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This is the all about Neighbor Lady those are living Beside my House.This is all about her character how she is interesting?....

Submitted: October 17, 2017

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Submitted: October 17, 2017



Hello Guys...

This Is My First Story Sorry For All My Mistakes...

Lets Start The Story..

Its All About One Lady she is living beside my home she is quit old but her body structure does not show their old age.. The Story Starting when i was young means when i was in my childhood for that time.. she just do only one things she just knows all the news of our whole area where its good or bad,the news was from far or near, everythin..and she started spreaded all over the person like a postman i dont understood how she do that whether no one have time to do that but she had.. The second thing about her, Nature she reacted same how the opposite party reacted with her..is they god than she good for them but if they bad she bad for them ..

on the between days every single person worried about her nature because she shoot to kill everyone either their family members also every one started teasing her.. every one doing some uncondition acting and talks around her where she react very quickly and started abusing them they just enjoying and laughing... every single things tose they done aroung her like "laughin,talking,standing in groups,etc" Everything she think that they are teasing Her and she started Saying their dialouges those were very intersting because her voice different from other she sound from her nose those one extra point to other for making fun of her.. every one say her "eiyaa" her pet name its means grandmother she is like hitler.. every single fights, occations, ceremonies, parties all over things she have there.. tell the all story to others what happened there..but she is interesting..

she is one of the best cartoon of our street ..

she is best ...

no one like her...

we need her but only for our rivals area..

Hope you like that please gave your comment below for making more better story...



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