Hoody And His Gyal

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Hoody And His Gyal 1-8. I have written a number of short stories called "Hoody and His Gyal" They are all different stories but linked to each other telling the overhaul story of Hoody's illegal
delivery services. Hoody is a Germaphobe and lives in a spotless high-rise apartment in Liverpool England. He is about 28 years old, though he is not entirely sure, he has no family and he thinks
he was brought up in a home somewhere around the Midlands. He keeps a gun, plenty of money, and a big bag of weed by his side. Hoody has people working for him carrying out this service. All the
stories are linked but tell a different tale. They are full of adventure, suspense, twists and turns!

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017




Series 1

Story 1

Hard Times

The alarm went off at 7.30am Friday morning. Samantha went down to make herself a cup of tea and popped her head into the front room. James was fast asleep on the settee with the television still on. The word “BLUE” was bouncing across the screen.

Samantha made herself a drink, got two biscuits from the cupboard and crept back up the stairs to bed. She put the television on to watch the news in her bedroom and dozed off again.

Samantha woke in a panic and got dressed quickly. As she walked to the bathroom, she noticed James on his computer in the office. It was in the small bedroom in the front of their house.

While James was looking through the photos he had recently taken of a wedding; the alarm went off on his mobile phone and he knew it was 10 am, and he had to go to work.

James switched the computer off and pulled the door shut to his office. Then he went downstairs.

“WHAT TIME WILL YOU BE HOME TONIGHT?” Samantha shouted from the landing.

“Why, are you checking up on me again?” James replied.

“NO! I just wondered what time to get your dinner ready you miserable bastard!”

“I don’t know! I will let you know later!”

“Are you working?”

James looked up the stairs. “What the fuck do you think I’m doing?”

He heard a faint mumble and then it went quiet for a few seconds.

“Have you paid the Mortgage yet, because they were on the phone again yesterday?”

“I’ll sort it later!” James replied as he turned to go.

“You do know it’s due again!” Samantha said aloud.

James took a deep breath. “YES, I KNOW IT’S DUE. HOW THE FUCK CAN ANYONE FORGET A £950 MONTHLY PAYMENT?” James yelled back.

“Oh, and leave me some money on the side, I have to go shopping again!”

“How much do you want?” James said looking up the stairs again.

“Leave me £100. I am sick to death of shopping with a bleeding calculator!”


“Yes, I’m not standing in a queue at the check out again worrying!"

"Worrying about what?"

"Worrying if I will have to put stuff back on the shelf because I haven’t got enough money to pay for it all again!”

James threw £100 on the stairs begrudgingly.

“Oh, and by the way, are we having a drink tonight to celebrate?”

“Celebrate what?”

“It’s 12 months today when we had the gas and electric cut off!

“Oh no, not that one again!” James mumbled as he frowned holding his head.

“I still can’t believe you let them break into our house with a locksmith while we were at work and fit two payment meters!”

“I AM GOING!” James shouted.

“And another thing before you head off to where ever it is you go! When are you going to do some work around this house it’s becoming a shit hole? It’s no good losing interest just because you don’t know if the bailiffs will remove the furniture and the mortgage company will repossess it!”

James grabbed his keys off the hook as the house phone rang.

I WILL GET THAT!” Sam screamed and ran down the stairs.

“Hello…!” “I’m Samantha Sullivan, I’m not married…!” “Who is this…?” “Yes, that right...!” “Oh, ye… who is our mutual friend…?” Samantha thought for a while. “I’m Sorry I don’t know anyone called Elizabeth Scott…!” “No, she must be one of my customer’s friends...!” “When’s your big day…?” “Ok, no problem, and you say you want James to do the photos…?” “How do you want your hair done...?” Samantha had a feeling this call wasn’t real and started to get fractious.

Samantha turned and glared at James. She was not happy! She realised something was wrong.

“Hold on, James is here; you can talk to him about your photos!”

Samantha threw the phone at James. “She wants some pictures done, she has heard about your long zoom apparently!” she said sarcastically.

James picked the phone up off the floor. “Hello…!”

“Yes… Yes… where…?” he asked.

Samantha walked into the kitchen and listened at the door.

“I told you not to call me here!” James whispered.

Samantha’s eyes filled with tears as she grabbed her coat from the cupboard. Then she walked passed him in the hall and out the house slamming the front door.

James put the phone down quickly, opened the front door and called out “Samantha… Sam… Sam come back we need to talk!” But she kept walking with her head down.

James closed the door and walked back into the hall and sat on the bottom step with his hands over his face. With a long sigh, he thought about things and how bad they were. Money was tight. James owed a considerable amount to different people and companies.

He looked up at a picture on the wall of them both when they were in love some years back. It was a picture of them side by side in high school.

They had been together for years, but things were not going well at all between them.

He went back upstairs to his office again and sat at his desk with his hands on his head. He looked at a pile of opened bills to his left and some unopened ones on his right.

James clicked on the computer. He looked at his bank account with £139 credit and looked back at the bills as his phone beeped.

When he looked at his messages, it was a new loan company offering him another loan. But he knew he couldn’t get one from anywhere.

He had been down the route of internet loans and scams on the computer several times before.

While he sat there in deep thought, James heard the front door open and slammed shut. He quickly ran down the stairs. Samantha stood at the front door still crying with a hanky to her nose.

“You told me it was all over!” she said pointing at the phone. Then she walked into the front room and sat on the sofa.

“What you on about?” James said as he followed.

“I heard you when I was in the kitchen.”

James looked away.

“Why does everything have to come down to me having an affair?”

“DERR! It’s not like you haven’t been found shagging other women in the past.

“It is all over! I have told her not to call me anymore. I’ve changed my phone number three times. That’s why she called here. No one will talk to her at work, and if her number comes up on my work phone, I don’t answer it. You said we could forget all that and move on!” James shouted.

“But we’re not moving on, are we? We have no money. They are about to have the house away from underneath us. Bills are coming in faster than ever. We have no life, no friends. You have more Bailiff Friends than normal friends. We haven’t been on holiday for years together. You sleep on the sofa all the time looking at naked women on the television. You say you’re always at work, and to be honest I don’t see a lot of money coming in!” Sam yelled back at him.

James glanced at her as he walked around the room. “Oh, so it’s my fault! You piss about doing a couple of cuts a week and think that’s enough. I can’t keep bringing in the money we need; you will have to do a few more haircuts!”

“I wondered when it would be my fault. You had a great business until you slept with that fucking tramp. Her dad gave you so much work!”

“I wondered when it would get back to her!”

“The car will be repossessed as well soon; I bet you haven’t been paying for that either!”

James shook his head as it dropped.

“You have… haven’t you? You have been paying for your black BMW cabriolet dick extension yeah. I bet you have paid for your car and Fuck the mortgage!”

“The car is a business expense!” James explained.

“Well get rid of it. The business isn’t earning enough now you have shagged your best customer’s daughter.”

James didn’t stop to argue he grabbed his keys again and stormed out the house.

Samantha sat there sobbing into her hanky again. She cried for ages thinking about the good times they’d had together, but if she was honest with herself, she knew their school romance was rapidly coming to an end.

After a while, Sam pulled herself together, finished getting herself ready and walked to the shops.

She bought a few necessities and looked through the window of a dress shop, but she knew she couldn’t have anything new.

When she was walking back, her phone rang. She put the shopping bags on the floor by her side and searched her pockets. “Hello…?” “Hi, Jean Philippe…!” “No…!” “I can’t, I’ve told you …!” Samantha looked around giving the proposal some consideration. “Fuck it.” She said under her breath. “Yes…” “Yes, I can come for a drink…!” “Pick me up from the train station…!” “The one where we first meet…!” “Say one hour…!” “See you then!”

With a slight smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye, she put her phone back in her pocket and glanced at her watch. She picked up the shopping and hurried home.

After she put all the shopping away, she got changed into something sexy. She soaked herself in the last bit of channel number 5 she had, walked back up to the shops and ordered a taxi.

As Samantha stood waiting she thought about James.

It wasn’t long before the taxi pulled up.

“To the train station please!” she shouted to the driver as she climbed into the back.

Eventually, the taxi arrived at the destination and pulled over. Samantha paid the driver and looked around the car-park. She moved over and stood by the entrance to the station. A black Range Rover pulled into the car-park and sat waiting. Then the lights flashed, and Samantha walked over and got in. “Where would you like to go Sammy?” Jean Philippe said with his French accent.

“Anywhere, just hurry up and drive!” Samantha shouted.

The Range Rover pulled away swiftly.

“What made you have a change of mind so suddenly when you were on the phone, Sammy?”

“Things change, don’t they?”

“C’est tellement vrai, Sammy,” he said with a smile.

Samantha looked at him inquisitively as they drove out into the country.

They laughed and chatted about this and that. Something Samantha hadn’t done for a long time. They found a little pub by a canal. Jean got some drinks, and they sat in the gardens with the sun shining on them, while they chatted some more and sipped their wine.

Samantha sat opposite Jean playing with her glass on the table at first. Then she started wrapping her hair around her index finger and pulling it over the side of her face while she talked incessantly about nothing. Samantha was nervous and uneasy with the situation. She kept looking around in case she recognised anyone. Her body language was scared and not at all relaxed. She kept moving, crossing her legs then uncrossing them. Samantha glanced around again expecting to see someone she knew. She was very uncomfortable. She jumped when a small cat walked by her feet under the table. Samantha pulled her hair over get face again as a barge went past slowly. She was quite happy to sit with her elbows on the table and her hands on the side of her face.

“Are you OK Sammy?” Jean asked as he placed his wine glass down carefully.

“No not really!” She replied.

“Would you like to walk with me for a while?”

Samantha finished her drink quickly and stood up. Jean held out his hand, and Samantha grabbed it. They strolled along the towpath. Jean picked a red rose from a garden and gave it to Samantha. She held it to her nose smiling as they walked to a lock just passed a small bridge. They kissed passionately leaning against the wall, and Jean held her tight in his arms.

They kissed more and more until he lifted her dress and felt the top of her leg.

Samantha wasn’t pleased, and she pulled back. “No Jean Philippe, it’s too soon!” she said pushing him away.

“I must apologise!” He said. “I have waited so long for this moment. I have loved you for a very long time, as you know?”

Samantha frowned at him and walked away.

He grabbed her arm. “What is it, Sammy? Talk with me!”

She stopped and turned. “I’m sorry but things aren’t good at home at the moment, and I don’t want to make them worse!”

“OK, I’m sorry if I was misreading the signs. You are a married woman, this I know! You ask me to pick you up at a secret location. You get dressed in a lovely dress for me. You let me take you out for a drink in the middle of nowhere, and we walk hand in hand for a while. You even let me kiss you passionately. Then you say no to a… how you English say A little hanky-panky!”

“I’m sorry!” Samantha said, “another time, maybe!”

They slowly walked back to the car saying nothing.

They drove back, and Jean dropped Samantha off close to her home. He said he would call again as she got out the car with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Samantha walked home clutching the rose that he’d given her.

Her world was upside down and she didn’t know which way to turn.

Samantha sat in the kitchen for a while in a daze staring at the rose. Then she decided to send Jean Philippe a text;

“I’m sorry it’s not a good time at the moment. Another time maybe, when things are better!” XX

She added two big kisses at the end and sent it.

She placed her phone on the side and half-heartedly tried to cook a dinner, but she knew James wouldn’t be home on time and would probably be drunk and it would end up in the bin as usual.

While she was standing by the sink peeling potatoes in a trance her phone beeped. She read the message from Jean Philippe;

“It’s Ok Sammy, I will wait for you! I adore you as you know. If I can help with anything, all you have to do is ask. JP XX”

Just as she started to delete the message with a tear in her eye, there was a loud knock on the front door.

Samantha put the phone on the side again and opened the door. Two men stood in front of her. They held their ID up “Hello, I’m DCI Clews, and this is PC Ashton. We are looking for Mr Becket?”

“What’s happened?”

“Nothing we just need to talk to him! Is he in?”

“No he’s at work, can I help?”

“No Mrs Becket…!” they said looking at her.

“Sorry, I’m Samantha Sullivan were not married!”

Samantha was in a daydream worrying about her life that was falling apart. She wasn’t listening to them talking until they held a card up and said: “We will call back tomorrow?”

PC Ashton looked at her “Are you, OK Miss?”

Samantha nodded, closed the door and went back into the kitchen and sat down again. After a while, she realised moping wasn’t going to help. Samantha picked herself up, had a shower to wash off her perfume and got the dinner ready. She laid the table and waited.

Samantha picked at her dinner, and James finally came home just after 7. He was extremely quiet and seemed to be lost in thought with a mobile phone in his hand that Sam didn’t recognise.

“The police have been here looking for today.” She said scraping the food off her plate into the bin as he sat at the table pushing the rose to one side.

There was no reply.

“Did you hear me?”

“Yes I heard you, some kids tried to break into the shop again!”

“Are you OK?” she asked.

There was no answer

“What’s that?” she asked as she placed his dinner on the table in front of him and picked up the rose.

“This? Oh, it's nothing.”

“Where did you get it?” Sam asked trying to make conversation.

“It was on the floor, by my car!”

James played with his dinner still in a trance.

Samantha gave up trying to talk to him and went to bed to watch the Television. She left him with a bottle of vodka and a small glass on the table.












Series 1

Story 2

Hoody’s Delivery Gyal


Friday morning at 7.30, Hoody stood almost naked, looking out over his balcony of the high rise flats where he lives. With his fisted hands inside the front his black boxers he stood yawning. He’s about 28 years old, though he isn’t entirely sure. He’s mixed race and has no facial hair at all. He is a Germaphobe and hates going to places he doesn’t know. He lives alone in his immaculate apartment with a 9mm hidden under the bed, a big roll of spending paper and a big bag of weed.

As he pulled his hands out of his boxers and opened them, he put a spliff in his mouth, lit it and placed the lighter on the rail in front of him.

Hoody has an apartment on the 12th floor in Bootle, Liverpool and has been there for almost a year. With his little finger, he wiped the sleep from his eyes and yawned once again. While he stood looking around, his phone rang. He pulled it out from the back of his boxers.

“Yo blud…!" "Yeah man, come up!” Hoody said with another yawn.

While he waited and still leaning on the rail, he watched the day start to unfold. He flicked the last bit of his spliff over the rail and watched it fall all the way to the ground.

“Yo Johnson, my main man.” He shouted as he walks towards him on the long landing dodging bits of washing hanging above his head.

They touched fists then Hoody said. “Wa gwan bro?”

“All good you know!” Johnson replied.

“Did you find me some wheels?” Hoody asked looking at him.

“Yeah, I picked some up Wednesday night and put him in the boot!”

“Did you manage to get his ring off?”

“No bro, it’s on tight!” Johnson said shaking his head.

“Well remove the thumb just above the ring. I don’t need him linked to me or de overs!” Johnson nodded. As Hoody carried on “Don’t worry, it won’t bleed, he's been dead for two days enit!”

They touched fists again. “Tell me when its all ready and I will get Harry to take it down to Birmingham. I have another little job I need doing at the same time enit.”

Johnson looked at him with a frown. “Is that a good idea boss it’s…?”

“Don’t worry!” Hoody said interrupting him “The boot will be locked!”

With that Johnson turned and walked away.

“YO BRO!” Hoody shouted, “NEW NUMBERS YE?” Johnson nodded and waved as he opened the door and disappeared.

Hoody lifted the phone to his ear. “Yo Harry, I need a car taken down to NEC train station today…!” “Ok and wear something smart with your black wig enit!”

Hoody switches the phone off and on again. “Wa gwan Moby…?” “Ye, I need a new pay as you go with ten credit…!” “Give it Johnson he’s coming bye…!” “Bless.”

He stood looking down at the people walking around below for ages and then he answered his phone looking at the screen. “Yo…!" "Bring it around and park it between a blue Merk and the white transit enit..!” “Is it all done ye…?” “Ok, come up after!”

Hoody walked into his flat to get another spliff and came out again looking around. He lent on the rails then made another call. “Harry the car is on its way here now...!" "Be at mine in 15 enit..!" “The car needs to be in the car-park at 2 for collection...!" "Ok and I have a little pick-up and drop at the station at 12.30 first...!” "Ye, ye!"

Hoody flips the lid over on his phone placed it in the back of his underpants and lit the spliff. He stood leaning on the rails with both elbows picking bits of tobacco off his tongue as the door bangs open at the end of the landing and Johnson appeared again. “Yo, my man!” Johnson held the keys up and a box containing a new pay-as-you-go mobile phone.

“Did you put the nail varnish remover in the glove box and tape a lighter to it?”

“Of course bro, you know I always do what you ask!”

Hoody and Johnson stood talking for a while. Then they set up the new phone for Harry.

“Oh boss, what shall I do with this?” Johnson lifted his hand out of his trouser pocket. As he opened it, the thumb with the black ring still on it, rolled along his palm.

Hoody grabbed it, closed his hand and dropped it in the front of his boxers as the door at the end of the corridor banged open again.

“Yo baby gyal, you is looking good!” Harry smiled as she approached him. “Love your red heels, babes,” he said as he put his arm around her shoulder and pretended to kiss her cheek.

“It’s all there!” He said, giving her a piece of paper “Read it and throw it out the car enit.”

Hoody pointed to the car park leaning over the rail. “There is a red Vauxhall down there enit. Take the car and park it at the NEC train station on the first floor. Walk into the station for 12.30. Wait for the train from Leicester. Collect the bag from the hand, take your money out the front pocket and quickly walk over the bridge and wait for the next train that comes in at 12.40. Pass it back to another hand. Both hands will be in the front carriage. Then, go back to the car and wait for collection. Remember to look for the black circle at all times enit. Collect the suitcase from him and get on the train back here to Lime Street Station. You got all that sexy gyal?”

Harry nodded.

“Here is your new phone, only talk to me on this phone Ok? I will hook up with you later.”

Harry nodded again.

Hoody smiled and said “Maybe I will bring you back here. Then we can fool around and get high babes ye?”

Harry shook her head “No Hoody you aren’t my type, I told you strictly business with me!” she said abruptly.

Harry looked down as she turned to go. “You need to be careful with a lighter in your boxers, or are you that excited, when you see me?”

Hoody laughed covering the bulge with his hand. “You know I is always excited when I see you, babes, especially when you got black hair enit!”

Harry turned and left with her new phone in her hand. She tucked the instructions into her jacket pocket. Johnson walked off with her after touching fists with Hoody.

Hoody watched from the balcony as they all left and drove away in different directions. He decided there was nothing more he could do, so he went into his apartment and got back into bed. While he was lying there trying to sleep, he remembered the thumb in his boxers. Hoody leapt out of bed and wondered where he could hide it and then he remembered an old biscuit tin he kept by the cupboards in the kitchen. He placed it in there, had a shower and climbed back into bed. After a while, he fell asleep.

Hoody’s phone rang and woke him up. He reached for it. “Yo…!" "What makes you think its police…?" "Well, don’t take any chances, where are you now baby gyal…?" "Ok, turn off onto M5 at last possible minute enit. If all’s good, turn left on M42 to NEC station!" "Ok and hurry times running out enit!”

Hoody sat up on the side of his bed and lit another spliff blowing the smoke around the room as his phone rang again. “Yo…?" "Well done baby gyal…!” he said and closed his phone.

Hoody decides to have another shower and grabs a towel from the cupboard. As he pulled it out, a thick bundle of notes fell to the floor. He gathered them all together, rolled them in another towel and put it back in the cupboard.

Hoody got dress and made himself a Coffee and sat at his laptop. He checked his e-mails, his bank accounts, and then flicks on to his porn channel for a peep, just as his phone rang.

“Yo…!” “What you mean the car broke down…?” “SHIT…!” “Where is you…?” “You will have to torch the car then enit….!” “Use the nail polish remover in the glove box, there's a lighter tapped to it. Put the phone I gave you and your instructions on the passenger seat. Pour the liquid all over everything. Take nothing with you. As soon as you have lit the fuel, get out the car as fast as you can. Climb the embankment and get away from it as quick as poss. Phone me from a phone box later!" Hoody closed his phone and stood up “FUCK!” he shouted with his teeth firmly together and opened it again.

“Yo Johnson, come pick me up bro, we goin down to Brum enit…!” “Well, they can finish cleaning it later!”

Hoody nervously paced the floor waiting, and eventually, his phone rang. “Yo…!” “Coming down now bro!”

Hoody threw on a coat, got a face mask and a couple of pairs of sterile gloves, then grabbed his laptop and flew down the stairs and into the car. They all took off at high speed down the Motorway.

Hoody was just nodding off when his phone rang.

“Yo…!" "Sorry…? I don’t understand…!" "Let me bell you back enit!”

Hoody closed his phone and sat up looking out the window. “Where we at?” he asked Johnson.


Hoody opened his phone again and phoned Harry on her new mobile without thinking. “Yo…!" "I thought I told you to burn that phone...!” “Did you still do it…?” “Well, why have I just had a call to say the man on the second train didn’t get anything…!” “Are you sure…?” “Ok, talk later!” Hoody closed his phone and went in too deep thought again.

“Where’s my laptop?” he said turning around and looking in the back seat. Finley who also worked for Hoody passed it to him.

“Are we still on the M6?”

“Yes, boss,” Johnson said.

“Find me a service station with Wi-Fi, I need to hook up!”

They pulled into the next services they came to and pulled up. Hoody looked on his laptop.

“We need to head for a village called... Coleshill, Junction 8 on the M42.”

Hoody had set Harriett’s mobile phone so that he could track it on find-a-phone. He knew her exact location. They follow the twisting country lanes to a little place called Shustoke and found a pub on a tight bend in the road. The car pulled into the car-park and screeched to a halt. Hoody jumped out and walked over to Harry and held her under the arm.

“Come, we need to go!”

Harry stood up and she kicked her shoe off.

“Hold on for fuck sake!” she shouted. As she bent down to put it back on, she threw the business card on the floor.

“How did you find me?” She shouted and pulled her self away from him. Hoody opened the back door and told Finley to get in the front seat as Harry threw the phone over by the parked cars.

“Come on I will explain on the way back.” Harry got in the car, and they all took off at high speed through the country lanes and back onto the motorway.

Hoody pulled the mask down from his face “Why was the bag you delivered to the other train empty baby gyal?”

Harry looked up. “I got it from the first train as you said, found my money in the front pocket and gave it to the black ringed thumb in the first carriage on the other train as you told me!”

“You ain’t lying to me are you babes?”

“Of course not!”

”I’ve had de man on the phone givin me grief, sayin the bag was empty!”

“I gave it over!” She said frowning.

It was quiet for a while then Hoody held his hand out. “Pass me the phone!”

“I throw it away!” she said looking at his angry face.


“I throw it from the taxi window!”

“No baby gyal, I just tracked it to that pub enit!”

Harry had to think quickly hoping he wouldn’t go back for it.

“Where did you throw it?” He asked grabbing her hair.

“I threw it in the car park when I got in the pub. It landed on the floor. I thought the taxi would drive over it and smash it to bits!”

Hoody looked like he was under extreme pressure.

“How long you been at dat place?”

Harry had tears running down her cheeks. “Five minutes, I just got there and sat down!”

“There where two empty glasses on the table!” Hoody shouted.

“They were there when I sat down for fuck sake, what’s with all the questions?”

Hoody stared at her. “Are you telling me the truth baby gyal?”

“Yes!” she said, cowering up against the door holding her head.

Hoody wasn’t happy about the phone situation, so he decided to phone the number.

“Who’s this…?” “Listen, bro. I don’t know who you are and it’s not a problem for me. But if I were you, bro, I would smash that phone you are holding into bits. Because if you don’t, I will track it down as I did before, and when I find you, I will kill you!”

As he listened to the silence on the phone, Harry shouted: “JUST DO IT!” Hoody placed his hand over her mouth and slapped Harry hard on the head after he shut his phone.

“Who has got your phone baby gyal?” Hoody said staring at her

“I DON'T KNOW!" she shouted, and then she started crying out loud with her arms over her head.

“I THREW IT ON THE CAR-PARK FLOOR!" she screamed. “Someone must have picked it up!”

Hoody could see she was upset. “OK Baby gyal, I’m sorry!” He said putting his arm around her.

“Yo Johnson, go back to my yard enit!”

It was quiet for the rest of the journey. As they pulled up in the car-park of his apartment, Hoody stepped out and held the door open for Harriett.

“Can’t I just go home please?” she said wiping her red eyes.

Hoody looked at her as he held the door. “Come with me baby girl, and when I’ve had a shower I will send you home in a taxi enit!”

Harriett slid over the seat and got out, with Hoody holding her arm.

As they walked up the stairs to his apartment Hoody whispered, “Don’t worry, I promised no-nonsense, and I will send you home after I had a shower enit.”

Hoody opened the apartment door still holding Harry under her arm. “Now I need you to calm down baby gyal. I need to have a shower, and then I will get a taxi to drop you home after we have a little talk about the missing package.”

When hoody finished his shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist. Then entered the room where he left Harry sitting. He was surprised to see she wasn’t there waiting for him. He looked in his bedroom hoping she had changed her mind but that was empty, so he went back into the kitchen and saw the biscuit tin lid was on the floor and the open container on the worktop.

“OH SHIT!” He shouted. He ran out onto the balcony hoping she was there getting some air or feeling sick. Hoody ran back in the flat and found his phone. He dialled her phone number but there was no answer. He quickly got dressed and phoned Johnson. “Yo, my man, I’ve lost Harry, she's done one after seeing the thumb. Go to her yard and bring her back here…?” He closed his phone and paced the floor with it in his hand and reached for a spliff, lit it and waited.

Hoody’s phone rang “Yo…!” “What you mean you can’t find her…?” “Put a car outside her house and keep lookin Enit?







Series 1

Story 3

James Meets Sally?

James was on his way to work in deep thought about the argument he had with Samantha earlier. It was about them not getting on very well and finding it hard to live with not much money coming in from his photography business to pay the bills. Work was hard to find now he has lost his best customer and the possibility of them splitting up was real.

As he drove along with the roof down on his black 3 series BMW dick extension, as Samantha called it, he suddenly realised he’d been crawling along the country lanes in the hot sunshine behind a tractor that was plastered in shit.

The smell was evil, and he was getting pissed off with it. He looked at his watch and realised it was just after mid-day and he was late. He pressed his horn repeatedly. The tractor driver turned to look at him with his middle finger up in the air. Then James noticed the indicator light flashing on the tractor as it drove off the road and into a field.

“About time!” James shouted and put his foot down on the accelerator to get away from the smell.

After a few bends he could see some smoke rising in the distance, and as he drove over the motorway bridge, he noticed the smoke was all over the motorway, the traffic on the other side was slowing down and had almost come to a standstill.

When he looked back at the road, he could see a girl thumbing a lift in front of him.

The first thing James noticed apart from her amazing figure and legs was that she wasn’t wearing any shoes.

She had her arm up in the air with her red high heels dangling over her thumb.

James pulled over, and she walked up to the car. “Today might not be so bad after all!” He said to himself as she opened the door and got in.

“Sorry,” she said smiling with a frown.

“It’s ok I was talking to myself. Where are you going?” James asked.

“I need a garage; my car has broken down back there.” She said pointing over her shoulder. She was blonde about 25 had a stunning figure covered in a cream dress with faint flowers all over it. She grabbed her seat belt as they pulled away. “Where are you travelling too?” James asked as his phone rang. He looked at the screen and turned it off. He realised it was the girl that was talking to Samantha earlier on the house phone.

James looked her up and down “Sorry it was work. You were saying!”

“I came down to see a friend.”

“Where does your friend live?”

“She lives in Coventry about 5 miles away.”

“Do you want me to drop you at your friend’s house?”

“No, honestly a garage will do.”

“My name is James!” he added.

“My name is… Sally!”

“Where are you from, Sally?”

“I’m from Manchester.”

“That’s a coincidence,” he said. “Mustang Sally is on the radio.”

She half smiled and looked away.

“Are you staying with your friend for a while?”

“Just a couple of nights, why?”

James lent over and opened the glove box.

“Here is one of my business cards; my number is on there if you want to ring me."

Sally looked at James with a smirk.

“Just in case you need any help with the garage or your car!” She took the card from him and pushed it down her cleavage.

“Thank you!” she said smiling.

James closed the glove box and said: “You have no bag?”

“I know I left it in the car when I jumped out.” She replied.

“Do you want me to take you back to get it?”

“No, no there’s nothing in it, I have my cards and my phone on me.”

James smiled and wondered where, as they drove along the winding roads.

“Meriden Garage is just around this corner,” James said.

“Thank you so much! You have been a great help.”

James pulled up on the forecourt and decided to put some fuel in the car while he was there.

Sally got out and put her shoes on and thanked him again for the lift and went into the reception.

James stood looking around while he filled up and then went into the shop to pay.

As he left and walked towards the car a taxi pulled up and he watched Sally climb in the back. He was a bit confused and watched the taxi drive passed as he got in his car. He couldn’t see Sally at all. Curiosity got the better of James, so he followed it onto the road. After about 3 minutes he saw the top of Sally’s head pop up. Then it looked like she was climbing over the seat to get in the front. James had been following the taxi for about 10 minutes when it pulled up on the side of the road.

James stayed back behind the three cars in front of him. Then he noticed the taxi driver get out and stand on the road. He watched the driver’s door shut, and then the taxi drove off leaving the driver with both hands on his turban. James was even more confused.

Again James followed the car along the road until it turned off and drove into the NEC train station and parked in the car-park. He sat and watched for a couple of minutes. While he waited he phoned his assistant at the shop and told her he wouldn't be into work for a while.

As he put the phone down he was shocked when Sally suddenly appeared from the taxi with black hair. She looked around and took all the magnetic A to B taxi signs off and then she opened the boot and threw them in slamming the lid down. Then Sally grabbed a pink jacket from the passenger seat and put it on. She looked around once more, pushed her hands through her black hair to loosen it and shut the car door.

Just then the radio got louder as the local news came on.

“Here is a news flash!”

“There is congestion on the M42 motorway northbound. It seems a car that was left abandoned on the hard shoulder and it has burst into flames a short while ago. The fire brigade is dealing with the fire, and no one is reported to be injured. The police are looking for a person that got out the car and climbed up the embankment minutes before the car court fire.”

James turned the volume down and watched Sally lift a phone to her ear. Then he jumped as his phone rang out. “Hello…!”

James’s first reaction was to switch the phone off and drive away. But he couldn’t do it. He was intrigued and wanted to find out what was going on, so he pretended not to know anything.

“Yes of course, where are you…?” “What can I help you with…?” James watched Sally talk to him on the phone from his car. Then she looked at her watch as she walked across the car-park to the train station entrance. “Yes ok, ring me back when you are ready!” James said.

Sally hung up as she walked through the main doors.

James decided to park the car and follow her while she was in the station.

He ran across the road and into the entrance looking around all the time. He got a glimpse of Sally standing on the platform reading something as he hid behind a billboard.

James heard the loud noise, and the screech of the brakes as the train pulled in and stopped.

He peered around the sign and watched her. She walked towards the first carriage looking around and stopped. Then she looked down at what she had in her hand.

People appeared from everywhere, running, pushing and shouting.

James lost sight of Sally as the train pulled out the station. He waited still watching carefully.

James thought he’d lost Sally as she appeared with a small holdall and walked passed James. She went up some stairs and disappeared.

Just as he was about to follow her, Sally reappeared on the other side of the train line. She walked along the platform looking at something else she had in her hand.

James glanced up the track to see if another train was coming from the other direction. Sally sat on a bench and crossed her legs with the holdall still on her back.

James quickly ran up the stairs and onto the bridge above the train line and watched from there.

Sally sat reading for a couple of minutes. Then she stood up and walked into the shop disappearing again. James waited patiently. She walked out unwrapping something small, and it looked like she put something in the waste bin and sat back on the bench.

Just then he heard the thunderous roar of the train coming into the station. Sally looked up and moved forward on the bench. She slipped the bag off her shoulder and stood up.

James moved over as the train rolled in and again she walked to the front carriage.

This time he had a clear view as she passed the bag to someone on the train and walked away.

As the train pulled out, she walked towards the stairs. James ran back to where he was standing on the other platform while Sally came down the steps. She eventually made her way out of the station and back into the car-park.

James followed Sally and watched from the main entrance.

Sally walked across the car-park she stopped by a car similar to the taxi and waited at the back. She bent down and disappeared for a couple of minutes and stood up looking around.

James noticed Sally had something in her hands as she walked to the front of the car and bent down again. This time when she stood up, she walked back to her car. James moved over to get a better view. Sally was taping another number plate on the back of the taxi.

She did the same on the front and stood up looking around once more.

James got into his car, and the phone rang. “Hello…!” “Yes… we could have a drink. Where are you…?” “Didn’t you get your car fixed?” James was watching her in the car-park talking to him on her phone again. “Where shall we meet then…?” “Where about are you in Coventry…?” “What’s the address…?” “OK, I’ll be there as quick as I can!”

James watched her get in the taxi. He sat patiently waiting, then it started, and she reversed.

James hid leaning over the passenger seat as the taxi approached the exit. He heard the barrier lift and watched as she pulled away.

James waited and followed her out the car-park and on to the road. He drove along knowing he shouldn’t be doing this but he was obsessed. James wanted to know what was happening. As he drove towards Coventry on the dual carriageway, he could see the taxi in the distance. He followed her onto a housing estate until she stopped by some shops and went in. He waited until she came out got into the taxi and drove off again.

After a few minutes, she stopped again. This time on the side of the road and she got out. She walked along the pavement and passed a few houses and sat on a small wall.

James pulled over and waited for a while watching.

After a few of minutes another A to B taxi pulled up, and a man got out. As he looked around James recognised him as the taxi driver that she dumped by the train station. He walked over opened the door and got in the car leaving the door open and one leg hanging out.

Then he stood up and walked to the back. He pulled the number plate off and then he went to the front and did the same. After he opened and closed the boot, he looked around and got back in and drove off.

Even more confused James waited for a while and watched Sally talking to someone on her phone. She was still sitting on the wall and she had blonde hair again.

James slowly drove over to her. Sally looked up and waved switching her phone off.

He smiled back as she got in the car. They pulled away and drove back towards Meriden. James found a little country pub called the Griffin on a sharp bend.

As they walked across the car park, James asked: “What would you like to drink?”

“Can I have a vodka and tonic with ice please?”

James left Sally sitting at a table in the garden and went in to order some drinks. When he came out, she’d disappeared. The first thing he did was to look to see if his car was still in the car-park.

He sat and looked around for a while, and she appeared at the entrance to the pub.

“That’s better,” she said, “I’ve been dying for a wee for ages!”

Sally sat opposite and sipped her drink. Then a packet of silk cut appeared from nowhere. James watched her lighting her cigarette.

“What’s wrong? Oh sorry, do you want one?”

James shook his head. “No thanks.”

Sally placed the packet on the table and a lighter with bits of brown sticky tape on it. What a beautiful place to spend an afternoon she said throwing her head back.

“So you are waiting for a call about your car?” James asked.

“Yes, should be any minute now!”

“What car is it?”

“It’s Just a little red mini with a union jack on the roof.”

It was quiet for a moment.

James leaned forward and placed his elbows on the table.

“Let’s cut the bullshit!” he whispered with a smile. “I’ve been watching you all day!”

“What do you mean?” Sally said flicking her ash into a glass.

James looked around. “I watched you in the garage get in the taxi. You drove off, and I followed it. I saw the driver get out when you got near to the train station. I watched you park the taxi, put on a black wig and a pink jacket and then I followed you into the train station where something went on. You then drove to Coventry in the taxi after stealing some number plates and I’ve just seen the taxi driver collect the car and drive off in it when I came to pick you up just!”

Sally’s head dropped as she opened the packet and pulled out another cigarette, lighting it off the old one.

“SHIT! You need to forget all about it?” she said as she looked up.

“No, you need to tell me what is going on!”

“I can’t… Forget it and don’t get involved!”

Sally stumped out her old cigarette.

“Tell me!” James asked.

Sally blew the smoke into the air. “There’s nothing to tell I do a courier service that’s all.”


“I drive to different places and deliver things.”

Sally felt under her dress and pulled out her phone and lifting one finger said.

“Hello…!” “I know I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t have been able to do my job would I …?” “Yes, I got a lift there …!” “What do you mean…?” “I collected it took my money and passed it to a hand…!” “His hand came out the window. It had the black circle on his thumb as usual…” “Yes, I’m sure!”

Sally put the phone down and was quiet.

“What’s wrong?” James asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

James had a drink and put my glass back on the table. “I might be able to help!”

Sally stumped her cigarette out forcefully while James sat looking at her and waiting.

“Tell me what’s going on!”

“I travel from one place to another, this time it was the train station. I had to get something from one person and give it to another. That’s all!”

“What is the something?”

“I don’t know!”

James waited.

“I don’t. It could be anything!”

“So it could be… drugs?” James asked

“Could be, yes!”

“What’s the bit about the black circle?”

“Most people draw a black ring on their thumb in ink so they can wash it off. Some people like my brother Thomas, wears a black ring on their thumb. It’s so that whoever does the collection and delivery know it’s the right person that all!”

“So you don’t talk to them or meet them?”

“Look, I don’t know, I just get paid extremely well!”

“What about the taxi driver?”

“I gave him £200 in cash and told him to collect it from that address in one hour.”

“Why change the plates on the taxi?”

“Just in case he changed his mind and decided to reported it stolen!”

“Why didn’t you let him take you there?”

“I didn’t want him to know where I was going.”

“You’re not telling me everything!”

“There’s no more to tell! Look let’s have another drink and forget about it.”

James had another mouthful and went to the bar and while he waited he thought about it all.

James ordered Sally a double and took the drinks out and placed them on the table.

“What about your car?”

“It’s been dealt with!”

It went quiet again.

“Its scrap anyway!” Sally said.

“What makes you think that?”

“Don’t you know?”

“Know what?”

“It burst into flames!”

“Hold on something doesn’t add up. How do you know?

Sally picked up the lighter and held it in her hand. “I did it. I set it alight, OK!”

“You burnt it?”

“Yes! I was supposed to drop the car in the car-park and leave it there for someone else to collect. When I phoned my boss and said it had broken down, he just said torch the car. So I tipped some nail varnish remover on the seat and lit it.

I jumped out, climbed the embankment, and you know the rest!”

“Why burn the car?

“I don't know, fingerprints maybe. I just do what they say! I thought the police were following me this morning in a grey Audi, so I had to get away from them. I came here on a different route. M6, M5, then onto the M42!”

“Obviously it broke down under the bridge on the motorway.”

The double vodka was working well. James thought to himself.

“And then I picked you up!”


“So… I assume Sally is not your real name?”

“No Its Harriet Slone, my friends call me Harry.”

Do you live in Manchester?

No, I live in Liverpool; just down the road from the Abbey road crossing you know the one on the cover of the Beatles LP.

James nodded. “I have done photo shoots at the one in London more than once.”

“Well it’s just up the road from me; I can see it from my front room window.”

“Do you live alone?”

“No, two other girls, Alexandra and Sarah rent part of a house with me.”

“How on earth did you get a job like this?”

“My brother got me into it because it’s easy money.”

“This is all amazing, but I have to go for a pee!” James said and stood up.

“Sit there and don’t move. I need more info from you!”

As he entered the toilets, he heard a loud screeching noise but was desperate for the loo and carried on.

When he came out, he sat on his own and waited, looking at the cigarettes and lighter on the table.

He waited for a while and then he went into the toilets to see if she was in there but they where empty.

James went back outside and waited a while longer.

Sally didn’t show, and eventually, he decided to leave. As he started to walk across the car park, he looked back. James noticed his business card on the floor, so he picked it up and looked around once more.

Just then the barman collecting the glasses shouted. “You have left your cigarettes, mate!”

James turned and went over to him. He picked them up and put them in his pocket. “Did you see the girl that was here?”

The man shook his head “Sorry mate!”

Not knowing what to do next James thanked the man and left to get into his car. As he walked passed it he saw a mobile phone on the floor. He picked it up and switched the phone on. There was no information stored on the phone. There were a few withheld calls and only three mobile numbers. James knew one was his and he assumed the others belong to Harriett’s bosses, whoever they were.

Disgruntled James drove along the road. He was thinking about Harry and the things she’d said. Just then her phone lit up on the passenger seat. James pulled over and answered it.

Hello, Hello, is that you…!” James stopped before he said her name then listened. “Who is this…?” James replied.

James listened carefully then it went quiet until he heard a loud voice in the background shout “JUST DO IT!” followed by a loud scream and the phone went off.

After thinking about it, James pulled away and drove home realising she left the card and phone so her boss wouldn’t know who she’d met.

James decided to have a drink closer to home. He pulled into the Red Lion car-park. As he grabbed the key to switch the ignition off, the radio got louder again.

“Update on the incident on the motorway earlier today where a car court fire. It has been confirmed; there was a body in the boot of the car. Police are trying to find the person that left the car on the motorway. Can anyone help the police with their inquiries?”

A cold shiver went through James as he turned the key. He sat there listening not knowing what to do.

After a while, James decided to turn the phone off and keep it. Then he went home without a drink.

James got home after 7 in a world of is own. He seemed to be lost in thought with a mobile phone in his hand that Sam didn’t recognise.

“The police have been here for you today.”

There was no reply.

“Did you hear me?”

“Yes I heard you, some kids tried to break into the shop again!”

“Are you OK?”

There was no answer again.

“What’s that?” she asked as she placed a dinner on the table in front of him.

“What this, it’s nothing!”

“Where did you find it?” Sam asked trying to make conversation.

“On the floor by the car!”

James picked at his dinner still in a trance.

Samantha gave up trying to talk to him and went to bed leaving him with a bottle of vodka and a small shot glass.

Three vodka shots later James’s was still in a trance. He was thinking about Harry when his own phone lit up with a number he didn’t recognise. He answered it before it rang out. “Hello… Hello.” It was quiet no one was there. “Hello… who’s this?” James whispered. “Harry… what are you doing calling me on my phone and how do you know the number…?”

James stood up and went into the garden closing the door quietly.

“Where did you go…? Are you alright…? Why what’s wrong…?

James stood looking at the sky not knowing what to say or do. “Don’t be silly, why do you think they’ve killed your brother…?" It went quiet again, and James could only hear a sniffle now and again. “Have you tried calling him…?" “Well try calling him first…!" “Where are you now…?" "Do they suspect anything…?" "If they did would they look for you at your place …?" "Find a hotel and stay there the night…!" “Can you get down here tomorrow…?" “Don’t talk to anyone about this Ok…!" “Just go straight to the hotel…!” "I will figure something out; I promise and don’t worry…!" “Remember; do not talk to anyone...!” “Oh, get some new clothes and dump what you’re wearing; I think your boss is tracking you!”

James turned his phone off and crept back into the house. He put Harriet’s phone in the kitchen draw quietly then he sat watching the television trying to forget it all with a couple more vodka shots.













Series 1

Story 4

Police Work

DCI John Clews was an average sized man. Thick dark hair, brush to one side. He had a light grey streak just above his ears and a bony hard face with a scare above his left eye. He’s a family man, with a nice home and in a few years, he has a large pension to look after him in later years. He is a particular man that always leaves his house at 7.30 on the dot. On this particular Friday, he was 5 minutes late and not happy. He popped to see an informant for some info on a murder case he was working on, then carried on to his office and met up with PC Jack Ashton, his partner. They had coffee and discussed the new information he had collected. Then they passed the ideas they had to their DCS.

After their discussion, they went back to the office to look through some paperwork and made a few calls. DCI Clews was watching some camera footage of a car incident on a screen when Jane, one of his team walked into the room. 

“Gov, we’ve just received a call from a Mr Jackson ex-fireman, he’s on the M42. He claims there is a car in flames on the hard shoulder and there is possibly the smell of burning flesh. He also said what looked like a female has left the car and climbed the embankment. She has long black hair, a cream dress with a pink jacket. Ambulance and Fire Service are on there way. ETA 15 minutes Gov.”

“Ok, Thanks love!” DCI Clews switched his computer off, looked at the clock on the wall, grabbed his jacket and left with PC Ashton. After switching the siren and blue lights on, they took off at high speed. As they came down the slip road onto the motorway, they could see the smoke and flashing lights further along. The traffic was almost at a standstill, so they drove along the hard shoulder. As they arrived there was thick black smoke all over two lanes of the motorway and for a while, they were debating whether to stop the traffic in both directions.

One of the fire officers called DCI Clews over. “I’M SURE I CAN SMELL HUMAN FLESH BURNING!” he shouted, holding his mask away from his mouth.

The DCI nodded, and with that information, he decided to treat it as a death and shut down the motorway in one direction while they investigated the situation.

DCI Clews liaised with the station and ordered the motorway to be shut down immediately in the northern direction. It wasn’t long before the other police cars, and bikes came on at the junction with sirens blasting and blue lights flashing about half a mile before the incident and slowed the flow of traffic down using a rolling roadblock until it stopped entirely with police cars across the three lanes. Cones were placed at the entrance to the motorway to prevent more cars coming onto the slip road.

A tall screen was placed around the smouldering wreck to stop people slowing down on the southern carriageway to have a look. While everything was happening on the motorway, DCI Clews was asked by a fire officer to go behind the screen. A number of people were already looking at a body in a plastic bag lying in the boot. The body had been severely burnt and was still smouldering.

With all the noise going on, John realised his phone was ringing and answered it “Clews...!” “Hi Jane love, what you got for me...?” he shouted. John walked away from the commotion to his car with one finger in his ear. “Hold on love, let me write this down...!” he said closing the door and pulling his notepad out of his pocket. “How do you spell his name...?” John wrote it all down word for word. “And that’s Meriden Garage...?” John called PC Ashton over with his fingers. “Ok love...!” “Ok, thanks. We’re done here, so can you organise the removal of the burnt out vehicle, and we will go over there now?” Jack climbed into the car as John turned his phone off.

“Apparently a woman walked into a garage in Meriden and ordered a Taxi!” Jack closed the door and they took off along the hard shoulder chatting about the incident and drove into Meriden. They found the garage and parked on the forecourt as a message came through on the radio.

“Gov, the body found in the boot had been wrapped up in a heavy-duty plastic bag. 39% of the body has been was severely burnt in the fire. We do know it was male and between 25-35 years of age. How he died is not know at this time. However, we do know he was dead before the car fire. From an earlier report, his fingerprints have been removed and the thumb on his left hand was missing and was removed recently. The car is registered to a Mr Smith up in Stockport aged 59; it was reported stolen Thursday morning at 6 am. He noticed it wasn’t on his drive when he woke!”

“Thanks, Jane!” John said as he turned the radio off. They both got out the car and walked across the forecourt of the garage.

“Hi, I’m looking for… Mr Williams. Vaughan Williams in fact?” DCI Clews said as he looked in his notebook.

“Yes, that’s me” the garage owner replied.

“I’m DCI Clews, and this is PC Ashton he said as they both showed him their ID badges.

“Take a seat!” Vaughan said and pointed the waiting area.

“I believe you phoned the station to report a female with long blonde hair that walked in here today at about 12.20!”

“Yes that’s right; I heard your appeal on the radio. But the appeal said the girl had black hair; this girl was definitely blonde.”

“Can you tell me how she arrived?”

“It was in a car, black BMW.”

“Do you know the registration of the vehicle?”

“Yes, it is JSB 833.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“He is one of our customers, we have worked on the car before, and I recognised him when he filled up with petrol after he dropped her off.”

Vaughan turned to his secretary “Can you pass me that file, please Joyce?”

“This is the last invoice we gave him, and there is the address he gave. It’s a Photoshop on the green just up the road.”

“Thank you!” DCI Clews said and wrote it in his notebook.

“Can you describe the girl and tell us what happened?”

“Yes, she walked in, asked if we could get her a taxi as her car had broken down and the battery was flat on her mobile. She was attractive looking with long blonde hair, she wasn’t here more than 5 minutes, and when the taxi came, she left thanking us.”

“Who was the taxi company? “

“Its A to B we always use them!”

“Did she ask you to collect the car for her?”


“What about her clothes?”

“Cream dress with flowers all over it… red shoes, fashionable shoes!”

Then the secretary added “Yes tall heels; and expensive too. I was jealous of them!” She said with a smile.

“Thank you, Miss…?”

“Joyce… Joyce Jones.”

“Oh and no handbag!” she shouted as DCI Clews wrote on his notepad.

“What about a coat?”

“No, I commented on that after she left, she had nothing with her at all!”

“So you have never seen this woman before?”

“No!” Vaughan replied.

“Miss Jones?”

“No!” she said, sitting at her desk shaking her head.

DCI Clews closed his notepad. “Well, I think that’s all we need if you think of anything, please give me a call!”

He placed a card on the desk and walked towards the door. As he opened it he turned and looked back. “Just one other thing… can you tell the mechanic not to smoke weed while the police are on the premises!”

Vaughan nodded and waved with an awkward smile as the secretary piped up again, “She was pregnant!”

DCI Clews pushed the door shut again, and he reached for his notepad.

“How pregnant?”

“Extremely, I would have said. She was holding the bottom of her stomach, 5-6 maybe 7 months.”

“Thank you, Miss Jones.” DCI Clews said as he closed his pad and opened the door again.

The police got in there car, and Jack’s mobile phone rang as they drove up to the shops.

“Sorry Gov!” “Hello…!” “I cant I’m working…!” “What do you mean he’s gone missing…?” “Well, I’ll go round when I get home…!” “No, I can’t...” “Ok, see you later!”

He turned his phone off as they approached the green and found Becket’s photography shop.

“Is everything Ok Jack?”

“I don’t know Gov. Apparently, the wife’s sister is upset because her husband went to a stag do up north, and he’s gone missing.”

“He’s probably pissed up somewhere!” John said as he shut the car door.

The shop door opened with a loud ping and eventually, a woman appeared from behind a curtain at the back pulling her hair down.

“I’m sorry gentlemen I’m closing, it’s well after 3 o’clock and I don’t get overtime!”

They showed her their ID badges. “We need to talk with a Mr Becket!”

The lady turned and got a piece of paper off the desk and with an unsteady hand; she scribbled his home address and passed it to them.

“Are you Ok love…?” DCI Clews asked.

“Stratton, it’s Mrs actually, Mrs Susan Stratton, and Yes, Yes I’m fine, thank you!”

DCI Clews thanked her, and they left.

They sat in the car outside the shop and waited. “I’m having one of my strange moments Jack,” John said looking in the mirror and the shop door opened. The woman came out. She stood by the door and looked around, and then John noticed a man follow her out. After she locked the door, they walked off in different directions.

With a smile on his face, John mumbled “Overtime. I bet that wasn’t Mr Stratton giving her a hand!” Jack looked confused as he asked, “Sorry Gov?”

John started the engine “It’s ok Jack, I was thinking out loud!” he said as they drove off.

They drove through the countryside and over the motorway bridge where the car court fire to the address they were given.

At 5.15 the two policemen knocked on the front door.

As it opened, they held their ID up.

“Hello I’m DSI Clews, and this is PC Ashton. We are looking for Mr Becket?”

“What’s happened?”

“Nothing we just need to talk to him! Is he in?”

“No he’s at work, can I help?”

“No Mrs Becket…!” they said looking at her.

“Sorry, I’m Samantha Sullivan where not married.”

“Its Mr Becket we need to talk with, do you know when he will be home?”

Samantha stood looking at them in a daze and shook her head.

He took a card from his top pocket and held it up.

“We will call back tomorrow?”

“You alright Miss?” PC Ashton asked.

Samantha nodded and closed the door.

They walked back to the car and got in.

“She was a bit strange! What’s next Gov?”

“The man on the motorway reported seeing a person leaving the car wearing a pink jacket and black hair! Williams and his secretary said she was blonde!”

“Could she have taken them off and thrown them when she climbed the embankment Gov?

“Let’s go and have a look!” John said.

They drove back out into the country and parked on the top of the motorway bridge.

They got out and looked down at the cars speeding along the M42.

“Gov if the car was facing north, she must have climbed up on the left side of the bridge!”

“Good thinking Jack, be careful as you go down, it's slippy!” John said Smiling.

Jack carefully climbed down the embankment holding onto the branches and bushes, while John watched from the bridge above.

After a while, Jack appeared holding the rails and breathing heavily.

“Nothing down there… Gov!” He said, puffing and panting.

“No, I didn’t think there would be. She wasn’t pregnant!” John said.

“Sorry, I don’t understand!” Jack said wiping his forehead with his hankie.

“Let’s talk to the taxi driver!” John said opening the door.

They drove back to Solihull and pulled up at the shop where the taxi company operated from.

The police opened the door showing their ID badges “I am DCI Clews and this is PC Ashton.”

A girl on the phone replaced the receiver.

“Can we talk to the driver that picked up a girl today at around 12.15 from Meriden Garage please Miss...?”

“Piper, Louise Piper!” she said.

Louise searched through the pile of papers she had in front of her and called out on the Radio. “Mr Singh car 12234 come in please!”

They waited for a reply and Louise told them to sit down.

“Yes, base. Mr Singh is here. You are wanting me?”

“Hi, can you come back to base? We have the police here; they want to talk to you.”

“Yes, I will be here in just 5 of your minutes!” he said.

The police glanced at each other while they sat and waited.

Eventually, the door opened and a man walked into the office “You are wanting me for?”

“DCI Clews stud up with a slight a smile on his face after holding his badge up.

“We have reason to believe that you picked up a girl today at around 12.15 from Meriden Garage?”

“Yes, this is correct.”

“Where did you take her?” DCI Clew asked pulling his notepad out of his pocket.

Mr Singh sat down. “Now let me be thinking!” he said pushing a pen up the side of his turban.

“I had been very asleep till ten this morning. My first job was to drop some people at… the airport. They were going to India, not far from where I was being born in Deli you know? I was just leaving when I got my second job from the Garage that you mentioned. A girl was needing my taxi too.”

Mr Singh stopped and stroked his long grey beard looking up at the ceiling. “I can’t be remembering!” he said.

Mr Singh knew if he told them he had £200 pounds for letting someone borrow his taxi for one hour he would lose his job.

“Are yes, it is coming back to me. She went to the hotel at the Wheatsheaf on the Coventry road. I put her there in the car-park she paid me £5 note.”

“Did she have anything with her? A bag, coat?”

“I am not knowing. She was in the back of my taxi.”

“What colour was her hair?”

Mr Singh looked at the floor. “Yellow!” DCI looked at him with a frown. 

“I think he means blonde Gov!”

“Thank you, yes I gathered that!”

“Oh, and a nice piece of Bottom!” Mr Singh said, with a big smile on his face and wobbling his head.

With that, they stood up, thanked them both and then they left.

As they pulled away from the office, Jacks Phone rang. “Excuse me Gov!” “Hello…!” “Oh that’s good, where was he…?” “Ok I will see you later.”

“They found him Gov, and you were right, he was pissed up.”

John smiled.

As they pulled up at a junction, they got a message on the radio. “Gov, we've have had a report of a man missing in Liverpool! His wife, a Mrs Jennifer Slone has phoned Merseyside and said she hadn’t seen her husband for three days. Just thought you ought to know Gov as the burnt-out car came from up that way!”

“Yes, good thinking! Can you get someone from up there to interview her?”

“Ok will do!”

“Fancy a pint Jack?”

“Don’t mind if I do Gov!”

They sat in the bar with a glass of beer each and picked away at the information they had gathered during the day.
















Series 1

Story 5

The Dismembered Thumb

Harriet was scared as she sat on the edge of Hoody’s sofa looking at the red finger marks on her arms. She looked around the room listening to the shower running.

Harriet knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to try and escape because Hoody would find her again!

After a while, she calmed down and decided to make herself a coffee while she waited. After walking into the kitchen, Harriet flicked on the kettle and looked around. She saw the biscuit tin on the worktop and reached for it sliding it along the work surface towards her. Then she grabbed a cup from the hook on the bottom of the cupboard and waited for the kettle to boil.

Harriet lifted the lid off the biscuit tin and placed it back down while she looked in the draws for a spoon and scooped some coffee out of the jar. After pouring the water into the cup, Harriet picked the biscuit tin up again looked inside. At first, she didn’t know what lay on the bottom until she flicked it with her finger. She jumped back when she realised it was a humans thumb with a black ring above the knuckle. Harriet dropped the lid on the floor, threw the tin on the worktop and ran out the door onto the balcony screaming, “THE BASTARDS KILLED MY BROTHER!”

Harriet stood there crying not knowing what to do. She knew Hoody was capable of anything and decided to run towards the door at the end of the landing and opened it with a bang. Harriet ran down the stairs and out onto the car-park then out onto the road. She kept running and running. The phone in her pocket was ringing as she ran along the pavement.

Eventually, Harriet stopped and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand to see where she was going. She turned a few corners and stopped by a lamp-post as a car pulled up next to her by the gutter.

“Aye love, how much for a blowjob?” an inimitable voice asked.

“Fuck off you pervert!” She yelled back at him as he pulled away in a hurry.

Harriet reached up her sleeve for a hankie and wiped her eyes looking around for a taxi or bus.

She was cold by this time with no coat. She walked a bit further and onto the main road still trying to find a ride home. She pulled her mobile phone from under her dress, and after wiping her eyes again, she looked to see if it was working, but the battery was dead.

Harriet walked a bit more and stumbled on a drinks bar with people standing outside smoking and laughing and went in looking around. She made her way to the toilets to see what she looked like in the mirror and then she composed herself wiping her eyes. She couldn’t stop thinking about her brother’s thumb in the tin as the tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks again.

After a while, Harriet wiped her face rechecked her phone and pulled out some money that she had in a purse around her waist.

After pushing her hair up a couple of times, she looked once more in the mirror and walked out and up to the bar and ordered a large Vodka.

Harriet sat alone at the bar thinking about the thumb trying to convinced herself it wasn’t her brothers, but she knew he has a ring on his thumb the same. As she ordered another drink someone tapped her shoulder and she jumped up thinking it was Hoody.

“Harry, what are you doing in here?” a familiar voice asked.

“Oh thank goodness it’s you, Sarah, I thought you were… never mind. Have you got a phone I could borrow, I need a taxi to take me home!”

“Stop and have a drink, you can come home with Alexandra and me when we leave!”

“No, I’ve been out all day; I need a soak in the bath!”

“Have you been crying?”

“A little, I will tell you about it in the morning!”

Sarah passed the phone to Harriet and turned to talk to another friend as Harriet made the call and ordered a taxi.

“I WILL SEE YOU LATER!” Harriett shouted to Sarah as she passed her the phone back and left the bar waving.

Harriet waited outside as the taxi pulled up and she got in.

“Abbey road please!”

As the taxi drove along, she started to think about her brother again.

Until she heard the drivers voice. “What number love?”

With a sniffle, Harriet froze. It was the same voice she heard earlier in the street. “Just stop here!”

The taxi pulled over, and the driver shouted. “Err that’s just a tenner love!

Harry jumped out and stood by the window and placed it in his hand nervously.

“Are ya Ok love?” the driver asked.

Harriet turned and ran across the road and waited for the taxi to drive off.

As it turned the corner, she walked along the pavement hastily looking around all the time and stopped at the end of her path. She glanced around again and went up to the front door.

When Harriet got to the front door, she looked around once more and bent down, pulled the key out from under the mat and opened the door quickly.

Harriet gave out a sigh of relief as she closed the door the first thing she did was to kick her red shoes off in the hall. Then she pulled her phone out and put it on charge and went into the bathroom and turned the taps on full blast.

She got undressed and put her purse on the side as she stepped into the water and submerged herself in bubbles for a while.

Harriet stood up wrapped a towel around her wet skin and went in to see if her phone had charged up a bit.

As she lifted it from the charger and turned it on, the phone lit up with many beeps. She could see Hoody had been trying to call her alongside a few messages.

Harriet took no notice as she scrolled down her contacts and found Janice. She sat on the settee looking at the name on the screen for a few seconds not knowing if she should call or not.

Harriet decided to push the button.

A voice said hello a couple of times as she listened.

“Hi, it’s me, Harry…!” “I saved it earlier at the pub when you went to the loo. Don’t worry; I’ve changed your name to Janice on my phone in case anyone looks…!” "I was picked up by my… boss, he and his goons brought back home...!” Harriet said with a broken voice. “No, not really…!” Then she started weeping into the phone. “I think they have killed my brother Thomas...!” Harriet blurted out. “No my phone has only just come on the battery was flat…!” “OK…!” “I’m Home…!” “No I don’t think so; He knows someone has found the phone obviously...!” “Yes, I was just thinking about them coming here looking for me…!” “Good idea, I’ll walk up the road to a Hotel…!” “Err… yes, I suppose I could, they wouldn’t find me down there would they…?” "Ok…!” “Oh, I was wondering how they found me…!” “Thank you; I’ll talk to you tomorrow!”

Harriet sat on her bed and tried her brother's number a few times but didn’t get through. Eventually, Harriett fell asleep.

Harriet woke about 7 am Saturday and sat on the bed in her room. She tried to phone her brother again but got no signal. She glanced at her phone as it kept bleeping with messages from Hoody. Harriett looked out the window and noticed a car parked across the road with two men were sitting in the front and looked like they were watching the house.

After a while, Harriet decided to call her brothers wife Jennifer to see if she had seen him, but there was no answer.

Harriet paced the floor not knowing what to do when her phone rang. She looked at it expecting it to be Hoody and was surprised to see it was her sister-in-law Jennifer.

“Hello…!” “No…!” “When did you last see him…?” “He will be Ok…!” “Don’t worry; he will turn up soon…!” “Let me know what the police say when they’ve been…!” “OK BYE!” she shouted as she burst into tears.

After a while, with sore red eyes, Harriet made herself some toast and a coffee thinking about things and got back into bed. She knew she would be okay as long as someone else was in the house with her even though she was still terrified.

Just then the door opened and in walked Alexander with her pyjamas on and a cup of tea with a handful of biscuits.

“I fancy a lazy day today!” she said as she slid under the blankets cuddling up to Harriet.

Harriett nodded and burst into tears.

“What’s wrong?” Alexander’s said placing her cup on the draws by her side.

Alexander put her arm around Harriett’s shoulder. “What’s a matter H?” she said sympathetically.

Harriett flinched, and Alexander looked at the marks on her arm.

“Who did this to you?” Alexander asked.

Harriet thought for a while knowing she couldn’t talk about Hoody to Alexander and Sarah because they knew nothing about him and her job.

“It was a man in the street last night, he thought I was a prostitute and grabbed my arm.”

“Is that why you had been crying last night?”


“Sarah told me. You should have said something to us!”

“I’ll be alright,” she said wiping her nose.

Alexander held her for a while; then she jumped as the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” Alexander asked.

“If anyone wants me I’m not here!” Harriet whispered as she walked out the room. Harriet carefully peeped out the window and noticed one man in the car and decided to run after Alexander.

“Don’t answer it!” she whispered as the door knocked again. They both crept back into the bedroom and got back into bed.

“What’s going on H who is he?” she said pulling the covers over her legs.

“It’s no one just… an old boyfriend. He wants to rekindle something that never was alight really!” she said as her phone beeped again.

They sat watching the television for a while holding each other.

Then Harriet grabbed her phone from the side and looked at the screen to see a message from her brother’s phone:

“Hi, I’m Ok! I’ll see you soon.” 

Harriet sat looking at the screen in a daze not knowing what to think as Alexander stood up and left Harriet alone in bed. Harriet’s phone beeped again, but this time it was her sister-in-law Jennifer saying she had a text from Thomas and he is Ok and that the police were there.

Harriet looked out the window again and noticed the car driving off, so she quickly got dressed and left quietly. She jumped into her car with some money to buy herself some new clothes.

After she had bought some things from the shops, she went to her moms for a chat and coffee. While she was there, she got a text from Jennifer.

“Police have gone now, but I’m not convinced that text was from Thomas. Talk later! X”

Harriet left her car at her moms knowing Hoody wouldn’t find it and told her mom she was going down to Birmingham for a few days to see a friend the next day.

Eventually, she left there and got the bus back home with her shopping. As she turned the corner, she noticed the car parked in front of her house again.

She looked at her watch it was just after 2 o’clock. She waited for a while. After 20 minutes it drove off in a hurry, so she ran back into the house and started packing her suitcase.

When she finished, she hid it under the bed from Alex and Sarah and noticed the car outside again, so she sent James a message.

“Sorry can’t get down yet. Still hiding because I know they are looking for me. Don’t worry I’m ok and I will see you soon. Text you in the morn! H x

Harriet was quietly watching the television in her room when there was a loud knock on the front door she waited for one of the others to answer it and looked out the window to see Johnson standing by the car and another sitting in the back. She sat quietly and realised the others had gone out. She hid under the blankets shaking like a leaf.

After three attempts it went quiet and she peeped out the window again carefully without moving the curtains and saw Hoody pointing at the ground where her car was parked, and then he got back in to his car and shut the door.

Harriet lay there for a time, still not knowing what to do.

Harriet’s phone beeped, and she looked at the screen. It was a message from her sister-in-law;

“I think there are some men outside watching my house. What shall I do? Jen X”

Harriet thought for a while and text back knowing that Jennifer knew about Thomas’s working with Hoody;

“Don’t worry; they are looking for me. I am going down to Birmingham tomorrow, and Hoody wants me to do a little job, but I don’t want to do it. H”

Harriet lay quietly on the bed, her phone beeped again;

“Ok just keep me informed then! Jen X”

Harriet peeped out the window to see the car had gone again and after a while, she dozed off.

Harriet woke as her phone rang out, it was hoody again.

Every now and again she would peep out the window from behind the curtains to see if they were still there.

Just after nine, her phone beeped. She picked it up and glanced at it thinking it would be Hoody still trying to contact her, but she was surprised to see it was James. So she read it;

“What doing?”

Harriet turned the television down and replied;

“Still awake, I’m too scared to do anything why?” She waited.

“Have you fond your brover?”

Harriet sat up and leaned back on the headboard to text back;

“No, but I have had a message this morning at about 10 o’clock saying Hi I’m Ok! I’ll see you soon. It’s strange though; he always puts his initials after his message and his phone is still ringing out. I have left loads of messages for him.”

Harriet smiled as she read the next text;

“Do you have an assport?”

She carried on smiling with a frown as she texts back;

“Assport? If you mean passport, then yes why?”

I was kust wondering!” came onto her screen.

Harriet shook her head in disbelief;

”Thanks’ for your help last night.”

Harriet placed the phone on the bed. She lit a cigarette then picked it up again to read;

“Are you still cunin down tomorrow?”

Harriett was still smiling as she replied;

“Yes hopefully. Are you drinking or is your spelling always this bad?”

Harriett chuckled when she saw; 

“Sorry I’m pished!”

I thought so she said to herself.

“I will be with you around 12! I need to get the train to NEC. They are over the road watching the house at the moment!”

Harriett stood up and went to the window again to have a sneaky look. She flicked her ash in the saucer as she lay back down and read;

“Ok, I will pock you up! Bring your passpot. Do you fancy a week in Geese?”

Harriett sat up again and wrote back;

“What’s the catch?”

Her next message said:

“No cetch. I have got to goo there, and you can hide. All you have t do is enjoy yurself and put up with me for a wek!”

Harriett wasn’t sure what to make of the text. James was drinking and probably wouldn’t remember in the morning;

“I think that sounds a great idea, how much money shall I bring?” she texts back.

Harriett rolled over on top her front and waited;

“Your fair is pod. You need some sponding money.” 

Harriet looked at the clock on the wall above her bed and replied;

“Ok, I will talk to you tomorrow. Good night!”

Harriett lay there thinking of the holiday and how much fun it would be, then rolled back over and fell asleep watching the television.







Series 1

Story 6

Happy Days

James woke on the settee again not feeling too good. Trying to focus on his phone and realised it was 8.20. He knew he had to go over to the shop at some point for a while, so he had a coffee and went up to his office at home for a couple of hours enjoying the peace. Samantha had popped around to do her mates house to do her hair. James went through a few wedding photos he had taken recently and sorted the good ones from the not so good for a while.

As James was leaving the house, he remembered Harriett’s mobile phone in the draw, so he took it with him and placed it in the glove box in his car with a charger on it in case it rang again. Then he drove over to Meriden.

When he got there, he went through the books. He realised things were not good at all. He phoned a few clients asking for the money that was owed to him.

After a couple of promises from his clients James made his way home about 2 pm stopping at the pub for a couple of drinks, and while he was sitting there, he played with his phone waiting for a call from Harriett. He was worried after their conversation about her brother.

James eventually went home and as he pulled up on the drive and got out of his car two men walked up behind him.

“Mr Becket?”

“Yes?” James said as he turned.

“DCI Clews and this is PC Ashton!” They held their ID badges up for him to see.

“What’s happened?” he asked

“Nothing Mr Becket, or shall I call you James?”

“James is fine!”

“I was wondering if you could help us with our inquiries James.”

“Yes, yes, of course, come in!”

“Where have you been? You left before I got back!” Samantha asked.

“I’ve been to work!” James replied.

As they all went into the front room and sat down James’s phone bleeped and he quickly glanced at it;

 “Sorry can’t get down yet. Still hiding because I know they are looking for me. Don’t worry I’m Ok and I will see you soon. Text you in the morn! H”

“Sorry work,” James said as he placed in his pocket.

DCI Clews took his notepad out. “Yesterday you dropped a girl at a garage in Meriden?”

“That’s right, yes.”

“Who is she, do you know her?”

James looked around at Samantha glaring at him.

“Sally he said. Why?”

“Have you ever seen her before?”

“No… no never!”

Samantha leaned forward.

“Was that mobile phone hers? The phone you said you found? I bet she left it in your car didn’t she?”

James's heart missed a beat as he looked up.

“What phone?”

“The one you had last night!”

“Oh, that one! No, it was on the road outside here by my car when I parked up!”

Do you still have it?” DCI Clews asked.

“No, I binned it; someone had driven over it!”

DCI Clews wrote on his notepad.

“So... going back to this girl, how come she was in your car then?”

Samantha stood up and walked out the room.

“I gave her a lift to a garage; she said her car broke down.”

“Where did you pick her up from?”

“On the Meriden Road just by the motorway bridge she had her thumb up!”

“What time?”

“Around… 11.40…11.50?”

“Did she talk to you?”

“Yes, she said her car had broken down, and she was going to see her friend a couple of miles away. She told me her name was Sally, and she came from Coventry I think.”

“Did she say anything else?”

“No not really, I dropped her at Meriden Garage, and that’s it! Oh, I asked her if she wanted me to drop her at her mates house and she said no just a garage would be fine.”

“Can you tell me what she had on?”

“Cream dress with faded flowers I think!”

“Hair colour?”


“Did you notice anything about her?”

“No, she was good-looking, good figure, well mannered.”

“Would you say she was pregnant?”

James thought for a while and shook his head “No I don’t think so.”

“And there’s nothing else you can think off?”


DCI Clews closed his notepad and stood up. “If you do remember anything, you’re… wife… sorry partner has a card, ring me anytime!”

“Oh, did she have anything with her?”

James shook his head. “No only her red shoes she was carrying them.”

“Coat, Handbag?”

James shook his head again.


“She didn’t leave anything in your car?”

“No sorry!”

As they walked to the door, James asked: “What’s all this about then?”

“Well, we believe the car that broke down and burst into flames on the M42 motorway was her car. On closer inspection, we found a man’s body in the boot.

“Honestly?” James said with a surprised look.

He stood by the door as they both walked down the path.

“Think he’s going to get a bollocking Gov!”

“I know, I thought that.” The DCI Clews said smiling.

”He has probably been found with his lens in the wrong place, a Gov! After all, he is a photographer!”

They both walked to the car and got in.

They sat for a while. DCI Clews watched in the mirror and waited.

After a few minutes, the front door of the house opened, and James came out, got in his car and drove off.

To police pulled away turned the car around and they followed him. James pulled into the car-park of the Three Horseshoes and the police drove off. James sat in the pub on his own with a pint of beer trying to find a way out of the mess he had got himself into.

Eventually, James made his way home none the wiser. He opened the front door and went in.

“DID YOU SORT THE MORTGAGE OUT?” Samantha shouted from upstairs.

James looked up “Shut the fucks up will you? You’re doing my head in!”

“YOU’RE RIGHT!” Samantha shouted. “If I lose my home, I will do your fucking head in! But it will be with an iron bar!”

“I DON’T NEED THIS! “James shouted as he turned and picked his keys up.

“WHERE ARE YOU GOING NOW?” Samantha shouted walking down the stairs.

He slammed the front door and as he walked along the path. All he could hear was Samantha screaming. James sat in the car for a minute on the drive to calm down. Apart from all the shit, he had on his plate he kept thinking about Harriet. 

James turned the ignition on and noticed the red light was on and the fuel gauge was on empty as he reversed onto the road. He felt the phone vibrate in my pocket as he drove off. James pulled over to answer it. He turned the engine off to save what little fuel he had and looked at the screen. It was Samantha.


“We need gas; the heating has gone off, the electric meter is bleeping and don’t bye too much beer you will be farting in bed again all night. That’s if you bother to come up to bed!”

James turned the phone off and threw it on the passenger seat then he started thumping the steering wheel in anger. James stopped and started counting. He got to 10 and sat quietly. He realised he was in deep shit! After a while when he calmed down he drove to the Red Lion and sat in the shopping precinct car park looking at the people standing outside with their drinks, smoking cigarettes, laughing and telling jokes. He was jealous of them having a good time. James pulled out his wallet and the small change he had in his pockets and counted it. He had £16.80.

A loud burst of laughter made him look up at the people by the entrance to the pub under the canopy. He noticed a cash machine behind them on the wall. James locked the car and walked over to it with his bank card firmly in his hand. He started chanting to himself. “Please be there; please be there, please be there!” As he walked past the crowd, he heard someone shout, “Aye James, aren’t you coming in for a pint tonight?” James looked up, “No not tonight mate,” he replied, “The wife’s cooking something special!”

He turned away with a nervous smile listening to a roar of laughter. James concentrated on the machine in front of him. “Please let the money be in the bank for the job I’ve just done!” He said quietly. His stomach was churning over and over. James carefully placed the card in the slot and put his code in looking at the screen. It seemed like hours for the numbers to come up. “Please don’t swallow it! Please don’t swallow it!” He kept saying to Himself.

James bent down to look at the screen it said £20 he almost smiled until he noticed the dash in front of it. He took his card and went back to the car deeply depressed. He sat there thinking where he could get some money. The thoughts were flowing through his head. “I need some money fast! Not only for the mortgage but also we needed food for tomorrow.” With a long sigh, James reversed back and drove further down the car-park so no one could see him.

He picked up his phone and went all through the list of names of friends and relatives, trying to think of someway or someone to get a couple of grand off to help him out. He scrolled through the names one by one and thought about asking someone for a loan. He stopped and studied the name John and then remembered the grief he had when John wanted his money back. Then he went around telling everyone how he had helped James. Then he came across the name Henry. When he’d asked him for help in the past, he told James he couldn’t help and then told lies about the reason why. James Mom and Dad came up, but they have helped him enough in the past, and he couldn’t ask them for anymore.

Nothing and nobody sprang to mind, so James drove over the road to the shop and parked the car. He walked into the one stop shop with £16.80 and picked up two cans and then he added £10.00 for the electric meter because Samantha will be going to bed soon hopefully and she won’t need any gas until tomorrow. James added it up again, and it came to £11.98, so he got another beer from the shelf £12.97. In his mind, he had enough petrol in the car to get back to the house and then the garage tomorrow. So he had a lucky-dip on the lottery. James knew if it came to it he could always get some fuel and pretend he had left his wallet at home again. 

“That’s £14.97 please?” the keeper said.

James left there with three cans and happy. He had some change in his pocket and drove home! He sat in the car on the drive for a while because I didn’t want to go in the house.

James looked up and notice Samantha by the window with her arms folded resembling an un-exploded war missile. He walked to the front door and placed a can of beer in one of his shoes on the porch and opened the door. 

“Come on I’m freezing in here!” Samantha shouted



“Well, you will have to put the electric fire on the gas card wouldn’t work in the shop. I will have to go to another shop in the morning.”

“Fucking brilliant! It’s Saturday night and we’ve got no gas! Did you get electric?”

“Yes, that worked Ok!”

“I see the beer fridge was working too! Where are my Fags?”

“You didn’t say you wanted fags!”

“I always have fags on Saturday night!”

“I’ll have to go and get you some then!” he replied as he put two cans in the fridge.

Samantha opened the cupboard. “Don’t bother!” she said. “I’ve got four left that will have to do. I’m fucking freezing anyway. I’ll have to go to bed early again!”

James looked up at the ceiling. “Thank you! There is a God after all,” he said under his breath plugging the key in to the meter. James opened a can and went into the front room and sat down to watch the television and Samantha followed him in smoking with a glass of wine and an ashtray banging them on the table next to her.

“So… what are we going to do?”

“About what?”

“The bills, your work, No money?”

“Like you just said it’s Saturday night! Let’s forget it until Monday, there’s nothing I can do at the moment, so just leave it!”

“It’s no good just leaving it. It won’t go away you know! You can’t just dismiss it like an empty beer can!”

James gave out a loud sigh.

“Work is coming in, and we will be Ok!”

“Yeah, sure!”

Samantha sat quietly. James could tell she was working up to something. Then it came like a volcano.

“I think we ought to knock it on the head! We can’t go on like this it’s not doing either of us any good. We don’t have a life. Not one of our friends asks us out anymore because we are boring. We can’t have them around here because the house is a shit hole and I have no interest in cleaning it. Apart from that, I’m sick of everyone that comes hear saying When are you going to finish the kitchen you stated three years ago?”

It went quiet for about 5 seconds. “We don’t go on holidays; we have no money. We argue all the time!” James took a swig of beer hoping Samantha would give up and go to bed. 

“You’re not even listening!” 

“I am. You have had a bad day, and you’re taking it out on me! That’s fine I’m used to it. I’ve been doing it for years!”

It went quiet again. James flicked through the channels on the television to find something to take their minds off the situation as Samantha stood up and walked out.

James sat hoping Samantha had gone to bed. With everything going through his mind he wasn’t watching the television. He checked his phone to see if he had a message from Harry, but there was nothing. James knew that when Samantha goes for a walk tomorrow with her mother, he could get back in the loft and start stripping the old copper pipe so he could weigh it in for cash on Monday. 

Samantha walked back into the room and banged her glass on the table again followed by the ashtray.

“Oh, 12 months today!” she said and held her glass up. “If any of our friends found out that we where on meters I would die.”

James looked at Samantha and shook my head.

“Who the fuck cares about them?” He added. “They don’t care about us? You said it yourself; we have no friends anymore. Their all frightened to phone and ask how you are, just in case you ask for a loan.

Samantha went quiet again looking at the television.

“I still can’t believe they broke into our house with a locksmith and changed all the meters while we were out.”

“Not again please, it was 12 months ago for fuck sake! When we’ve paid all the arrears off, I’ll get them changed back to normal meters.”

It went quiet again, and James was looking at the screen thinking.

Then he asked, “Is there someone else…?”

Samantha turned away and was odd in some way.

A cold shiver went down James’s spine as a loud knock on the front door rattled through the house. 

“Who’s that?” Samantha asked.

James Stood up and walked out into the hall closing the door behind him. He opened the front door “Yes?”

A boy that didn’t look old enough to drive a car stood there wearing jeans and a denim jacket. 

"I’m from the TV licensing department.” He said, and he shoved an identity card in James’s face.

“I have reason to believe you are watching the television without a licence.”

“ERR! I think we do have one!” James said.

“Well according to our records there isn’t one registered to this address.

“Oh, so what do I do now then?” James asked.

“We need to fill out a questionnaire.” The boy said

They stood by the door while he asked James questions and then he handed him a copy and said goodbye. James closed the door folded the sheet of paper he gave him and tucked it into his pocket. Then he turned the light off in the hall.

“Who was that?” Samantha asked.

“It was the man over the road asking to borrow my ladders.”

Samantha looked at him with a disbelieving look on her face but said no more.

“Don’t suppose you did the lottery?”

“Yes, I did actually.”

The show started, and James got himself his second beer thinking if he got three numbers and won ten pounds he could go back up the shops. James pulled the lotto ticket out of his wallet, folded it in half down the middle like he always did and placed it on the little table next to him so he can only see the first number. Then he waited while they introduced the machine and eventually pressed the button after telling everyone the jackpot was 1.6 million.

James and Samantha watched the balls rolling around. James prayed for three numbers so he could go and get some more beers. Then he thought about four numbers. “£100 would do the shopping; get some petrol and her off his back.”

James looked at the screen as the first number dropped.

“7,” the man said.

James looked down and there it was 7.

He looked back at the television as the next ball dropped.

“13, unlucky for some!” the commentator said. James licked his first two fingers and slid the covering part of the ticket over a bit more, and he could see the one and then the three so he pushed his finger on the crease to hold it down.

James had a swig as the next ball dropped.

“21, the key of the door,” he said. As James placed his glass down again, he slid the ticket open a bit more, and there was the 2.

A slight smile came to his face, as he thought if this is a 1, I could get some more beer.

He pushed it slowly and there it was.

“Thank you up there!” he whispered and watched the next ball drop.

“22” James heard him say. Gently he pushes the top cover off a bit more and saw a two his heart started beating a bit faster as another two appeared.

“I have four numbers for the first time,” he thought to himself and looked back at the screen as they said 33. James ran his finger along the crease again and had a swig of beer and put the glass down as he said, “And the next number you need is 34.”

James turned to see what Samantha was doing. She was staring at the screen in a trance then she stood up and went out the room. James looked over and licked his two fingers again and placed them on the ticket and started to slide it over. The top half of lifted and he could see 33. It was there. He froze and didn’t know what to do. His heart was pumping as he sat thinking five numbers has got to be a couple of bags. James noticed his hand was shaking as he picked the ticket up, opened it and quickly turned it over. He smoothed the creases out rubbing the back of the ticket.

Samantha came back into the room and sat down again with her last cigarette. James was looking at the screen not knowing what to do. “34, is a good number to have,” he said to himself. “34 is a high number, and the odds are less now we are up there in the 30’s and 40s.

James counted the difference on his fingers with his hands dangling over the side of the settee.

James quietly inhaled and held his breath, looked at the back of the ticket and turned it over. Number 34 was there! It looked bigger than all the other numbers. It looked like it was flashing as he stared at it. He could feel his pulse on his face pumping as he sat still in the chair, his heart was pounding in his chest, it felt like it was trying to get out in the open and dance around.

James kept looking at the screen not knowing what to do.

He floated back into the room as Samantha moved her legs off the settee onto the floor. She slid to the edge of the chair and grabbed her empty glass. “No good then?” she said as she stood up. James didn’t know what to do. If he opened his mouth, he could say the wrong thing. Did he want Samantha to know or should he keep quiet?

“Well!” she said.

James looked at the ticket and replied. “Yes we got three numbers, that’s a tenner I think!”

“I’m going to bed then that won’t get us out the shit!”!” she said as she walked out the room and slammed the door.

James waited for a while sitting on his hands. He kept looking at the ticket. When James heard the bedroom door slam, he stood up and finished his drink off in one and went out the room and into the downstairs bathroom. James locked the door, flushed the toilet and jumped up and down with joy. He punched the air with his teeth firmly together. “Yes!” he shouted and flushed the loo again so no one could hear him. James leapt, jumped and jumped some more. He couldn't believe it. He was out of breath after a while, so he put the toilet seat down and sat on it. James thought about the money and all the expensive things he could have. Cars, houses, holidays, in fact, he could have anything but did he want Samantha. He put his hands over his eyes and started crying like a baby and didn’t know why.

Eventually, James pulled himself together and calmed down. He went to the front door and got his last beer from his shoe on the porch and closed the door quietly. James went back into the front room wiping his eyes and tried to watch the television just in case Samantha came down.

He sat in the front room in his usual position looking at the television with a massive smile on his face. Then he paced the floor thinking about his new wealth not knowing exactly how much it would be.

James heard the floorboards creek upstairs, and he panicked thinking Samantha was coming down to see what he was doing. He hid his can behind the settee and sat down.

While he was waiting, he remembered the bottle of vodka he hid in the cupboard the other night. As he sat quietly, he heard the floorboards again and then the bedroom door slam shut. James crept out into the kitchen carefully pulled it from the cupboard and poured a large Vodka and downed it in one. James shook his head as it slid down his throat he wasn’t a spirit drinker. James poured another with a bit of tonic and took it into the front room. He thought the best thing to do would be to get drunk and pass out on the sofa. Then he could sort everything out in the morning.

James sat watching the television and flicking through the channels again he found a programme on holidays. James thought it would be a great idea to get away and have a think about his money and what to do with it.

As he sat putting different channels on and off, he thought about taking Harriet with him, so he texts her.

He picked his phone up off the table and wrote: 

“What doing?” 

He waited. Then his phone beeped. James fumbled and turned the sound off quickly, so he didn’t arouse Samantha.

“Still awake, I’m too scared to do anything why?”

James read it and text back;

 “Have you found your brother?”

James quickly ran out to the kitchen and brought the bottle of vodka in and hid it behind the sofa and picked his phone again and read;

“No, but I have had a message saying Hi I’m OK! I’ll see you soon. It’s strange though; he always puts his initials after his message and his phone is still ringing out. I have left loads of messages for him.”

James had a swig from his glass and typed;

 “Do you have a passport?” 

His phone lit up almost straight away;

“assport? If you mean passport then yes why?” 

James looked confused as he read the message and replied;

“I was just wondering!”

 James had another gulp and waited for a reply;

“Thanks for your help last night!”

James read her reply then text back;

 “Are you still coming down tomorrow?”

James waited patiently;

“Yes hopefully. Are you drinking or is your spelling always this bad?”

James closed one eye to reply;

 “Sorry, I’m pissed!”

He waited again;

“I will be with you around 12! I need to get the train to N.E.C. They are over the road watching the house and my car at the moment!”

After another gulp James carefully text;

“OK I will pick you up!” Bring your passport. Do you fancy a week in Greece?”

James was finding it hard to see his phone;

“What’s the catch?” 

James was struggling to see as he dropped the phone onto his lap. He closed one eye again and texts with one finger;

 "No catch. I have got to go there, and you can hide. All you have to do is enjoy yourself and put up with me for a week!”

James’ hands fell to his side as he almost fell asleep, but the light from the phone brought him round again. He picked the phone up and closed one eye to read the message.

“I think that sounds a great idea. How much money shall I bring?”

James looked, almost falling asleep and sat forward on the sofa inhaled and text back;

“Your fair is paid. You need some spending money.”

James had one last swig of vodka and could hardly see;

“OK, I will talk to you tomorrow. Good night!”

With that, James dropped the phone on the floor sat back and fell asleep.












Series 1

Story 7

Where’s Harry?

Hoody woke at 7 15 on Saturday morning and had a shower first. With clean boxers, he made himself a coffee lit a spliff then started pacing the floor. He grabbed his phone from the side of the bed. First, he tried calling Harriett with no reply; so he texts her leaving another message. At least he knew her phone was switched on and then he called Johnson.

“Yo Johnson, what’s happening…?” “What do you mean you haven’t found her…?” “Where are you…?” “Is her car there…?” “Well sit tight enit!”

Hoody paced the floor in deep thought not knowing what to do.

He was just putting the phone down when it rang again.

“Yo…!” “Are you 100% sure there was nothing in the bag, and it was empty…?” “Ok leave it with me enit!”

Hoody tossed the phone on the bed and sat next to it with his hands on his head. He was frantic and in some serious trouble because the package had gone missing. Either the bag was empty when it was passed over, or Harriet took it out before she gave it to the second man. Hoody thought for a while. He was confident it must have been empty when she took it because Harriett would have had it on her when he picked her up from the pub!

Hoody picked up the phone and called the contact he had.

“Yo…!” “Is there a chance that the bag was empty when it was handed over to my man…?” Hoody looked around the room waiting for an answer.

“Yo, anyone there…?” the phone went off, and Hoody chucked it on the bed again.

Hoody put another spliff in his mouth as his phone lit up.

“Yo…!” “Well if it comes to it, I will repay you enit…!” “Ok, so what was in the bag…?”

Hoody got a pen from the drawer and wrote it on his leg. He knew he would get the answer in code and he had to take the first letter of the word and add it to the numbers. He wrote Council 21, house 23, number 05. Hoody closed the phone tucked it in his underpants and opened up the computer. He typed the letters and numbers onto Google C21H23N05.

Hoody’s eyes closed and his head dropped as the results came up on the screen. He had a strange feeling that ran down his spine as he read the answer. He felt sick knowing it would be out of his Control when the word Heroin came up. Hoody grabbed his phone again.

“Yo Johnson, you have got to find Harry, I’m in a mess enit…!” “Well go knock on, ask for her… Call me back!”

Hoody felt helpless on his own; he couldn’t do anything. He always relied on others. He walked up and down, switched the television on and off again, he made himself another coffee and walked around some more and in-between kept phoning Harry but got no answer. Hoody thought for a while and remembered the phone Harry had that was tracked, so he put the computer on and waited for it to load as his phone rang.

“Yo…?” “Are you sure she’s not there…?” “Her mates should be in …!” “Ok, go to the brother’s house see if she is there enit?”

Hoody sat at his computer trying to find something to do while he waited.

Hoody closed the lid to his laptop and walked the floor again in deep thought as his phone rang.

“Yo…?” “Well knock on…!” “How long the police bin there?” “Ye, good thinking…!” “Ye Ok...!” “Get Fin to watch that house and you get back to Harriet’s!”

Hoody suddenly remembered Harriet’s brother’s phone and pulled out the drawer and put it on a charge, after a few minutes it lit up like a pinball machine. Hoody looked at it and noticed calls and messages from Harriett and his Wife, Jennifer. Hoody sent a text so they would think he is still around.

Hoody just put;

“Hi, I’m Ok, ill see you soon!”

Then he turned the sound off and placed it back in the draw hoping that would stop them thinking something was wrong.

Hoody rolled a spliff on the worktop thinking hard. He knew he had to find Harry. He needed answers from her about the package. Hoody suddenly remembered the thumb in the biscuit tin. He lifted the lid and rolled it on to some cling-film and after wrapping it up tight he placed it back in the tin and put it back in the cupboard.

Hoody lit his large spliff and went outside onto the balcony and lent on the railing looking out over Liverpool. He was desperately trying to think where Harry could be.

She has always been loyal and never let him down before. He couldn’t imagine Harry deceiving him because she knows what he is capable of doing.

Hoody’s Phone rang “Yo…?” “No I’m still working on it…!” “I’ll need a bit longer enit!” The phone went off. Hoody knew he was running out of time and without this package he was going to be deep in the shit.

Hoody pulled his phone out. “Yo my man…!” “All good …!” “Listen, Moby, I need to find someone, can I track their phone without them knowing…?” “OK, thanks Moby, talk soon enit!”

Disappointed at the answer Hoody closed his phone and looked out over the balcony still in deep thought.

Hoody flicked the remains of his spliff over the rails, and as usual, he watched it drop to the ground. Then he suddenly remembered that Harry has a friend called Tina on the sixth floor of the same high rise flats. Hoody grabbed his phone, and as he opened it to call Johnson, he thought it would be good to leave him watching Harriet’s house. So after a lot of thought, he decided to get dressed and go down to her flat himself.

Nervously, Hoody got dressed. He put on a cap, sunglasses, and surgical gloves. He grabbed a face mask from the cupboard that fitted over his mouth and nose. As he put it on, he squeezed the metal strip across the top onto the bridge of his nose and pulled his hood over his cap. He cautiously walked over to the door and hesitated for a few seconds before he opened it. He stepped onto the balcony and stood by the rails and looked over.

“I can do this!” he said to himself. He took a deep breath and walked along the landing to the doors and went down the stairs. He wouldn’t use the lift because of the germs and the smell of piss. A large woman with bags of shopping was walking up the stairs breathing heavy and sweating profusely. She stared at him as she got nearer and nearer. Hoody noticed the two kids were running wild shouting and playing. One of them came close to Hoody and gave out a loud chesty cough.

Hoody turned away leaning over the rails as they went passed and then carried on down to the sixth floor. He pushed the door open and stepped onto the long landing looking at all the flats. He moved forward slowly looking at all the numbers until he found the right one and hammered on it with his fist.

As he waited, he heard someone behind the door.

“Who is it?” a timid voice said.

“Tina its Hoody from upstairs, I’m looking for Harriett enit?”

The door opened with the chain on and half a face appeared in the gap “She’s not here! I haven’t seen her for weeks!”

“Let me in!”

The door closed and opened fully and Hoody walked in and pushed the door to with his foot and stood in the middle of the hall with his hands in his pockets looking at her.

“What joker did that to your face?” he asked.

“No one I fell over!” she said covering it with her hand.

Hoody knew she was lying.

“Can you call Harry from your phone to see if she answers?”

“I cant it’s been turned off for weeks now, I didn’t pay the bill.”

Hoody looked around and started to get anxious. In his mind, the flat was filthy and untidy. The handprints on the walls were crawling with germs. The little boy walked towards Hoody with no nappy. His runny nose looked like it was streaming down his face, dripping onto the filthy carpet. Hoody turned to grab the lock to open the door, holding his breath and shaking like a leaf. Tina knew Hoody was a Germaphobe and reached for the knob pulling the door open as he ran out onto the balcony lifting his mask away from his mouth to inhale fresh air. He was breathing heavy and his heart was beating fast as he leaned on the rails trying to calm down.

“Do you want a drink of water?” Tina asked.

Hoody shock his head, “No thanks, I'll be ok in a while.” he said replacing his mask.

Eventually, Hoody turned and said, “If you see Harry tell her I’m looking for her enit!”

Tina nodded and turned to go inside as Hoody added: “You look after yourself enit!”

Hoody hurried along the landing to the door and back up the stairs to his floor and back to his flat. He opened the door and went in leaning on the back of the door as it shut. Relieved he pulled his gloves off and threw them in the bin with his mask then went into the bathroom stripped off entirely and put everything he had on in the washing machine. Then he went back into the bathroom and turned the shower on hot and got in with a scrubbing brush and plenty of soap.

After he had almost scalded himself and tried to scrub his skin off, he got dressed and called Johnson.

“Yo Johnson come get me!”

Hoody stood looking over the rails for the car with another mask and his gloves waiting. When he saw the car pull in and the lights flash twice. He waved and ran down the stairs and into the car-park. As he opened the door and looked in the back, he saw Finley.

“Why didn’t you stay there while Johnson collected me?”

“Sorry Boss never thought!” he said.

“You never do!” Hoody replied.

The car took off at high speed and parked across the road to Harriet’s house. Hoody sat watching for a while and then decided to see if anyone was home. So he got out and walked up the path.

He clenched his fist and banged on the front door nearly cracking the panel. He waited and tried again listening for a sound from inside. He walked down the path a few paces and went back one last time and banged harder grinding his teeth in frustration. Eventually, he walked away and noticed Harriet’s car had gone, then he shouted.

“JOHNSON, WHERE THE FUCK IS HER CAR?” He stood pointing at the floor then he crossed the road and got back in the car looking up at the bedroom window. By this time he was extremely agitated.

They sat outside for a while hoping she might come back when Hoody phone rang.

“Yo…!” Hoody sat quiet, and his head dropped. “I NEED MORE TIME ENIT…!” he shouted. “NO, YOU NEED TO LISTEN; I need you to give me more time bro…!” With that, he punched the dashboard and closed his phone.

“Take me home; she’s gone off in her car enit? We are wasting time here; I need to find her quick time. I can’t believe she’s taken the package.”

Johnson looked away.

Hoody went back to the flat and had another shower, then he got himself a spliff and switched on the computer. He decided to see if he could track the phone Harry threw away. He made himself a coffee while waiting for the screen to light up. Hoody clicked onto the page and found the signal for the phone in Meriden; then he went on to Google to look where it was. After studying the area, he realised it had moved a few miles and whoever picked it up still has it.

Hoody sat thinking of a plan for a while then he went back to the page and looked once more. He noticed it had moved again and realised the phone was in a car because it was still charged and working.

Hoody tries to chill out for a while, looking at the porn channels but his phone started ringing. When he looked, he realised it was the people wanting their Cocaine back. He took no notice, but the phone rang three times in as many minutes.

Hoody paced the floor in deep thought and decided to hide his laptop with his gun and money. He was uneasy and had a feeling they wouldn’t let it go on for long.

Hoody took a deep breath as a loud thud hit the front door. He looked and could see the silhouette of someone large dressed in black.

“Yo?” he shouted as he walked closer to the door. Nothing was said as Hoody put the chain on and grabbed the lock. As he turned it, in burst three large men. One grabs Hoody around the throat with one hand and pinned him against the wall, while the other two ransacks the flat.

“Where’s the package?” he asked.

Hoody struggled to talk. “Don’t know… I haven’t found… my man yet!”

He said looking over his shoulder at the other two smashing the place up.

“My boss is not happy!”

Hoody knew they would only rough him up because they wanted the stuff back.

“Look, give me… 24hrs and I will… get it!” his words came out strained.

The man dropped him like a brick and kicked him hard in his ribs.

“We will be back tomorrow!” he said kicking Hoody a second time.

With that, they all left slamming the door. Hoody rolled over onto his side with a groan and managed to stand, grabbing the arms of the chair.

He grabbed his phone and called Johnson. “Yo…!” “They bin round after there stuff enit…!” “Ye come over!” Hoody closed his phone and sat in the chair holding his ribs.

It wasn’t long before they appeared. Hoody stud up and shuffled over the door to let them in.

“You ok boss?”

“Ye!” he said turning and sitting back down.

“Can you clean this mess?” he said pointing at the room.

Johnson and Finn straightened the room as best as they could and sat down.

“What we going to do then?”

Hoody looked up with a pained expression.

“We goin down to Brum again in the morning, enit. I’ve got to find Harry!”

“What makes you think she’s down there?” Finn said looking at him.

“She could be in trouble or working with someone. That phone I gave her is moving about enit!”

“Shall we stay here tonight? Maybe we could get off early in the morn boss?”

“Good idea Finn! But could you go and check out Harriett’s home in the morn about 7 and let me know. Johnson and I will go off early enit!”

With that Finn left. Hoody got his gun, some cash and put it on the worktop then he lit a spliff and went outside. Johnson straightened the apartment a bit more. Then Hoody came back in and said, "I need another shower enit!”













Series 1

Story 8

James Had a Dream

James started to stir about 5.15 in the morning. He first thought he was standing in the middle of a merry-go-round at the fairground as images flew past and his eyes and they tried to follow each one. He realised his head was pounding as he moved the pillow. He rolled over and fell asleep again.

James started to come round again just after 7.30 in a strange world, and he realised he was having what he calls a vodka dream. It’s a vivid dream, and as long as he doesn’t open his eyes, he could remember every tiny little detail even though it doesn’t make sense.

The dream consisted of a mixture of things, and it went on for what seemed ages. There was someone in a long black coat leaving a house with a suitcase and slamming the door. James couldn’t see their face as they walked away from him along the hard shoulder on the motorway. A tractor went passed him on fire with the Beatles all looking out the back window and off to his right was one of his old girlfriends getting married in just a black hood. He went from there to someone booking a holiday in a field, and the shopkeeper kept saying no luck then repeatedly, and as he turned, he started jumping and shouting out loud in a tiny toilet with piss around his ankles. The room became massive, and James was paying cash for a Taxi with numbers all over it and driving off into the sky with the roof open. Then it went to some girls swarming around his car with a beautiful beach in the background.

James eventually opened his eyes suddenly. He panicked looking around the room wondering where he was. He sat up quickly in a daze and noticed the empty shot glass on the table next to him and with a nasty taste in his mouth he thought he had been knocking back neat vodka all night.

As he sat in the quite his memory started to reform, and he couldn’t stop thinking about the lottery. He wasn’t sure if it was part of his Vodka dream.

James had an overwhelming feeling of happiness and looked at the empty glass on the little table again, but there was no lottery ticket next to it as he remembered.

He lay back down and tried to piece together his dream with the back of his hand on his forehead. A few minutes past and he remembered dancing in the downstairs toilet. He sat up again and looked under the little table to see if the ticket had fallen on the floor, but it wasn’t there.

With his eyes closed again He thought he had got all the numbers on the lotto and was celebrating but he wasn’t sure. He thought more, and his memory slowly came back. “I did win!” he said to himself as he sat upright again.

A cold shiver went through him as he looked on the floor under the table again for the ticket. James sat back not knowing what to do when he thought maybe it was in his wallet. James tried to stand but his legs were shaky, so he lent to one side and pulled his wallet out of his pocket.

He found his ticket and put the television back on and while he was waiting for the page to load he thought how disappointed he would be if it had been in his dream.

James checked all the numbers again and sat staring at the ticket with all the numbers matching. He checked it four or five times before he smiled and thought about it.

Then James stared at the box where it said prize details and was scared in case lots of people had won and the jackpot would have to be shared out.

James plucked up the courage and pressed the button. He stared at the words.

One UK winner has won £1.6 million.

James was scared to move in case Samantha heard him.

James tried his hardest to act normal as he heard Samantha come down and make herself a drink. She opened the door she looked at him in disbelief and after a long tut. Samantha pulled the door too.

“No thanks, I'll get my own!” He shouted sarcastically

James waited until he heard her go back upstairs and let out a sigh of relief.

He sat fully charged he imagined the cars, the big house, and no end of holidays anywhere in the world.

He remembered his call to Harry about the holiday his memory was all coming back.

He sat and wondered if he could keep it from Samantha so she couldn’t claim half. He thought if they split up, and then he said he won, there’s nothing she could do.

James tried watching the television but the new lifestyle was all he could think about, and nothing could stop him thinking about the money. It was hard to think of anything else.

Just after 8.30 Samantha came down to make another cup of tea and James pretended to be asleep, and she went back up to bed.

After a while, James picked up the winning ticket kissed it placed it in his wallet and pushed it into his pocket with a couple of taps and a smile. Then went to the kitchen and made himself a coffee and tried to act normal. He went upstairs to get some clothes from his draw, had a shower got dressed while Samantha was tidying up he told her he was leaving for work. With a disbelieving look still on her face, she said: “Ok I’ll see you later!”

Samantha put some clothes in the washing basket almost in a trance. She was depressed, worried about their relationship and the lack of money. James got in his car flicked the button to lower the roof then he reversed off the drive and drove off with a massive smile.

As he was driving along his phone lit up again, and he glanced at it while he was turning a corner. It said;

“Just left the house, all ok! I’m heading to Lime Street station. Call you in a while!”

James turned the music up full blast as he drove along the country roads shouting as loud as he could. He was in a different world to the one he was in 24 hours ago.

James pulled up and noticed the sign on top of the shop was lit up, and then he pushed the door it opened without a key. Straight away he thought he had been burgled again and heard a noise it the back room. James with a worried look on his face picked up a tripod and lifted it up above his head moving slowly towards the curtain as his assistant came out with a disgraced look on her face followed by a man pulling his shirt together.

“What are you two doing Susan?

“I’m so sorry!” She said with her head down.

“How long has this been going on?” James asked with a smile on his face.

Susan shook her head still looking down at the floor.

Listen it doesn’t matter at the moment just go. I’m probably going away for a few days so don’t come in, and I will talk to you later in the week!”

With that, they both left closing the door.

James burst out laughing and opened his laptop. Nothing was going to upset him today.

He sat in his office with his laptop looking for holidays again and then realised he had no cash even though he was a millionaire.

James thought for a while and remembered his mate, Don. He was a friend in Coventry who was stuck in the seventy’s. High heeled boots, big collars, with long brown hair. He’s in the same profession but “Donkey” as his friends call him, shoots porno videos illegally.

With a phone call, James arranges to meet him at the studio, so he drove over.

James parked the car and phoned Don to let him know he had arrived and one of Dons guards opened the door to let James in.

James walked along the corridors with his mouth open looking at all the gorgeous women walking around with barely any clothes on.

“How are you doing James, my man?” Don asked as he stood up and walked towards him with his hand out. They shook hands. “I’m excellent thanks!” James replied.

“What brings you to this neck of the woods?”

“Well I have won some money on the lotto, and I haven’t got any cash for a week or two! I wanted to have a small holiday to think about things!”

“How much do you need little Brother?” Don said as he walked looking around at James.

“Could you lend me… £3000 and I will give you £5000 back in a couple of weeks?”

“No problem!” he said as he opened his office door.

“Is it a big win?” Don said. “Don’t tell me how much just tell me it’s big!” He said with a smile.

James smiled and said nodding “yes…it’s fucking massive!”

Don opened his safe and dropped a pile of money on the desk in an elastic band. “There are five big ones have a good time man!”

James picked it up as Don said: “Just pay me the same amount back when you have it, Ok?”

James shook his hand again, thanked him and left waving.

When he got back to the shop, he put the £5000 in the safe and looked on the computer for a holiday just as Harry phoned him. "Hello!" “Ok, I’m on my way. Meet you on the front by the main entrance!”

James put the phone in his pocket locked the shop and drove to the station.

James pulled up, and Harriett put her suitcase in the back seat, got in the car and kissing James on the cheek as he pulled away.

“DID YOU GET AWAY, OK?” James shouted.

“Yes in the end!” she said holding her hair. “Can you put the roof up I can’t here?”

James stopped on the side of the road and pressed the button and waited while the roof closed and then he drove back to Meriden.

“That’s better I can hear myself talking now. Yes, I have had a fun day, but at least I’m away from it now!”

It was quiet for a minute, and Harriet started.

“I woke this morning to the sound of my flat mate’s headboard banging on the wall.”

James smiled.

“When I looked out the window first thing a different car was parked across the road with someone sitting in it.”

“How did you get out?”

“I sat on the bed watching the television for a bit and went to the loo. I noticed a man’s clothes all over the floor outside my mate’s bedroom, so I tiptoed into her room and got the rest of the clothes.”

“Good thinking!” James said.

“I put them on. I tied my hair up in a bun and placed a cap on it and walked up the shops to see if they would follow me!”

“Brilliant, and did they?”

“No, I walked with a slight swagger; hands tucked into the trouser pockets and walked up the road to a small shop on the corner, got some cigarettes and went back. When I got back, the car was driving off, so I quickly put all the clothes back on the stairs, got dressed grabbed my suitcase and left.

“Well done!” James said looking at her.

They drove along while Harry carried on talking but, to be honest, James wasn’t listening, he was thinking about his lottery win and how he was going to spend it.

“Can we have the roof down again?” James asked, “It’s a beautiful day!”

James pulls over and put the roof down and drove into Meriden stopping by the shop to show Harry.

“This is where I work from!” he said pointing at the shop.

“Can we have a quick look?” Harry said.

“Yes, of course, are you hungry?”

“Ye I’m famished I haven’t eaten properly for two days!”

They went into the shop for a few minutes and had a look around. James grabbed the money from the safe and then they left. James dropped Harry at the Strawberry Bank Hotel and waited while she dropped her suitcase off and checked in.

She came out with a massive smile on her face “Food, I need food!” she shouted climbing into the car.

James drove off as Harry asked, “Can we go back to that pub we went to Friday?”

James nodded and put his foot down driving through the country lanes. They pulled into the car-park and got a table outside again.

While James got some drinks and a menu, Harry sent a message to Alex;

“Look out for a parcel it will be delivered on Monday or Tuesday. Put it under my pillow; be back in a few days, need to get away for a bit. X

James came out and sat down and while Harry was looking at the menu. James’s phone rang, and when he looked, it was Susan, his shop assistant.

“Hi, Sue you OK…?” It was quiet to start with, and he heard a yell.

Who is this...?” he asked as Harry looked up at him.

Hoody put his phone on loudspeaker.

“I want the gyal your with?”

James froze looking at Harry.

“Who is this?” he asked again.

“Never mind that bro put her on the phone enit!”

“I’m not with anyone!”

“Don’t fuck with me bro. I have just seen her with you in your black bema givin it large enit.

James and Harry stared at each other. "That's my boss!" she whispered.

“Sorry mate, I don’t know who you are or what you are talking about!” Just then James heard a scream in the background followed by, “Listen, Bro, I told you to get rid of that phone, didn’t I? I have your Shop assistant with no pants on. She was in your shop banging her fella. Unfortunately, he’s run off with his trousers around his ankles. I want Harriett back now. She has something of mine!”

A strange feeling passed through James as he closed the phone.

“He’s got my shop assistant,” James said shaking like a leaf.

“He said you have something of his!”

Harriet’s head dropped.

“What is it?” James asked.

“I don’t know!” she said shaking her head.

“Well before the phone goes again you need to talk to me!”

“The car court fire, I ran up the embankment and met you. In the train station, I did a pickup and a drop and then met you again!”

“Do you know there was a body in the boot of that car?”

Harry placed her hands over her mouth. Her eyes were huge.

”OH MY GOD NO!” she yelled.

Harriet burst into tears screaming like a mad woman.


James put his arm around her shoulders and tried to calm her down. “Listen...Harriet, you didn’t kill anyone. Apparently, he was already dead!”

Harry looked up with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“How do you know?”

“The police came around to my house and asked me about you. I only told them the truth. I picked you up and dropped you at the garage!”

“Well, how do you know about the body?”

“It’s been on the local news!”

“We need to call the police and say he killed my brother then!” Harriet said as she started too calmed down.

“Look I agree, but to be honest, I don’t need to be involved in all this. I have tried to help you get away, and I don’t need to get mixed up with murder!”

Just then the phone rang again. James picked it up, and Harry placed her hands on top of his. “What can we do?” she said looking into his eyes.

“If you call the police from a call box and ask for DCI… what was his name? It will come to me in a minute…!” James said tapping his head.

“And say what?” she asked.

“Tell them the car belonged to your boss whatever his name is and he asked you to deliver it to the train station, but it caught fire, and you had to legit, and he is holding a hostage in my… no that’s no good, I don’t need to be mixed up in this. We need him to let her go.”

“Threaten him with the police!”

James answered the phone and put it on loudspeaker again. “Don’t put the phone down on me again bro!”

“Look, I want you to know we are going to call the police and telling them you killed Harriett’s brother and they…

“hold on bro...!” Hoody interrupted him “YO, YO, what you on about? I is looking after Harry’s bro he is in hidin enit!”

James put his hand on the phone again. “What's going on Harry?"

Harry grabbed the phone, “What are you saying, that was not my brother in the car?”

“No baby gyal. I wouldn’t hurt your bro; I hid him for a while because someone wants to get to him before he goes to trial this week enit!”

“What about his thumb? I saw it!”

“Come on baby gyal, I love your bro like my own.”

“I need to put the phone down and have a think!” Harry said as she closed it.

Harriet placed the phone on the table.

“So what are you thinking?” James Asked.

The phone rang again, and Harry answered it with the loudspeaker on again so James could hear.

“Baby Gyal. I need to know where the package is that was in the bag?”

“What package?”

“You know, you passed the bag to the second man, but they are saying it was empty!”

“I don’t know what you are on about!” Harriet said.

All of a sudden James remembered his money and didn’t need to get involved in a row over people he didn’t even know.

Harry closed the phone again and held it in her hand and with her head down. It was quiet.

“What’s happening?” James asked.

“I stole the parcel out the bag before I delivered it to the second train.”

James looked at her. “Well, where is it? Give it back to him!”

“I need the money for my mom she’s ill! I took it out the bag. It was already in a brown wrapper, so I bought some sellotape for the number plates on the car and a pen. As you know I stopped at the post office in Coventry and posted it to myself.”

James held her close, but he had lost interest now and wanted out.

“Look, go to the loo and tidy yourself up and we will deal with this!” James said in a caring voice. As she stood up, James hurried over to the car and got the phone from his glove box and sat back down. As she came out sniffing into some tissue, he finished his drink and asked Harry if she wanted another. With a nod he went to the men's toilet and using Harriett’s phone, he called his assistant in the shop to speak to Harriett’s boss.

“Hello… you let my assistant go, and when she calls me from her home and says she’s ok, I will bring Harry over to Meriden and drop her off. I didn’t know I was getting into this I just fancied a quick fumble with Harriet...!" ”You don’t, but I figure you have no choice. You need Harry to tell you where the parcel is. We could jump on a plane and disappear, and I’m assuming the parcel isn’t a present for your mom.” It went quiet for a second or two “Ok but I don’t want to see your face or have anything to do with this, I will go to the police if I have too!”

With that James closed the phone, and got some drinks from the bar and walked outside and sat down.

“What have you decided?” James asks.

“I will tell him that the stuff will be delivered to my house on Monday or Tuesday so he can pick it up from there and we can go away on the holiday as we said!”

James agreed, to keep her happy but he knew he had to get here back to Meriden.

“Are you still hungry or shall we go?”

“Let’s go; I’m not hungry now!” Harriet said finishing her drink.

As they walked across the car-park to the car, James popped the tracked phone into her handbag.

They drove along the country lanes as James phone rang. He answered it and listened. “Ok thanks!”

“Who was that?” Harry asked?

"No one it was to say some photos are ready for me to collect!”

“Oh,” she said looking out into the countryside.

As they entered Meriden village James said, “Run into the room and get your things while I wait, but be quick!”

As they drove slowly past the shop, James could see a man in the doorway nodding and pointing at him. As he pulled up in the car-park to the hotel, James saw a car pull in behind him. James waited until she was out of sight, reversed and drove off as quickly as he could.

James breathed a sigh of relief, and he was so glad to be out of it all. He turned the radio up again and put his foot down and drove onto the M42 motorway and kept going down south. When he got to Bristol, his phone lit up, and when he looked, it was a text from Samantha.

“I’ve just found your wallet in the washing! Is it Ok for me to get the winnings of this lotto ticket, I need some washing powder?”




Hoody and His Gyal

© Copyright 2018 vaughan. All rights reserved.

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