Why do I Write?

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When I had my son I had severe postpartum depression and writing was the only productive way that I could get my emotions out. Writing saved my life and my marriage.

Submitted: October 16, 2017

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Submitted: October 16, 2017



Why do I write,

there are many reasons!


I write because I am happy,

happy because I am a mom,

happy because I am alive,

happy for too many reasons to say!


I write because I am in love,

I am in love with my little family,

I love all my big family,

I love all my friends, and friends that are my family!


I write because I hurt,

I hurt because of the past and sometimes the present,

I hurt emotionally, and physically,

I hurt sometimes so deeply that writing is the only thing that keeps me going!


I write because I am scared,

scared I will be a bad mom,

scared the words from the past will come back to life,

scared that the past will repeat itself.


I write because,

its sometimes the only way,

I can pour my soul out!


I write to bring joy to others,

I write to keep my strength,

I write to let the pain out,

I write so I don't explode,


I write so he will hear my prayers, 

even when they are only spoken from my heart...

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