HYSEN: Operations of the Sons of Thyne

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In the eyes of the Squadron 6 light-soldier Emmet Rodriguez-Predan

Chapter 2 (v.1) - A New Monster

Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 31, 2017



What is here is but a street with buildings, but, yet, it is California’s capital. The city of Sacramento was ravaged yesterday, and we, Squadron 6 of the Sons of THYNE, have been sent to investigate.

”What exactly happened?” I ask.

”I don’t know Emmet.” Simon Lane-Sears responds. Simon has led us through many operations, and he is leading us through this one. He hasn’t failed us yet. I doubt he’ll fail us now. The helicopter we took lands in the center of the city. A witness of the event comes out of a building to talk to us.

”Okay, I’m going to head back now,” says Squadron 6’s helicopter pilot Peter Ignasta-Lingston, “Give me a call if you need me to pick you up.”

I turn toward the man. He is wearing a gray shirt, and his pants look like they’ve been patched up multiple times. He looks like the kind of guy that wouldn’t be friendly to talk to on a regular occasion. However, this is not a regular occasion, and the Sons of THYNE only deal with what most people believe as the supernatural. We know that these things come from other countries who have unlocked the ability to genetically mutate monsters, but they don’t need to know that. In fact, the Sons of THYNE are bred monsters of our own. Nobody turns an eye towards us, however, because they don’t suspect anything.

”Who are you?” Simon asks.

”My name is John.” He answers.

”You said that you witnessed what happened here. Can you tell us a bit about it?”

”I don’t know. I get scared just thinking about it.”

”We will have it under control. All you have to do is talk to us.”


“What are you waiting for? Talk to us!”

”A creature about six feet long came from the alley over there,” he points to the alleyway to our left, “and it destroyed more than it looked like it could destroy. It had these beaming yellow eyes that track anyone that watches. It didn’t look anything I’ve ever seen!”

”What did it do?”

“It went into each house, but it didn’t go through the door. It ate its way through the wall! After each of the different houses, I could hear screaming.”

”We’ll handle this.”

We walk out of the house and begin our search for this creature. I talk on my handheld transciever to our pilots.

”We need air support. There is a monster that is ravaging through the city, and we have no idea where it is.”

“I’m on my way.”

Within minutes, a plane and a helicopter fly over the city. The helicopter picks us up so that we can see as well.

”I think I see movement on the ground!” Peter says.

”Drop us off there!” Simon replies.

”Are you sure? There seems to be at least a dozen creatures down there.”

”Drop us off!”

”Okay, no blood will be on my hands when you guys are killed.”

”We won’t be killed. We’re the Sons of THYNE!”

He drops us off in the battle zone, and we get out of the helicopter with our weapons in hand. Normally, we start off our battles with the assassins Simon Lane-Sears and Bart Ani-Polis going into the battlefield invisibly while the light soldiers follow. The heavy soldier then begins gunning down their enemies. However, these creatures are unknown to us, and this strategy may not work on them especially with us being outnumbered.

We try to formulate a plan as quietly as possible, but the monsters hear us and attack. The heavy gunman aims and sprays their M60 bullets everywhere as the long creatures jump on him. I train my M16 on one of them and fire. The bullet hits it straight in the face, but it doesn’t go down. Instead, it seems to be enraged. It charges in my direction as I take out my dagger. I am not able to take it out fast enough though, and the blade flings out of my hand as the creature jumps on me. I hold it by the neck, screaming bloody murder as the wretched thing tries to clamp its jaws on my face. A perigrine falcon drives its claws into the back of the monster, picks it up, and throws it at the wall. The bird drives its talons straight into the creature’s eyes. The monster falls limp as the perigrine falcon changes into Simon.

We are changing the tides of this fight as more and more creatures fall to the ground. The last one wimpers as it tries to escape, but our plane fires bullets straight into the creature’s body. The battle is over, and we take some DNA samples when we get back to the lab. We may have won this battle, but there will be many more battles in this supernatural war.

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