the ballad of father and son 1

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a father's appeal to his son

Submitted: October 17, 2017

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Submitted: October 17, 2017



Son, you’ve grown

And I’ve grown too

And you think, like me

The world owes you a thing or two


When I heard the news

That you’ll be on your way

I made all possible

To make sure you’ll stay


The day I saw you move

Was a day undeleted

From my memory

In my mind, a throne seated


The way you said a word

Was a way I memorized

I told people with pride

That vocabulary is richly prized


When suddenly the world

Revealed a face you didn’t see

I was there with my cloak

To shield you in me


Then you came into your own

And threw my cloak off in my face

Told me so many things about

Being out of time and out of place


Are you me disguised? My father went

But I remember his every face

And the one I remember the most

Is the one he showed me when I changed and he said

He’ll stand my place.

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