HYSEN: Operations of the Sons of Thyne

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In the eyes of Edward Flara, the man being hunted by the Sons of THYNE

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Hunt for Edward Flara

Submitted: October 17, 2017

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Submitted: October 17, 2017



They’re going to kill me. I went against The Law, so they are going to sentence me to my end. I see a sewer vent and climb in. The putrid smell stays in my nostrils. I climb up to the gutter drain and look outside. The lights of every building are flickering. The sky is cloudy, and rain is pouring from the sky. The more I look, the more I get drenched with water coming in through the drain. It’s fine though, at least I’m safe. I’m safe for now at least.
Three young men, each of them different in their stature, hold guns and walk right by the sewer drain I went in.
“Do you think he went in there?” One of the men said, pointing his rifle at the drain.
“I think he did” said another.
The other man takes out a Handheld Transceiver and begins to talk with The Tyrant on the other side.
“We’ve located Edward Flara’s position. Do we have permission to apprehend him?”
“Where is he?” the Tyrant asks.
“We believe he is in the sewers. For all I know, he could be watching us from someplace nearby.”
“Permission is not granted. The Law states that nobody is to be apprehended without proof of their location. Set up outposts at each sewer drain and search for him on the outside. If he is in the sewer, he must come out sometime. If you find him, apprehend him. Do not allow him to get past the city wall.”
“Understood,” the man says. He repeats the orders to the other two men, and they request backup.
Within the next few minutes, 5 helicopters full of police come into the area. They set up camps at each of the different sewer vents and wait. If I can just get past these guys, then I can get to the wall and leave this wretched city, I think. I move quickly through the sewers, checking outside of the gutters along the way. How long will I be able to last down here? I doubt there is any hope for survival, but there was something inside of me that hopes I can make it out alive.
I find a gutter that isn’t near any sewer vents and climb out onto the city streets. I’m near the intersection of the Delivery Office and the Bakery. I remember when I would go to the Bakery each year to get some cake for my father’s birthday. The Law took him away though. The Law decided he wasn’t good enough for the city. I look around me. The nearest exit of the city forces me to go through the Power Plant and the Chemical Laboratory. I see several food critics enter into the Bakery as the food producers greet them. The Pharmacy is closed today. It’s always closed when somebody is being hunted down as to not allow them to get any medical help.
I enter in the back entrance of where I work: the Storage Facility. I peek around the corner and see that there are two soldiers wearing THYNE uniforms. Oh how I hate The Sons of THYNE. They are genetically modified soldiers that always follow the orders of the Tyrant. They are worse than the guys I was running from. They have augmented reality connected to their brain that activates whenever they are in a supported area to help with their goal. I try to look at their hands to see what tattoo they have, but I hide as another one comes in. I hear voices talking, probably between the person at the counter and the genetically modified soldiers.
“Have you seen Edward Flara lately? We are looking for him, and we know that he has ties to this place.”
“I haven’t. The last time I saw him, he sprinted out the back door to run away.”
“Ok, we’ll search that way.”
Oh no, I think, they’re going to be coming my way. They have a special exemption of The Law where they can hunt me down if needed. This is not good. I try to casually walk out the back door, but then a voice makes me freeze in fear.
“I know you’re going for the door, Edward. If you come out now, then we will deal with you in a nice and orderly fashion.”
I walk out of my hiding place with my hands raised. I notice now that the soldiers have the assassin tattoo on their hand. Simon Lane-Sears, the top assassin, holds out handcuffs.
“What a shame,” I say to him as I am being taken prisoner, “You aren’t as good as your parents! They were heroes, they helped us be free.”
“You don’t get to speak about my parents!” Simon responds. He shoves me harshly outside of the door.
We spot the helicopter waiting for me. The assassins board after I am safely secured in my seat. Simon smirks and winks at me as we fly through the air to the jury court.
The jury court is a massive building where the Tyrant decides if you are guilty of a specific crime. If you are found guilty and if nobody objects to your capital punishment, then THYNE determines what type of death you get. If you are found innocent (which is rare) or if at least three people object to your death, then you are sentenced to a 5-year term in prison. I wonder if anybody will stand up for me.
The helicopter lands in front of the building. We walk in as a steady beat on drums is played. I am seated, and the trial begins.
“Edward Sponden Flara, you have been found guilty of going against The Law in the form of an assault against a supreme officer. Do you have anything to say in your case?” The Tyrant says. His comrades sit in the jury stand. The Tyrant stands tall in stature and in power. Though he has gray hair and is quite frail, don’t be fooled by this. He has immense favor with the people.
“I do not.”
He seems to be dismayed at how I’m not pleading for my life to be spared.
“Are you aware that the board may take pity on you if you say something in your case?”
“I am aware.”
“Okay, then does anybody object?”
He doesn’t expect anyone to say anything, and neither do I. To both of our surprises, the three assassins speak up.
“I object!” Simon says.
“Really? You went through all the trouble of getting him here, and you still object in his favor?”
The Tyrant reaches below his stand and swiftly pulls out a gun. He points it and Simon Lane-Sears and fires. It was too late, Simon, as if he knew this was coming, rolled out of the way, took out his own pistol, and made one swift shot at the Tyrant. Unlike the Tyrant’s shot, Simon hits his intended target. Chaos ensues shortly after. People are running around as the guards are coming after Simon.
“You need to get out of here” he says as he takes off my handcuffs.
“Where do I go to?”
“You go out of the city, beyond the wall. I’ll meet you there. Look beyond the mountains, and you’ll find the truth about this place!”
The guards grab Simon, but the warning allows me to escape. Where to now? I guess I’ll be on my own for a while. I rush out the door, hide behind the side of the courtroom, and watch as Simon takes them out using only his legs. The only thing was that they weren’t legs. They were claws, and he was tearing apart their clothing and fighting valiantly. He changes swiftly into an eagle and flies out of the place.
“Why are you still here? Go!”
If there was anytime I needed to leave a place, this would be that time. I sprint to the wall. Thankfully, the courtroom was placed in an area that was by the wall. I am going to be free. I will make it out. I run out the gate of the wall.
The mountainous region looks immense. Simon stands out on the mountains, and I climb toward him.
“Everything is going to change from here,” he says, “so expect some insane things to happen.”
He turns, and I follow him away from the city. I follow him away from the wretched place with The Law and the Tyrant. I leave everything behind to live a happier life.


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