Alexander & Lisa: First Feed in the Valley

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A young, radiant woman is attacked by a brooding, alluring 200 year old vampire and his Vixen mistress.

Submitted: October 17, 2017

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Submitted: October 17, 2017



How could he say no to one of  Vyola’s most darling invitations to feed? For nearly 200 years in his absence from the Valley, he had embarked on a much challenging quest of giving into his urges only in tiny amounts, and always miles from any sort of civilization. A random maiden in an abandoned town, travelers in lonely coasts, but never in the Valley. Dark things were brewing there, talk of military confrontation with the people of the coasts, and you wouldn’t really call that a time for their blood hunt.

But Vyola was not one to be intimidated by things so ‘human’, in her own words. Only if it meant her precious dinner, would she get involved. And so it did on that sweltering June eve.

“Two middle-aged brothers and the youthful daughter of one. Can’t say I’m not taking good care of you” his domina  winked at him, striding on the dirt road leading to the forest creek outside the Valley households. Her tight, blue dress, strapped over the intricately-tailored bodice sculpted a sizzling image for her. Sizzling, poisonous and dangerous.

“Whatever will you fool these poor men into doing for you, Vyola?” Alexander asked her, munching on a piece of pie he had acquired from an inn a few miles out. Not a bad taste, but as pretty much most of ‘normal’ food, not an interesting taste. He unbuttoned his shirt collar, little droplets of sweat wetting his throat in the scalding summer heat. He liked that forest. Though it bore a distant connection in his mind with the thing he didn’t speak of  some two centuries ago, the gurgling of the current through the canopy filled with birds and wild animals made him feel…warmer. More at home, somehow.

Seeing Vyola’s flawless body heading to the creek, he went on to stop her.

“It’s a running stream. We can’t cross over”

“I’m aware, my sweet partner-in-feed, I just wanted to feel the water on my face”. Leaning to wash her hands, he wondered if such an adamantly bold woman could actually truly feel. She had lived for at least 900 years, that he knew . Would it be the same for him so long later? Would he urge for such trivial joys?

The angelic voice reached their vampire ears before they turned left to make a round of the hill. Alexander could distinguish it as Shakespeare; a sonnet.

Come daily to the banks, that, when they see

Return of love, more blest may be the view;

Or call it winter, which being full of care,

Makes summer’s welcome thrice more wish’d, more rare”

Talk for yourself, thought Alexander, scouting the area in sweat. Winter had its charms, its moments of chilly, crisp winds in places like these, losing yourself in the dreary nights. A vampire’s favorite. Shakespeare did have his glories, however, that he’d admit.

Setting a bush with ferns aside, he followed Vyola around the rivulet and through to the quiet alley, where the voices of the two men were becoming clearer amidst the sunset colors.

“My beautiful Lisa will be cooking tonight Ronald, you should come over”

“I’m sure it’ll be delectable” the man named Ronald must have replied.

The singing beauty named Lisa was some feet ahead to hear them, gathering piles of Swiss chards, the other two holding wooden buckets filled with more greenery.

Her hair was pure, chateau brown, of the lightest shade. Cascading over her elegant shoulders, it was contrasting the long, dove-white dress of hers, a dress so thing and flowing Alexander thought it’d be swept away should a breeze arrive. There was something about her; beauty in her simplicity, her perspicuous aura. Just a girl picking chards for her family dinner. A lightning fast thought of his little sister Maria flashed his mind, his eyes turning red, as if he had the ones accountable for these bygone events right before him.

Vyola broke him off, a wide grin on her face.

“Watch and learn, Remmington” she winked, assuming her irresistible puppy eyes, as she accosted the two men. “Excuse me, dear fellows. It appears I lost track of my way in these doggoned woods. Could you point me to the nearest forest trail, please?”
Alexander watched the scene unfold, tucked behind the net of branches from an ancient poplar. The husky Ronald fellow was swift to take Vyola’s pale hand in his and leave it with a kiss which, in some other world, could have been interpreted as not rough.

“Why, yes of course my…lady is it? We’ll be glad to help”

“Go on, Lisa darling” Ronald’s friend nodded at the teenage muse, who cheerfully lopped forward, turning to the coppices on the front left.

“Just Vyola, if it pleases you” the bewitching, hypnotizing femme fatale sang in their innocent ears.

“What a rare, and gorgeous name” he could hear them say, before he caught his mistress’ side-eye to head for Lisa, leaving her to follow them on the other side of the forest.

More singing. It was actually more of a melodic storytelling from a girl so pure, so virgin. She had moved on to a rather changed note, as she crouched to gather a patch of mushrooms from a glade next to the creek’s turn.

My name be buried where my body is,

And live no more to shame not me nor you”

Dashing right next to her unsuspecting side with impossible speed, he completed her musing with the lyric he could recall reading from his time in London thirty years ago.

For I am sham’d by that which I bring forth,

And so should you, to love things nothing worth”

Lisa was startled for a bat’s flutter, before swinging her ethereal face to cast eyes upon him. And what eyes, these were. Enticing, inviting blue.

“Though I doubt anyone would consider such an angel like you,..of such nothing worth” he added, smiling smugly.

The girl blushed her puffy cheeks, before letting out the cutest chuckle.

“Well I’m sure William Shakespeare would have plenty of such thoughts” she told him, her voice as melodic as her singing.

  It was his turn to chuckle.

“Pardon me for surprising you. I was taking a walk, when I heard you sing”

“It’s alright, kind sir”

“It’s Alexander” he smirked.

“I’m Lisa.”

“I know”. A narrowing of her eyes now caught him  by surprise. “Uh..I heard your…father is it? He was but a few steps back.”

“Ah, yes of course” she condescended.

  Alexander didn’t realize when, precisely, his ears got glued to the sound of her impeccable blood; flowing swiftly through her intricate net of capillaries, leading to a glorious node by her carotid artery. Dam, dam, dam it went. It was a pity…such young beauty to be such an irresistible target…Pump, pump, pump. Coppery, metallic, warm crimson blood racing through every inch of her delicate, divine body…Pump...pump…pump. Looks like his nose and ears did not forget to tell his pushing canines. And why would he try to fight back again?  The weather was serene, the scenery a dazzling beauty..And he knew very well who he was…

What he was.

The Sunset took its final bow before bidding its farewell, and Alexander tilted his head, snake-lashing at the throat of the maiden.

For as the sun is daily new and old,

so is my love still telling what is told”

Somehow the words flooded his mind, before entrancing Lisa with his incarcerating eyes, and jabbing his razor teeth deep in her veins. Swigs of satiating blood of life force inundated his undead throat, as he gave in the hunger, the thirst…the passion.

The most subliminal of gasps pierced the still summer air then; a tiny breath, or an attempt at one. A most unconscious of sounds which snapped Alexander out of his sanguine reverie and into the stinging realization that Lisa’s once fluttering, elated pulse was so weak it could now barely support the weight of her feathery, limp body.

In a bout of shock and fear, he removed his mouth from her throat and wiped her blood off his lips, before having his heart ripped in two watching the tear of the virgin trickling down her now pale cheek.

Getting it with his ancient hand, he prayed this would not end fatally, staring at her dazed eyes struggling to remain open. Somehow she was not fully entranced yet, only looking at him hurt, sad, betrayed…So icily silent.

“I’m so very sorry...I’m sorry...I lost control…dear Lisa” he was whispering with her fragile head in his hands, attempting to lay her to rest, but too shocked and dazzled by what he had done to focus.

  Impulsively, purely, he traced her rosy, soft lips with his own, in an attempt to comfort her, but truly at a loss of what else to do.

“Please, beautiful” he whispered, as he felt her mouth quivering on his. Her lips locked with his own, their bodies collided, and the iron scent and taste of her own godly blood was redolent in both their mouths.

Instinctively, he hugged her tight, her brittle body safely engulfed in his old arms, protected…Protected by the same monster who had caused it harm.

Vyola was quick to re-appear, elegantly reposing Lisa in her own body strength, her mouth matching with its red smudges the crimson of her eyes.

“No need to leave a trail of bodies behind us, Alexander. Not so close to the Valley anyway”
He was still too dazed, too hurt, too remorseful to let go of Lisa’s wafer-thin, gentle fingers as he saw Vyola fixating her glorious look on her eyes, and musing her in a way softer than he ever could. Woman to woman, girl to girl.

“Shh..Sleep now, my darling. You have lost a lot of blood. Drift off to sweet night lands…Sing your nice song to the dreamers” she was barely audible, before carrying her now slowly-asleep body back to the glade’s center, where the rising moon was casting its first light. Moonlight could cure a vampire’s damage, a happy thought crossed his mind.

Before Vyola laid her down, she whispered to her to explain they were all tired and took a  nap, before waking up to return to their tasks.

And right there, under a gibbous moon, the 900 year old vampire queen gently leaned down to kiss the sleeping beauty, and send her a goodnight wish amidst a simmering panorama of two nymphs sharing their breaths and souls; one still gloriously alive, and one so anciently dead.

Alexander brought to mind a beautifully complicated array of Shakespeare’s words before slowly following Vyola back to the woods, looking at the epitome of captivating, bewildering serenity that was Lisa.

Most true it is that I have look’d on truth

Askance and strangely; but, by all above,

These blenches gave my heart another youth,

And worse essays prov’d thee my best of love”

Would he ever be able to love and let go? To feel the fountain of emotions his vampire heart was craving in its eternal battle to feel alive again?

Caressing her slowly-rosy again face with his thumb, Alexander Remmington thought he felt something trickle down his very own cheek.

The night came on silently, Cassiopeia rising effulgently opposite fiery Aldebaran and bluish Rigel on the star-spangled veil. And in the glade in the woods, only Lisa’s sleeping body now rested.

“Then give me welcome, next my heaven the best,

Even to thy pure and most most loving breast”………


© Copyright 2018 James Kingston. All rights reserved.

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