State Of Mind

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Submitted: October 17, 2017

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Submitted: October 17, 2017



I feel these cringing thoughts

stagnant memories

in my mind

trapped and caught.

She's beauty to the eyes

a dim break of sunshine

drifting clouds apart.

She's the noose of these ties

she's disaster on my heart.

I need a stable state of mind

to help ease the pain of time .

I need a positive sign

that I won't be left behind.

Grinding sensation

chattering teeth in vibration.

Getting by on thin skin.

I feel the fate sickness

make it's way in.

Matching hands for mine.

Freedom from the agony

in my feeble state of mind.

Overcome my soul

give me the power

to revive my heart to whole.

Some things in course

are too hard to store inside.

So maybe breathe a latter sigh

And make this state of mind

so easy to deny.

With craning hands

we stagger in doomsday land.

We steal every shred of hopeful light.

But somehow you shine

and I am overtaken

by this madness in my mind.

Love is suicide. .

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