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Submitted: October 17, 2017

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Submitted: October 17, 2017



The night was still young when Kevin woke from an intense dream. His eyes were still heavy but too awake to stay closed, so he widened his eyes to stretch them out in hopes it would lighten the weight. After what felt like hours staring at the ceiling waiting for his eyes, body, and mind to be fully awake, he began lifting himself out of bed. As Kevin lifted himself up, a woman hand slid down from his chest to his abdomen; he lightly lifted her left hand and place it down in the spot he laid. A soft moan came from her as she moved her hand from the bed to her face, covering her eye and mouth. For a moment he looked at her, seeing how her right arm laid across the bed as her left hand covered the mouth and eyes, her back was exposed as her left leg was submerged under the blanket. He then looked away.

Kevin looked to the floor, he bent down to slip on a pair of boxers he had laying beside the bed. As he reached for his boxers a tender light shone through the window onto his face. After quietly slipping on the boxers, he walked over to the window. Looking through the small crack in the shades, Kevin starred at a group of trees as the moonlight shone down upon them, darkness surrounded them, isolating them as the only scenery. He stayed in a comfortable stare admiring the silence of the world. Moments like these remind him of when he was a child and his family would travel from New York to North Carolina where his aunt and uncle lived. The family would then travel to Max Patch where they would camp for a few nights. Here in the mountains where he stays in a cabin, a person can appreciate how the world stays untouched and unprovoked by man. Eventually this admiration becomes sicken to him as he knows one day this world will be devoured by mans expansion. However, because of this sicken thought, Kevin removes himself from the window and room. `

He finds himself walking towards the kitchen that doubles as a family room. Kevin leads himself to inspect the fireplace. He extended his arms and hands to obtain what little warmth can the dying fire could produce, he eventually turn to the door, grabbing his coat from the rack feet away from the door. Slipping on the coat, then put on a pair of boots, Kevin prepares to go outside into the cold so he can bring inside more firewood. Kevin steps outside and is greeted by the harsh cold winter that haunts the night, he walks quickly to the side of the house to gather the wood. After finally gathering the wood, he makes his way back into the house. He placed the wood into the fireplace, when the fire started and finally settled, Kevin walked over to the kitchen to begin cooking breakfast.

The break of dawn spread across the trees and forest floor, entering through the kitchen window. Kevin finished cooking breakfast, he filled two plates with food. As he was setting down the plates on the dinning table, the woman entered the room topless wearing nothing out underwear and a pair of high socks. Being that the room was still cold, she walked over to the front door to pull her coat from the rack that resided near by. After having put on the large coat, the woman walked over to Kevin, placing her hands on his face, to then stand on the tips of her toes giving him a passionate kiss. When the kiss was over, they both smiled.

“Good morning handsome”, said the woman in her tender voice.

“Good morning baby”, replied Kevin in a sweet and peaceful voice. Kevin sat down in his seat to begin eating. The woman instead walked over to the coffee pot to pour her self a cup.

“I assume you had a nightmare again since you weren’t in bed this morning”, the woman walked over to her seat that was just beside Kevin’s. He responded to her, leading them into a conversation about his recurring nightmares that wake him every night. After hours of talking, Kevin excused himself from the table to go shower. He sat on the toilet as the running water struggling to heat itself in the cold. He had his face planted into his hands, he thought about his life and how simple it could be. When the water finally heated itself Kevin felt these were thoughts for after the shower, as he needed to get dressed and leave.

A few minutes into the shower, the woman joined Kevin, she wrapped her arms around him from behind. He turned around to face her, looking down at her as the hot water poured onto his back and her face, loosening her thick curly hair. Kevin grabbed her face and began kissing, they stayed in the shower kissing and having sex for a little until they heard crying come from the other room. Together they left the shower and dried themselves off. With nothing but a towel around their waist, they went into the other room so they could care for their crying baby. The woman picked up the baby and began cradling her, while she did so Kevin left to go retrieve a bottle of formula from the kitchen. When he arrived back into the room with the bottle, the baby girl had calmed down and was now suckling on her mothers thumb.

Kevin grabbed the baby to feed her. While he held the bottle feeding her, he walked with her to the master bedroom so he can begin packing his luggage. After a few hours, he was all packed and ready to leave. The woman came into the room to pick up the baby, as Kevin was getting dressed the woman began tearing up. He walked over to her and wiped away the tears.

“I’ll be gone only three weeks this time and I promise I’ll be back for good. I just need to get this printed copy to my publisher and I’ll be done”, Kevin sat next to his girlfriend and baby girl, “You’re my future but this book I just spent the last six months finishing up here with you, it will set up the future for our baby girl”, Kevin got up and grabbed his bags.

They walked to the front door, not ready to let him go again, the woman began crying but joyfully as she knew this would be the last goodbye she would have to say.

“I love you” said the woman, as she leaned to kiss him.

“I love you so much, Maya”, Kevin kissed his girlfriend on the lips then looked to his baby, “I love you so much more Aidra” he kissed her forehead then walked out the door.

Kevin looked deep into Maya’s hazel green eyes, remembering the deepest love he has for her. He made his way to his truck. After loading all his bags onto the back of his truck, he looked at the cabin one last time, admiring the beauty of the large two acre property.Kevin backed out the drive way, then drove down the road.

He drove from Colorado to Texas for ten hours straight. He finally reached his location. Kevin pulled into the drive way of a large one story house. He sat in the drivers seat for several minutes before deciding to get out of the car. Kevin walked to the back of the truck to unload his bags, as he was walking towards the front door of the house, a couple of boys ran out screaming. The two boys jumped onto Kevin as he was walking inside, he smiled and began screaming back in excitement, dropping his bags and picking up each of the boys to hug them tightly. Eventually they made their way into the house where a woman was standing by the door way smiling with a red face and tears in her eyes.

“Hey baby” said Kevin with excitement in his voice as he walked up to the lady to kiss her. She jumped into his arms, causing them both to twirl.

“I missed you so much Kev” said the woman. She looked at the two boys who were latched onto Kevin’s legs “Alright boys, go grab your fathers bags and bring them inside.”

Kevin looked into her eyes as she stared at the boys carrying the bags inside, “I missed you too Vanessa”, Kevin’s was being ripped apart by the demons he held inside as his love for two women has turned into the love for one woman. He looked deep into Vanessa’s blue eyes and knew she was no longer the love of his life.

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