last time, passing favorite haunts; never to stop again.

They reach the grassy field, dotted with carved marble.

Slowly they are lowered into the deep, deep hole.

Floral gifts are given; ebony, crimson, pure snowy.

The final gift given, is a mound of dirt.

No more memories will be made, no more laughs will be shared, no more love will be given.

The final ride has been taken.

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