All He Had Left

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after losing his family to a nuclear bomb, Zack is left alone with a few other survivors. he then meets Emma and saves her life. Emma and Zack hope to make a living, but when someone goes missing,
Zack's life takes a turn for the worse...

Submitted: October 17, 2017

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Submitted: October 17, 2017



"I have to find her. I have to find her." I kept on saying in my mind. "Why her?"

Ever since the nuclear bomb hit America in 2078, life has been hard on Emma and me.

I lost my parents in the nuclear bomb, Camasura that hit America. I was in London at the time so I survived. The bomb still afected Europe, which is the only surviving continent. I still lost everything.

I still remember how I met Emma.

It was about 3 hours since the explosion, and I was wandering around all the rubble. My brain wasn't itself right then so I didn't really know what was going on. I just saw a lot of trash and an occasional injured person [living person, I saw many unfortunate]. It was Emma's call, or cry, for help that awoke me from my confusion.

"Help! Is anyone out there!" I heard someone call desperately.

"I'm here, I'm coming." I said trying to figure out where she was. I then saw it. A giant, metalic door had fallen and something inside was moving it. I rush to her assistance. The door was to heavy to lift, so I moved away some bricks from the side.

"I'm in here!" she called as I removed the bricks. Soon there was a man sized hole leading to a small room where a very injured girl lay.

"It's my leg, I...I can't..." she says staring down at her leg, even though I had already seen it. A big piece of metal, possibly from a HoverCar, had slashed her leg. A smaller piece had also sliced her waist from the same side, but she didn't seem to notice, so I didn't say anything. She had bruises all over her body.

I crawl in closer beside her and I put my hand on the metal,

"This is gonna hurt, so are you ready?" I ask already knowing the answer.

"Mhm." she nods and shuts her eyes. I put my left hand below the cut and -FROOSH- I yank the metal out...

"Aaaaah..." she yells and I feel bad about causing her so much pain. I tear a long, thick piece of clothe out of my shirt and tie it tightly around her leg. There is a lot of blood.

" ... Thank you..." she sighs with a smile.

"Your welcome, as long as your alright. Come on let's get you out of here." and with that I lift her up and half-carying her, half-escorting her, we make it out into the light.The bright sun startles my eyes, which takes me some time to adjust. When I do, I notice her long, strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes.

"I'm Zack."

"Emma." she replies.


The memory of her, her beautiful face, it breaks my heart to find her missing. After almost a year now, I actually thought we had a chance. I don't know how she went missing, with her leg in that condition, I'm surprised she can walk a couple yards.

"The raiders maybe..." I say to myself. Raiders were small gangs, that would steal food, water, and other resources, from their fellow survivors. They have been thought to kidnap, but I've never heard of any cases. But the fear of losing Emma takes over me.

"If they lay one finger on her... I'll, I'll..." I say to myself. I am just so worried.

I spend two days looking for her, asking other people for help. No one has seen her. I'm starting to lose hope.

That night, as I'm sleeping on the hard, concrete floor, a silent sound awakens me. I see in the distance, a clumsy figure walking into the night.

"Emma? Emma! Is it you? Come back." I say grabbing my things as I run after her. She is a great deal away, but I'm counting my lucky stars that it's her. I turn a corner to see her standing at the edge of a broken bridge.

"Emma? What are you doing?" I say as I walk towards her.

"Don't come any closer Zack. You shouldn't be here." she says, never taking her eyes of a stream of gunk and trash below.

"You, shouldn't be here. Come on, step away from the edge, Emma." I say sticking my hand out, just a few meters away.

"You don't understand Zack, I can't do this anymore. I'm done, I'm finished."

"What are you talking about?" I ask half knowing the answer, and half never wanting to find out.

"My family, my friends, my home, everyones gone, Zack. I can't bear it any longer."

"Emma, you forget I lost everyone, too. Please Emma." I say, taking a few steps closer.

"No, you didn't. When I hurt my leg, I lost myself. I can't walk Zack. I limped myself here in pain. I just want it to be over..."

"Listen Emma. You can't do this. I...I love you." I say.

She finally turns her head and says,

"I love you, too Zack, but..."

"Emma, you don't understand, I need you." I start to cry. "Please Emma, you are the only family I have left. You are all I have left..."

Emma turns her head back to the ground below.

"I'm sorry Zack..." then she jumps.

"Nooooo!" I run forward to the edge of the bridge. "EMMAA! Come baaack."

I fall to the floor, tears pouring from my eyes,

"Why Emma? Please...


You were all I had left..."


By Vanessa Martiny

© Copyright 2018 VaVaMar2442. All rights reserved.

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